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Jeremy Corbyn's Speech at Stop the War's 2021 AGM › article › jeremy-corbyns-...
27 Feb 2021 — “From coronavirus to environmental destruction to economic inequality, we face threats that the war machine cannot fix.” Jeremy Corbyn. Speaking ...
Jeremy Corbyn

Speaking to the Stop the War 2021 AGM on Saturday (February 27), Jeremy Corbyn said:
In September, the US ordered six hundred new #nuclear warheads.
Each one is twenty times more powerful than the one dropped on #Hiroshima in 1945.

Only recently have we begun to understand just how close we came to nuclear destruction in the Cold War.
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Project Veritas is an American far-right activist group founded by James O'Keefe in 2010.

"It produces deceptively edited videos of its undercover operations, which use secret recordings in an effort to discredit mainstream media organizations & progressive groups." ImageImage
Project Veritas released a deceptive video created to malign Pfizer employees & the Pfizer #COVID19 vaccine.

Shortly after Project Veritas released the video, inauthentic Twitter accounts helped amplify the video on Twitter.…
In October, @BotSentinel investigated, analysed & identified 798 inauthentic Twitter accounts tied to Project Veritas (below).

"The accounts in question were part of a broader coordinated #disinformation campaign":…
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🧵 Everything that the @InstituteGC says in their 'for' argument with #VaccinePassports can be refuted in this @bmj_latest article.

1⃣ Using #coronavirus is misleading. the virus is called #SARSCoV2. The disease is #COVID19.

2⃣ Jabbed/unjabbed can become infected with & transmit #SARSCoV2, with similar viral load. Proving 'status' does nothing at a venue. *Nothing* to control spread or reassure.

Vulnerable people are 'safe & protected' since they received initial jabs & a booster. Not an argument.
3⃣ The Govt ERP programme masquerading as public health was ultimately measuring compliancy for #vaccinepassports.

The majority of attendees were young, fit & unvaccinated at the time of Phase 1 trials. Natural immunity would have accounted for such low 'cases', ie 28 / 7764.
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HAPPENING NOW: From Sept 1 - Oct 25, "The US gvt has directly facilitated the departure of 240 US citizens & 157 lawful permanent residents, as well as others who have come out on out charters" @DOD_Policy Undersecretary Colin Kahl tells Senate Armed Services Committee
"We are examining & learning from the past..." per @DOD_Policy "...reckoning w/the uncomfortable truth that despite decades & billions of dollars of US investment, the #Afghan military evaporated in the face of the #Taliban assault"
US-#Afghanistan-counterterrorism: "We are actively setting the conditions to ensure we remain situationally aware & are postured to mitigate & neutralize developing terrorist threats & streams" @thejointstaff's LtGen James Mingus tells SASC
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Lawyers to submit #Yemen war crimes dossier to #UK police
Key figures in #Saudi Arabia and #UAE accused of crimes against humanity include investors in #Britain…
It will focus on three controversial events, including an airstrike by coalition jets on a school bus in northern #Yemen in August 2018, which killed at least 26 children and wounded at least 19 more.
The second incident was the bombing of a funeral in the capital, Sana’a, in October 2016, which is believed to have killed at least 140 people and wounded a further 600. At the time the Saudi-led coalition acknowledged responsibility for the attack.
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@KensingtonRoyal @EarthshotPrize Listen to @georgegalloway & @johnpilger, William. I am not going to say Prince William. Simply William. Princes are from fairytales; #Assange reality is that Her Majesty's Prison #GITMO is your Grandma's HMP. #FreeAssangenNOW is @RoyalFamily responsibility
@KensingtonRoyal @EarthshotPrize @georgegalloway @johnpilger @RoyalFamily "Please do not report crime here. Call 101, tweet
@MetCC"-@metpoliceuk OK @MetCC go talk to

Her🔒Majesty about her 90th birthday present from #WarrenBuffett#IlluminatiSacrifice of performing artist #Prince

@KensingtonRoyal @EarthshotPrize @georgegalloway @johnpilger @RoyalFamily @MetCC @metpoliceuk @StellaMoris1 @wikileaks "I'd like to dedicate⏳this to my father"☂

#Prince George🐾history will remember that Julian #Assange died in Royal claws. Dark spot on your👑 #KingGeorge

My⤴dog notified @FBI🙉 @INTERPOL_HQ
@HISTORY🙏😿 @WhiteHouseHstry🇺🇸 @britishlibrary🇬🇧 @nlagovau🇦🇺
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🛂 Jan > Mar 2021: 300,000 people in #Britain said #NoVaccinePassports. Whitehall opened their first Call For Evidence.

