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The major problem with modern day medicine&healthcare is that it is a REACTIVE approach[all part of their plan]…but good health involves being proactive,preventive,&aware of what we are putting in our bodies to eliminate the possible potential of most of these diseases&illnesses
The way modern medicine is currently setup… is like trying to put out a fire every day but continuing to keep lighter fluid next to open flames… the proactive approach would be separate the two items or eliminate one to eliminate causing a fire every day…
In the same way that modern medicine comes along to the problem & provides you with a medication to eliminate the SYMPTOMS… but the symptoms are there for a reason… our bodies are very high tech…
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@DrewOCCRP:  Mafia states themselves are fairly rare. If you refer to kleptocracies, those are very common.

@KaplanDave:  Kleptocracies — government by theft, in other words.

DS:  Yes, that’s quite common. There are many kleptocracies. Unfortunately, it’s a majority of the… Image
@KaplanDave: What about Afghanistan? Here’s a country now controlled by a group branded as terrorist, likely to become a major arms dealer, heroin supplier, and all-around rogue state.

#Afghanistan Image
@KaplanDave: When you see US law enforcement go after organized crime, they build a case under anti-racketeering law that indicts the group as a “continuing criminal enterprise.” But if we really applied that definition, we could indict much of the world. Image
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FLRish Inc. The company is backed by investors from Silicon Valley, and its board members include Willie Brown, the former San Francisco mayor and speaker of the California Assembly.

"Commercial marijuana production booming in the Salinas Valley"…

Friend of @RepJimmyPanetta and Plasha Will.

1, 2, 3 ...


... right @AGRobBonta?

What is the relationship between Willie Brown and the Panettas, @cmarinucci?

And Jeff Brothers.
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1/ More to question in Florida Campaign Finance | We need to discuss #JoeGruters, Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida
...and also, CPA with Robinson, Gruters & Roberts

Take Note: 133 South Harbor Drive | Eric Robinson
2/ Gruters was recently appointed to serve on the National GOP's Committee for "Election Integrity"
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I'm curious about MDG's call of discrimination. As far as I know, when I was married, I had to be forced to get less financial support because I was married. That included student loans and bank loans. I couldn't recuse citing marriage as a right against financial discrimination
I'm not rich like MDG who makes over $100k a year plus another $100k from her partner and plus the biz she owns.

So I cannot afford lawyers to have legal advice.

Human rights lawyers interested in pro-bono advice, would love for you to shed some light on this issue.
I can't pay you but I can cook nice food.
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🧵I love #football

Have done since the 1980's ⚽️

Nowadays though, the off-field stuff seems to get as much coverage & column inches as the game itself 🗞️📺📱

Competition isn't just about trophies - it's about eyeballs, soft power, geo-politics, PR and #money

Quick tale...
Did you see that news report from the #US this week about the #billionaire financier #TomBarrack being arrested? ($250m bail)

In the weird (but fun) world we live in, that incident ties to #NewcastleUnited & the #PremierLeague

Say what?! 🧐

#FollowTheMoney #Networks #Power 💸
We have;

- Billionaires acting as back-channel diplomats (💰)
- Political actors orchestrating things but pretending they're not
- Qatar buy rights to #EPL for region
- Saudi pirate them #AJ #BeIn #BeOut
- SA try to buy NUFC
- Qatar say "No Way"

#Rights ✍️/👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
#Value (s) 💸🙏⚽️
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I appreciate the effort here to #FollowtheMoney made from far right propaganda…
“I was probably making somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty grand a year pretty consistently with YouTube,” just one of [his] revenue streams...
In the interview with The Post, [he] said he told his employer, “Look, I’m making a bit of money here on YouTube. I think I can survive.”
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Bret Weinstein makes at least $7000 a month from Patreon, more likely closer to $15000

Heather Heying makes at least $8500 a month from Patreon

Combined, at least $200k annual income to create a conspiracy theory podcast

#FollowTheMoney #TakeTheHill #FollowTheSilence
remember when a bunch of #GamerGate goons got mad about Anita getting a $150k one time payment for a YouTube series?

