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Analicemos la situación #COVID19 #COVID a nivel Mundial.
Y que nos espera a la Argentina con la #VarianteDelta
1- En EE.UU., la variante delta es la responsable de más del 93%* de los casos de COVID-19. También está presente y se ha propagando en más de 130 paises. y aumenta. ImageImage
2- Es extremadamente peligrosa
Es mucho más contagiosa que el virus original. Es extremadamente trasmisible y, por eso, se está propagando de manera tan rápida y peligrosa.…
3- Por cada particula viral en la delta hay 1260. Mientras más se propague el nuevo coronavirus, más variantes preocupantes surgirán, y la pandemia se prolongará durante más tiempo para todo el mundo.
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In our recent review on #LongCovid/PASC we bring up the possibility that dysbiosis or imbalance of host #microbiome communities (in ecosytems such as the gut, lungs, or oral cavity) might contribute to at least some LongCovid symptoms:… Image
2/ More specifically immune dysregulation driven by #SARS-CoV-2 might allow pathobionts (bacteria capable of both commensal + virulent acitivty) in the gut, mouth, or other body sites to collectively shift towards a state of imbalance + pro-inflammatory gene/metabolite expression
3/ Conversely, b/c composition + activity of the microbiome can influence host susceptibility and ongoing control of #viral pathogens, exisiting microbiome dysbiosis in a range of body sites may serve as a form of predisposition to LongCovid
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Ascoltatemi bene amici: da tempo sosteniamo che con la scusa del #Covid hanno fatto le peggiori porcate, tra cui testare su scala mondiale farmaci sperimentali, prima sono partiti con gli pseudo vaccini a metà ottobre con gli anticorpi monolocali approvati dalla UE...continua
Ho letto che chi si farà il tampone e risulterà positiva sarà immediatamente contattato dalle Asl, le quali partiranno subito con la somministrazione delle monolocali. Quindi per testare le suddette hanno bisogno di cavie e di un gran numero di persone da tamponare...
Non a caso con l"introduzione di questi farmaci, a metà ottobre, arriva anche il green pass esteso praticamente a tutti...quindi milioni di persone non vaccinate, se risulteranno positive, verranno immediatamente curate con le monoclonali...continua
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1/4. Australische #COVID-#Lockdowns.
Uitgedrukt in #Gemiddeld aantal #Dagen/#Inwoner
tot eind sept. 2021:

Landelijk: 23-03-2020 - 15-05-2020 53 dagen
+ extra regionaal:
Victoria : 07-07-2020 - 28-10-2020 110 dagen
+ snaps: 13-02-2021 - 22-09-2021 56 dagen

- Draadje👇👇
2/4. + Melbourne: 09-08-21 - 27-10-2021 76 dagen

+ Kleine regional snap lockdowns gemiddeld over alle inwoners: ~10 dagen

Inwoners Australië: 26 miljoen
Victoria: 6,7 mio
Melbourne: 5 mio

- Draadje👇👇
3/4. Berekening Totaal Lockdown dagen gemiddeld:

Landelijk + kleine snaps: 53 + 10 = 63 dagen
+ Victoria: 110 + 56 = 166 x 6,7 / 26 = 43 dagen
+ Melbourne: 76 x 5 / 26 = 15 dagen

Groot Totaal:
121 dagen lockdown gemiddeld per inwoner.
- Draadje👇👇
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Omg 😱 why does @ucu not care about safety protocols on #COVID19 ???
@ucu No wonder I’m seeing so many campuses in the UK apparently not bothering with safety measures. I had hoped to see @ucu campaigning to protect staff, faculty and students…
“Fighting for jobs, pay and conditions” on the wall - incredible. Are packed out rooms in universities which put everyone at risk from #Covid the working conditions that @ucu supports?
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1/3. Nieuw Zeelandse #COVID-#Lockdowns.
Uitgedrukt in #Gemiddeld aantal #Dagen/#Inwoner
tot sept 2021:

2020-03-26 - 2020-05-14 = 49 dagen
2021-08-17 - 2021-08-31 = 14 dagen
TOTAAL 63 dagen voor 4,9 miljoen mensen