🛂 March 23rd - @CommonsPACAC began an inquiry into COVID-status certification. On June 12th they threw the book at #vaccinepassports…
🛂 By July the #NHS #CovidPass streamrolled its way past Parliamentary scrutiny, debate, & voting, readied for domestic events & intl travel.

🛂 In the next 'cycle', HMG hope to push through the #CoronavirusAct 2020 on Oct 19th & mandate #vaccinepassports to 'save Christmas'...
🛂 To defeat #vaccinepassports we need *total* non compliance coupled with local/national boycott against those who use these measures.

🛂 Apart from @wearethentia & their legal action against the ScotGov, it's unlikely other orgs will follow through & take on HMG.
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🧵 A video is circulating of a man who flew back to #Britain from red listed #Brasil & spent 6hrs in a cell, also avoiding £2250 quarantine as well as fines.

While his courage is to be commended, this isn't a one shoe fits all solution...

1⃣ The passenger took a huge gamble which paid off. But we must urge caution to anyone thinking of attempting similar.

He admitted to being aware that he could have arrived into a green/amber listed country for 10 days meaning going back to #Britain on the eleventh day.
2⃣ He explains 'don't just sign anything', in reference to a Passenger Locator Form.

PLF's are used under WHO guidance during a PHEIC - Public Health Emergency of Intl Concern. It operates as an intl health surveillance measure & outright refusing this can bring big problems.
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#YEMEN:Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein Al-Ezzi denounced #Britain’s granting of #Yemeni money to mercenary government backed by Saudi-led coalition in #Aden.
Al-Ezzi said on Twitter @hussinalezzi5 over our money to the corrupt and terrorists falls within the meanings
of escalation and clear adherence to war strategies, which confirms that peace is a decision that has not yet been born and that their talk about it is still a form of misinformation and lies. “
He added “#Britain is aware more than others that it is #Yemenis’ money and that Hadi’s government represents only thieves, corrupt, #alQaeda, #ISIS and the Brotherhood’s organization.Despite all that, #Britain insists on sending Yemeni money to these
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🔴 We've contacted @CommonsPACAC over recent reports about the integration/interoperability of the #EU #COVID19 Digital Certficate & #NHS #CovidPass.

🔴 The Govt can barely produce a DPIA yet will allow the EU access to UK vaccine data... (contd.)…
🔴 There has been no proper scrutiny, oversight, costings, impact assessments & VOTE for #VaccinePassports in #Britain & they must be scrapped, not put in reserve for a Plan B.…
🔴 .@PPaulCharles of @ThePCAgency said, "I think the #UK public will get more & more used to it & you are likely to see it being integrated into daily life".

Daily life? Sounds like something one of Tony Blair's clients would like from @wef @MyCommonPass
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@thezambologist It's #climateChange, not global warming (see floods & extreme temperatures both summer & winter with dumps of thousands tons/day #CO2 and other toxins by #UK .gov & #NATO over #Britain and #Europe)

#COP26 is a con trick @beisgovuk

@LanceForman random ➡️…
@thezambologist @beisgovuk @LanceForman I've literally watched it happening

I'm a plane spotter, not a climate change activist

But this year of literally solid #CO2 dumping coming from .gov and #NATO has to be the biggest con-trick ever played on the public

#LIAR #CORRUPT #EMBEZZLING bank/corporate controlled #SCUM
@thezambologist @beisgovuk @LanceForman @LanceForman - these planes cost hundreds of millions of £ / € a day to run) typically go nowhere. They're in the air from the early hours until well after dark

