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Fascism pisses me off. Born in India, now a German citizen.
Jul 10, 2020 10 tweets 5 min read
Wrote a post on Quora highlighting how authoritative, unfair #VandeBharatMission is. I will share the contents of the pos here as a thread (1 / n): (2/n): As an airline geek, I have been following the airlines closely. The thread covers everything you need to know about how #VandeBharatMission is making lives of Indians miserable.

Let me clear up that even the USA agrees that India is trying to make profits out of #vbm
Mar 28, 2020 15 tweets 7 min read

Think Indian Government is handling covid-19 well? You are wrong.

I know two people who arrived from Spain on 20th March, only one of them was quarantined that too for a day.

(1/n) #Coronaindia On 31 Jan, one day after the first COVID-19 case in India, the govt’s directorate general of foreign trade issued a notification prohibiting the export of all PPE.

But on 8 February, the govt amended the order, allowing the export of surgical masks, gloves

(2/n) #Coronaindia