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Do or do not,there is no try Econ/Finance 25+yrs Exp teaching Leadership/Cost Control/HACCP in Food Industry Ask me anything, i got time https://t.co/cK2ICnOFki
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i do not know why this song from my "Quiet Storm" Dj days in college. i used to hate it, but only cause so many ppl would call in to request it, for years. yup, believe it or nah, we used to answer the landline, not knowing who could be on the other end 😱 but only after 2 rings, we weren't animals
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Wheat will start going up in price, this last harvest was 2013-14 level of production. Anything made with flour yall like? #Stagflation Wheat is already up 40% since covid started
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Palladium is up ~25% since mid-December #Stagflation Iron Ore is up ~31% since beginning of December #Stagflation