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Not really a music person outside of the classical music world (and the Beatles who rock). This year I am going to try and listen to one new album a day. I shall Chronicle my journeys here. Feel free to suggest things. #NewYearNewMusic
First listen: Lynryd Skynyrd. Don't know them outside of Sweet Home Alabama. Really liked Tuesday's Gone
#2 Recommended by a friend: Agtaetis Byrjun by Sigur Ros.
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Will anyone get upset if I say the upcoming re-release of ATYCLB is a big disappointment? I look at the big 5-disc version and it's just... lazy.

I keep trying to think of ways to describe it, and I keep coming back to lazy. #U2
Look, no casual fan is going to go out and buy the digital 4-disc or physical 5-disc. A casual will pick up the single or 2-disc versions. These bigger ones are aimed at the collectors like all of you and me. And there is nothing enticing on it.

Let me go through it #U2
Okay, the remastered album on the first disc. That's great and expected. It may not have needed a remaster as much as the earlier reissues (or Rattle & Hum and Pop), but quality is always appreciated. Plus it has Ground Beneath Her Feet. No issue here #U2
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🍩 No es por nada, pero les traemos el mejor hilo del mundo. ¿Por qué? No hay por qué (?). O mejor dicho, si, porque junta a #LosSimpson y el #Rock. ¿Hace falta decir algo más? Miiiiiilhoooooouseeeeee! 🍩
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Lots of bad stuff going on in the world, so I'm about to unleash an epic music thread about something good that happened two years ago today in Atlanta (and goes back to 1981). Please follow along, especially if you like @U2.
.@U2 played in Atlanta on May 28, 2018 (photo below). That same month @Atlantamagazine published my long-read about the band’s relationship to our city.

It all began 4 decades ago on Peachtree Street. #U2inATL

📷: Me…
On a muggy May evening in 1981, four young Dubliners (none older than 21) pulled up to the curb across from Atlanta's Fox Theatre and lugged their instruments into the Agora Ballroom (now a parking deck).

It probably looked like this:

📷: 50Dates50Posts #U2inATL
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CIA #Museum Artifact of the Week: Piece of Metal from #U2, Article 341
4 April 1957: during test flight w Lockheed #U2 Test Pilot Robert Sieker, a malfunction occurred. Both the plane and pilot were lost.
40 yrs later the #U2 wreck site was discovered, but only a handful of small parts were found. This is one of those parts.
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Approx. 930,000 documents, totaling more than 12 million pages, now available on! Image
Since 1999, we’ve regularly released declassified records to CIA Records Search Tool (CREST) system only accessible in person @USNatArchives
Moving the CREST documents online highlights our commitment to increasing the accessibility of declassified records to the public.
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August 31, 1956: #U2 pilot Frank G. Grace killed in a training flight crash.
#inmemoriam Image
#U2’s challenging flight characteristics & fragility resulted in the deaths of 4 Agency pilots, including Frank Grace.
During a nighttime training flight, Frank’s #U2 stalled during take-off at 50 feet when it climbed too steeply.
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-flown by 1 pilot
-altitudes of 65,000 to 70,000 feet at subsonic speed
-design allowed it to glide & stay aloft for over 8 hours
Hervey Stockman piloted 1st #U2 USSR mission on 4 July 1956. He left Wiesbaden, West Germany & crossed Soviet border near Grodno, Belarus.
#U2 flew over bomber bases in Belarus, naval shipyards & bomber bases at Leningrad, & military facilities in Baltic States.
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July 4 marked the 60th anniversary of the first flight of the #U2 over the Soviet Union: Image
1954: with USSR improving its nuclear strike capabilities, Eisenhower ordered creation of a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, the #U2.
Purpose of #U2 was to fly over USSR & collect strategic intel. Kelly Johnson @LockheedMartin Skunkworks designed it. Image
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Carl Overstreet, 1st #U2 pilot to overfly Eastern Europe, buried @ArlingtonNatl. Image
Born in Bedford County, Virginia, in 1929, Carl earned a civil engineering degree from @virginia_tech & joined @usairforce in December 1949.
During #KoreanWar, Carl flew the F-80 Shooting Star in Japan, & later crossed both the Pacific & Atlantic oceans in a single-seat aircraft.
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May 15, 1956: #U2 pilot Wilburn S. Rose killed in a training flight crash.
#inmemoriam Image
His #U2 had trouble dropping its “pogos,” the outrigger wheels that kept the wings parallel to ground during takeoff.
Once airborne, Wilburn made low-level pass over the airstrip & shook loose the left side pogo.
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