- Draadje👇👇
2/3. De Auckland area (1,5 miljoen inwoners):

2020-08-12 - 2020-10-07 = 56
2021-02-14 - 2021-02-17 = 3
2021-02-27 - 2021-03-07 = 7
2021-07-17 - 2021-09-21 = 35
TOTAAL 101 x 1,5 / 4,9 mio = 31 gemiddeld

- Draadje👇👇
3/3. TOTAAL heel Nieuw Zeeland gemiddeld aantal Lockdown dagen per inwoner:
63 (landelijk)
31 (Auckland gemiddeld over heel NZ)

= 94 Lockdown dagen.
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Thread #COVID #epidémio
Hier, j'ai reçu bcp de questions me demandant comment je pouvais parler de rebonds épidémiques au Royaume-Uni 🇬🇧, alors qu'en France 🇫🇷 aucun rebond n'est visible et que l'épidémie continue même à refluer !...
J'ai peut-être une réponse...
Avant d'en venir à cette réponse, quelques éléments qui peuvent expliquer la discordance entre France 🇫🇷 et UK 🇬🇧 par un allongement du délai incompressible avant lequel il est impossible de percevoir des contaminations liées à un évènement...
Comme le UK 🇬🇧, la France 🇫🇷 est largement immunisée mais, contrairement au UK 🇬🇧, la France 🇫🇷 teste peu !
Environ 2x fois moins... Image
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Antiviral pills for #COVID19 may be available soon: 3 in clinical trials, results expected as soon as late fall/winter: Merck & Ridgeback Biotherapeutics’ #molnupiravir ; Pfizer’s #PF07321332, & Roche & Atea’s #AT527…
“only one antiviral drug, remdesivir, has been approved to treat #COVID. But it is given intravenously to patients ill enough to be hospitalized, & is not intended for early, widespread use. By contrast, the top contenders under study can be packaged as pills.”
“That would mean millions …could have access to a daily orally administered medication, ideally a single pill, that could be taken for five to 10 days at the first confirmation of #COVID19 infection”
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Cette facho qui utilise une question sur les vaccins et les conflits d’interets avec l’industrie pharmaceutique pour placer une pic sur le halal et les musulmans, mais quelle honte.
Les industriels du secteur pharmaceutique ont négocié leur irresponsabilité financière et juridique, et une indemnisation prise en charge par les pays européens en cas d’effets secondaires indésirables.
« En cas cas d’effets indésirables graves avec un vaccin, seul Bruxelles sera tenu pour responsable. Les États-membres devront indemniser les victimes : les risques, c’est pour toute le monde, mais les profits, uniquement pour l’industrie pharmaceutique. »…
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Während der Pandemie haben wir uns an die Vorstellung gewöhnt, dass die meisten #COVID-Fälle „#milde #Verläufe sind.
Zb die #CDC sagt, dass 80 % der symptomatischen #SARSCov2 Infektionen einen "milden Verlauf" haben.
Manche denken: dann #kein Grund zur Sorge. Zurecht?
Im #allgemeinen #Sprachgebrauch beschreibt das Wort #mild idR etwas von #untergeordneter #Bedeutung.
Zum Beispiel wird #Erkältung oft als "#milde #Viruserkrankung" bezeichnet.
#Mild bedeutet also "durchaus evtl  unangenehm aber nicht weiter
von Bedeutung, keine große Sache"
Betrachten wir das Attribut "#mild" im Zusammenhang mit #Covid zeigt sich : #Allgemeiner #Sprachgebrauch und die #medizinische #Definition unterscheiden sich hier #signifikant, werden aber @vermischt, was zu #Verwirrung in der Kommunikation über den wahren Sachverhalt führt.
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This is from "internal" Israeli report:

Daily tests; It proofs my suspicoun that unvaxxed are tested 70% more than vaxxed.
This heavily skews the VE calculations!
Unfortunately not publicly available, and we also don't even know it by age...

#Covid19 #Covid #Corona #Coronavirus
The original poster has confirmed this to me!

