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4 May
Time for the UXD RheinMain meetup! Tonight, it's #3 and there are folks from as far as India and the US! It'll be all about Research with two international speakers to tell their story: Alex Henderson and Márcio Oliveira Garcia.…
We start with checking what kind of research interests people, and there's a lot of curiosity for contextual enquiries. One participant is looking forward to using a tool like @heyenjoyhq to bring insights into a repository.
Now #AlexHenderson, from #MonitorDeloitte, who specialises in behavioural insights and how they can be applied in design. He's taking us through an example from the financial world. Behavioural insights studies people (academia), behavioural economics applies that to the everyday
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9 Feb 20
And the #dadlihack pitches have begun! First up, Team #EEQUALSMC2 and their solution to sweep the sea floor clean.
Delighted with the turnout at #Absip on beautiful #Antigua
Now pitching at #dadlihack it's team The Waves and their Corral2020 project looking at applying #AI to map building applications to existing standards, in order to increase overall resilience.
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24 Jan 19
I was asked how I prioritise my work as a #UXdesigner on a product team.
There are 2 levels of prioritisation
1. What needs to be delivered to enable the rest of the team: an insight for decision-making, specs for dev?
2. What needs to be done to get to that delivery
*What* needs to be delivered can only come from discussing with the team and sometimes also with stakeholders, never in isolation.

*Knowing the details of the "what" is half of the "how" done*.

This discussion may take a short chat or a week long workshop, depending on clarity.
*How* I will deliver the *what* is where my technical expertise lies. I learned over the years many tools and techniques, and I'm still learning. As a senior, I have a big toolbox, and a network to ask when I'm unsure. I can plan the tasks, list dependencies and give timelines.
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