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24 - some ideas i need to vent out - I don't care what you ship because I will read your fic anyway
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#krbkdk #krdk #krbk #bkdk

Eijirou thought he would be happy dating Katsuki, someone he loved so dearly, but he missed his friend. Izuku had distanced himself, leaving them space, giving himself time. He'd respected that, but sometimes, he'd wish that they'd never confessed, that they'd kept this one secret between them.

Dating Katsuki was amazing, his love for his boyfriend grew more and more as the weeks, then months, passed, but there was an ache in his chest that kept
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#bkdk amnesia
thank you for the prompt!

Katsuki woke up in the middle of the night, panting. He couldn't remember his dream, only felt the dread, the suffocating feeling of losing something. He turned to the sleeping form of his boyfriend, but it didn't succeed to calm him.

"What the fuck is wrong with me?" he whispered.

He got out of bed and made his way to the kitchen. He needed water.

But when he passed the living-room, his heart skipped a beat when he saw the form of his childhood friend
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#krbk descendants au

tags: modern fantasy au

summary: Katsuki is one of the kids from the Isle of Musutafu that were chosen to live in Yuei. His only goal: surpass everyone and take over the kingdom. But things don't always go according to plan.

- Katsuki never thought he would be able to see the capitale of Yuei with in own eyes, yet here he was, standing in front of a crowd of its people, listening to the speech the young prince of the kingdom was giving.
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#dabihawks angst

keigo landed on the ground and ran. "dabi!" he called, desperation filing his voice.

the villain only smirked, playing with his fire. "if it isn't the little spy?"

"dabi," he called again. "please..." the villain only stated at him. "tell me, keigo... why would i listen to you? you're a hero, you work for the commission, you fight by /endeavor/'s side."

"i don't anymore," keigo breathed, "i chose you, like you asked."
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#krbk heavy angst, past #bkdk (they didn't date but feelings), inspired by a glimpse of us, past mcd, mcd


Eijirou woke up to Katsuki's eyes staring at him in the dark. His boyfriend smiled softly, wrapping an arm around his waist to bring him closer. "I love you," he heard the man whisper against his ear.

Eijirou smiled. "I love you too," he said, snuggling against the Katsuki's chest.

He didn't see the silent tears that fell from his boyfriend's eyes.

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#krdk #bkdk #krbk college au
just an idea, I don't write a lot so I hope I do justice to the prompt. if not let's call my thread self-indulgent 😂


Eijirou's heart clenched in anger as Katsuki gently held the mortal while he was giving his last breath. The mortal had died so many times already, yet Katsuki never let go. He didn't understand.

Katsuki never knew when or where he would meet Izuku again. He just waited with a patience Eijirou had never seen in the God.
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ok so what about the shitty ending but #bkdk version?? like:

The sun was peaking through the rain when Katsuki and Izuku first brought there daughter to All Might's grave. She was 7 and never got to meet the man.

Izuku crouched down in front of the tomb. "All Might," he spoke, "there is someone I want you to meet."

"Dad," the girl called, her tiny hand holding her papa Kacchan's one. "Who's All Might?"

Izuku looked at here and smiled.

"Nana," he said. "Let me tell the story of how we all became the greatest heroes."