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15 Sep
Will anyone get upset if I say the upcoming re-release of ATYCLB is a big disappointment? I look at the big 5-disc version and it's just... lazy.

I keep trying to think of ways to describe it, and I keep coming back to lazy. #U2
Look, no casual fan is going to go out and buy the digital 4-disc or physical 5-disc. A casual will pick up the single or 2-disc versions. These bigger ones are aimed at the collectors like all of you and me. And there is nothing enticing on it.

Let me go through it #U2
Okay, the remastered album on the first disc. That's great and expected. It may not have needed a remaster as much as the earlier reissues (or Rattle & Hum and Pop), but quality is always appreciated. Plus it has Ground Beneath Her Feet. No issue here #U2
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