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🧵 Mike Flynn’s Retiree PSYOP — Interview w/Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC)

@GenFlynn targets the @AARP: “the other organization spews propaganda” — and invites retirees to join his cult through his traveling ReAwaken tour.

tl;dr: Flynn is coming for grandma.
Flynn attempts to scare AMAC retirees into believing that the “American Empire” is on the brink of collapse and scolds their generation for being “lazy and apathetic.”
Mike Flynn gets a predetermined question about how he is a “target” and lays out a version of history completely unconnected to facts.

He feigns surprise that he became the subject of a counterintelligence investigation after he had dinner with Putin and Jill Stein in 2015.
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“Russiagate” is the theft of the 2016 election by foreign powers with help from American traitors — including corrupt members of the @NewYorkFBI. Image
“Russiagate” is James @Comey doing the bidding of the Kremlin — witting or not — and destroying the candidacy of @HillaryClinton who would have mopped the floor with Putin.
“Russiagate” is @GenFlynn paying ex-FBI agent Brian McCauley $28,000 to supply the story to the @NewYorkFBI which gave @Comey the excuse to swing the election to the Kremlin.
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Wagner is recruiting Americans using QAnon and neo-Nazi signals. This could not be more serious.
Here’s more of it.
Note “88” which means “heil hitler.”
I’ll give you one guess who’s helping Wagner with their recruiting. #EFP
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Mike, how much did Charles McGonigal get paid to push Brian McCauley’s story — that you paid 28k for — about @HillaryClinton’s emails that gave @Comey an excuse to tank her candidacy?

Your crying about “Russia-Gate” is just a hit dog hollerin’.
It’s almost like a bunch of Republicans got together with the help of foreign powers to tank the candidacy of the most qualified person to ever run for President in favor of a Russian puppet.
ICYMI, former FBI agent Brian McCauley backed up the @NewYorkFBI push led by Charles McGonigal that gave @Comey a reason to reopen HRC’s email investigation.

Mike Flynn paid McCauley $28,000 in Turkish money right before the election.
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Isn’t this the same office that pushed to reopen “her emails” 11 days before the election? 🤔
Mike Flynn paid ex-FBI agent Brian McCauley $28,000 to validate the NY FBI Field Office story that there were new emails on her laptop. It cost Hillary the election and gave us a Russian puppet in the White House.
I really feel like this should have gotten more attention.
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The reason I endured all 20 hours of Mike Flynn’s traveling QAnon psyop this weekend is that he, and most of his family, are intentionally creating American ISIS.

ISIS indoctrinated women the same way — “Save the children from the infidels” and watch these violent videos.
It isn’t a coincidence that Mike Flynn studied ISIS radicalization techniques and commissioned research on them when he came back from Afghanistan.

QAnon+ is literally American ISIS created by a man who understood the original very well.
Here’s Flynn in May on a stop of his QAnon tour saying “I have planned for and taken over countries around the world” while talking about American “enemies.”

Flynn is at war with the United States. @SecDef — it is dereliction to allow him to walk free.
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Flynn QAnon PSYOP Tour: Nashville Edition 🧵

Opening words:
“Jesus is King. How many of you agree that Donald J. Trump was elected president? How many of you believe @GenFlynn is America’s General? Jesus is King and we will win this thing.”

Death cult.
As important context, this stop on Flynn’s tour is at psychopathic grifter Greg Locke’s “church.” Greg Locke said at a previous event “Shoot ‘em all in the name of God, amen.”

Greg Locke also said Mike Flynn is involved in QAnon.
Greg Locke’s preaching about “spiritual warfare that has engulfed the world,” “the Reset,” and “Beast system” is consistent with genocidal Nazi Aleksandr Dugin’s pro-QAnon book which has the same name as the tour.
“The Great (Re)Awakening vs. The Great Reset”
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Did you get to this chapter yet Mike? Can’t start ‘em soon enough amirite?
ICYMI, the book some baby named Odin is reading is this literal handbook about how to create a fascist death cult.

It’s based on a theory of how to destroy America from the inside out using identity politics, white supremacist terrorism, and civil war.…
William Lind is a Reagan-era turncoat and a “paleo-conservative” who wants nothing more than the overthrow of the US government. Lind helped invent the antisemitic “cultural marxism” conspiracy theory. Lind also invented “4GW.”…
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Ya don’t say.

The @January6thCmte was, for some weird reason, completely focused on @RepLizCheney’s primary political opponent. It did not do its job of exposing the people who actually planned the insurrection.…
Flabby Hitler is a puppet not a mastermind of anything.

The man who planned and executed the attack on the Capitol — Putin’s @GenFlynn — was allowed to plead the Fifth to whether there should be a peaceful transfer of power.…
Here’s how the whole thing actually worked @January6thCmte. Trump was scripted by people far smarter and more dangerous than he is.

The facts are in the open.

By OSINT Ninja @gal_suburban and me:…
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First of all, read Jack’s thread. What he found is a Rosetta Stone for Kremlin psyops — preserved like geological strata for 20 years. It’s *really* important.

Jack gave me an early preview and look what I found. Messages from “the Q” about HRC.

In 2001. 😵‍💫
In isolation, it might be a crazy coincidence that there are “messages from the Q” about the NWO and HRC in 2001, but the context cannot be ignored.

Here are some other stories from the same archive.
This is pure QAnon, including mind control and pedos, shifted two decades.
This is an “unofficial Q post” from the day of the first Q drop — 10/28/17.

It is not commonly known that there were multiple posters spreading the same “rumors” as the LARP now known as Q.

Kremlin propaganda website “Rumor Mills News” knew the plan from day one.
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In Feb 2021, I shot a documentary about QAnon which I am very proud of — which Flynn’s digital soldiers have gone to great lengths to suppress.

