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1 Jul
As Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu struggles to set in motion his West Bank annexation plans, initially set for July 1, here’s a thread on Israel’s land theft and its impact on Palestinians 👇
Annexation is illegal. It is also illegal for occupying powers to transfer their citizens to occupied territory.

Here’s how Israel attempts to justify what it is doing in the West Bank:
Trump administration’s so-called “deal of the century” is anything but a vision for peace, leaving only 15 percent of historic Palestine for the Palestinians.

We look at Palestine’s land loss since 1947:
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27 Feb
#BREAKING: Nine Turkish soldiers killed in air strike by Assad regime in Idlib, northwestern Syria – AA
Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu speaks to NATO's Stoltenberg - Turkish foreign ministry
UPDATE: Syrian regime air strike wounded severely Turkish soldiers who were brought to hospitals – Governor of southeastern Hatay province Rahmi Dogan
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17 Oct 19
Turkey and US agreed that Turkey will control the safe zone in northeast Syria - Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu
"Within 120 hours YPG/PKK will leave the zone, its not a stop in the operation, its a pause" - Cavusoglu
We will stop the operation when all the terrorists will leave the safe zone, Cavusoglu says
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9 Oct 19
Turkey's FM Mevlut Cavusoglu defends planned Turkish operation in northern Syria saying PKK/YPG terrorists "want to divide Syria while we support Syria's territorial integrity"…
US President Trump says he moved out 50 soldiers from Syrian areas where Turkey plans a military operation, adds "going into Middle East" was America's "worst decision ever made"…
Turkey's Operation Peace Spring aims to destroy terror corridor "which is being established on our southern border" – President Erdogan…
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7 Oct 19
THREAD: The US has dumped the YPG terror group as an ally, and is now withdrawing its troops from Syria
US President Trump said the US will pull back support from the YPG, which Turkey sees as the Syrian wing of PKK. It’s part of Trump’s plan to withdraw US troops from Syria.

So, who are the YPG, recently rebranded as SDF, and how are they linked to PKK?
Here’s why Turkey sees the YPG as a threat to its national security, and that of Syria:
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15 Mar 19
#BREAKING: Perpetrator of #NewZealandTerroristAttack visited Turkey multiple times – senior Turkish official
UPDATE: New Zealand mosque attacker may have traveled to third countries in Europe, Asia and Africa – Turkish official
UPDATE: "We are currently investigating the terrorist's movements and contacts within the country" – senior Turkish official tells TRT World
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