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On the way out of the courtroom, this violent insurrectionist, just sentenced to over a decade in prison yelled “Trump won!”

This is psychological warfare.

Mike Flynn conspired w/his allies to create a Big Lie alternate reality in terrorists’ minds. For this.👇
#ArrestMikeFlynn Image
While in prison, the “QAnon Shaman” Jake Chansley received no treatment or counseling for the obvious severe brainwashing he suffers. He was let out early and now spouts antisemitic QAnon fiction to as many people as he can.

This is a psychological problem. It can be treated.
OSDD—“Other Specified Dissociative Disorder” is the DSM-5 diagnosis that includes “having identity disturbance due to a long period of ‘intense coercive control and persuasion.’

This includes the type of ‘brainwashing’ or control that can occur in cults.”… Image
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🧵 This episode of Mike Flynn’s Dugin-named podcast-psyop focuses on fascist fear-mongering over “de-dollarization.”

The group applauds Kenya’s decoupling from the dollar and Flynn tells a false story about all the Chinese people he saw while surveilling Nairobi night clubs.
This word salad conflating Kenya “and many other nations in Africa” with the Chinese & a false conspiracy theory about a “globalist digital currency” is intended to terrify Americans into taking themselves off the financial grid to give their money to the grifters on the show.
The antisemitic subtext of this psyop to terrify people into giving up their money is clarified when they show a picture of Israeli author Yuval Harari with Emmanuel Macron.

Then, fraudulent, false NAR “prophet” Julie Green adds “God” to the conspiracy theory about “globalists.”
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🚨 When Mike Flynn visited Donald Trump after his 37 felony indictment, he brought Victor Mellor, who owns “The Hollow 2A” which is a paramilitary training camp in Sarasota County, FL frequented by Flynn and his allies. Mellor is a proud insurrectionist.

What were they planning?… Image
Was Mike Flynn Jr., seen here with imprisoned seditionist Proud Boy Joe Biggs, also at the meeting with Donald Trump, Mike Flynn and “The Hollow 2A” owner Victor Mellor?

Is there a plan to hunker down in Florida at the Hollow to try to avoid justice?… ImageImage
“The Hollow 2A” advertises a “Campground for Youth” where kids can get trained on how to use military weaponry.

It’s also frequented by numerous christofascist groups like Moms for Liberty, and neo-Nazis like the Proud Boys. ImageImageImage
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Ed Martin — seen here with dominionist gun cult leader Sean Moon — is closely allied with Mike Flynn and the Council for National Policy.

Today, Martin was allowed to perjure himself to Congress in order to claim Mike Flynn’s insurrection on January 6th didn’t happen.
Here is Ed Martin on stage in Yuba, CA at Glad Tiding Church introducing a QAnon video feature Mike Flynn — right before Mike Flynn was handed an AR-15 on stage and said “I’ll have to find someone in DC.”

He should be in jail, not Congress.
ICYMI, after Ed Martin delivered his fawning video ode to Mike Flynn, he was handed a rifle and threatened to murder politicians in Washington DC.

Mike Flynn is a dangerous man. Ed Martin is his mouthpiece.
They need to be in prison, not in our House.
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Reuters, 3/5/2014: The @CIA predicted Putin’s move with into Crimea, but @DefenseIntel — led by Ret. Lt. @GenFlynn — “predicted such a move was unlikely.” 9 months before, Flynn was at GRU headquarters in Moscow.

Last night, Mike Flynn was at Mar-a-lago.… ImageImage
Mar-a-lago, of course, is the primary place that Donald Trump hid his stolen classified documents from the US Government.

Mike Flynn’s close ally, CNP President @TomFitton convinced Trump to keep the documents — resulting in 4 centuries of potential prison time for Trump.
At the same time that Mike Flynn was making an unprecedented trip to GRU headquarters 8 months before GRU Spetsnaz soldiers invaded Crimea, @Snowden stole “documents from a top-secret network run by @DefenseIntel.”

