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Speaker | Futurist. Ex-Head of Small Biz Google. 4 companies 2 patents. WEF Shaper |Tutu Fellow |Ashoka Changemaker |M&G:Top 200 under 35| Destiny Mag:40under40
18 Mar
Context: I come from a middle-class background, travelled/lived a lot internationally and financially stable. I’m not an Epidemiologist, but widely read and have an engineering background (analytical) and not an alarmist. /1
My role and background trained me to identify black swans and wild cards: this is the former – there will be more of these in the future. Thread on #COVID – TL:DR its long (28 tweets) /2
How bad will this get – it depends. If we act now ( #socialdistancing), limited interaction we can slow the spread. With vaccines being trialed, theres hope we can quell this, but realistically only toward end of the year (trials, testing, distribution, administration) /3
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