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Apr 11 14 tweets 5 min read
"Smoke" is a #1995 film directed by #WayneWang over a script by #PaulAuster that tells the story of several characters whose lives intersect at a Brooklyn tobacconist on the heydays of 1990s smoking bans. Image 2.- The cast includes #HarveyKeitel, #WilliamHurt, #GiancarloEsposito, #StockardChanning, #AshleyJudd, as well as #ForestWhitaker, #HaroldPerrineau, #JoseZuñiga, to name but a few of a long list of willing and resourceful talent.
Mar 21 29 tweets 29 min read
Derek Jarman´s "Caravaggio": Chiaroscuro, Baroque and the ashes of Pasolini.
#DerekJarman, was a bold and unapologetic filmmaker and artist, highly influenced by Pier Paolo #Pasolini, whose work he emulated in his career. 1.- Image @Dexfletch 2.-His films, such as "#Caravaggio," pay homage to Pasolini's aesthetic and thematic concerns, while also reflecting his experiences and perspectives as a #gay artist living in #Thatcher's #Britain.
Mar 6 16 tweets 10 min read
1.- #Bowfinger is a #comedy on #Hollywood, #loBudget escapism and the #filmmakingindustry. It's somehow reminiscent of #TimBurton´s #IconicClassic #EdWood but stylistically adapted to suit a wider audience and in that sense is superbly written and delivered by @SteveMartinToGo #Bowfinger French distribut... 2.- Add to that If you want or need some lazy motivation before deciding to watch the Starred cast flawlessly led by #SteveMartin, #EddieMurphy, @terence_stamp, @RobertDowneyJr,@imheathergraham,@ChrisBaranski among many other less known names but not less important acts.
Feb 14 9 tweets 8 min read
#Cowboys Vs indies – A film review on #TomDiCillo´s "Living in Oblivion"
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1.- #LivinginOblivion is a satire that realistically deals with the ups and downs of an indie film production. It even dares Image @metacritic 2.- to take aim at the industry itself to show what a frivolous world hides behind the glitz and glamour. "Living in Oblivion" makes you realize that #filmmaking may not be as fun as you think it's (even if sometimes it is). There are many extra bits to it, sometimes straight
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#Surrealism against the current – A film review on #IvanZulueta´s "Rapture" (#Arrebato)
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1.- If you want to explore the prehistory of modern Spanish art-house and counterculture landscape, you must follow the antecedents,... 2.- and will find many connections and influences behind names like Almodovar, Banderas, and other popular names of the Spanish "Movida" and associated film scene. You might start taking a quick look at Jaime Chavarri's "Mi querida señorita" and "El desencanto" to understand...
Nov 9, 2022 22 tweets 6 min read
How to spoil a masterpiece – A film review on Netflix “Blonde”
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If you have seen and enjoyed "Lost Highway," "Requiem for a dream," "Ed Wood," "Bad lieutenant," or "Dead man," you may appreciate Blonde's efforts, good intentions, artistry, and creative bearing. The film's lush visuals help create the glittering atmosphere that sets Norma Jean apart from the legend of Marilyn, and also help build her character and portray her inner conflicts. In this sense, the film is a 10 and a