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Jul 18
A thread of books about African history you should read as an African.



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Jul 18
Today’s European Political Community is the largest gathering of the region’s leaders for decades: 47 countries plus heads of NATO, Council of Europe, Pres of EU Council. 55 people round a vast hexagonal table talking Ukraine, migration, energy and ‘defending democracy’. A 🧵
It’s a big opportunity for Starmer to build his reputation for competence and deft chairmanship. The whole thing will be meticulously run: the FCDO are good at these things. The programme balances discussion of the key issues with time for plenty of speed-dating in the margins 2/
Ukraine will be the only issue discussed by leaders in plenary. Zelensky will be the star turn and the aim will be to display European unity and resolve to continue/increase military and economic support. Orban will I suspect keep a low profile. There will be an 🐘 in the room 3/
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Jul 18
When you carefully and critically listen to all the GNU ministers post Lekgotla session, there's relief that there's alignment on policy prescripts and plans to respond to the basic and pragmatic needs of SAns.
Truth is that these have always been in place.
What clearly has been missing for the past 2 decades is absence of focused execution by a state system at all levels that is Fit for Purpose.
This weakness is because of a mindset of the ANC Alliance that managed SA as a "Party-State" in its interests.
This Leninist approach is derived from its archaic NDR ideology that envisaged the ANC as a leader of society in hegemonic control of all decision making levers in society.
It was tolerated for over 2 decades because of allegiance from identity politics.
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Jul 18
SitRep - 17/07/24 - 10 years after MH17 🕯️

An overview of the daily events in Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Exactly 10 years ago, Russia shot down MH17 with a BUK missile. 298 people, of which most were Dutch, were killed. The world will always remember.


1/X Image
Did you miss the latest SitRep? Check it out here
As usual we start with Russian losses over the past 24 hours. We include visually confirmed destroyed or damaged Russian equipment and/or personnel.
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Jul 18
Imagine for a moment you're a lone parent with three kids in a low paid job in December 2019, unable to claim in work benefits for the third to top up your pay.

Scroll forward to July 2024, you're still that lone parent with exactly those circumstances.

Above all else ...

1/ Image
... the purchasing power of your earnings has fallen since July 2024.

Then along comes a man, leading a political party overwhelmingly male, white and middle class who believes you ought to vote for it, because it's called the Labour Party.

2/ Image
A man who shamelessly accepts freebies, left, right and centre.

A man who says he cannot help you and your family out financially now or, in fact, ever.

A man whose sidekick says it would be fiscally irresponsible to help you out and because she believes cost of living ...


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Jul 18
“That this House condemns the mismanagement and underinvestment which led to untreated sewage being discharged into English waterways for more than 3.6 million hours in 2023; notes that water companies in England have incurred debts of more than £64 billion and paid out £78 billion in dividends since they were privatised debt-free in 1989…” edm.parliament.uk/early-day-moti…Image
“… further notes that water companies paid out £1.4 billion in dividends in 2022, even as 11 of them were fined in the same year for missing performance targets; objects to Ofwat's proposal to allow water companies to increase bills by an average of 21% despite overwhelming evidence of mismanagement…”
“… recognises that climate change is making flooding and droughts more frequent and more severe, necessitating changes to the way water systems are managed in order to build resilience; believes that private for-profit ownership is not an appropriate model for water, as an essential utility where no meaningful competition is possible…”
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Jul 18
English Footballers asked about the traumatic impact of racial abuse, their answers were sobering... 🧵

It was a disappointing outcome for the England team at the Euro 2024 but we knew the consequences that the Black & Brown players in the team would suffer...
1/ Image
...if the team lost and this was manifested again in the form of racial abuse online which was a repeat when Marcus, Jason & Bukayo missed their penalties in the 2020 Euros and is still fresh in people's minds.
2/ theconversation.com/we-asked-engli…
Despite football players receiving support from their fans, the harsh reality is that racism in football still exists, examples include newspapers recently using images of Bukayo Saka's face following England's defeat against Iceland & when an England fan was convicted...
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Jul 18
Russia is running out of weapons, this time the old Soviet-era ones

@TheEconomist: For a long time, it seemed that a war of attrition between Ukraine and a Russia with five
times its population could only end one way

But not anymore

The sustainability of Russia's military operations is now in question, shifting focus from Ukraine's ability to stay in the fight to Russia's capacity to maintain its current tempo 2/
The Russian offensive in Kharkiv has stalled. It has gained little territory at a high cost in manpower and equipment, achieving no strategic advantage

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Jul 18
This is wild.

People have been creating insane videos using Kling AI.

10 wild examples:
1. Pumpkin puppies
2. @_Ellenor
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Jul 18

Large Danish national cohort study examining the short/long term risks of ischemic stroke stratified by disease severity, (3.9 million SARS-CoV-2 tested individuals, with 356,421 testing positive)
2) The main findings are:
- SARS-CoV-2 infection was associated with a significantly increased risk of acute ischemic stroke, with the highest risk among those admitted to the ICU (36.4-fold increase).
- In the post-infection period, the stroke risk remained elevated ... Image
3) ...for those who had been hospitalized during the acute phase (1.85-fold increase), but not for those with community-managed infection.
- Mortality was substantially higher among SARS-CoV-2 positive individuals, especially during the acute phase. Image
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Jul 18
@Slartibartfeast Since you didn't screenshot this when you were screenshotting my profile:
How many Dems do you think knew before they v0ted that their political party propped up a R@C!ST, & a L!@R as their number one c@n!d@te? 


@Slartibartfeast 3-)

4-) newspunch.com/doj-quietly-co…
@Slartibartfeast 5-)
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Jul 18
@ZionDarkwood @mhschaef @yomattyboi @Young25Tim No there fucking isn't. We can't take in billions of people. I love how you begin with holocaust fearmongering and then culminate in this suicidal, delusional utopianism. That's the real danger.
@ZionDarkwood @mhschaef @yomattyboi @Young25Tim Also since you think there's enough room for the entire world then that must include your house right? Are you going to take in some of these billions? It would be so awful if suicidal lunatics like you got shacked up with illegals like this though.
@ZionDarkwood @mhschaef @yomattyboi @Young25Tim @threadreaderapp unroll
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