Then Mike Flynn led the “investigation.”… Image
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Trump says he’s being persecuted by the same agencies “that for 7 years have been running illegal psychological warfare campaigns against the American people… much as if they were trying to destabilize a foreign country.” Then pivots to “Russia Russia Russia.”

Confession. 👇🚨

Trump’s allies are desperate to create smoke about Russia, to somehow blame the blatant Kremlin psychological war being waged on Americans by American traitors — on the US government. Despite the fact Trump was president for four years.
Not only was Donald Trump put in power through the very psychological operations he’s projecting about, but the cult that currently worships him, despite his 37-count felony indictment, was also created that way.

Mike Flynn SELLS a psychological warfare MANUAL.
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After Mike Flynn said “the storm has arrived” he targeted former government officials with dehumanizing language:
“less than human, soulless creatures”
“scum of the earth who should be treated as such”

In Flynn’s how-to psyops manual “DEHUMANIZATION” comes before “KILLING.” Image
Here’s more information on the “QAnon Radicalization Pathway” which matches up perfectly with Mike Flynn’s how-to psyops manual.

Mike Flynn is doing what QAnon was always designed to do — to incite “normies” to commit “violent extremist acts.
Here is Ret. Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton describing Flynn’s psychological operations and calling for @SecDef to reactivate, recall and court-martial Ret. Lt. @GenFlynn.

Mike Flynn is using ISIS techniques and @USArmy PSYOP to radicalize Americans.
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Mike Flynn has invoked the “end times” phrase that started QAnon — “the calm before the storm” and declares, to a long time QAnon account that “the storm has arrived.”

This is rocket fuel to his cult. He’s desperate.
@DHSgov @FBIMiamiFL @FBIWFO @DOJCrimDiv @SecDef @SecArmy Image
Here is how Donald Trump was scripted three weeks before QAnon started to say the phrase that Mike Flynn is now using as a war cry.

Trump called a bizarre press conference to say “the calm before the storm.” This was used by Flynn operatives to help start “Q.”
Here is Ali “Alexander” Akbar declaring the day before the insurrection “the storm is here” which elicits a response from the digital soldiers.
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Since classified documents are in the news, I’d like to remind everyone that now-Russian citizen Edward @Snowden somehow got into @GenFlynn’s @DefenseIntel servers and got military secrets — while Flynn was in Moscow at GRU headquarters.…
Mike Flynn was not fired over ISIS or management style. He was fired because he got compromised by the Russians and allowed the GRU to take Crimea with no warning from @DefenseIntel — which was his job.
A decade after allowing Snowden to steal military secrets and allowing Putin to invade a sovereign country, Mike Flynn is leading this event which is chock full of Kremlin assets, traitors and cult leaders — in the guise of “patriotism.”
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🧵Church Universal & Triumphant (CUT)
Courtesy: Dr. Steven Hassan @CultExpert

This 1989 @Oprah w/Dr. Hassan and current & ex-CUT members is astounding. 34 years ago the battle for the minds of our citizens was on stark display.

Please watch & share.
In this segment, we see that CUT was building nuclear bomb shelters and stockpiling weapons in Montana, understandably alarming residents.

The need for a physical location to insulate and indoctrinate people has been replaced by the internet.

Note the countdown to a false date.
Note the repetitive chanting of “I AM, I AM, I AM” and other “incantations” that members would engage in for many hours. This would be interspersed with doctrine and other control mechanisms. Simply, it’s brainwashing.

Now this kind of process can be done on social media.
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There has been a concerted effort by disinformation agents to label psychological operations aka psyops as some sort of BlueAnon conspiracy theory. That is propaganda.

We cannot defeat psyops without admitting their existence.
One person who is very familiar with psychological operations admits that QAnon is a “damn good psyop.”
This was Mike Flynn’s Mother’s Day psyop urging sedition in conjunction with QAnon “Save the children” propaganda.
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Warning. Absolutely embarrassing disinformation from a long time controlled opposition digital soldier and “Q Slayer” who is intent on making sure that no one ever knows the truth.

