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May 4, 2021 17 tweets 5 min read
Time for the UXD RheinMain meetup! Tonight, it's #3 and there are folks from as far as India and the US! It'll be all about Research with two international speakers to tell their story: Alex Henderson and Márcio Oliveira Garcia.… We start with checking what kind of research interests people, and there's a lot of curiosity for contextual enquiries. One participant is looking forward to using a tool like @heyenjoyhq to bring insights into a repository.
Feb 9, 2020 18 tweets 11 min read
And the #dadlihack pitches have begun! First up, Team #EEQUALSMC2 and their solution to sweep the sea floor clean. Delighted with the turnout at #Absip on beautiful #Antigua
Jan 24, 2019 6 tweets 2 min read
I was asked how I prioritise my work as a #UXdesigner on a product team.
There are 2 levels of prioritisation
1. What needs to be delivered to enable the rest of the team: an insight for decision-making, specs for dev?
2. What needs to be done to get to that delivery
[Thread] *What* needs to be delivered can only come from discussing with the team and sometimes also with stakeholders, never in isolation.

*Knowing the details of the "what" is half of the "how" done*.

This discussion may take a short chat or a week long workshop, depending on clarity.