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(she/her) Media Specialist/Educator/Dance-Fit instructor w/a Media & Cultural Studies PhD, Film/Video MFA, Photo BFA & a background in Doc/Reality TV. šŸ˜·
Jun 1, 2023 ā€¢ 13 tweets ā€¢ 5 min read
I just watched the [uncensored] Part 2 of the #PumpRules S10 reunion and my #MediaStudies brain is on šŸ”„! These reunions could easily be in a series in and of themselves. Special shoutout to the editors for that. 1/

An abbreviated reaction to Part 1: I will be watching both reunion episodes again later, as there is much to unpack, esp. in terms of the liminal space between "reality" and the real lives presented. What an excellent study for TV fans & scholars alike! 2/
Apr 29, 2023 ā€¢ 8 tweets ā€¢ 4 min read
I went to a "progressive" high school in Boston in the 90s. Their recent PR is more & more showy as far as big šŸ˜ unmasked faces in school & at alumni events incl. a BIG in-person tribute to a recently deceased teacher. šŸ§µ 1/8 #MediaLiteracy #CultureIsOrdinary #StorytimeWithTamar My comment on their social media page highlighting the unmasked students, faculty & alumni at the event included my condolences & pointed to the fact (for the unmasked + the folks with masks ON THEIR CHINS) that #CovidIsNotOver. Perhaps it wasn't the right moment to mention, 2/8
Apr 27, 2023 ā€¢ 10 tweets ā€¢ 4 min read
"And it's like, what f*cking demented piece of f*ck would say something like that?"
- James Kennedy, "Vanderpump Rules" Ep. 1012
#PumpRules #DJJamesKennedy "Open a bar, and then I'll be impressed with you."
- Lala Kent, "Vanderpump Rules" Ep. 1012
#PumpRules #GiveThemLala