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14 May
If your publication is citing TRG Datacenters as evidence that Dogecoin is energy efficient, then your writer is not qualified to write about crypto...or to be a journalist.

There is no citation. No author. No methodology. Even a crypto amateur would know that the data is fake.
If you want a good lesson in how fake news spreads, "journalists" google to find data that fits their narrative, regardless of quality and then they push the article out. Few of them care about actual facts.
Except for the @verge good job @reckless
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5 May
A short story about how @elonmusk got catfished into pumping #dogecoin by some tech bros.

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For clarity, Elon Musk occasionally pumped dogecoin in the past. However, things ramped up this winter and spring when several very attractive women were suddenly enthusiastic dogecoin supporters on Twitter.
One of these accounts is @itsALLrisky. Elon Musk interacted with this account on several occasions as "she" encouraged him to pump dogecoin.
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