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Jul 10
Did you know that the United States' first overseas war was with Muslim pirates because of White slavery? Between the 16th and 19th centuries, over 1 million Europeans were captured and enslaved by the Barbary pirates of North Africa.

White slavery is often ignored by mainstream academia because it lays waste to the politically charged narrative that casts Whites solely as oppressors and all other groups as the eternal victims of White villainy.Image
The Muslim trade in White slaves was sanctioned by Islamic law, which explicitly forbade the enslavement of fellow Muslims. This divine injunction, as conveyed by Muhammad, justified the capture and brutal enslavement of White Christians and other non-Muslim peoples. This led to unimaginable suffering and the constant specter of Islamic predation that plagued the European littoral for centuries. The Barbary corsairs, emboldened by religious sanction and the gleeful support of the Ottoman Empire, ravaged European coasts from Greece to Iceland, seizing men, women, and children to be auctioned off like cattle in the bustling slave markets of North Africa.

The enslavement of White Christians was seen as both a lucrative economic venture and a form of jihad, a holy war against all infidels. These raids resulted in the depopulation of many coastal areas and inflicted a heavy toll on the European economy and social structure. Coastal villages were abandoned, and maritime trade was severely disrupted, forcing European nations to pay hefty tributes for the release of their captured citizens.

The brutal conditions faced by those enslaved were harrowing. The life of a galley slave in Ottoman servitude was one of abject misery. Unlike their Christian counterparts, who often imposed term limits on their ship rowers, the Ottomans worked their slaves to death. Chained to their seats, these slaves were at the mercy of overseers armed with whips, forced to relieve themselves where they sat, and endured appalling conditions that made Ottoman warships detectable by stench alone from miles away.

There was also a massive demand for attractive White women to fill the harems of the salacious Ottoman elite. Sexual slavery was rampant, and wealthier men frequently kept concubines. To prevent escape and protect these women from the lascivious approaches of other men, eunuchs were employed as guards, making castration a central aspect of slavery in the Muslim world. Muslim slavers had been castrating slaves for hundreds of years, most notably Sub-Saharan African slaves who were marched through the Sahara. Those men "lucky" enough to survive were then summarily castrated before entering the Muslim world.

These corsairs, though technically privateers, operated as agents of the Ottoman Empire, under the aegis of local rulers in North Africa and often in large, well-funded, and coordinated fleets.

In his seminal work "Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters," Robert C. Davis meticulously documents how over a million White Christian slaves were taken between 1500 and 1800. This staggering figure underscores the extensive reach and brutal efficiency of the vicious Barbary White slave trade. It, again, also underscores the blatant anti-White animus of Regime historians.

The Barbary pirates' raids had devastating effects, leading to the depopulation of coastal areas throughout Europe. Entire villages were abandoned, and the financial burden of ransoming captured loved ones placed a tremendous strain on European resources; oftentimes even if a "ransom" was paid enslaved Whites were not freed.Image
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Jul 10
Disturbing photos from WW2.

A thread 🧵

1. Adolf Hitler on a walk with Helga Goebbels. Helga and her siblings were later given cyanide by her parents in Hitler's bunker in 1945. Image
2. Istvan Reiner, a four-year-old boy, smiles innocently in a studio portrait, unaware of the tragic fate that awaited him at Auschwitz concentration camp, where he was murdered. Image
3. This is a permanent shadow of a man at the exact moment the atomic bomb "Little Boy" went off over Hiroshima, 1945. Image
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Jul 10
Shakshuka is one of the easiest, most beautiful meals you can make at home. It’s made up of eggs poached in a spiced tomato sauce and is so delicious.

In this thread I’ll show you how to make it. Image
Firstly, your ingredients. There are many variations but this is the baseline recipe. You need: a can of peeled plum tomatoes, two shallots, a few cloves of garlic, harissa paste, cumin, a lemon, and four eggs. This will make two servings. Image
Before you start cooking, do your prep work. This only includes peeling and finely chopping the shallot and garlic. Simple! Now let’s cook. Image
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Jul 11
I've been meaning to address this most crucial thing about the climate and ecological emergency, but I was not sure I could explain it right. I'm still not sure.

