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1/2 Spoke to a friend overseas on #covid lockdown since early Feb, here is a scheduled trip to see a doctor:

- Submit proof to local Gov for appointment online
- Request approved/denied within 24h
- Gov issues temporary permit for set hours, with predetermined route to..
-Checkpoints every few blocks to scan barcode on permit. if not along route you Are Fucked.
Country has under 50 million people
averaging 12 deaths a day.
Gov established LARGE groceries deliveries network.
Critical workers must test neg & get Same daily permit
👆this for largest cities. All cities have been isolated and no travel in between has been allowed for over a month.
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#DailyUpdate #Covid19India
A welcome turn in the growth rate for India. Let’s hope the trend continues. #StayHomeIndia
Too early to say anything, but yesterday brought some much needed relief for #IndiaFightsCorona 🤞
The Compound daily growth rate of confirmed cases has steadied at 13.05%. We are introducing a new statistic for improved understanding of #Covid19India trends - 5day moving average of new confirmed cases - and it shows a welcome flattening. Too early but I love that red dot!
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1) Although Montreal observed a smaller rise in #COVID cases Friday, it reported its biggest single-day increase in deaths: 12. The pandemic has now claimed the lives of 29 Montrealers, all elderly but for one individual in his/her 30s. In this thread, I also address projections.
2) First, though, let me share what I’ve learned from health professionals on the front lines. At Lachine Hospital, the ICU staff are now intubating an average of three #COVID19 patients a day. Some physicians are desperate for masks and are willing to buy the masks themselves.
3) The total number of confirmed #COVID cases across Montreal Island rose to 2,837 — an increase of 7.38%. That’s far better than Thursday’s jump of 25.99%. But the case numbers are fluctuating wildly from day to day, likely reflecting backlogs in tests.
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U.S. military, COVID19, bio-terrorism drill, pre-911 war games, media role and the Covid ‘crisis’🤔
June 22-23, 2001, just under 3 months before 9/11, the U.S. military held a war game at Andrews Air Force Base called Dark Winter.
The scenario of this bio-terrorism drill was designed to simulate a bio-terrorism attack in three states in which one of these states would be Pennsylvania.
On 22–23 June 2001, the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies in collaboration with others held a senior-level exercise entitled “Dark Winter” that simulated a covert smallpox attack on the United States.
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#InteligenciaArtificial predice la evolución del #coronavirus

El algoritmo de aprendizaje automático “puede predecir con precisión qué pacientes recién infectados con el nuevo coronavirus desarrollan enfermedad pulmonar grave” informó AFP…
#InteligenciaArtificial y #BigData contra el #coronavirus

Una start-up dectectó el brote de la #Covid-19 antes de que se hiciera público oficialmente

Los algoritmos analizan 29.000 informes sobre la Covid-19 para saber cómo es y combatirla…
#IBM lucha contra el #coronavirus con una supercomputadora

Las simulaciones por medio de la supercomputadora Summit pueden examinar cómo reaccionan diferentes variables del virus…
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Voting by mail: Why states will have a hard time setting it up - The Washington Post h/t ⁦…
I support as much vote by mail as possible in 2020. If some places can’t or won’t allow it, press for #HandMarkedPaperBallots—not touchscreens (disease vectors that cause longer lines). If u go to the polls, wear a mask & glasses. The mask can be homemade. #Masks4All #COVID
If u must go to the polls (bc ur state doesn’t allow no-excuse absentee voting), eyeglasses and masks offer protection. Here’s a video on how to make a mask with a handkerchief and no sewing.
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Yesterday our #COVID-19 serology task force @MGHPathology hosted a meeting with labs around the country/world to share our results and to openly share ideas about platforms, validations, policy & implementation in our institutes & communities
We were joined by nearly 100 colleagues from >15 institutions – Mayo, Yale, Penn, BI, BCH, NYU, Mt. Sinai and others with of course many critical clinical colleagues from @MGHpathology and @MGHMedicine. It’s clear there are lots of smart people working on these needed tests!
In the spirit of #openscience and working together against #COVID-19, we are sharing our early results with hopes they help others rapidly role out assays in their own hospitals. We now have 2 assays we are confident in at MGH – a Point-of-Care Test and an ELISA. 1st – the POCT:
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1.- Comienzo responsablemente este hilo. Desde hace más de una semana venía sintiendo síntomas extraños. Tengo fibromialgia hace 15 años, por lo q todo lo asocié a mi patología de base: mialgia muscular, migraña. Hasta ahí todo era normal (sigo)
2.- Pero apareció la diarrea, el cansancio extremo q lo tengo, pero este era otro tipo de cansancio diferente, apareció granitos quemantes en mi lengua, luego se me hizo pedazo el paladar. De pronto algo como un resfrío extraño, dolor de garganta, y dolor en pecho (sigo)
3.-Estuve así durante días, llamé a mi madre, me dijo: “te resfriaste hija, bajó la temperatura” yo haciéndome limonadas, miel, etc. luego vinieron los escalofríos, etc. de pronto todos esos síntomas desaparecieron y persistió el dolor de pecho, el cansancio para respirar (sigo)
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Those who understand Kundali for this World, called Jagat Kundali, will know how ferociously Western countries or western part of some countries will be struck in or just after June. 3 eclipses, and final of them will happen under 1st sequel of Ju-Pluto Planetary war.
I haven't discussed this reason being mentioned anywhere, so thought of mentioning here for astrology enthusiasts. I discussed it some days back with @jamwal_rocky ji too. Most probable reason now seems to be widespread of #COVIDー19. Even China seems to not remain untouched.
Considering next chart of Mars entry into Aries, I feel that for now, this world is far from any respite in #CoronaVirus. In India, Maharashtra/Western part should be shielded against #COVID. Check Nakshatra/Rashi of eclipse on 5th July, your jaw will drop in disappointment.
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So @peston roasted for Q’s re: #COVID #antibodytest and told tests unreliable until 28days by #PHE #DCMO - this was NOT correct.
This paper from @nature published 2 days ago shows 50% antibody +ve at 7days from symptom onset & all by 2 weeks 1/x
The dogmatic resistance to #antibodytest by PHE & the failure of their experts to be properly briefed about emerging evidence is potentially damaging. #COVID19 Patients presenting to hospital have typically had symptoms for several days & may therefore be #antibodytest +ve 2/x
...& the test may therefore have some utility- even in an intensive care setting where PCR tests may also be (false) negative - antibody positive test results would moderate clinical decision making in latter clinical stages (>1-2weeks) 3/x
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[LANGSUNG] - Sidang media mengenai Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP) oleh Menteri Kanan (Keselamatan), Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob pada 3 April 2020…
Perintah : 483 individu dituduh di mahkamah semalam - Menteri Kanan @IsmailSabri60

