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1. Dr. Proudman is a spokesperson for the multi-billiion dollar government funded, non profit for profit Ponzi scheme industry. They don’t care about victims and they don’t care about the truth.

Lily-Rose wrote on Instagram in 2016…
2. “My dad is the sweetest, most loving person I know, he’s been nothing but a wonderful father to my little brother and I, and everyone who knows him would say the same.” Image
3. Lily-Rose was used by #AmberHeard friend iO for his “Self-Evident Truths”photo shoot celebriting LGBTQI ppl & cleverly mislead the public to wrongly assume the 15 year-old was gay/bi essentially outing her. This is what caused #JohnnyDepp to ❌ iO…
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Look at the 6:50am drop in #Bitcoin, #BitcoinCash, #Dogecoin, and #Ethereum. You'll find the same drop in almost everything that is widely traded. That is some remarkable correlation risk between cryptocurrencies. 1/2 ImageImageImageImage
The question is which coin's movement drove the others'. (I suppose it is possible that someone unloaded a huge position across every major cryptocurrency at once, but that seems less likely.) 2/2
I suppose there could be a common driver pushing down all crypto at 6:50am ET, but I can't identify any new info on the market that would have triggered a price drop then. 3/2
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casino. So get in touch with the support team again, the number you provide will help them identify your payment and credit your account as soon as possible.

Zelle is a relatively new payment option and isn’t really widely accepted, however, you will find it at such #dogecoin… popular US-friendly sites as Ignition Casino, Slots and others. Just a heads up, using this banking method, you won’t be able to deposit USD funds directly to your casino account. Zelle is just a fast and convenient… way to buy #BitcoinButton in order to make a deposit at the gambling site of your choice.

The procedure is very easy, after setting up an account at LocalBitcoins, which is completely free, you
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Hello #dogecoin community (part 3)
My name is David Mitchell Jr and I’m a no-fluff YouTuber who believes in equitable markets for all. So I’m here to remind you that you have to fight for your #dogecoin Don’t be surprised if you can’t withdraw your coins or if you see a spike 🧵
in withdrawal fees. The next step is to lower the daily transfer amount. They don’t have it. This is why I called it a war. These are all signs your broker is
playing games.
1. Not Providing Proof of Assets For Coin
2. CEO pretends he doesn’t know what it is AND it’s going to
(Take some time) to show it. This could be done in minutes
3. The emergence of wrap-around tokens are like crypto dark pools, they’re ready to trade the same crypto back & forth between exchanges at rates they only know the truth on. 1 Doge = 1 Doge? Maybe…Maybe 1 Doge = 5 Doge
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Hello #Dogecoin Community,
My name is David Mitchell Jr. and I have my second installment on shorts. This will take a deeper dive into mechanics and why it's important we work together to move your coins off of exchanges.This is a write-up from yesterday's video. 🧵
FYI (SideNote) If you see a post stating you don't need to move your coins, this is probably an institution spy account. I know it sounds crazy but Reddit and other platforms have been closely monitored since GME. Anything that will hurt their bottom line dramatically or put them
in a position for a squeeze....they're going to try and prevent it. Please bear with me.
Before today's post, I want to thank all of you for sharing the last one on Reddit, Twitter, and Youtube. It reached over 300k people and counting. I saw so many posts & Videos over the
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Hello #Dogecoin Community,
My name is David Mitchell Jr. This is going to be a long post but, I believe it's crucial for the health of the community. I don't have the largest platform on YT so I'm writing articles now to inform everyone this is about more than holding. 🧵
If you take a close look at the charts you'll see the strategic effort to control Dogecoin's price. Most of you may know that Dogecoin's price action has been extremely manipulated however, a lot of you may not know-how. I've been publishing my research in video form if you want
to see charts but the fact is the exchanges are using our coins against us. It's become so obvious that even Gary Gensler is speaking on it.

