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Jan 29 4 tweets 6 min read
Let's talk about measles & vaccination!

Pre-vaccination, each year in the USA measles led to:

• 400-500 deaths
• 48,000 hospitalizations
• 1,000 cases of encephalitis (swelling of the brain)

And other long-term complications like deafness, immune amnesia & some even died from SSPE years later.

Before 1963, approximately 500,000 cases were reported annually, with epidemic cycles every 2–3 years.

In the years following licensure of vaccine in 1963, the incidence of measles decreased by more than 95%, and 2–3-year epidemic cycles no longer occurred.

Because of this success, a 1978 Measles Elimination Program set a goal to eliminate indigenous measles by October 1, 1982 (26,871 cases were reported in 1978).

The 1982 elimination goal was not met, but in 1983, only 1,497 cases were reported (0.6 cases per 100,000 population), the lowest annual total ever reported up to that time

Some facts about measles:

1⃣ Ear infections occur in about one out of every 10 children with measles and can result in permanent hearing loss.

2⃣ As many as 1 out of every 20 children with measles gets pneumonia, the most common cause of death from measles in young children.

3⃣ About one child out of every 1,000 who get measles will develop encephalitis (swelling of the brain) that can lead to convulsions and can leave the child deaf or with intellectual disability.

4⃣ For every 1,000 children who get measles, one or two will die from it.

5⃣ Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) is a very rare, but fatal disease of the central nervous system that results from a measles virus infection acquired earlier in life.

SSPE generally develops 7 to 10 years after a person has measles, even though the person seems to have fully recovered from the illness.

6⃣ Immune amnesia. Measles can weaken immunity vs other infections for years after illness.

What about the death rate?

The measles death rate has always been about 1 in 1,000.

In the last big US outbreaks between 1989-1992 there were 57,859 cases of measles during this time, and 127 deaths, working out to almost exactly 2 deaths per 1000 cases of measles.

Europe in 2011: 26,000 cases and a death rate of around 1 per 3000, but varied highly by country. France bore the brunt with a death rate of around 1 per 2300.

Europe in 2017: Around one death per 1200 cases in Italy, and one death per four hundred cases throughout the European Union.

Europe 2018-19: Over 100,000 cases and 90 deaths in 47 of 53 countries.

Samoa in 2019: 83 deaths, all children & babies.

More on the death rates of measles:

Before the introduction of measles vaccine in 1963 major epidemics occurred approximately every two to three years around the world and caused an estimated 2.6 million deaths each year.

Accelerated immunization activities successfully prevented millions of deaths between 2000–2021.

Vaccination decreased measles deaths from 761,000 in 2000 to 128,000 in 2021.

However an estimated 128,000 people still died from measles in 2021 – mostly children under the age of five years, despite the availability of a safe and cost-effective vaccine.

Those against vaccines love to show MORTALITY rates of diseases in the USA before vaccines came along while intentionally hiding MORBIDITY rates.

Death is not the only consequence of being infected with a preventable disease like measles.

And cases did not go down & STAY DOWN until vaccines arrived.…………………Image When you look at the risks of the disease vs the vaccine it's a no-brainer.…
Jan 14 7 tweets 3 min read
Alex Berenson debunks the claim that COVID vaccines are causing excess deaths

“I don’t believe that this entire regulatory apparatus would ignore screaming danger signs. And I don’t believe doctors would.” @AlexBerenson uses the military database for evidence.

I tweeted about this in September of 2023.

Dec 1, 2023 10 tweets 6 min read
🚨 Steve Kirsch PROVES the Covid vaccines aren't killing people!

Last night at MIT @stkirsch gave a presentation using illegally acquired "record level data" from New Zealand.

While Steve claimed the data "proves" the vaccines are "killing" at high rates in reality the data is reassuring & strong evidence the vaccines are NOT causing mortality.

Let's break it down!

We'll start by comparing highly vaccinated Sweden to highly vaccinated New Zealand.

In 2020 Sweden had ~7% excess mortality largely driven by Covid.

In 2020 New Zealand had ~ 7% NEGATIVE excess mortality largely driven by keeping all infectious diseases out of the country, including Covid.

In 2021 Sweden vaccinated 86% of their 18+ population & had no excess mortality.

In fact, their younger ages (20-44) have had negative excess in every year since 2021.

In 2021 New Zealand vaccinated over 90% of their 12+ population & continued to have negative excess mortality.

Vaccination did not lead to increased mortality in either country.

Steve's record level data confirms what we already knew.

Vaccines do not correlate to increased mortality in the weeks after vaccination.

Steve's own data shows death rates lower than baseline death rates in the weeks following vaccination.

Thanks, Steve!

How about months after for younger ages?

