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The UBS Center enables world-class research in #EconomicsForSociety on all levels, to be conducted at @econ_uzh @UZH_en.
Sep 8, 2021 29 tweets 7 min read
Welcome to our live🧵 UBS Center Scientific Director
@joachim_voth kicks off today’s webcast, introducing our speaker @HansbergRossi from @UChi_Economics

This session is supported by @cepr_org @joachim_voth @HansbergRossi @UChi_Economics @cepr_org First, @HansbergRossi gives an introduction on carbon emissions and climate change, showing that the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere has grown rapidly since 1850.
Sep 8, 2021 5 tweets 3 min read
While global warming is a problem that affects the entire world population, the effects of and the reactions to it vary in different regions of the world. Is climate change reinforcing existing inequalities? .@HansbergRossi's mission is clear: It is time to incorporate heterogenous impacts of climate change fully in the set of models and tools that are used to predict the economic effects and make the appropriate policy recommendations.
May 27, 2021 22 tweets 6 min read
We are about to kick off and our speakers are already warming up. We'll be tweeting live in this 🧵
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#EconomicsForSociety #soccernomics #EuropeanSuperLeague #Football Image And we're live! @joachim_voth opens tonight's session, introducing our speakers: Ignacio Palacios-Huerta at @LSEManagement and @sszy at @UMKines
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🧵 We're riding shotgun tonight. Here's a little thread on remote leadership with your's truly Ernst Fehr (@econ_uzh), @raffasadun and @Gerhard_Fehr. Image Ernst Fehr is talking about evidence and challenges of work at home arrangements.