It is about a way of thinking, of seeing things. When you see things properly, this is all that matters.
Unless we address the climate and ecological emergency, nothing at all matters, as nothing else will be possible, as us, our civilization, and our societies, are all totally rely on Earth based ecosystems, and other natural systems.
By address, I don't mean solve as in a puzzle, with a simple solution. I mean first to acknowledge the situation, and understand what we are doing wrong.

You see, whilst everything is just so unbelievably complex, some things are very simple and a simple dichotomy.
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Jul 11
Europeans can be in amazing shape & live to 100+ while:

• Eating carbs 24/7
• Rarely going to the gym
• Drinking alcohol every day

But when Americans do it?

They become obese & get sick.

It took some time...

But I think I found what EXACTLY is going on:

To show you I'm not just making this up...

Look at the chart below of the Obesity rates between Europe & America.

It's a night & day difference.

Obesity rates in America: 42%.

Obesity rates in Europe: 17%.

That's about a 2.5x increase.

But why is this the case?

Well... Image
1. Food quality.

Looks start with what I consider to be one of the most drastic differences:

What's IN both American foods & European foods.

Let's start with the American diet: Image
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Jul 11
This painting is one of history's most controversial and influential works of art.

It's by James Abbott McNeill Whistler, who painted it all the way back in 1875.

Why was it so controversial? Because it totally redefined the meaning of the word "art"... Image
James Abbott McNeill Whistler, born on this day in 1834, helped change the world of art.

He was an unusual man who essentially created a personality for himself, as though he were a character in a novel.

This portrait by Walter Greaves, from 1869, sums him up well. Image
Whistler was born in Massachusetts but spent his early years in Russia, where he first studied art.

Back in the US he joined the military but was dismissed, so he went to Paris to become an artist.

There his uniquely subdued, contemplative style started to emerge. Image
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Jul 11
Ukrainian 🇺🇦 fortress facing russian 🇷🇺 offensive

Since january 2024, Ukraine began improving existing defensive lines and digging new ones to prepare for russian attacks.

Maps and images of those defenses :

🧵THREAD🧵1/17 ⬇️ Image
With @Playfra0, we are mapping these defensive fortifications.

What have we observed ? New fortifications everywhere, improving of old defensive lines, from 2014, 2022 or even 2023.

Here is the line south of Zaporizhia city. Image
Here is an example for Orikhiv, which we renamed "fort Orikhiv".

This is just north of that strategic town in Zaporizhia oblast. You can see some dots which are russian airstrikes. Image
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Jul 11
“You must wear sunglasses whenever you go outside or your eyes will be damaged”

How dumb has the surgeon general become?

No one needs sunglasses, or even normal glasses, for that matter.

Here is how you should care of your eyes so they stay sharp forever.Image
No one in human history needed glasses until the last millennia.

The human environment and how we interact with it has changed immensely in that time period.

So what are the changes that have caused poor eyesight, vision loss, and eye diseases, and how do we fix it?

Humans are indoors more often now than in any other time in history. This is a problem for many reasons, but one of them affecting eyesight so greatly is the lack of sunlight.

Sunlight is immensely powerful for our eyes and, without it, our vision has deteriorated.
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Jul 11

Project 2025 is already in states. Don’t let it go national!

A 🧵

When those of us in Red States say that Project 2025 is happening here already, and it’s a preview of what’s to come nationally if Trump wins, here’s an example of what we’re talking about.

1/ Image
Background: an 11-member board oversees a $90B pension fund for Ohio retired teachers, and is made up of seven members elected by teachers and retirees who pay into the fund; and four appointees by statewide Ohio elected officials.