After everyone under the age of 60 received an average of 1 vaccine dose in New Zealand the death rate didn't move in every year since, even during COVID waves.

Steve's own data shows any "increase" months after vaccination is only seen in older age-groups. As @jsm2334 notes he hides this by only presenting charts of older ages and all ages combined.

Steve claims the vaccines are killing at rates of 1 person per 1,000 doses.

Highly vaccinated younger age-groups in New Zealand don't even have a mortality rate of 1/1000 for ALL CAUSES COMBINED, meaning his claim is mathematically impossible for those ages.

How about months after for older ages?

With New Zealand having historic negative excess mortality in 2020-2021 when they opened the borders & Covid along with other infectious diseases returned mortality was always going to return to baseline. This was inevitable regardless of whether they vaccinated a single person.

The vaccinated stay BELOW baseline when the first doses are given which implies a strong & long HVE effect, despite Steve claiming otherwise.

But according to the central value theorem if there is a time period below baseline, then later times must be above baseline in order for that baseline to hold over time.

Which means any increased mortality is not "excess mortality" or "vaccine deaths" but simply a return to baseline.

Steve exploits this inevitable "rise" to trick his followers into believing this proves the vaccines are "killing."

Again, Steve assumes, without any evidence, that any increase after 30 days are "vaccine deaths" but he completely ignores the fact that even after 30 days the death rate for the vaccinated is still FAR below the population baseline rate!

In 2017 the death rate for 70-79 year-olds in the New Zealand population was just over 20 per 1000 person-years, which shows that they are FAR below baseline for the first 3-4 months & don't reach baseline until about 6 months.  Once again, this rise is NOT "vaccine deaths" but a return to baseline.

What does the mortality rise in 2022 correlate to?


The periods of increased mortality in 2022 correspond directly to the two Covid waves New Zealand experienced.

For example in the 80 year-old group the median time of the 1st dose was August 10, 2021.

Looking at his data you see spikes of 2 dose and to a smaller degree 1 dose between Week 30 & 35, and again between week 50 & 55. 

This corresponds directly to March and April 2022 in the first wave of Covid deaths, and then July to August 2022 in the second wave of Covid deaths.

Steve completely neglected to mention COVID in his presentation. I wonder why?

What about comparing to unvaccinated?

The biggest limitation in Steve's data is that he doesn't have an unvaccinated control group to compare to.

Which means he can't prove any rise 4-6 months after vaccination is higher in vaccinated vs unvaccinated.

Of course actual studies using record level data have shown the unvaccinated dying at higher rates!

What about comparing death rates pre-covid to post-vaccination?

@Thoughtfulnz has compiled great data on this.

Every age group in New Zealand has lower death rates post-vaccination (Feb 21 - Sep 23) compared to pre-Covid. (Feb 17 - Sep 19.)

Every. Single. One.

Age: Post-Vax | Pre-Covid
Under 60s: 23.1 | 23.6
60-79: 262.8 | 269.0
80 and over 1850.7 | 1933.9

If vaccines were killing people at significant rates this would not be possible.

In conclusion as @Thoughtfulnz shows below using the proper age-standardized death rate you'll see while New Zealand has seen an increase in raw deaths this is simply because there are a lot more older people.

Deaths are up but death RATES are down.

And vaccination didn't lead to any increase.

Those who claim otherwise are ignoring the historic drop in 2020 in mortality and the older population rise.

Following a significant drop in 2020 & 2021 in New Zealand mortality simply returned to baseline.

End of story.

Once again, @stkirsch got it wrong.
Image More from @jsm2334 here:

Oct 16, 2023 19 tweets 5 min read
Is the rise in VAERS reports since the COVID-19 vaccine real evidence of a safety issue?

Or are high reporting rates caused by greater awareness of VAERS by the public & healthcare providers?

You decide.

A 🧵 Image Why did the COVID-19 vaccine lead to a historic rise in stress at work reports? Image
Sep 12, 2023 4 tweets 2 min read
97% of the US Military (~1.3 million) was fully vaccinated by 2022.

The hospitalization rate in 2021 was the 3rd lowest rate of the past decade.

The hospitalization rate in 2022 was the lowest rate of the past decade.

The majority of hospitalizations were related to mental health disorders or pregnancy.

COVID-19 accounted for 1.5% of hospitalizations in 2021 & dropped 70% to under .5% in 2022.

Cancer (neoplasm) hospitalizations in 2020 & 2021 were identical & went down in 2022.

There was no measurable rise in circulatory system, immune disorder or nervous system hospitalizations.

Vaccines are not harming the young & healthy in the USA.
Image Military hospitalization data here:…
Aug 29, 2023 14 tweets 5 min read
97% of the US Military (~1.3 million) was fully vaccinated by 2022.

