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May 22
People often claim that capitalism performed better than socialism in terms of poverty and human development in the 20th century. This story is repeated so frequently that no one ever even bothers to back it up.

Is it true? 🧵
This question was explored in a remarkable paper published by the American Journal of Public Health.

Using World Bank data, it finds that at any level of development, socialist countries outperformed capitalist countries on key social indicators, in 28 of 30 direct comparisons.
Socialist states had lower infant mortality, lower child death rate, longer life expectancy, better literacy, better secondary education, better food access, more doctors and nurses, and better physical quality of life.…
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May 22
As of today I ~officially~ have long COVID (as recognized by the CDC), so I wanna take a second to explain what’s happening. To set the stage: I’m 30, I’ve been an athlete my entire life, and I used to be extremely healthy, minus some pesky seasonal allergies. My resting heart 1/
rate used to be ~67, and my blood pressure used to be 120/80. I have no underlying conditions. Right now, I can maybe walk a handful of blocks before passing out. I had a really intense week of COVID with all your classic symptoms. Then they got better, and I thought I was 2/
getting better too. A week later, I tried to go for a walk with my boyfriend, ended up passing out, and he had to carry me home. It took 45 minutes for me to be able to stand without my knees buckling. And now this is my norm. My post-COVID clinic doctor told me that in about 3/
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May 22
Donald Trump was accused of raping a 13 year old girl with Jeffrey Epstein. Her name was Katie Johnson. Katie received death threats for speaking out, and her case was suddenly dropped. Soon after, Trump became President. Why was this story brushed under the rug so quickly?
“Katie Johnson alleges that the Defendants Donald John Trump and Jeffrey E. Epstein, did willfully and with extreme malice violate her Civil Rights under 18 U.S.C. ; Statute 2241 of sexually and physically abusing Johnson by forcing her to engage in various perverted and depraved
Sex acts by threatening physical harm to Plaintiff Johnson and also her family.”
I’ll ask again. Why was this incredible accusation against Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump brushed under the rug by the media instantaneously?…
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May 22
SpaceX’s Starlink is supposed to provide internet access globally—but at slower speeds and greater cost than other methods. But wait! There’s more!

Let’s walk down Elon Musk Ln. and talk about bad business, fire from the sky and and evil. Walk, because my Tesla caught fire…
When I set out to do an Elon Musk thread I expected it to be the size of my John Roberts thread. I had no idea of what a giga-wreck this guy was

I’m going to have to tackle this on the installment plan: one Elon fire at a time...
Today, we’re looking at SpaceX’s Starlink but we’ll reference other Elon properties to show an overarching theme of incompetence, unsustainability and recklessness.

Other threads incoming… Elon Musk, SapceX, Starlink...
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May 22
Ok, now to my point on this and Durham. The biggest thing about these folks is distractions and this was a doozy but one must ask, why this big of an elaborate distraction. Everything they propagate is meant as a distraction, an op if you will...
...put out a story that folks will bite on, like Gowdy and Chaffetz did to Comey and Rosenstein played along with Barr who would help block Mueller at every turn and he did just that, He was quick to appoint Mueller.
Once that was planted, then comes the next big distraction, Flynn and his 'Digital Army' with PizzaGate. This is when I started figuring out Team Patriot and I road along, watching the major spin coming out of it which made me do a deep dive into Louise,
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May 22
I'm not sure how you write a story about how great the schools in Highland Park, Texas, are without noting that they exist entirely to allow rich white Dallasites to maintain Jim Crow-style segregation.

This is a map of the Dallas Independent School District. See the white hole in the middle labeled University Park and Highland Park? Those are called the Park Cities, and they make up Highland Park Independent School District.

It's very white. ImageImageImage
Dallas ISD students are 69.9% Hispanic and 21.4% Black.

Highland Park ISD students are 6% Hispanic and 0.8% Black.

85% of Dallas students qualify for free/reduced lunch.

0.2% of Highland Park students do.……… Image
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May 22
1. Geçenlerde katıldığım bir konferansın ardından, hiç bu kadar duygu karışıklığı yaşadığımı hatırlamıyorum.. Bir konu üzerinde münazara ederken, Toyota'da uzun yıllar makine mühendisi olarak çalışmış bir mühendisimiz ilginç bir fikir ortaya attı.
2. Fikri oldukça güzeldi ve kabul gördü. Çıkarken kendisine bu fikrin aklına nereden geldiğini sordum. Bana Fabrika deneyimi olduğunu söyledi ve devam etti:
"Fabrikanın üretim bandında bazı bölümlere solak işçi alımı yapıyorlardı.
3. Çünkü konum itibarıyla sağ elle yapılan iş sol elle yapıldığında, toplam üretim kapasitesinde birkaç saniyelik bir artış oluyordu." Birkaç saniye.. Koskoca fabrika birkaç saniyenin hesabını yapıyor diye gayri ihtiyâri tekrarladım..