This confirms that the Israeli government is aware of the REAL VE and all Test data by vaxx status; but it is not published - WHY?

Based on this report, the total tests for unvaxxed for this specific calender week made up 53% of total tests.
Unvaxxed that are test eligible (age 3+) only make up 26.7% of the population.
This suggests that unvaxxed are roughly tests 2x as often as vaxxed.
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We get a lot of questions about the cost of sequencing and how our technologies have driven down the average cost over the years. So, let’s take a closer look.
Remember, the original human genome cost ~$3B USD and took 13 years to sequence. Today, NovaSeq 6000 can sequence 48 human genomes every two days for $600 USD per sample. How did we get here?
In 2014, we delivered the $1000 genome with the launch of the HiSeq X Ten platform. Hitting the $1000 genome had been our goal for a long time, but we didn’t stop there.
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🦠💉 17.512 morreram de covid depois de tomar 2ª dose da vacina no Brasil…
A imunização evitou milhares de mortes, mas nenhuma vacina é 100% eficaz. Foram 17.512 mortes por covid no Brasil, mesmo depois das duas doses. Em média, os mortos imunizados no país tinham recebido a 2ª dose 78 dias antes dos sintomas.

🔹Leia reportagem:… Image
Dos mortos por #covid com vacinação completa, 17.151 (98%) tinham mais de 60 anos. A predominância de idosos é esperada porque foi o grupo que mais cedo completou a vacinação. A média de idade dos mortos já imunizados é de 77 anos.

🔹Leia reportagem:… Image
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Mini thread #Covid qui a #Bali
Una nostra amica di Arezzo, qui da quasi un anno, martedì manifesta sintomi influenzali, che mercoledì peggiorano leggermente.
Chiama il servizio tipo "tampone a domicilio" del servizio sanitario locale (che , a quel che mi risulta per gli stranieri
è a pagamento) e ieri le fanno il tampone, che in serata darà risultato positivo. Stamattina si presenta a casa sua un medico che la visita per un'ora (lei asmatica) e poi le lascia il kit che vedete in foto, tutto gratuitamente.
Fra 9 giorni se non avrà complicazioni, tornerà
per altro tampone.
Sono abbastanza meravigliato, perché da quel poco che riesco a percepire, il governo locale cavalca abbastanza l'emergenza in stile Italia.
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1. Good day. #ACIP is meeting today to vote on recommendations about who should receive a booster shot of the Pfizer #Covid vaccine. The meeting starts at noon ET. I will be live tweeting.
@US_FDA's EUA for the Pfizer booster is veeeeeery broad.…
2. The meeting is underway. Doran Fink of @US_FDA is now explaining FDA's EUA for the Pfizer booster, which was issued last night.
My observation: The group of people eligible for a booster under this EAU is very broad. 16-17 yos are excluded but many over 18 will be eligible.
3. @CDCDirector is addressing #ACIP. She acknowledges that the committee has to make decisions, sometimes with a huge amount of data, sometimes with "a paucity."
She mentions pregnant people.
My observation: Oddly, there was no mention of them in the FDA EUA.
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Throughout the pandemic, we've gotten used to the idea that most #COVID cases are "mild." The CDC says mild cases account for 80% of symptomatic infections.

Some people hear this and think it's not worth worrying about. Are they right?

A thread on what "mild" really means. (1) Image
In common language, the word mild usually describes something of minor importance. For example: health and medical websites often describe the cold as a "mild viral illness."

The implication is that while you may feel crummy, it really isn't a big deal 🍪 (2)
In the case of #COVID, this isn't quite right. Here the common definition of mild and the medical definition differ significantly.

Their confusion is a failure of communication. People are quick to underestimate the disease. They've taken "mild" as a synonym for unimportant. (3)
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This week we unpacked teen pregnancies data 🧵

In 2020/21, 20,250 babies were born to teenage mothers, a 28% increase in comparison to the same period in the previous year.
2,976 pregnancies were terminated.…
May, June, July & August 2020 were the months with the most babies delivered by teenagers. Most of these girls would have fallen #pregnant before November 2019, and before #Covid-19 hit South Africa.