This guy does know a lot about QAnon, but he intentionally hides the origins and purpose.
The entire evolution of “Anon” LARPs has been mapped out. It’s all the same Flynn people running ops starting with FBIAnon in 2016.

MegaAnon was Flynn employee @tracybeanz and @KimDotcom.

This is hand-waving lazy bullshit.
This was James Brower from MAGA3X quote posting himself.

The point of making this claim was to generate radicalization based on a lie which is all Q did. Why would anyone be surprised it started that way?

Also, does “lock her up” sound familiar?
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My god.

Here is Ret. Lt. @GenFlynn indoctrinating a THIRD-GRADER into xenophobic, seditionist propaganda.

He tells the CHILD there is an invasion — “INVADERS” — and describes pressuring @GregAbbott_TX to effectively secede and use “sovereign” troops at the border to stop it. 🚨
After lying to the THIRD-GRADER that his seditionist plan is constitutional and offers one as proof, Ret. Lt. @GenFlynn makes clear that @GregAbbott_TX should not rely on any “resources” from the federal government and says to the CHILD: ” Hell, Texas has its own National Guard.”
Mike Flynn, who has called for a “one world religion” reads the First Amendment to a THIRD-GRADER.

Flynn, suing me to shut me up, reassures the CHILD that the free speech clause of the First Amendment covers “lying, you can do different things with speech.”
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The judge in Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes trial gets it.

Unfortunately the answer is yes until we take Rhodes’s direct supervisors off the street.
#ArrestMikeFlynn #ArrestErikPrince
ICYMI, here is Stewart Rhodes son, Dakota Adams, who said last year that if the insurrection had succeeded “Stewart would have been answering to Michael Flynn and Erik Prince.”
#ArrestMikeFlynn #ArrestErikPrince
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🚨 Wait, hold the phone. You’re telling me the same McGonigal @NewYorkFBI who cooperated withj @GenFlynn, Erik Prince and @Comey to steal the 2016 election is the @FBI division that investigated Mike Flynn’s psyop “Q?”

@DirectorWray is covering up.
#FireWray #ArrestMikeFlynn Image
Here are Mike Flynn, Erik Prince, NYPD and @NewYorkFBI cooperating to push Pizzagate propaganda generated from GRU-hacked emails, and the lies about Huma Abedin emails on @HillaryClinton’s laptop that gave @Comey an excuse to reopen the @FBI case 11 days before the election.
This is a good time to ask @Comey again, do you have any update on your feeling of being “mildly nauseous” when you used propaganda from @GenFlynn, Erik Prince, and the compromised @NewYorkFBI to deliver the October Surprise that deprived @HillaryClinton of a presidency?
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Since convicted violent seditionist Oath Keeper head Stewart Rhodes is about to be sentenced to a long time in prison, here he is with the man suing me for calling him a traitor, Michael T. Flynn.
#ArrestMikeFlynn Image
It’s a good time to note that convicted violent sedition Proud Boy head Joe Biggs is also a good friend of the Flynn family.

It’s good that Kremlin @GenFlynn’s lieutenants are getting locked up but it’s time to get the leader of the insurrection off the street.
While we’re on the subject, it’s a good time to remember that Putin’s @GenFlynn went on negative-billionaire Sandy Hook defamer Alex Jones’s show to incite violence on January 5th.
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Let me explain why this is so dangerous, and why it’s so unconscionable that ANY citizen would be allowed to do this, much less a retired three-star with a brother running @USARPAC.

Mike Flynn is deliberately trying to cause white nationalist violence. This is American ISIS. 🧵
The obvious fraud in Flynn’s video is based on a nonsense conspiracy theory about the Iranian National Guard sending super soldiers over the border.