Institutions hold about 82% of all coins on their exchanges... which is roughly 110 Billion of the 135 Billion supply. I've been doing my
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1/ 🧵@elonmusk brings the discussion about #dogecoin block time and block size, and the #Nano community goes wild. Here is why? Before we start, let's talk about two companies, Kodak and Dyson. "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
2/ Steve Sasson, the Kodak engineer who invented the first digital camera in 1975, characterized the initial corporate response to his invention this way:

"But it was filmless photography, so management’s reaction was, ‘that’s cute—but don’t tell anyone about it."
3/ Dyson's story:
When James Dyson introduced his invention of the bagless vacuum to investors and brands, they thought it was bad because they couldn't sell more bags. Bagless will kill their business model.
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#Catecoin with #CatPay token is set to beat #DOGE and #ShibaInu
The cryptocurrency market has grown tremendously over the past year, and the number of coins listed on CoinMarketCap continues to rise.
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real talk:

#dogecoin needs to market itself as a digital CURRENCY

there’s already infinite digital speculation and digital utility tokens and chains, and pointless speculation tokens are made daily

dogecoin is in the best position to be the most used for purchasing and tipping
if you want dogecoin to succeed, continue to be relevant, and have a reason and need to exist, utility comes from using it, accepting it, and showing others the benefits to do so

you can also directly contribute to development of more utility like @inevitable360 is doing
you can contribute directly to the core code

you can contribute to one of the many projects @dogecoinfnd is spearheading

nothing stops you from helping the thing that you want to succeed succeed. speculation has brought attention. work brings utility.
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Do you think Web3.0 can better optimize the information-intensive mode of the Internet and bring greater convenience to people (at present it is only immature)?
/1 Web3.0 not only refers to the degree of intensive transmission and reception of Internet information, but also optimizes the traditional habits of developers and creators and disintegrates the economic effects of dictatorship and monopoly
/2 The government often says that the people are the masters, oh no, they deceived us, the capital government is the master! Now it is people who decide where there is interest value, people are capital, and people's capital directly decides where we should go and where is more
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Until now, the #GSX has been a listing platform for big Bonds. But they have all the right licences that a Tier-1 European Exchange needs to create a Global exchange - just like the #LSE & #NYSE. But the OLD #GSX didn’t focus on using the full capacity of the licences they have.
The #GSX will be globally disruptive exchange in the not so distant future, being central to #Gibraltars global strategy not just for crypto, but importantly for normal global listed equity, debt and derivatives. Just watch this space. @keremkaradagcom @Exchange_Invest @Wolfiez
With @FrontierFinance Pioneer & Exchange Builder who brings the experience, skill and the vision. Alongside the business acumen of @RPoulden and @leashless, Founder & CEO of Mattereum. Leading figure in blockchain space, coordinated the release of the blockchain platform #ETH
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World’s first asset backed security token to launch on
Think democratisation of energy meets democratisation of money.
A facinating conversation with @GeorgeWentz1 of @MADthefuture
reveals a passionate leader determined to bringing advanced
clean energy to all.
His lifetime practical and theoretical experience in the energy field leaves George uniquely qualified to lead this investment firm.
I probed him on the technologies listed in the investment areas and without revealing any trade secrets
There were
several that I had a personal knowledge of and are extremely exciting including
new tech data centres to be powered by green energy.
Wireless distribution of green energy, Geothermal energy delivered wirelessly
Both invoking the work of Tesla, definitely contentious,
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[1] Ladies, let's take a look at the current statistics!👀
82% of women who own #crypto will purchase it again! [Bakkt]

#Bitcoin #Ethereum #BTC #ETH #dogecoin $BTC $ETH #cryptocurrency #blockchain #DeFi #womenwhodefy #DefyTrends
[2] Those #women who don't own crypto select "confusing," "risky," and "scary" as TOP words to describe how they perceive crypto.

Women who own #crypto share top words, including:
-" revolutionary."
[3] The majority of men (69%) and women (54%) crypto holders say they plan to increase their holdings in the next 6 months.