Click here:…
#KZN, the province with the 2nd biggest population, had the highest number of #teen births over the past 3 years. But, the Northern Cape has the highest teenage birth rate based on population.…
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As expected, the @federalreserve’s Federal Open Market Committee continued to discuss its plans to reduce, or #taper, the pace of its #AssetPurchase program at yesterday’s meeting.
While the details of this discussion were fairly sparse, the Committee statement did state that: “If progress continues broadly as expected, the Committee judges that a moderation in the pace of asset purchases may soon be warranted.”
Further, at the recent #Fed conference in Jackson Hole, Wyo., and at the press conference, Fed #ChairPowell emphasized that both he and most Committee participants now consider the test of “substantial further progress” toward the #inflation mandate to be largely satisfied.
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#Covid. New Zealand growth in Q2 2021 confirms the #ZeroCovid strategy outperforms the mitigation strategy of the G10 countries: 44 times less deaths, pre-crisis GDP exceeded, mobility and daily freedoms better preserved. [1/7]
@iem_molinari & @TheWHN analyse the value of #Covid strategies. The study compares the G10 countries that have opted for a mitigation strategy with three OECD countries that have applied #ZeroCovid (🇳🇿🇦🇺) or a similar strategy (South Korea) [2/7]…
#ZeroCovid is a cost-effective economic investment : In the 2nd quarter of 2021, the GDP of the Zero Covid countries grew compared to the 4th quarter of 2019 (+1.7%). In the G10 countries that did not eradicate the virus, decline remained significant (-1%). [3/7]⤵️
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1/ USA All-cause Excess Mortality. (Up to week 36/2021).

TL;DR: Similar, possibly higher, as last summer.

By age:
- <25: Fairly normal.
- 25-74: More than last year.
- 75+ About the same as last year. (from previous low before outbreak)

#Covid #covid19 #Corona #coronavirus Image
All six age groups: ImageImageImage
Cumulative Excess Deaths up to week 36:
- 2020: 181,323
- 2021: 208,566 (+15% vs same week last year)

- 2020: 380,307 deaths (+12.4 %)
- 2021 (until week 38): 208,566 deaths (+9.9%) Image
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A thread of #TRUTH. Compilation of videos about Fake #PCR, #Covid FRAUD, #Vaccine Side effects.
The Truth shall set you Free!🙏
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trump knows the truth about this virus and what it can do to you. He learned the hard way, so of course he was vaccinated after getting millions of dollars in health care to save his dumb ass.
But he's all too willing to let his stupid followers kill themselves. Even helping them do it by holding his rallies in a pandemic.
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From Friday's @ukcolumn news, we take a look at some of the crazy Orwellian moves by Gov't in #Australia. It's absolutely astonishing...
#Australia (con't): So the Govt's TGA (FDA equivalent) are going after @CraigKellyMP for tweeting... a Gov't report on #vaccines. Honestly, you couldn't make it up...
#Australia (con't): So last week @CliveFPalmer dropped a few major bombshells at his press conference. Here is the first one - exposing the financial collusion between Gov't and Media which is dictating #Covid narrative:
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🇫🇷La France annonce aujourd'hui 6 794 nouveaux cas de #Covid_19 et 59 décès liés au #coronavirus.

🟢Soit une baisse de 25,69% des cas à J-7 !

☑️Depuis le début de l'épidémie, 6 971 493 cas et 116 282 décès #Covid ont été recensés en France.

⤵️#Thread BilanQuotidien⤵️
Si vous aimez mes bilan covid, que j'essaie de maintenir quotidiennement, je vous invite à le retweeter🔁afin de les faire découvrir !

J'ai aussi enfin accepter de prendre les dons, ce que je ne voulait pas avant, mon lien en bio.

En terme de #vaccination, au 21/09 en France, il y avait au total :

🟢50 151 392 personnes ayant reçu au moins une dose de vaccin contre la #Covid_19
Soit + 48 978 en 24 heures.

✅47 752 252 personnes totalement vaccinées
Soit + 97 834 en 24 heures.

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