To “normies” it may seem like just more right wing trash, but to people under cultic influence it’s a call to action.
The video is a psychological operation, a psyop, designed to cause cult members to have a psychological reaction— fear and anger — against a common enemy aka a scapegoat.

The psyop conflates stolen aluminum nitrate, xenophobia and QAnon fiction and conjures images of violence.
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Look at that. She’s right again.

We wouldn’t be in this goddamned mess if a bunch of traitors in the @NewYorkFBI hadn’t cooperated with Erik Prince, @GenFlynn and @Comey to steal her presidency.
This is not complicated. The evidence is in public.

Flynn used his “army of digital soldiers” to tear down the most qualified candidate to ever run for president in order to install a Kremlin puppet.

The coup-de-grace was @Comey reopening “her emails.”
I seriously don’t understand why this full blown confession didn’t get this literal traitor locked up 6 days after the 2016 election.

He talking about waging war on Americans.

He trademarked “Digital Soldiers” — which is what QAnon cult members call themselves.
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The Kremlin doesn’t even hide their assets anymore. It’s almost like the entire government has been psyop’ed.
All day long I stare at shit like this and wonder how this is real life and do we have an actual government with laws anymore?
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Twice-impeached sexual predator Donald Trump is yelling about “World War III.”

The fact is that WWIII started when Vladimir Putin did a deal with Michael T. Flynn in 2015 — to destroy @HillaryClinton and put a Kremlin puppet in the White House.
#ArrestMikeFlynn Image
This is a summary of the activities of the worst traitor in US history (Ret.) Lt. @GenFlynn leading up to his meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Flynn was the first person to visit GRU headquarters in Moscow — while he was @DefenseIntel chief.
Mike Flynn tells a story about the reason @BarackObama fired him — a disagreement over ISIS policy.

That is a lie. @GenFlynn was fired for being a traitor.
Then Flynn went on to recreate ISIS in America.… Image
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Here is @GenFlynn defending fired and disgraced former @FBI agent Garrett O’Boyle who was caught red-handed being paid by Flynn operative Kash Patel to be a fake “whistleblower.”

O’Boyle is represented by @jbinnall, the lawyer currently suing me personally on Flynn’s behalf. Image
Another person that Flynn lawyer @jbinnall represents is Libyan warlord General Khalifa Haftar, who was involved in the arms embargo violations that Erik Prince was just indicted for in Austria. Image
Here are former Pentagon Chief of Staff Kash Patel, Kremlin Congressman @DevinNunes, and Putin’s @GenFlynn at Flynn’s christofascist radicalization psyop last weekend at Trump Doral before @EricTrump takes the stage.
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It’s true. I am guilty of being a “conspiracy theorist.”

I theorize that there is a conspiracy between Vladimir Putin and American traitors led by @GenFlynn to subvert and overthrow the government of the United States.

Now all I need are “receipts.” 🤔
#ArrestMikeFlynn Image
Receipts are so hard to find around here. Jeez, where would I look?
I had this conspiracy theory a week before the insurrection.
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This notice came out on the same day as Trump’s “grab ‘em” tape and no one paid any attention to to it.

The Russians hacked the DNC, got Podesta’s emails and then @wikileaks, @GenFlynn and his “digital soldiers” used them to make up conspiracy theories about @HillaryClinton.
Mike Flynn and his neo-Nazi allies like @JackPosobiec created a PAC called #MAGA3X which used Podesta’s emails to create Pizzagate and numerous other psyops targeting @HillaryClinton.

@wikileaks and antisemitic Kremlin cutout Julian Assange went along with it.
After successfully using Kremlin psyops conducted by #MAGA3X and his other allies to steal the 2016 election from @HillaryClinton, @GenFlynn bragged about creating “an insurgency, irregular warfare at its finest.”

This is a smoking gun. He admitted it.
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@JoyAnnReid is on it right now.
#ArrestMikeFlynn Image
YAS “christofascist” “QAnon swap meet” 😂 Image
Bahaha. ImageImage
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