Ladies, don't be afraid of entering the #crypto space! Are we going to leave the crypto world to the men? We don't think so! 🌸

#Bitcoin #Ethereum #BTC
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Before I was in crypto I spent my 20s playing minor league baseball. Back then people like @NicoleBehnam responded to my tweets even 😄🤣now I'm a crypto/blockchain research guyer with a community management and marketing role I do free of charge with the genius devs at @_Devcoin
I did get a tweet from @JenSelter in January thanking me for saying she was the highlight of my 2021 Twitter year. So there's that. Point is - I talk to every body and I love my global frens community I get to chit chat w everyday about crypto.
Y'all are peers, nation states no longer apply to this American. Crypto taught me how great people are across this globe. PS I tweet gorgeous women - but totally joking NB - just the only real person been able to accept as not a chinese man trying to phise me via DM since ever.
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1/ I just read #KuCoin's 2021 Annual Report and 2022 Forecast on the Crypto Industry.

Here are my key takeaways, a thread. 🧵

Lets go! 👇👇👇

#DeFI / #NFT / #DAO / #Stablescoins / #Memecoins / #Risks Image
2/ #BTC and #ETH remain the undisputed market leaders.

🔸BTC was the best performing major asset in 2021
🔹ETH has also been gaining traction as a store of value

ETH becoming deflationary is a big change (pictured).

More on ETH next 👇 Image
3/ #ETH Gas Fees

ETH network occupancy rate was over 98% in 2021 (pictured)!

This is close to its resource critical point leading to high gas fees / the scaling problem.

#DeFI ecosystem is limited by the performance of ETH.

ETH2.0 is expected in 2022. Next, #shitcoins 👇 Image
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Feb. 9, 2022: Stealing Billions 💵 🇺🇸 🏛
US House Committee on Financial Services #Stablecoin Hearing Mega Roundup
🧵 1 / 43
🧵 2 / 43
@RepMaxineWaters (CA-43): -2
"Her opening statement claimed the committee was at the "forefront of Congressional oversight of cutting edge technology." She must have been watching a different committee."
@PatrickMcHenry (NC-10): +5
As we’ve come to expect, he delivered a phenomenal opening address. Our only question is if he prefers donations in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or some other cryptocurrency. PAC has a growing treasury burning a hole in its pocket.
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I bet a lot of people have stories about losing money through #bitcoin/#crypto but are ashamed to talk about it in public.

I’d like to hear your story & compile it with others, anonymously if you want, & create a resource so people can warn others.

DMs open.

I’ll go first 🧵👇
Around 2013 I mined #dogecoin for a couple weeks just for fun, mostly to understand the tech a little bit first-hand, laugh at the memes, etc.

Curiosity, you know?
Cut to early 2021, and due to the pandemic, my income as a self-employed craftsperson has been slashed: no craft shows, hardly any retail, etc.

I’d been too proud to apply for the govt assistance here in Canada, so was dipping heavily into savings and relying on my partner.
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🧵 THREAD N°6 : 700 millions de blockchains, et moi, et moi, et moi...

#Bitcoin, #Ethereum, #Cardano, #Dogecoin... il existe des centaines de blockchains différentes.

Mais qu'est-ce qui les rend différentes ? Pourquoi ne pas garder une seule #blockchain ?

Thread du jour 👇
1/ Attention : ce thread explique bien pourquoi il y a différentes blockchains différentes, pas pourquoi il y a plusieurs cryptomonnaies différentes.

Si vous n'êtes pas sûr de faire la différence entre #blockchain et #cryptomonnaie, je vous invite à relire les threads précédents
2/ La première blockchain, celle du #Bitcoin, est apparue en 2009. Depuis, des centaines d'autres ont été créées, mais pourquoi faire ?

La blockchain Bitcoin n'était-elle pas suffisante ?

Qu'apportent la blockchain #Ethereum et toutes les autres ?
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Arkadaşlar Merhaba,

Bugün çok faydalı, çok da keyifli bir çalışma yaptım.
Keyifli olduğu kadar, sonuçları itibari ile de biraz canımı sıktı 😊

#USDTRY, #GRAM, #ASELS, #SASA, #GARAN, #BTC, #ETH, #XRP, #dogecoin
Bakalım 5 senedir her ay maaşımızın 100’de 1’i ile farklı varlıklar biriktiriyor olsaymışız, neler olurmuş?