Bir kaç saniye..
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May 23
I don’t know if it makes a difference or a dent but the NYT piece on Kushner & Mnuchin is a staggering read. 10 trips to Mideast for Jared & 18 for Steve. Unofficial private breakfasts with heads of Saudi & Emirates sovereign funds at the homes of Blackstone & Carlyle CEO’s…
It reads like a bad ‘Billions’ script, I guess we should be grateful that Jared didn’t get his picks as Treasury Sec but hard to imagine anyone greedier than the way Steve picked the bones of mideast relations to line his own pockets. The fact that this grift is side by..
Side with all PPP fund scams & it’s almost breathtaking. And they’re ain’t a damn thing anyone will do about. Too many others were getting in on the action. You can almost hear future GOP’s salivating at the thought of getting back into Oval Office and doing the same. Disgusting.
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May 23
🚨Abro Hilo:¡#BillGatesBioTerrorist es TT en todo el mundo!🚨

Para muchos"El Multibillonario Filántropo"

Otros muchos SABEMOS QUIÉN ES:

Ladrón,oportunista,genocida en masa,pederasta,creador de pandemias y hambrunas..

¿Quieres saber quién es Bill?Entonces no te puedes perder⬇️ ImageImage
este hilo

Muchos creen el mito del chaval que creó su imperio en un garage,la verdad es que venía de una familia muy rica:

1-Su abuelo William H.Gates I fue banquero al igual que su bisabuelo

2-Su padre Willam H.Gates II fue abogado y presidente de la Planned Parenthood,Euge⬇️ ImageImage
nesista junto con los Rockefeller:Abogaban por una reducción de la población,al igual que su hijo:

3-William H.Gates III(Bill Gates):Vendió un sistema operativo a IBM que no tenía,se lo compró a Tim Patterson por 25000$,se lo mandó modificar y se lo vendió a IBM por cientos de⬇️ ImageImage
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May 23
BREAKING: 🇷🇺 Russia’s Counsellor to the United Nations in Geneva has resigned.

Boris Bondarev: “Never have I been so ashamed of my country.”

UN Watch is now calling on all other Russian diplomats at the United Nations—and worldwide—to follow his moral example and resign.

🧵: Image
"Long overdue but still. Today I resigned from Russian diplomatic service.
For twenty years of my diplomatic career I have seen different turns of our foreign policy, but never have I been so ashamed of my country as on February 24 of this year." /1
"The aggressive war unleashed by Putin against Ukraine, and in fact against the entire Western world, is not only a crime against the Ukrainian people, but also, perhaps, the most serious crime against the people of Russia..." /2
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May 23
UPDATE 🧵: Germany's Federal Intelligence Service (BND) recently provided a 7-page report to several federal ministries, that conclude a number of Russian right-wing extremist and neo-Nazis are currently serving in the ranks of Russian forces involved in the war in Ukraine. Image
(2) News of the BND intelligence document was first reported by the German media outlet Der Spiegel.…
(3) Clearly, evidence of Russia having neo-Nazis within their ranks only makes Putin's claims of "denazification" of Ukraine all the more ridiculous.
One might recall back in early May I reported the neo-Nazis who were supposedly planning to murder Russian TV host and Image
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May 23


Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me?
2/ Does no one understand the ballgame here?

The witnesses from the Trump world will filibuster, bullshit, evade and jerk themselves off on live TV for roughly 40% of the hearings. Everyone will have a long statement at the opening.
3/ This is like .05 Benghazis.

"Six hearings as we can be done! Yay!"

Come ON people. This is the big one. You know, the people who tried to OVERTHROW the government? WEEKS not DAYS.

Command the narrative.
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May 23
🧵If it's not a social contagion, what is it?

