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5 Jun 20
Wow. What Gall! 👀👇

BREAKING: #BlackLivesMatter Sues @POTUS

"This case is about @POTUS & #AGBarr ordering the use of violence against "peaceful demonstrators" who were speaking out against discriminatory police brutality targeted at Black people. "…

1 ImageImageImageImage
#BLM has TONS of suits involving them. 👀👇

In Fact, #BLM #Blacklivesmatter SUED @POTUS in 2017. It's a very strange suit involving Putin, Russia and black lives matter. What a melange!

2 ImageImageImageImage
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5 Jun 20
Last thing about this round of "media wars":
It is AMAZING to me that, in a world where FB eats the lunch of legacy media and white-wing forces de-legitimize it, legacy media's response was affirmative action for intellectually weak conservatives and inauthentic both-side-ism.
Like, THAT'S YOUR PLAN to claw back Millennial eyeballs? Relentless willfully ignorant faux-objectivity and conservatives who have been writing the same "the PC police are the real killers" columns for decades?
These diverse voices who speak from lived experience and have no time to coddle climate deniers and anti-vaxxers are trying to SAVE legacy media. And *on the reg* legacy media won't listen to people trying to HELP because the helpers aren't old and white enough.
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5 Jun 20
There is enough reporting from multiple, fact checked writers to sink Trump 100X over. @sarahkendzior @PhilipRucker @CarolLeonnig Bob Woodward, @SethAbramson @TimothyDSnyder Mueller Report, NYT, WaPo, Politico, Vanity Fair, Rolling stone @businessinsider @MotherJones @RawStory
Atlantic Magazine, New Yorker, the Guardian, US News, AOL, NPR, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, CNN, AP, CREW, LAWFARE and on and on. THERE IS NO REASON NOT TO #ImpeachTrump for a deep barrel of crimes.
In my mind, his most recent attempt to command the military to DOMINATE the protesters
is the most disturbing, in that he was, in fact, marshalling the US Armed Forced against our own people. THAT. IS. EXACTLY. WHAT. HITLER. DID. On his final sweep to power. He eliminated dissent by raining terror down on people, savagely beating and even killing, with no
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5 Jun 20
@RiverTamYDN If you want a free book, DM me an address. Which if you don't want to do, I understand
Or if you have a library or school you want me to donate it to, send me the address of that
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5 Jun 20
In 2006, a 2-year-old colt named The Green Monkey set a record at auction, selling for a mammoth $16 million

This horse was stupidly well-bred

His pedigree included fantastic sires

Man O' War
Northern Dancer
Mr. Prospector

Checked all the boxes

And he was FAST
His first race out, he was the 2-5 favorite

He finished third

His second and third races, he finished fourth

He was retired at the age of three with career earnings around $10k

They tried him at stud

He produced one winner

Total progeny earnings of about $100k
At the age of 14 he was euthanized for laminitis

It only made news a few months later because he'd been so expensive at one time

People in the horse industry know that this is often just a last resort to cash whatever insurance value the animal might have
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5 Jun 20
Um, so, this should be obvious but... YOU DO NOT GET TO DECIDE WHO IS BLACK AND WHO IS NOT.

This person is a racist troll but, unless you’re Black, you may not have noticed how often a person’s Blackness gets called into question.

A thread... @brian_armstrong on Twitter says: I want to unequivocally say that Black Lives Matter.<br />
<br />
@HeyTaiZen says: If black lives matter then they should go into the ghettos in America and protest the black people killing black people. They can start in Chicago.@HeyTaiZen on Twitter says: ‪You ever live in the ghetto around black people before?‬<br />
<br />
‪I have lived around more black people in my life than most black people in america and I'm not falling for that dumb nonsense that white police purposely go out and kill more minorities.‬<br />
<br />
@tweetmonster999 says: ‪Yes I have..... First off. I AM BLACK. My FAMILY is black. So many of my FRIENDS are black. I'm not sure where you're getting at with this one making that statement to a BLACK person lol.‬@HeyTaiZen on Twitter says: You might have dark skin but you ain't a real
‪I have lived around real black people most of my life and they don't think that nonsense like u do.‬

‪If u understand an ounce of the "struggles" of real black people u would instantly see through the BLM bullshit. ‬" src="/images/1px.png" data-src="">
Growing up, this was part of my daily life.

