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Nancy signed off for gift trip to send Chief of Staff to Cuba RE LBGT rights in Cuba sponsored by Center for Democracies in the Americas (off shoot of Regime Change Deluxe) #Priorities…
ALWAYS #FollowTheMoney…
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Here's what we all should be looking at, who's profiting from these detention facilities? Did you know @ICEgov owned detention centers hold lowest number of illegal aliens? Time to #FollowTheMoney must be Dems and GOP otherwise we'd have #immigrationLAW…
Something stinks.
CCA and Geo Group Inc. think about it, WHY haven't we been able to solve this problem for years? If elected officials are profiting while making America look bad we've got a problem. #FollowTheMoney
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Over the past few months I have collected 500+ Trump, Pence and RNC tracking URLs dating back to June 2016. I've shared bits & pieces of this (⏬) as I've been looking under the hood, in search of the truth behind Project Alamo/Trump marketing ops.

THREAD will be ongoing...
The 500+ links are tracking links. They contain custom variables team Trump/Pence/RNC attached to links so they could measure & analyze performance via Google Analytics.

These are UTM parameters:…

I'll share full URL list once I'm done cleaning it up!
You can learn a lot about a marketing program by examining their tracking links. So here's the 1st nugget:

#1: Trump campaign used Facebook Messenger bots to communicate w/voters 1-on-1.

I haven't seen this reported anywhere. If you have, pls send a link!
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A few years ago, I taught in a different school where I had many kids from El Salvador. One student in particular was quite troubled. I mean. He was a real pain in the butt. But I never sent him out of class because I'm not that kind of teacher.
But other teachers were having problems with him and he ended up on the assistant principal's almost every day. He was very disruptive in their classes. Finally, the guidance counselor got permission to share his story.
It turns out that this boy hid under the bed while his mother was repeatedly raped when he was 4 years old.
He witnessed his mother being raped.
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@ToshiroIndigo @OuterLimits816 @31 Disclosure: There is a World Trust, ALL inherit. The gold is inaccessible to those who 'pretend' to control it. They were offered stewardship in 1947 (same year CIA was formed as it's private intel arm). Original document:

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #FollowSnowWhite
@ToshiroIndigo @OuterLimits816 @31 Those who profess to own & control DO NOT, this is 'the secret.' Their stewardship no longer valid, for violating directive & more. Signature page (with BO 2012) 884 central banks 8,750 accts. DIRECTIVE: NO source tool military NOR Harm Innocent!

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #FollowSnowWhite
@ToshiroIndigo @OuterLimits816 @31 Related #FollowTheMoney

#Qanon #GreatAwakening #WeThePeople #MAGA
#FollowTheWhiteRabbit #FollowSnowWhite #WWG1WGA
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People have been asking me why I've been so fixated on Leonard Leo lately

I'm concerned about the damage he has down to our courts

ONE-THIRD of current SCOTUS judges were HANDPICKED by 1 man

Don't look to the MSM on this one: Mr Leo has flown pretty under the radar, considering what a central role he's played in GOP corruption.

Time for a proper roundup to see it all in one place.
Yesterday WaPo threw another log on the Scott Pruitt scandal dumpster fire:
Pruitt enlisted a top aide at EPA to find his wife a job through GOP donors.…

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1. Who really handed immigrant children over to human traffickers? Who never had sponsors fully vetted before handing children over to them? Who only checked up on 4% of children placed with sponsors? It was all covered in a Jan. 2016 hearing. #WhereAreTheChildren #IndictObama
2. Some 6 months before the hearing, in July of 2015 under BO's watch this took place. Immigrant children were handed off by BO's people to human traffickers who forced the children into slavery.
3. "How could this have happened in America?" The answer will be clear if you read further into this transcript. It was a case of BO own people not caring about the children or as has been true in cases of slavery throughout history, someone was profiting off the transactions!
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We have a Halper Purchase Order. And who paid it!
It looks like this is spread over time. 9 months ago was last activity
Cheese and Rice Obama! You used or DEFENSE FUND to spy on @realDonaldTrump

Good lord you are going to jail!
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And here's how much money the senators who voted against #NetNeutrality have received from Internet Service Providers:

