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Feb 1
𝐓𝐇𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐃: Proof that Republican disapproval of Ilhan Omar is rooted in racism towards Muslims
• In a 2013 interview of Ilhan Omar with Ahmed Tharwat, she ridiculed Americans' worries about Islamic terrorist groups by referencing a terrorism class she attended in college., scoffed at people's dread of terror cells, and blamed the US for terrorism.
• Omar grinned and hinted that if terrorist groups were an elected group rather than ordinary citizens of a country carrying out terrorist acts, their actions would be approved and authorized under the law.

Omar Stated:
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Feb 2
A Super Explosive Thread

1. Do you know who is behind coordinated and very well-planned attacks against #AdaniGroup?

You need to invest 5 minutes in reading this thread and you will understand who is behind the attack against Adani.
2. On the last 25th short-seller Hindenburg Research published a report and very well-planned and coordinated attacks started against Adani.

This attack is very similar to how Anti-India George Soros broke the Bank of England and the Bank of Thailand. ImageImage
3. After a report of short-seller Hindenburg research, a cartel of Indians has created a negative narrative against Adani.

This is not a natural narrative against Adani. This is a very well-planned attack.

Let me show you how
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Feb 2
1/ Remember the Benghazi hearings? "the House committee probe into 2012's Benghazi attack was especially lengthy. At 2 years & 4 months, it was longer than Congressional probes into 9/11, Watergate, the JFK assassination and Pearl Harbor."…
2/The purpose those hearings served? Kevin McCarthy bragging to Sean Hannity on national TV that “everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi Special Committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping.”
3/Welcome to 2023 & multiple House investigations focused, not on fixing problems Republicans identified in the midterm elections like immigration and inflation,but on baseless, politically motivated investigations designed to stick it to Joe Biden.…
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Feb 2
12 charts every investor should know:

1. History of the stock market in one chart Image
2. The Psychology of a Market Cycle Image
3. "Experts" will always give you smart reasons to sell in the short term, but you will regret it in the long term Image
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Feb 2
Let me walk you through what the nature of this quant quake really was. HFs have been grossing up but keeping nets low. The gross leverage is a function of the decline in both rate vol and eqty realized vol (as well as implieds, lower vix - (for portfolio margin haircuts).
But given the lack of conviction in the bounce, net exposures have been low.

The Fed greenlighted “more cowbell.” So net needs to go up fast, or you get left behind on Feb 1st and suffer career risk.
There are two ways to take nets up - buy more longs (which takes up gross), or cut shorts (which takes gross down). The latter was the problem today but on two fronts that were highly correlated.
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Feb 3
Google Chrome has over 137,000 extensions.

But 95% of Traders are unaware of the best extensions for trading.

10 Google Chrome Extensions that will accelerate your trading ( all free ): 🧵

Collaborated with @niki_poojary
1. Pulse by Zerodha

Latest financial and market news from all major Indian news sources are aggregated in one place.

🔗… Image
2. Full Width Zerodha Kite Trading Platform

This extension will make your Zerodha kite trading app full-width for large-screen desktops and laptops.

Also adding some tweaks will help you stay more focused on trading.

🔗… Image
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Feb 3
ChatGPT is everywhere and everyone is using it.

But most academics don't know how to use it *smartly.*

Here's how to use ChatGPT intelligently (and ethically) for academic purposes:
What do I mean by using ChatGPT intelligently?

Most people use it to create *content.*

ChatGPT uses a prediction model, so the content will always be predictable.

This is NOT an intelligent use of ChatGPT.
Instead, use ChatGPT to create *structure.*

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Feb 3
The soon to be former CEO of the @EnvAgency @JamesBevanEA appeared before the @CommonsEAC on Wed afternoon and what an extraordinary event it was.

Sir James you see is desperately keen to undermine the objectives of the Water Framework Directive (WFD), why? Because it... (1/4) Image
makes him look incompetent.

Here's how it works. Currently 86% of the rivers in England are not in 'Good' ecological condition. That is a scientific analysis, the WFD details exactly how to measure it.

Sir James thinks the EA's idea of "kilometres of rivers enhanced"... (2/4)
should be used.

One "ecological status" is scientifically based and the other "km enhanced" is purely based on assumption no evidence based to it whatsoever.

Here's an example, the Gypsey Race England's most northerly chalk stream, currently listed in "Bad" ecological... (3/4) Image
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Feb 3
1. This thread will reveal the details of how the #HealthyUserBias demonstrates that the #COVID19vaccines (at least used in the U.S.) have zero efficacy.

This will take a few days to complete...follow me on this one...make Big Data proud. Image
2. Here is the punchline up front: Using the @CDCgov's data for all 3.141 U.S. counties, the only correlation between vaccine uptake and COVID-19 mortality is fully explained by the fact that wealthier (healthier on average) people are more vaccinated. Image
3. "Oh, but how can that be...the trials said 95%...THE TRIALS!"

The trials were rushed past the obvious need to check to see if the vaccines themselves confounded PCR positivity.…
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Feb 3
The year is 2018.

