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Mar 1 20 tweets 7 min read
#UkraineRussia conflict from a point of view of a regular Twitterati — A Thread 🧵

From whatever I have learnt about this issue in the past few weeks, one thing is clear: this isn't a fight of "Good vs Bad" as the west is portraying it. It's a fight of "Bad vs Bad"!

[1/n] Starting with Russia, we all know who they are and what they've been upto over last 100 years. Good or bad, they're a pretty predictable.

The bigger problem in this world is the hypocrisy of the west, which since time immemorial claims something and does something else!

May 9, 2021 13 tweets 14 min read
I support the #CentralVista redevelopment project.

🧵 Read this thread to know why.

(1/11) Image USA spent billions of dollars in the 1930's on infrastructure projects under the 'New Deal' policy of Franklin D. Roosevelt government to come out of the economic collapse that occurred due to the Great Depression. The result of that initiative was 20 million jobs!
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May 5, 2021 4 tweets 3 min read
Exposing the #BengalViolence whitewash mission of the "Fact-Check" gang

Please read the thread and RT 🧵

(1/4) This is Priya.
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