The very same incels are giving Bret Weinstein a quarter million a year to create worst YouTube channel ever

#FollowTheMoney #TakeTheHill #FollowTheSilence
keep in mind that any money Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying saw from YouTube monetization was a bonus on the $200k they were already getting from Patreon.

Guests likely unpaid & entire series edited (for free?) by their kid Zack.

#FollowTheMoney #TakeTheHill #FollowTheSilence
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Myth #541: this is a Public Health Crisis. ❌
This is crisis of resource allocation (incl. credit), societal power structures, democratic legitimacy etc.✅

A Crisis of Corporate Capitalism.

As resources decline, & as the money merri-go-round ends, it seeks ROI/yield.
The Global Investor Class seek ROI, yield, wherever (& however) new frontiers for investment can be created.

After all, they're lovely people. Love to solve problems.
But are there enough problems in the world?🤔

3/ It's entirely credible to hypothesise that this entire [manufactured*] Crisis is about coin, sheckles

On 1 level crude, on another remarkably sophisticated
Part planned (make-it-happen), part emergent (let-it-happen)
After all, money is social power.

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This case was all about TrumpTroughster Elliott Broidy and now its about a rapper...bu it's really about a Chinese spy, Guo, Trump and bribery.…
...and just for pure prurience, I want some cheesy tabloid to unravel the mystery of the bunny banger's mistress. What are the odds that Trumpling and BroidyBallast have identical obsessions? Image
But...I question is "why is Broidy in the business of finding bad actors for dictators"? Image
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1|Deep in the Gaetz-Greenberg web: A tangled tale of money, sex and Florida Republicans

Where do GOP operative Leslie Anne Key and her son — now indicted on sexual abuse charges — fit in the Gaetz mess?

By @ZTPetrizzo…
2|Leslie Anne Key (LA Key), longtime confidante of GOP operative Roger Stone & a business associate to Jacob Engels. Served as Trump campaign co-chair for Seminole County— where, not coincidentally, the tax collector was Joel Greenberg, a longtime associate of Matt Gaetz. ImageImageImage
3|A fervent Donald Trump supporter who got her moment of national exposure last year when she served as a CNN panelist on Alisyn Camerota's "Pulse of the People" series. Image
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Q: Why did Fauci cover-up the #ChinaVirus "Leak" from the Lab in Wuhan?

Why did Fauci cover-up Cuomo's Nursing Home DEATHS in the NYC area and launch a campaign on #CNN & #BigTech to DAMAGE President Trump into the Election?

What did #Zuckerberg know?

Fauci knew and he did NOT warn the President

Fauci knew and he did NOT warn the American People

Fauci knew and he coordinated a Cover-up and Lying Campaign with the #LiberalMedia and #BigTech

Q: How many #TRAITORS do you see? Image
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#DAZN #Matchroom
#disruption #sport
#Legacy v's #PurePlay specialists

This week #EddieHearn announced the worst kept secret in sports broadcasting - He's taking his show, Lock Stock, to Mr #Blavatnik first-mover streaming service.

#Thread with a different perspective...🧐 ImageImageImageImage
This is exciting for #Sports fans - Especially #boxing

Lower cost access
More shows
Bigger production

Interesting, it's announced a week after #SundayTimes named the owner of #DAZN as the richest man in the UK (again)!

That rich list is an good starting point to explore Image
We're living through changing times;


What's that got to do with #DAZN & #Sport 🤔

Well, Sport & #Entertainment is big business 💰

It's also used by powerful people to influence Hearts & Minds...
#Sportswashing ImageImage
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#MarkZuckerberg Networks were working to OPPOSE President Trump's #AmericaFirst Agenda for 4 years and were ACTIVE in Several Key Swing States during the #MailInVoter Fraud Ops under the Cover of the #ChinaVirus FEAR PSYOP run by the #LiberalMedia & #BigTech
#Facebook is part of the #Globalist Cabal that has been SELLING OUT the American People for DECADES

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The Cash is a Small Fraction of the Payout

The Real Game is Unlocking Capital and Trade Exposures for the European Banking system that has been aligned with Obama's Strategy to Counter the US-Saudi-Israeli alliance Image
Xi and the ChiCom Networks support bringing Iran into the Global Economy and free of US Interference
#Kerry & #Macron Networks are NOT to be Trusted Image
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@GuyGadboisGuyG1 @DavidBCollum Over-hyped "By Design"