Ex-Liverpool star Jermaine Pennant is defending his countless threesomes to a jeering audience on The Jeremy Kyle Show.

But how did it come to this?

From cat murder cover-ups to cannabis farms in the attic, this is the scandalous saga of Jermaine Pennant... Image
Our story begins in 1998, when a fresh-faced Jermaine stars for the Notts County youth team.

But his coaches despair when he falls in with a local gang.

One night, Jermaine dodges a gun fight by hiding in KFC, nicking chicken wings while his mates fight a rival posse outside. ImageImage
A year later, the winger signs for Arsenal, and on his first day at training he shuffles nervously into the dressing room.

But his nerves are calmed when a friendly face bounds over.

"Name's Cole, Ashley Cole," chirps the grinning youngster.

The pair are soon inseparable. Image
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Feb 3
If you think ChatGPT is impressive, wait until you see what's coming in the next 3 to 5 years.

But to build that future, we need more people learning Machine Learning.

Most people think that starting is hard. They are wrong.

Here is how you can start:
These recommendations will get you through the first month.

Six different steps:

1. Where do you write the code?
2. Learning to deal with data
3. A picture is worth 1000 data points
4. Learning Decision Trees
5. Putting everything together
6. Building your first project
For this guide to be helpful, you need to know Python.

If you are comfortable writing Python, keep going. If you aren't, I'd suggest you start there.
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Feb 3
તમારામાંથી કેટલાને ખબર છે કે....

પ્રશ્ન: અખંડ ભારતનું વિભાજન કેટલી વખત થયું?
જવાબ- બ્રિટિશ શાસન દ્વારા 61 વર્ષમાં સાત વખત.
👉 1876 માં અફઘાનિસ્તાન ભારતથી અલગ થયું,
👉 1904 માં નેપાળ,
👉 1906 માં ભૂટાન,
👉 1907 માં તિબેટ,
👉 1935 માં શ્રીલંકા,
👉 1937 માં મ્યાનમાર (બર્મા)
👉 1947 માં પાકિસ્તાન.
▶️ અખંડ ભારત હિમાલયથી હિંદ મહાસાગર સુધી અને ઈરાનથી ઈન્ડોનેશિયા સુધી વિસ્તરેલું છે. 1857 માં ભારતનો વિસ્તાર 83 લાખ ચોરસ કિલોમીટર હતો, જે હાલમાં 33 લાખ ચોરસ કિલોમીટર છે.
▶️ બ્રિટિશરોએ 1935 માં શ્રીલંકાને ભારતથી અલગ કર્યું.
શ્રીલંકાનું જૂનું નામ સિંહલદીપ હતું. સિંઘલદીપ નામ પાછળથી સિલોન રાખવામાં આવ્યું. સમ્રાટ અશોકના શાસન દરમિયાન શ્રીલંકાનું નામ તામ્રપર્ણી હતું. સમ્રાટ અશોકના પુત્ર મહેન્દ્ર અને પુત્રી સંઘમિત્ર બૌદ્ધ ધર્મના પ્રચાર માટે શ્રીલંકા ગયા હતા. શ્રીલંકા સંયુક્ત ભારતનો એક ભાગ છે.
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Feb 3
This is a tobacco leaf afflicted with so-called tobacco mosaic disease.
At the end of the 19th century, people noticed that you could crush up these diseased leaves, bring them into contact with healthy tobacco plants, and the healthy leaves would soon exhibit the same disease. Image
This was noted at the end of the 19th c., when the study of bacteria was very cutting edge. Bacteria were at that point the only causative agent for transmissible pathogens that had been identified. Microscope tech was good enough then, that bacteria could be observed.
A number of different scientists, including Pasteur, began to suspect that bacteria could not be the only causative agent here. Nobody could find any rabies 'bacteria,' for example, despite extensive searching for bacteria in samples from rabid animals.
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Feb 3
Non-farm payrolls added a cracking 517,000 jobs in January, well above market expectations of +190k.

This is a breathtaking number.

That spike in stories about layoffs? It was about a small unrepresentative slice of the economy. Real America is still getting back to work.
Revisions were also quite positive, and December was revised up by +37k to +260k while November was revised up by +34k to +290k.

These call into serious question any notion that the economy has been slowing.

Average job growth over the past 3 months is a cracking +356k. A boom!
The unemployment rate fell a touch to 3.4% (and for the wonks, this wasn't due to the new population controls).

That's a new 50-year low. The last time unemployment was this low, was May 1969.

We haven't seen unemployment this low since before Woodstock, baby. Groovy.
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Feb 3
Let's talk about the Chinese spy balloon that's somewhere over the Northern Continental US now. There's a lot of speculation by folks (see Fox and Friends) who have zero experience with this. So, let your friendly neighborhood defense analyst have a crack at it. 1/n
First, there's a long history of using balloons to get to the US. The general concept isn't new. Japan used highly inacurate "balloon bombs" to try to start fires. One incident killed six people, but it was declared a secret and hushed up. 2/n…
The Army has been experimenting with high altitude balloons for for comm relay, ISR, and other missions, although it's an open question if the US would do direct overflights during peace time. Much remains classified. 3/n…
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Feb 3
Here we go, my monthly #JobsDay thread:

Huge huge jobs report. 600k new jobs w/revisions!

