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MA - Applied Linguistics, Int’l Trade; iron ore marketing, China business consultant, translator.
Nov 20, 2021 42 tweets 10 min read
I'm sure the since deleted Weibo post by #PengShuai has been translated into En by ppl, but I haven't seen a properly translated version, & sounds like many others havn't read her post yet. Here's an attempt by myself, content in square brackets were added by myself... #WTA 1. I know I can’t explain it clearly, & it won’t help anyway. But I still want to say it. I’m so hypocritical. I admit I’m not a good girl. I’m a v v bad girl. About 3 yrs ago, [former] Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, u had retired & contacted me via Dr Liu of Tianjin Tennis Centre. U
Aug 14, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
China has defeated the most widespread (in over 2 dozen cities) Delta outbreaks in the country so far. Mass testing, TTI, precision lockdown r the key tools it has used. Some of China’s measures may not b necessary, but all that worked can be copied elsewhere. Are there any... ...reason why Sydney can't do city-wide pooled mass testing? Sydney's population is about half of Nanjing's. Import millions of PCR testing kits & get thousands of nurses, medical students, student nurses etc do the swabs? Fly the samples to all over AU to process. Or get ...
Aug 7, 2021 33 tweets 9 min read
1 Those who reject #ZeroCovid say absolute 0 is impossible. IMO 0 covid advocates just want measures to reduce transmission (R0<1=case # decreasing). I'l start adding advocates of 0 covid to this thread to prove it has wide support among scientists, PH/ID experts, researchers... 2