Semua institusi perbankan mengecualikan caj RM1 di mesin ATM rangkaian MEPS bermula 6 April hingga tamat PKP-@IsmailSabri60
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#DailyUpdate #Covid19India
The initial gains in #flatteningthecurve have been reversed. From the last five days, India is back to a growth rate where confirmed cases double every 3 days.
Growth rate in last 5 days is 23.3% - so cases doubling every 3 days. Everything that we do as a country (and don’t) will impact this outbreak. Without the early travel bans and closures we would have a total > 5200 today. So #StayAtHome and #savelife 🤞🏽
Compound daily growth rate is inching higher - and stands at 13.25% (need to reverse this!). Hopefully the effect of #Lockdown21 will begin to show in 3/4 days. 🤞🏽
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1) Despite introducing social-distancing measures more than two weeks ago, Montreal is now facing its biggest surge in the #COVID19 pandemic: an increase of 545 cases in a single day. In this thread, I review the latest data and suggest we all must redouble our efforts.
2) First, let me reel off some sobering stats. The number of #COVID19 outbreaks in Montreal’s long-term care centres jumped to at least 20 on Thursday from 13 the day before. Two acute-care hospitals are grappling with outbreaks, including one infecting 35 patients.
3) Montreal’s courageous and exhausted health-care workers are being hit hard: 148 have tested positive for #COVID19, up from 121 on Wednesday.
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OK! @ErinMcCreary and I have been giving weekly #COVIDー19 updates to the entirety of @UPMCnews. Until I figure out whether or not I can post the recording, here is a synopsis (thread follows). @IDPittStop @IDPittStop
Fever (defined as > 38C or > 100.4 F) in #COVIDー19 only happens in about HALF of cases. Do not rely on fever to rule #coronavirus in or out. The “more than 90 percent” data come from the papers from China, which defined fever as > 37.3—it’s in the methods!
Most (80% or so) have non-severe disease. Older patients are more likely to have severe disease. There's all this chatter about "comorbidities" (high blood pressure etc) being associated with severe disease, but tbh I wonder if this is just a signal of advanced age.
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Official guidance from #ESPEN about nutritional management of #COVIDー19…
A useful summary of nutrition/malnutrition, immune function and critical care.
But in reality, #ICU is different... FWIW a personal interpretation of limited experience thus far..
Assume every patient with #COVID19 is at high risk of malnutrition, whether co-morbidities exist, or not. Difficulties in breathing (DIB) compromises oral intake whether or not non-invasive ventilation (NIV) is used. Plus patients are being admitted well along the disease pathway
Use a feed protocol where possible. Most #ICU have one. Ours follows a 4-hourly escalation in NG feed rate tempered for patients on high level vasopressors. Protocols inform unfamiliar staff with normal ICU practices when ventilated numbers escalate.
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MINI-THREAD: In recent weeks while discussing the #COVID response, two senior Trump administration officials have implied that South Korea is an authoritarian country like China. That's wrong. It is a multi-party democracy with open elections and peaceful transitions of power.
Once is a mistake — but twice is very strange. Yes, these Trump administration officials are public health experts and not necessarily involved in foreign affairs. But this is *basic* geopolitical stuff here, the differences between the governments of China and South Korea.
Appearing on Fox News earlier today, senior HHS official Seema Verma said: "China and South Korea, they had very different approaches. We're a free country."
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Dear journalists, politicians, media pundits, activists and anyone else who considers this report on #Gaza published yesterday by @CrisisGroup a reliable source, please read this thread and think again. It will require a deep dive into some details and numbers, so bear with me.
2. The report's main conclusion is that to deal with #COVID in #Gaza Israel should "lift the blockade", Hamas should just carry on what it's doing and the Palestinian Authority... well, there's nothing it's asked to do. How detached this is from reality? Let's start with Israel.
3. Central in the report is the claim that "Israel's blockade" (it acknowledges Egypt also controls access to #Gaza but doesn't place any responsibility on it) has "crippled Gaza's health care sector". This quote of a WHO report is brought as the main proof for that:
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Sequel to the news report about the positive testing of 5 hitherto suspected cases of COVID -19 in Akwa Ibom state, we wish to state as follows, that;...