“You’re not like OTHER Black people.”

“You’re not ghetto.”

“How’d you get so smart?”

“You’re so articulate.”

“You don’t act Black.”

“You’re like an Oreo! White on the inside, Black on the outside!”
I shouldn’t need to tell grown ass adults how fucked up this is. There is no one way to “act Black” and there’s no one way to “look Black”. And to try and tell a Black person about their own Blackness is, frankly, disgusting.
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5 Jun 20
if anyone “higher up than me” wants anonymous feedback, as a guy not part of a church but considering “where to go”, seeing priests on here casually making serious accusations like saying someone is motivated by racial hatred because they disagree with them, is very disheartening
not reading too much into it because people are only human but seeing many different priests tell someone point blank on here based on very little that they are motivated by hate because they disagree politically, purporting to know what is in their heart, is just another level
the idea that there are guys like me who try + come under the umbrella of a church for some refuge from the darkness only to go online + see their priest firmly asserting based on almost nothing, that particular people who disagree with their politics are spiritually ill is a lot
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5 Jun 20
Where in the US? (one picture)
Given how hard it is, I will give a free copy of my book to whoever guesses the exact city
The answer is Dubuque Iowa. The follow up would have been this picture,
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5 Jun 20
Prayer 101:
Many people have stopped believing in the power of prayer. Now, for many, it's like you're just trying your chances with God. If it works, great! If it doesn't, cool. Maybe God is saying no because He has better in store, or maybe it's what I did last night or some other reason:
In my personal journey with God, and after also going through the above, I have come to see prayer from a very different perspective. One of the first things God worked on in my mind and in my heart is that the primary goal of prayer was not getting my needs/wants met
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5 Jun 20
1. Grateful to those who spoke with me for this story and the many readers who engaged with it.
I know these issues stir strong feelings — people's lives are on the line — and tried to read as many replies/DMs as possible. Can't respond to everyone so hoping a thread is useful.
2. But first: wanted to acknowledge that many people in public health strongly disputed the idea behind the story, arguing that it missed their message.

Here's a thread from the passionate @gregggonsalves, who explains at length how he thinks I failed.
3. At the same time, Gregg's colleague @NAChristakis seizes on the argument that animated the story: there are real questions about experts' credibility if they're perceived to be making a U-turn. (Full disclosure: I prefer this interpretation.)
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5 Jun 20
Prayer Points:

1. Praise God, He's the Father of Lights

2. Father, if there's anything blocking my way, please, reveal it to me tonight and take it away

3. Anything standing between my financial breakthrough...

June 2020 Holy Ghost Service
Shine Your light and deal with it

4. Father, shine Your light so that whatever I have to do to turn the tide in my favour for my breakthrough, please, reveal to me.

June 2020 Holy Ghost Service
5. Father, please, teach me to pray the right prayers tonight

6. Father, shine Your light on me, turn me to a blessing to the world, my generation and generation yet unborn

June 2020 Holy Ghost Service
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5 Jun 20
I just hope everybody is noticing how many writers and journalists, editors and pundits have to risk THEIR CAREERS just to tell you about some racist mess going down IN THEIR OWN ORGANIZATIONS.
Like, people who are supposed to be busy telling the truth about how ARMED AGENTS OF THE STATE or busy violating the constitution and civil rights of people are being constantly flummoxed and cowed because their own TEAM has biased hangups that hold them back.
Imagine having to worry about whether your latest report is going to get you death threats from the Tucker Carlson crowd (it will) and hoping the cops don't target you, but also being worried that if you publicly piss off Bret freaking Stephens, you'll get in trouble at work.
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