#USDTRY, #GRAM, #ASELS, #SASA, #GARAN, #BTC, #ETH, #XRP, #dogecoin
Öncelikle kullandığım dataları nereden aldığımı ve yine hesaplamaları hangi veriler ışığında yaptığımı paylaşayım.
Kullandığım dataların fiyatları #Yahoofinance ‘den alınmıştır.

#USDTRY, #GRAM, #ASELS, #SASA, #GARAN, #BTC, #ETH, #XRP, #dogecoin
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Tekrar Merhaba,

Dün bir takipçim #Shiba Coin ile alakalı çalışmamıza istinaden, #BabyDogeCoin coin ile alakalı benzer bir çalışma istemiş.

Kendisine ugün bir çalışma yapacağımı söyledim.

Hem de geçenki çalışmamızı tekrar pekiştirmiş oluruz.

#BTC #Bitcoin
Soru için @umitdereli85 Bey'e teşekkür ediyorum.

Hızlıca incelememize başlıyalım.

Öncelikle ben #memecoin ler ile fazla ilgilenmediğimi söylemeliyim.

#BTC #Bitcoin
Bu coinler community based bir inançla giden, @ElonMusk 'ın #DogeCoin i destekleyerek başlattığı bir yükseliş bombardumanı sonrası benim hala anlam veremediğim yükselişler yapabiliyorlar.

Fakat, bu coinler batacak, bitecek, ölecek de diyemem.

#BTC #Bitcoin
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My biggest gains this year where on $sol #solana $matic #polygon $Gala #galagames

But many people this year will have got #REKT'd on projects like #dogecoin #shiba

Starting out in #crypto is hard.
Here is a simple thread top stop you getting wrecked 🧵👇

RT if you like ☺️
You hear stories of people making millions overnight like @ProTheDoge , who bet everything on $DOGE. But 99% of the time its pure luck.
New investors are seduced by the #moon potential of smaller projects & invest more than they can afford to lose.

Remember to always only invest what you can lose & take profits when you can!
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Excitement and sentiment are everything in this speculative market, and they are also the cause of the "cycles" we see among retail investors.

Market cap is really only the last price somebody was willing to pay for an asset * total theoretical supply.

The aim of real FUD spread around #Dogecoin throughout the year (it has no devs; it has no future; it must be capped; a whale holds 30% of the supply) is exactly aimed at killing sentiment and making people sell and lose interest, because they think there is no hope.
Alongside FUD, institutional investors and speculators driving the price, marketing ploys by exchanges pushing towards other tokens, and in general any attempt to gain control of the liquidity are aimed at manipulating the sentiment and interest of the public. #Doge
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Here on Ye Olde Hellsite, I tend to be a consumer rather than a producer of tweets.
Every so often, though, something so moronic and noxious comes to my attention that a rant is imperative.
Uncritical journalism about #crypto has reached that point. I can’t swallow my bile.
In this recent @wsj video, for example, the likes of #Dogecoin gets treated with gravity, as if it were worthy of consideration for investment.
This, from a media organization fabled for its economic and financial sophistication.…
Without a trace of skepticism, a journalist labeled “WSJ stock market and retail investing reporter” declares on the video that buyers of Doge, Shiba Inu etc. “see it as a good way to make money quickly, and try their hands at the investing game!”
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A good review from NextAdvisor/@TIME about why Binance.Us, while in theory more compliant with U.S. regulators, is not a great option as an exchange.

Their point about security is spot-on, especially after the recent wallet disaster. #DOGE…
We talked a lot about why holding on ANY exchange should not be done.

The recent wallet incident anyhow, also through the official press release released by #Binance, points at the fact their infrastructure was obsolete and/or not maintained with the needed care. #DOGE
The first hint is that they had been using Dogecoin Core 1.14.0, a version released in 2019 (2 years and a half ago). This is prehistoric by cryptocurrency standards.

The second hint is that they seem to have ignored recommendations provided to them by the #Dogecoin devs.
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