You can watch the whole thing here:…

American Mindf*ck: The QAnon Documentary They Don’t Want You to See 🧵
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For fun, almost two years ago now, Devin Nunes’ lawyer Steven Biss included my tweets in a $75m LOLsuit against @CNN on behalf of the Flynn family who did the QAnon oath on the 4th of July.

NGL it was pretty glorious.
Funny thing no one really noticed.

“Q” knew about Devin Nunes’ $250m LOLsuit against Twitter before Twitter did. It warned five days before, then the day before and then took credit. 🤷‍♂️

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You may be shocked to learn that Ann Vandersteel is one of the most virulent pro-Putin propagandists on Earth.
Ann Vandersteel is leading the charge on the “State National” hoax which pretends you don’t have to follow the Rule of Law in America.

Ann Vandersteel also wrote Q drops with Dave Hayes aka Praying Medic in 2019.…
Ann Vandersteel runs her propaganda on “NaturalNews” which is one of the largest and most dangerous Kremlin psyop networks in the world.…
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Hey @GenFlynn where’s the list Roger is talking about?

Oh, that’s right you had to cooperate with DOJ so you did it through “Q” three months later.
#ArrestMikeFlynn #AlsoRoger
Little known fact, a majority of the early traffic promoting QAnon was from the Netherlands.
The early push to promote Q was being run by a groyper called #GeneraalOfGamergate who was a Dutch guy in Flynn and Thiel’s psyop MAGA3X.
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It is the loser, more often than not, who compromises his country.-⁦⁦…
Omigawd @michaeldweiss I’m 13 paragraphs in to this amazing report, and all I can think about is Peter Lorre in “Silk Stockings” lol. Siberi-ya… lol

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The level of confusion out there about QAnon and Q is 100% intentional. I have spent two and a half years shoveling through the disinformation.

It’s actually very simple. Mike Flynn is Q — and the worst traitor in American history.

Let’s review the record.🧵
#ArrestMikeFlynn Image
In 2012, after his tour in Afghanistan and Iraq, Flynn commissioned a study to collect all of the research he could find about building insurgencies to topple nation-states through radicalization and psyops.

This is the blueprint.…
Mike Flynn was fired by Obama in 2014 after a year and a half as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, but Flynn’s story that he was fired because he disagreed about ISIS is bullshit.

He was fired for being a traitor to the United States.…
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My podcast partner Jim is doing the most important investigative work in America. I am so proud of him.🤍

Last night, I got a heartbreaking email from a police officer whose department is overrun with white supremacist QAnon believers. They have nowhere to turn because their supervisor is in QAnon too.—Jim S
Today, my podcast interviewed an active duty Ukrainian military officer fighting on the front lines of the kinetic war with Putin. It was both devastating and inspiring.

The dangerous situations these two people find themselves in, are deeply connected.-Jim S
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1/ Thread 🧵

I don't think I'll be able to include EVERYONE that has been the subject of MAGA inspired death threats, but I thought I'd at least give it a shot. The radicalization of our fellow Americans continues...

2/ It's important to understand how they use labels to target ppl. Ron DeSantis' crusade against "woke" is even dumber than it looks, but the buzzwords, "satanic", "antifa", "communist", "terrorist" etc. are how they incite violence. It's not just "other-ing".

Photo: @zdroberts
3/ #MikeFlynn is someone who knows a thing or two about religious radicalization. He spent the better part of his career fighting it before turning traitor against the constitution.…
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It is hard to bear the rage and sorrow I feel watching Americans get indoctrinated into neo-nazi ideology dreamed up by Putin’s Brain—ultra-fascist, genocidal Russian white nationalist Aleksandr Dugin. We’re facing a Fourth Reich in America.-Jim Stewartson…
At this point, Mike Flynn has thrown aside any defense he had that he doesn’t know precisely what he’s doing — which is using Russian propaganda and psyops to lead a pro-Putin, white nationalist fifth column into a civil war with his own country.-Jim Stewartson
To give you an idea of Dugin’s “politics” he founded the National Bolshevik Party which were called “nazbols” for short — literally “nazi bolsheviks.” The red logo was theirs. I added the Nazi Eagle for comparison.-Jim Stewartson
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1/ 🧵 Ron #DeSantis' twitter trolling press secretary #ChristinaPushaw is forced to register as a Foreign Agent after a visit from @TheJusticeDept, but there is sooo much more to this story than meets the eye, Florida. 👀

A saga of casinos, idiots, fraud, and money laundering. ImageImage
2/ Mikhail Saakashvili is the fmr President of Georgia, a breakaway Soviet Republic, and it sits at an ancient geopolitical crossroads for Iran, Russia, Turkey, the Middle East and Europe. Money laundering for every kind of criminal enterprise is rampant.…
3/ "In 2011, Donald Trump and Georgia’s then-president, Mikheil Saakashvili, signed an agreement to build a Trump Tower in the Georgian port city, Batumi."…
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Tuesday, June 7th, 2022.
News you can use. 🧵
The DeSantis admin/GOP wanted to spread COVID on purpose.

"State auditors reviewed a sample of 2,600 tests taken at three state-run testing facilities and found that state-contracted laboratories failed to return results for nearly 60% of tests."…
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Saturday, March 5th, 2022
News you can use. 🧵
I'm going to keep repeating it:

#NATO, or The U.S. and other partners, need to make a #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine now, or the blood of this #WarInUkraine is on their/our hands.

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Thursday, February 3rd, 2022.
News you can use.

Try not to laugh...
The attack on "home rule" by republicans is really an attack on communities and voters across Florida by corporate interests. Everything from whore houses and casinos to fertilizer plants and private prisons want space in your community.

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