Blunt (R-MO) — $1,283,416
McConnell (R-KY) — $1,119,163
Thune (R-SD) — $928,428
Burr (R-NC) — $733,127
Grassley (R-IA) — $727,219
Wicker (R-MS) — $724,850
Hatch (R-UT) — $677,830
Cornyn (R-TX) — $622,125
Isakson (R-GA) — $532,461
Gardner (R-CO) — $523,378
Cochran (R-MS) — $516,280
Graham (R-SC) — $485,442
Roberts (R-KS) — $463,350
Shelby (R-AL) — $443,610
Toomey (R-PA) — $442,778
Heller (R-NV) — $440,750
Moran (R-KS) — $425,850
Portman (R-OH) — $421,058
Rubio (R-FL) — $391,679
Fischer (R-NE) — $381,550
Cruz (R-TX) — $322,505
Barrasso (R-WY) — $311,200
Crapo (R-ID) — $304,559
Alexander (R-TN) — $292,268
Scott (R-SC) — $275,049
Flake (R-AZ) — $268,500
Lee (R-UT) — $256,250
Johnson (R-WI) — $242,730
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You have a big problem with your mansplaining thread. First, WE ALL KNOW Brennan setup a multi-agency task force and pressured a cointel op. Second, the FBI has a duty to inform the Trump campaign of federal investigations into ANY members [Manafort, Page, Papa], which they
did NOT. Third, look into who this Professor Mifsud is. You'll find some pretty damn interesting ties, Alexander Downer. Downer was the Clinton protege who works for Hakluyt, an INTEL agency....See where this is going? Right back to Brennan, Clinton, Obama...
Ntm, Manafort was wearing a wire during the campaign..just as Papadop,
and Carter Page (I wonder if there's any relationship to FBI Lisa Page?) were monitored...Oh but we can't talk about that FISA, so let's move on to how Manafort was represented by the most corrupt, shady law
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Thanks to Stormy & @MichaelAvenatti, we now have a much greater understanding of how Trump's Michael Cohen-based #PayToPlay funnel works.

It looks a lot like Cohen was selling access & influence.

Graphics h/t @frontera_julie

#TrumpRussia - #KleptoWatch💰

2/9 Avenatti's investigation has uncovered numerous payments to Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, from individuals & entities seeking favor from or access to President Trump. #PayToPlay #FollowTheMoney

Executive Summary:…
3/9 Viktor Vekelsberg is a Putin-connected oligarch recently questioned by #Mueller as part of the #TrumpRussia probe.

$500K transferred between Vekelsberg's US subsidiary company & Cohen raise significant questions about Putin's influence on U.S. policy.
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Is a mysterious British private spy firm linked to a series of “collusion” stings on the @realDonaldTrump team? Is HAKLUYT the "British Fusion GPS"?

The British end of the 2016 "sting" campaign against @realDonaldTrump is unlikely to get a mention in the first @JusticeOIG report from IG Horowitz, due out #soon. @DevinNunes @HouseIntelComm reports haven't focused on this potentially huge story much either. Let's take a look.
ALEXANDER DOWNER’S 2016 "chat" with GEORGE PAPADOPOULOS at the Kensington Wine Rooms about Cypriot JOSEPH MIFSUD & "Hilary emails" allegedly sparked the FBI's July 2016 counterintel investigation. DOWNER *initiated* that chat & even the @nytimes concede he may have been "fishing"
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THREAD: Tom Barrack was interviewed by Team🇺🇸Mueller as "part of the federal investigation of possible #collusion between the Trump campaign and #Russia🇷🇺in the 2016 election."🔥 1/

Mueller's questioning focused entirely on two officials from Team🇷🇺Trump who were indicted👉🏼Paul Manafort and Rick Gates.😎

Gates pleaded GUILTY to federal #conspiracy and false-statement charges and is SQUEALING to Mueller.🤗 2/
🔥A 2nd person "w/knowledge" of Barrack's interview said questioning was BROADER, including "financial matters" about the **campaign, transition & inauguration**.