No significant rise in mortality was seen since 2020 & a large drop occurred in 2022.

Vaccines are not killing the young & healthy in the USA. Image Thanks to @justin_hart for bringing this to my attention & @Rodman743 for finding the data!

3.3% of Military deaths in the last 3 years were from COVID (96 deaths) which largely accounts for any increase:

Total Military deaths:……
May 20, 2023 5 tweets 2 min read
Anti-vax advocate Rashid Buttar has sadly died suddenly at the age of 57 & anti-vaxxers are blaming myocarditis from the covid vaccine.

There’s only one problem. He wasn’t vaccinated. Image More here:
May 2, 2023 4 tweets 1 min read
We are back TONIGHT!

Who would you choose to go on trial?

6:15 Pacific. All are welcome!… @DocAhmadMalik would you come on tonight to discuss vaccines?
May 2, 2023 4 tweets 2 min read… Sorry guys my phone went crazy and I think the space crashed so that will end the space for tonight!

I want to thank @FormerAntivax & @HeatherBSimpson for joining us tonight for an amazing discussion on how they went from anti-vax to pro-vax! Please come back anytime.
Mar 31, 2023 8 tweets 4 min read
Maybe we shouldn't use polls as evidence?

A 🧵 How many Americans believe they have been abducted by aliens? Almost 4 MILLION.…
Mar 31, 2023 5 tweets 2 min read

(Also vaccines don't cause any of those things.) Larry CROOK.
Mar 28, 2023 9 tweets 3 min read
Childhood vaccines don't contain any "heavy metals" or "neurotoxins.

And vaccines don't cause autism.

A short 🧵 A recent Danish study of more than half a million children showed no link between the MMR vaccine & autism.…
Mar 27, 2023 4 tweets 2 min read
Anti-vax grifter Larry Cook is back on Twitter

Larry runs a website called "Stop Mandatory Vaccination."

He claims this website is for educational purposes.

But is this true? 👇

#followthemoney In reality Larry is a shameless grifter who exploits vulnerable parents for profit

#followthemoney Image
Mar 14, 2023 5 tweets 2 min read
Anti-vaxxer Denis Rancourt has calculated how many people have died from the Covid vaccine. 🤡 @dellabeach1962 I’ll give you one chance. No deflecting or “data is flawed” nonsense.
Mar 10, 2023 19 tweets 8 min read
Okay, it's time.

@ewoodhouse7 continues to spread a conspiracy theory that Covid didn't cause excess death until "interventions" such as lockdowns & restrictions occurred.

Is this true?

A 🧵 Her biggest "gotcha" is that excess deaths in NYC didn't start until after March 20th lockdown.

But cases & hospitalizations were rising in the weeks BEFORE.

Remember deaths LAG after hospitalizations. hospitalizations LAG after cases.

Lockdown occurred BECAUSE OF THIS.
Feb 11, 2023 7 tweets 3 min read
100% false.

In 2021 Sweden administered 14 million vaccine doses & recorded 13 deaths. (0.00009%)

"Adverse reactions" are from Sweden's equivalent of VAERS & are unconfirmed reactions that occurred at after the vaccine, regardless of causation.

Including fevers & sore arms! 🧵 You can look up confirmed deaths from a vaccine in Sweden here by year.

(2022 isn't available yet.)…
Feb 10, 2023 7 tweets 3 min read
Your own chart proves sudden deaths rose in 2020 aligned w/ COVID peaks & in 2021 aligned w/ Delta's peak where a significant number of unvaxxed younger died, especially in the Southeast, & then plummeted down as boosters rose.

We give Unethical Skeptic grief because he lies. More on the peak of Delta and it's effect on 25-54 year-old deaths, almost all unvaxxed, in the USA.…
Feb 1, 2023 10 tweets 4 min read
My private messages with anti-vaxxer Steve Kirsch.

A MEGA 🧵 Most of this exchange occurred on January 17th.

Some small edits have been made for length but otherwise this is most of our back & forth.

So grab some 🍿 & enjoy!

Jan 31, 2023 4 tweets 1 min read
Steve Kirsch finally debated people who understand science last night.

The result? He died suddenly.

Grab your 🍿 RIP Steve Kirsch (12/24/1956-1/31/23)
Nov 26, 2022 5 tweets 3 min read
The anti-vax film DIED SUDDENLY claims the COVID vaccine is causing blood clots that were "never seen" before 2021.

I took a look at the footage they used to prove this and I found a problem.


#DiedSuddenly Hey @DiedSuddenly_ & @drcole12 can you explain why you used this youtube video from 2019 to "prove" the COVID vaccine is causing blood clots in 2022?