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Doing more of what makes me happy!! Travel stories @ https://t.co/tTR9bnMlnj Building: @greenribbon_GR PM @log9materials || Ex- @atherenergy, @bitspilaniindia
19 Jun
My motivation these days for everything I do.
Job: I get to change the trajectory of energy and transport in India away from polluting means.
With @GreenRibbon_GR : I get to understand more about my carbon footprint and amend ways.
With Tinglish.Inju: I get to learn and educate my friends in my native/village about personal finance in a way they understand.
With trailsofinju.com: Documenting and sharing bits about my life that enables me to do all of the above.
I travel so that I get to know how other people live.
I read so that I get to know about ways other people think.
I write so that I get to know how I think.
I exercise so that I get to do all of the above for extended periods of time without any physiological problems.
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5 Dec 20
Lately, I have been very disturbed with the whole #climatecrisis. Every day some new naturally unnatural calamity looms over our head.
The ice caps are turning in cold rocks and I end up in a rabbit hole feeling helpless.
It just sucks to imagine a #future where the only way people can enjoy nature as you and I did via #hiking etc is to read blogs and watch videos.
That sucks on so many levels.
And when I think about the reasons for this situation. I can't seem to go any further but to pin it on #consumption.
Not just fashion or lifestyle consumption. But any damn product.
From the smallest sewing pin to the giant #spaceships.
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