It astounds me that there are still so many people out there who refuse to believe we're dealing with a social contagion of gender dysphoria. Surely there's never been a more obvious one in all of history./1
I mean, if it's not a social contagion, how do we explain this sudden, dramatic surge in numbers? Isn't it at least possible that something occurred in our culture in the second decade of the 21st century that triggered a contagion of gender dysphoria in teenagers?/2 ImageImage
What could it be? Let's have a look. In 2014 the cover of Time magazine heralded the next civil rights movement with The Transgender Tipping Point. I Am Jazz first aired in 2015, as did Louis Theroux's Transgender Kids. The concept of the trans child had now entered the lexicon/3 ImageImage
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May 23
****Allerta thread #Putin #Ucraina #guerra
1/Di sotto trovate il testo integrale tradotto della lettera del diplomatico Boris #Bondarev. Non me lo faceva fare nessuno di tradurla, tanto più che non riuscirò a scriverne e parto dal presupposto che il vostro inglese sia perfetto.
2/Ma, visto che è uno scritto importante e carico di significato, voglio fare in modo che raggiunga il maggior numero di persone. Quindi vi chiedo di leggerla e di condividerla.
Ps. Conosco abbastanza bene il mondo diplomatico. Al multilaterale ci mandano i più bravi.
3/ Quindi a questo, di dissociarsi non glielo faceva fare nessuno.
Ecco la traduzione
Il nome è Boris Bondarev. Lavoro al Ministero per gli Affari Esteri dal 2002, dal 2019 a oggi ricoprivo la carica di Consigliere presso la missione russa all’ufficio di Ginevra Nazioni Unite.
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May 23
Alexey Navalny: "Perhaps Vladimir Putin’s true mission is to teach lessons.
He reminded us once again that a path that begins with “just a little election rigging” always ends with a dictatorship. And dictatorship always leads to war. It’s a lesson we shouldn’t have forgotten."
Navalny: "World leaders have hypocritically talked for years about a “pragmatic approach” and the benefits of international trade. In so doing, they enabled themselves to benefit from Russian oil and gas while Putin’s grip on power grew stronger."
Navalny: "Putin has reminded us all of the “duck test”: if something looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck."…
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May 23
🧵"Karl," our Estonian military analyst, speaks to @holger_r and me on the latest war updates:
"The most difficult is the situation around Popasna. Russia made some progress there 3-4 days ago. Over the last few days the names of villages where fighting is ongoing are recurring. This suggests Ukraine has been able to put a break there."
"Russia’s objective seems to be to cut off the Severodonetsk-Bahmut highway to the south of Severodonetsk. It’s the main highway exiting past Lysychansk. It’s not completely surrounded: today buses left there with evacuees..."
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May 23

Pakistan Exservicemen Society, PESS, which represents all Exservicemen of the three Services, Army, Navy, Air Force and those paid out of Defense Estimates, is mandated to support Pakistan and it's Armed Forces
in all circumstances. Though being non political, has sharp focus on the security, stability and progress of Pakistan.
The recent changes in internal political dynamics of Pakistan, their impact on internal stability, national security and economic security has raised ...
concerns amongst the Exservicemen, as the country is being pushed into graver political, economic and constitutional crises.
As all Exservicemen have given their sweat and blood for Pakistan, it is felt that having identified the threat, firm steps need to be taken on ...

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May 23
🧵1/@EliseStefanik is turning the tragedy of the Buffalo shootings into fuel for her campaign of hate, going all-in on her "Replacement Theory.” It’s time for the companies that have supported Elise step forward and let their customers know if they support her vile brand of hate.
@EliseStefanik 2/ @HomeDepot donated thousands to Elise in 2022. Home Depot prides themselves on being “inclusive of all associates, no matter their race, age, gender, and sexual orientation”. Is making donations to someone who espouses racist conspiracy theories conducive to this promise?
@EliseStefanik @HomeDepot 3/ We also wonder how @HomeDepot’s recent diversity partners like @NAACP, @nbmbaahq feel about the company’s funding of Elise’s racist fear-mongering?
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May 23
Thread: The Bolsheviks Take Power

In the last thread, we looked at the confused state of Russian politics after the fall of the monarchy. We will now continue this story by looking at how the tiny Bolshevik party managed to exploit this confusion and gain power in Petrograd. (1) Image
Politics in Russia were chaotic due to the coexistence of the enormous tsarist army (still fighting Germany), the unelected provisional government, and grassroots democratic bodies known as Soviets. The key question for any ambitious party was how to reconcile these forces. (2) Image
When the monarchy fell, Lenin was in exile in Switzerland and immediately began looking for a way to get back to Russia. He found a patron in the German government. They provided transportation and generous financial assistance, and Lenin returned home on April 6, 1917. (3) Image
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May 23
I know everyone is fed up of Covid, but this is IMPORTANT.

The ONS (UK Gov) have compared:

COVID versus The FLU

And the results are quite staggering.

TLDR; Covid much more risky than Flu; Younger people higher increase in risk than older.

Share pls.
[40-59yrs ⬇️] Image
This is important info if you are weighing up whether to get a booster or whether to wear a mask on the underground, etc...

And it should make us all think twice before going out and about if we have or may have Covid.

It does not mean we need to bring restrictions back!
The most crucial point in this analysis is that the ONS compared Covid deaths with Flu + Pneumonia deaths.

That is, comparing Covid with deaths from pneumonia or flu (combined).

Pneumonia is the biggest killer of all infectious diseases worldwide, including in the West.
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May 23
Hello @unclelukereal1. Apparently I’m late to this. Given what I do, it’s important to me that I not allow the cynicism and lack of information suggested by your question & that I suspect many in our communities share, to go unchallenged. Your question is an opportunity. THREAD
There are elections for thousands of offices happening this year at the local, state & federal lvl. When we fail to vote in these elections, we cede power. My mantra to voters in our communities is #LeaveNoPowerOnTheTable Your seem to be in Florida, so I’ll use it as an example.
In Florida, scores of school boards are electing members. As you may be aware schools boards are currently engaged in fights focused on keeping students from learning Black history. So-called “anti-CRT” bans.…
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