Those planes could have helped to get the "assets" out of #Afghanistan in a timely manner (3 months into 3 weeks)
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A long thread…
Ive been giving some thought to all the things we do badly in this country (it seems a lot). I work in education and i know many of us look at other schools to see what works well and pinch ideas to make our own schools better.
We aren’t proud. We recognise that other schools do great things and we can see how they benefit our own.
Have the government not thought of doing this?? I see and hear great things that benefit EVERYONE in other countries. Why arent we copying them.??
Heres what i think we…
…do badly that im pretty sure is done better elsewhere. (And this isnt just tory bashing cos some things may have been Tony and co.)
People selling assets to pay for social care
The cost of public transport
Honours system and cash for honours
One of the lowest state pensions
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It is good that #Britain is prepared to play its role against #IS in Afghanistan. It is, however, a mystery what intelligence stream is going to be used and how planes in the Gulf could ever use such a stream in time.
Horrible to leave the dogs behind, though hardly a choice given hundreds of American and tends of thousands of Afghan humans were left.
#Pakistan overtly occupying a chunk of #Afghanistan in the south, even as it occupies the rest through the Taliban, Haqqani Network, and the other jihadists.
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Five rockets fired at Kabul airport some hours ago, presumably by #ISKP.
CENTCOM said the other day it was able to deal with rocket attacks on #US forces in Kabul, and that appears true: all of the #ISKP missiles overnight were intercepted
Afghan commanders, driven from their country, might join the British army
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#Taliban/#ISI reportedly disrupting the Internet access of the #Panjshir resistance, whether in preparation for a final offensive is unclear.
This is absolutely extraordinary, all the more so for being presented as a myth-busting exercise.
The likelihood of a repeat of the 26 August attack by ISKP is very high
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In the early hours this morning in #Afghanistan, the U.S. carried out a drone strike against an Islamic State (#ISKP) "planner" in Nangahar province, retaliation for the 26 August massacre at the Kabul airport. It seems the strike killed the target alone.
Given the speed of the anti-#ISKP strike last night, the lack of intelligence streams after the withdrawal of troops, and the concentration of all remaining resources in-country on Kabul, looks opportunistic, rather than targeted to someone directly tied to the airport atrocity.
This is an amazing response from the State Department: legalistic fiction that it doesn't deal with the Haqqani Network, an integrated Taliban component (as it is with Al-Qaeda), because the Haqqanis are designated terrorists.
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#Britain has stopped evacuating #Afghans and is now moving to wind down its military presence in Kabul.
The #ISKP attack yesterday was the most lethal attack on #US troops in Afghanistan in a decade, and in 2011 the US was engaged in offensive operations - something that could be called "a war" - which it has not been since 2014.
The casualty figures for the US security presence low, and the benefit - providing key capacities that sustained the Afghan state, which bore the brunt of the fight to keep the jihadists at bay - was very significant. All lost now, for no reason.
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Interesting: several #ISKP commanders were liquidated soon after the #Taliban broke open the prison in Kunar. Some of these commanders had travelled to #IS Centre in Iraq/Syria.
So the #Biden administration really is preparing to say #Americans left behind in #Afghanistan wanted to be left there or are at fault for being left there.
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Today is the day the #US will decide if it is going to evacuate everyone, or stick to #Biden's self-imposed deadline in #Afghanistan.
This messaging from the State Department about the #Taliban having pledged to allow #Afghans who helped us leave the country even after the #US military departs is either criminally naïve or a horribly cynical way of consigning thousands of people to death
The Pentagon messaging matches up with that of the State Department: very much looks like the #US is preparing the ground to leave #Afghans it owes a duty to behind, but to pretend there's some kind of process or agreement to get them out
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A former interpreter, green card holder, still trapped in #Afghanistan and unable to get to the airport.
Some progress on the pace of evacuations
Biden's Aug. 22 speech on the expanded perimeter referred not to the #US or to the #Afghan forces with them, but to the #Taliban surrounding them.
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🧵 .@libertyhq one of #Britain's biggest voices on civil liberties & human rights, should have taken a lead position against #vaccinepassports since the Johnson regime first spoke about them back in April 2020...

1⃣ "We all want, and hope, that some form of normality is round the corner"

It's worrying when groups like Liberty echo regime language & talking points like this.

We & the greater public want a *full restoration* of liberties, incl. the removal of all travel restrictions.
2⃣ "the Govt has continually raised the possibility of #vaccinepassports and mandatory vaccinations as an innocuous route to freedoms"

Newsflash for Liberty - vaccine passports are *here*, i.e. #NHS #CovidPass, along with mandated jabs for care workers.
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The #Taliban has already moved aggressively against the #media in Afghanistan, and of course has moved most aggressively against female journalists and presenters.
Great wide-ranging interview with @RobertClark87, who fought in #Afghanistan, on the irresponsible way this has all been handled, the renewed terrorist threats already visible, and #Pakistan, "the elephant in the room".
Anas Haqqani is a flagrant example of the fact the #Taliban is inseparable from #Al_Qaeda: the same people occupy command and control roles in the "two" organisations, which are in reality one fluid network that answers to #Pakistan.
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Very consistent pattern of reports about #Taliban behaviour that we have now. Needless to say it does not match what the Taliban have been presenting in these first few days in the interview with a female journalist (who has now been purged) or in their press conferences.
State Department seeding the ground for a recognition of the Taliban regime.
Kinzinger is clearly correct: it was a disaster to give up Bagram before the end of the mission
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