Under Biden now:
- lowest peacetime unemployment rate since WWII
- lowest poverty/uninsured rates ever
- best recovery in G7
- lower trade deficits/deficits 1/

Let's now review a series of stats showing just remarkable the US economy is right now.

US economic recovery from COVID under @POTUS has been the best in the G7. 2/ Image
@POTUS 33.8m jobs = 16 yrs Clinton Obama
12.1m jobs = 2 yrs Biden
1.9m jobs = 16 yrs Bush Bush Trump

6 times more jobs created in 2 yrs under Biden then under last 3 GOP Presidents *COMBINED* 3/ Image
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Feb 3
The story about British Gas breaking into the homes of clearly vulnerable customers is as I said, one of the most disgusting stories I've ever read and I'm getting more pissed off. For context the article is here: (angry rant thread)
The only response to this story is outrage. People in the most vulnerable circumstances having houses broken into, to change a meter. Obviously unethical -but how is this legal? This could be a person with mental or physical illness - unable to even react.
Where has the response from the energy industry been? I've not seen one proper honest response to this from suppliers, networks, upstream, nada. Some mud slinging from the gas industry OFC. I get BG is central and most of us in some are connected to them but come on.
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Feb 3
Why Read The Bible In Hebrew?

Let's talk about one of the most iconic villains in world history—the Serpent from the Book of Genesis.

Why exactly was the Serpent out to get Adam and Eve?

A thread (for non-Hebrew readers too!) 🧵 1 Image
I know what you're gonna ask. Isn't the serpent just Satan—or the inclination to do evil—given flesh?

I do think there's truth to this!


The Bible doesn't say this. In the text itself, the snake is just...a snake. So why does it bother trying to get Adam and Eve to sin? 2 Image
In order to answer this question, we need to ask a preliminary question:

Why does the text of Genesis seem out of order?

In Gen 2 we first hear about the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. So then right away we get to the story of the serpent, right?

...Nope! 3
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Feb 3
🛑 Liste des codes E dans la nourriture :
👉 Pas nocif : E100, E101, E103, E104, E105, E111, E121, E126, E130, E132, E140, E151, E152, E160, E161, E162, E170, E174, E175, E180, E181, E200, E201, E202, E203, E236, E237, E233, E260, E261, E263, E270, E280, E281, E290, E300, E303⏬
E305, E306, E307, E308, E309, E322, E325, E326, E327, E327, E334, E335, E336, E337, E382, E400, E401, E402, E403, E404, E405, E406, E408, E410, E411, E413, E414, E420, E421, E422, E440, E471, E472, E473, E474, E475, E480
👉 Suspects :
E125, E141, E150, E153, E171, E172, E173,⏬
E240, E241, E477
E102, E110, E120, E124
👉 Trouble de santé : trouble intestinal :
E220, E221, E223, E224
Trouble digestif :
E338, E339, E340, E341, E450, E461, E463, E465, E466, E407 Satin
Maladies de la peau :
E230, E231, E232, E233 ⏬
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Feb 3

Eklemlerde kırılma ve çıkmanın dışında oluşan ağrı ve sızılar genellikle hücrede özümseme olayları sırasında ortaya çıkan maddelerin vücuttan atılamaması sonucu ortaya çıkar. Image
Daha önce de değindiğimiz gibi,
vücutta su kıtlığı yüzünden vücuttan dışarı atılamayan bu maddeler kemikler ve eklemler üzerine dağıtılır.

İşte hareket organlarında oluşan romatizmal ağrıların sebebi budur.

Aşırı et tüketimi,ürik asit üretimine
Aşırı kahve tüketimi,chloroge asit üretimine
Aşırı şeker tüketimi,asetik asit üretimine
Doğasından uzaklaştırılan(aşırı pişirilen) yiyecekler nitrik asit birikimine sebep olurlar.
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Feb 3
Wir haben es jetzt mit einer Armee von #SARSCoV2-Viren zu tun
Die Pandemie ist noch nicht vorbei. Sie entwickelt sich weiter, und das hat große Auswirkungen.

Was als durch ein einzelnes Virus ausgelöste Pandemie in der Luft begann, hat sich zu einer Viruswolke…

#COVID19 Image
entwickelt, die sich über den gesamten Globus ausbreitet - dank einer Politik, die eine ungehinderte Übertragung ermöglicht hat. Infolgedessen stellt die Pandemie nun in verschiedenen Regionen und für verschiedene Personengruppen zu verschiedenen Zeiten unterschiedliche Image
Bedrohungen dar. Einige Virologen haben argumentiert, dass die Menschen von diesen evolutionären Entwicklungen nicht beunruhigt werden sollten und dass man die chaotische Welt der Omicron-Subvarianten besser den Experten überlassen sollte. Aber das ist eine herablassende Haltung.
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