Following the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Collapse of the Soviet Union as New World Order had to be Imagined

1992 - The First "Global" Revolution

The One World Govt needs a Common Enemy (CO2), a Common Religion (Gaia), and a Common Tax (Carbon)
@GuyGadboisGuyG1 @DavidBCollum Isn't it a little ODD that the same #ClimateChange Corruption Networks that have organized to Depress Economic Activity in the United States have favored the Stimulation of Emerging Markets, including China over the past 30 years

@GuyGadboisGuyG1 @DavidBCollum Q: Why would the same #ClimateChange Corruption networks that have bee pushing the #GlobalWarming #FEAR #PysOp be the same networks DRIVING the Growth of Carbon Emissions in China?

A: Maybe the CO2 Game is NOT really about CO2.

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So... #BillGates did NOT leave the Microsoft Board to Help Save the World from the #ChinaVirus


So... Why did the PR Teams want to Re-Brand #BillGates as the Virus Expert while they were pumping the #ChinaVirus FEAR PsyOp to create the cover for the #MailInVoter Ops to REMOVE President Trump?

Maybe #Fauci knows

And don't forget...

the #JerseyGirl has been a strong supporter of #HillaryClinton for DECADES

I'm sure she knew NOTHING
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The #LiberalMedia are the ENEMY of the American People...

and the Enemy of Civilized People ALL AROUND THE WORLD

(the @AP is a problem)

@AP #FollowTheMoney

The Liberal CANCER Must Be Hunted and REMOVED

All Around the World
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The United Kingdom on Monday sanctioned 14 Russians who it said were complicit in the corruption uncovered by Sergei Magnitsky, a lawyer who wasarrested and later died in prison after alleging Russian officials were involved a massive tax fraud.…
Background 2014: The Silent Looting of Russia…
Dmitry Klyuev is ID’d as owner of USB in Russia and who the British gov’t said helped plan the$230M fraud.
"Corruption has a corrosive effect as it slows development, drains the wealth of poorer nations & keeps their people trapped in poverty.

It poisons the well of democracy.”
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"This photograph [Dec 2014, at the Vaccine Research Center, MD] shows Obama and Fauci with U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell and Chief of the Biodefense Research Section[,] Nancy Sullivan."

-Snopes on 'miscaptioned' meme from the internet ImageImage
"The shot uses Matrix - M[Rna?] adjuvant technology, also used in Novavax Inc's COVID-19 vaccine [...]"

• via Uni of Oxford-AstraZeneca Plc, #COVID19
#COVID19Vaccine ImageImage
"The [malaria] vaccine will start broad clinical trials in 4,800 children across four African countries." Image
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Diese aufwendige Produktion muss ziemlich viel Geld gekostet haben.
Es gab davor keinen Spendenaufruf.
Der Typ, der im Impressum steht ist ein Unbekannter.
Wer steckt hier dahinter? Jemand mit viel Geld? Wurden die Schauspieler bezahlt? Alles ziemlich fischig.
Ich kann es irgendwie nicht glauben, dass dieser Bernd K Wunder da alleine dahinter steckt. Das ist sicher zur Verschleierung.
Was sehe spannend ist: warum wurde das Projekt nicht geleakt? Jemand muss doch Wind davon bekommen haben. Wie halten die alle dicht?
Es müssen noch viel mehr als die 53 angesprochen worden sein.
Traut sich jemand darüber zu sprechen?
So viele Fragen! Auf geht's Investigative!
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Last time this guy went to McMahon stadium, he was wearing an “I heart oil” hoodie and got booed.

#ableg #cdnpoli #BoycottUCPdonors
“Kenney didn’t exactly get the response he wanted from the crowd at McMahon Stadium either. His introduction was followed by a round of “boos.””

#ableg #cfl #BoycottUCPdonors…
“Those boos could have been because Mr. Kenney was dressed like dweeb in a lame “I-heart-mapleleaf-oil-&-gas” bunnyhug, thereby “politicizing” one of the sacred rituals of Canadian professional sports.”

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