#COVIDー19 #COVID19Pandemic #COVID #COVID19
1. We observed a disturbing breach in the test and reporting procedure.

2. Akwa Ibom State Government only heard about the test results in the news
3. The Director General of National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) was not aware of the reported result announcement.

4. All 5 reported positive test cases have been contacted and they have showed no COVID-19 symptoms.
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After yesterday’s plain wrong #covid19 headline, the Telegraph seems to be doubling down on the idea that flu remains more dangerous. This time it cites research from @lshtm to produce the headline below.
We are learning to become familiar with the R factor – the number of people a sufferer of any disease is likely to infect. The consensus seems to be that unchecked, #covid19 has an R factor of around 2.6.
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Covid-19 has created a proverbial 'perfect storm'. While we are fighting an unprecedented medical crisis, the after-effects of this pandemic will have far-reaching implications.

A #thread on a commonly heard legal term - #ForceMajeure and its' business ramifications

First, here is why I think this topic is relevant. Google trends for the search term “Force Majeure” shows an exponential rise, the highest in last 16 years. A comparison with the search term “recession” shows little to no correlation with 2008-09 crisis.

Let’s see why.

Have divided the thread in three parts:
a) Concept & genesis (4-6) – One may skip to b) if aware/ not keen
b) Facts & current developments across industries (7-17)
c) Inference & future implications (18-25)

Note: Not an expert on legal matters and sharing basis my reading
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I’m no doctor, but it looks to me like lack of testing is not an inconvenience, but a death sentence.

I keep hearing #covid testing discussed in the context of relaxing social distancing. But if critical hospital workers are waiting over a week for tests... 1/7
2/’s immediate, and it’s life and death.

For front line hospital workers, testing tells them whether or not they could be spreading the virus to non-covid patients or co-workers.

For hospitalized patients...
3/ determines if you go in a covid or non-covid section of the hospital/facility. If status is wrong or unknown, you are either spreading it to other patients and workers, or subjected to the virus. If we are not getting accurate and immediate testing...
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[ #Révélations ] Masques : les preuves d'un mensonge d’État. Notre enquête à lire sur Mediapart.

On vous explique dans ce fil 👇
#COVIDー19 #Deconfinement
Mediapart publie aujourd’hui les résultats d’une enquête de plusieurs semaines qui retrace les nombreux dysfonctionnements au plus haut sommet de l’État, depuis le mois de janvier jusqu’à ce jour.
Un mensonge d’État qui a conduit la France à l’impensable : la pénurie de #masques de protection pour ses soignants face au #Covid19 et sa population en général.
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My friend and former coworker, Carl Quinn, has just died of #Covid_19 complications. So very sad.

This sadness is made all the worse knowing that his wife is quarantined for 14 days.

My heart goes out to his family.

Mouring the lost of 3 coworkers so far in 2020. 😢
He was at a small tech conference in Colorado several weeks ago. He became ill and tested positive on Saturday. Two others from the conf tested positive, one in the hospital with pneumonia.
He was young (~50), healthy, and had no underlying conditions. #COVIDー19 #COVID
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Tasa crecimiento diario #Covid-19 (01-04-20)

India +43%
Colombia +33%
Brasil +20%
Rusia +19%
Serbia +18%
Argelia +18%
R Unido +18%
Turquía +16%
R. Dominicana +16%
EEUU +15%
Canadá +13%
Pakistán +11%

España +8.5%
Italia +4.5%

Japón +12%
Corea Sur +1%
China +0,1%

Comentario :
Se superan los 932.000 casos, 77.600 más q ayer, con 9% tasa diaria de crecimiento q baja ligeramente.
Siguen 13 países por encima de 10.000 contagiados. Los 13 suman 795322 contagios el 85.3% mundial.
Encabezan EEUU, Italia, España, China y Alemania (supera a China hoy-mañana)
Estados Unidos es el país con más contagios 213.372 modera algo su velocidad de contagios hasta el 15% , 4.757 fallecidos ( 2.414 el 29-03 ).

Canadá +13% con ligera bajada de tasa. Llega a los 9.569 contagiados.
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