Last year, on the eve of a pension board election (retirees vote) outcome being announced, Gov. DeWine illegally terminated the swing pension board member

His illegal action nullified the result of that election (the majority would’ve changed hands but for DeWine’s act.)

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Jul 11
Deutschland ist bei der Medikamentenproduktion hochgradig von chinesischen Importen abhängig. Damit die Qualität gewährleistet ist, prüfen deutsche Inspektoren vor Ort. Seit 2019 gab es keine derartigen Kontrollen mehr, weil 🇨🇳 zunächst Inspektoren wegen Corona aussperrte…
…und dann strengere Spionagegesetze erließ. Die Bundesländer, als Entsender, haben entschieden, dass es für deutsche Inspektoren zu gefährlich ist. Weil diese natürlich in chinesischen Produktionsunternehmen die Fertigung kontrollieren sollen und das schon unter Spionage…
…fallen kann. Wer die permanenten Denunzierungsaufrufe der chinesischen Führung verfolgt, dem dürfte klar sein, dass Ausländer in chinesischen Industrieunternehmen massenhaft gemeldet werden. Westlichen Inspektoren eine Art „diplomatischer Immunität“ zu verleihen, wurde…
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Jul 11
I'm putting together a thread on Biden's NATO news conference. Follow along for clips and commentary. Image
Let me note up top that if you appreciate these threads I put together covering big political events, please show some love by signing up for my newsletter. I think you'll enjoy Public Notice and paid subscribers make my work possible.
Biden begins his news conference with remarks highlighting that Trump "has no commitment to NATO" or honoring Article 5
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Jul 12
🚨🔵 Remco Evenepoel close to signing to RedBull-Bora-Hansgrohe, here we go!

HLN reports that in recent days, several sources within the peloton assured the Belgian publication that a deal between Remco Evenepoel and RedBull-Bora-Hansgrohe is imminent or even complete. 1/4 Image
RBH 2025 roster:

🇧🇪 Evenepoel
🇸🇮 Roglič
🇷🇺 Vlasov
🇨🇴 Martinez
🇦🇺 Hindley
🇦🇺 Welsford
🇧🇪 Meeus
🇳🇱 Van Poppel
🇩🇪 Lipowitz
🇩🇪 Denz
🇩🇪 Herzog
🇩🇪 Koch
🇩🇪 Palzer
🇩🇪 Zwiehoff
🇦🇹 Hajek
🇵🇱 Maciejuk
🇩🇰 Wandahl
🇮🇪 Mullen
🇮🇹 Aleotti
🇮🇹 Sobrero
🇪🇸 Adria 2/4
Plus the new signings:

🇸🇮 Tratnik
🇮🇹 Pellizzari
🇪🇸 Lazkano
🇳🇱 M. Van Dijke
🇳🇱 T. Van Dijke
🇳🇿 Pithie
🇳🇿 Fisher-Black 3/4
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Jul 12

Topic: Back To The Topic of Ovulation

" For those asking how to calculate ovulation and fertile days, here we go again!


First you need to know your cycle length before you can know your likely ovulation day. Note that a normal cycle length ranges between 21-35 days, anything below 21 days or above 35 days is-Image
abnormal, so see your gynecologist).

● To know your cycle length (that is how many days it takes before you see your menstrual period) you start counting from the FIRST day you saw blood to the FIRST day you'll see blood of your next period (which can be within the same month or the next month, it doesn't matter so long as the number of days is within the normal range of 21-35 days when you count the interval between previous & present).
Example !
If your previous period started like, 9th June and that of July started maybe on 5th July....,
If you count from 9th June to 5th July, you have 27 days, so 27 days is your cycle length. It might not be 27 days for every month but always count from the FIRST day of an existing period to FIRST day of the next one to get your cycle length.