As we keep saying, Mueller is FOLLOWING THE MONEY (ex: last night's Vekselberg story). 3/

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This is the Moment that got ALL my Moments #Shadowbanned.
You can't find them from my page!
#censored #1A
Here are some of the tweets from that 💯#Fakestache #FollowtheMONEY Moment. This is one thread in there--
Some other tweets from the 💯#Fakestache #FollowtheMONEY Moment.
2 -
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I have never seen a #PrimeMinister give a tactical level briefing to the world like @netanyahu did today as he outlined how #Iran has lied and broken the #nucleardeal negotiated by @BarackObama & @JohnKerry.

#nuclear #weapon #unitednations #IranDeal
As a former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, I am astonished at the width and breadth of material #Israel produced on #Iran's violations of the #IranDeal, but I believe it is legitimate.

#nuclear #weapon #unitednations #NuclearDeal
I don't think @realDonaldTrump will blatantly pull out of the #IranDeal, but I'm convinced he will force #Iran back to the table + there is possibility for #sanctions. Unfortunately, the question is will #Europe support them.

#nuclear #weapon #unitednations #NuclearDeal
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‘None of this means that either the Prague or prostitutes allegation is true. But why can’t Cohen and Trump get their respective stories straight?’…
‘Cohen’s abandonment of this action means that the legal teams for Fusion GPS and BuzzFeed will no longer have the opportunity in the discovery phase to demand information from Cohen regarding his whereabouts and contacts during the 2016 campaign’, writes @DavidCornDC.
Michael Cohen Has Said He Would Take a Bullet for Trump. Maybe Not Anymore.
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Trump Lawyer Cohen Finds Finances Taken Apart by Prosecutors.…
Cohen’s in-laws from Ukraine, purchased 3 Trump apartments from 2003-2005, for nearly $8 million. His personal wealth has taken a drop in recent years, due to millions in taxi medallions, which have lost value. The medallions have been refinanced, and loan due to bank in 2019.
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1) It's Christmas in DC!

Facebook CEO #MarkZuckerberg making PERSONAL <AND> CORPORATE donations to congress right now BEFORE testimony.

It's time to #FollowTheMoney and #FollowTheFamily

#QAnon #GreatAwakening @realDonaldTrump
2) #Zuckerberg sold more stock than any other insider of the past 3 months.
The money is needed to payoff house and senate panels.
It also allowed him to sell a small portion of his fortune at the top of the market.…
#QAnon #GreatAwakening @realDonaldTrump
3) @ChadPergram reports on #Zuckerberg 's movements today on Capitol Hill.
He meets "publicly" with #Thune #Grassley #Feinstein #Nelson and others.
What "private" meetings were also held?
Who arranged all these meetings?
Money talks!
#QAnon #GreatAwakening @POTUS
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Anyone seeing a pattern? 🧐


#QAnon #TheStormIsHere #DrainTheSwamp @POTUS #WWGOWGA

1) Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye sentenced to 24 years for Corruption…
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1) If all roads lead to Rome, then let's #FollowTheMoney there.
#PopeFrancis is the Supreme Pontiff of the #HolySee and the Head of State of #Vatican.
The Holy See has worldwide diplomatic ties and is a Nation State in practice and international law. #Qanon #GreatAwakening @POTUS
2) What many might not know is that the Pope is also the "CEO" of the Vatican Bank with $229 Billion in assets.
The Vatican Bank is known as "The Most Secret Bank in the World."…
#QAnon #GreatAwakening @realDonaldTrump
3) The Pope appoints Cardinals at his discretion to the Supervisory Commission of Cardinals. The role of the Commission is to oversee the IOR, the “Istituto per le Opere di Religione” or The Institute for the Works of Religion, aka The Vatican Bank. #QAnon #Greatawakening @POTUS
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1) Louis Thomas McFadden
"Vociferous Foe of the Federal Reserve"
US Congressman 1914-1932
Chair of US House Committee on Banking and Currency 1920-1931
Hired as cashier at First National Bank in Canton, PA in 1899, became president of bank by 1916.
#FollowTheMoney #QAnon @POTUS
2) "The Federal Reserve is one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen"
McFadden's legacy was the passing of the McFadden Act of 1927 which sought competitive equality between national banks and state-chartered banks.
#QAnon #InternetBillOfRights #FakeNews @POTUS
3) "This evil institution has impoverished the people of the United States and has practically bankrupted our government." - Louis Thomas McFadden in an address to congress.
He knew more than anyone about the Fed at the time.
#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #FakeNews @realDonaldTrump
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