● When you can accurately calculate your cycle length, you can then be able to know when to likely ovulate and also your fertile window.
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Jul 12
On December 1, 1946 the Lord spoke to Kenneth E. Hagin - “The secret of a successful apostolic ministry: Full of faith and power, and using the divine given instruments of travail and compassion will make you irresistible”
“And Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people.”
Acts 6:8
“And he kneeled down, and cried with a loud voice, Lord, lay not this sin to their charge. And when he had said this, he fell asleep.”
Acts 7:60
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Jul 12
Cranking up the Murder Machine?
There has been a steadily-escalating Russian covert ops campaign in Europe over the past year, but the latest news of an assassination plot seems to represent something of a big deal. A thread 1/…
In short, the claim is that Moscow had plans to kill Armin Papperger, head of the German arms firm Rheinmetall, along with other senior figures in the European defence-industrial complex 2/…
A necessary caveat first: this is just what we are being told, and as regards apparent sabotage attacks already happening, not every incident is a Russian plot (just as Ukrainians are not behind every fire in Russia, for all Russian paranoiacs and Kyiv super-boosters claim) 3/
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Jul 12
🇫🇷 Les Armées « ne sont pas à part de la société, elles en sont issues. Elles sont, fondamentalement, l’un des fronts de l’existence de la nation et, plus largement, de la société occidentale ».

Retour sur l’audition à huis clos (15/05/24), de l'amiral Pierre Vandier, Major général des armées (MGA), sur la défense globale, devant les députés de la commission de la Défense.

Comme toujours avec l’amiral, les propos sont pertinents.

Thread 👇Image
🇫🇷 « Nous avons de l’argent pour mettre à jour nos plateformes que sont l’avion de combat, le char de combat, la frégate ou le porte-avions, mais le rythme de développement de la technologie civile met les militaires, au défi de suivre le rythme de cette accélération. »
🇫🇷 « Le monde de la conflictualité est organisé en deux pôles. Le premier est formé des acteurs maîtrisant la haute technologie en raison d’investissements continus dans le haut du spectre. Les armes sophistiquées, telles que les missiles balistiques manœuvrants, les cyber-armes et l’avion furtif exigent des investissements massifs et durables. »
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Jul 12
1/ Ukraine is currently enduring searing heat (up to 36°C / 97°F) as south-eastern Europe experiences a record-breaking heatwave for weeks on end, in the second warmest July ever recorded globally. Russian soldiers are complaining about their excessively hot uniforms. ⬇️ Image
2/ The Russian milblogger Vault 8 – a serving soldier – writes on Telegram:

"In Ukraine we gain experience of war in a hot (sometimes especially hot) climate.

This applies to everything. Increased consumption of drinking water and more frequent washing.
3/ "Hygiene and prevention of infectious epidemics: typhus, cholera and the like. Timely evacuation of the bodies of the dead. Ventilation of premises. Heating the casings of unburied mines, glowing in the thermal imager. Overheating of electric generators.
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Jul 12
Did lockdowns constrain incidence levels?

Yes, but it constrained incidence levels the most where it mattered the least, amongst the youngest.

Incidence levels were low amongst the oldest, regardless of restriction levels.

After the Alpha wave lockdown, England relaxed restrictions.

Incidence was much higher amongst the younger ages during the subsequent Delta wave, but remained low amongst the oldest.

The oldest took special care to avoid the virus, regardless of restriction levels.

(2/3) Image
We only see a relative increase in incidence amongst the oldest from the second Omicron wave (BA2) onwards.

The only plausible explanation for this late increase in incidence is behavioural change.

Only from BA2 did the oldest return back to normal behaviour.

(3/3) Image
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Jul 12
Big 🧵on so-called "journalists" in Gaza who taught media courses for the Hamas Information Ministry.

Unsurprisingly, some of them are actual terrorists, while others work for Reuters, AP, AFP, and France 24. Some have also been platformed by CNN and the NY Times. Let's dive in Image
Fadi Shanaa, a longtime photojournalist with @Reuters


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