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The Cult has been brainwashed by traumatic, coercive propaganda and constant exposure to sociopathic, sadistic behavior.

When cult members model this cruelty they are heavily rewarded by their peers. This is a very powerful and deeply destructive cycle. It creates angry zombies.
The most accessible example of this transferred sadism is the glee being expressed in right-wing Twitter about an accidental homicide on a movie set. They’re having a lot of fun with it.

It revolting to us, which is exactly what they want.
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Dear @January6thCmte @TheJusticeDept @FBI:
What do you call Steve Bannon?
A good start.

Mike Flynn, 11/14/2016:
“As a General, we have an army of digital soldiers… This was run like an insurgency… irregular warfare at its finest.”
Mike Flynn has been waging psychological war on the United States for six years. He is a traitor and a cult leader.

Please listen to General @Mccaffreyr3 in December 2016 after Flynn and his son were caught tweeting about Pizzagate, which McCaffrey correctly calls “demented.”
Flynn was let go as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency by Obama in 2014. In Summer 2015, Flynn met with Donald Trump and asked him if he was “serious.”

Flynn says he was satisfied with the answer and that Donald Trump is a “wonderful person.”
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This is why Mike Flynn won’t be with his QAnon family in Vegas. He’ll be with an even worse set of criminal propagandists in Utah.

Anyone attending this will be psychologically injured. These are the worst of the worst.

This shit should be illegal.
I know because I watched dozens of them. This shit is punishing and dangerous even when you know what it is.

The audience is hypnotized, traumatized and gaslit with powerful deceptive propaganda. There is nothing American or moral about this.
Here is Scientologist Leigh Dundas using what she learned from David Miscavige to brutalize this audience with lies.

She should not be anywhere but prison. She is a terrorist.
And please absorb the fact that QAnon General Flynn is collaborating with Scientology.
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“Q” is a LARP — live action role play. It never existed. There was a team of people who wrote the drops.

But, if there were a Q, he’s going to be on TV tonight.
For this occasion only, I will punish myself and live tweet #FishstickNazi @TuckerCarlson’s show. 😬
Switched over to Fox and immediately saw them blaming COVID breakthrough cases on weed, which is pretty funny because I just got high af so I can get through this with my sanity.
This is like the soft anti-vaxx propaganda before Tucker hits you with the hard stuff.
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Well there it is. #FishstickNazi @TuckerCarlson and QAnon traitor General Michael T. Flynn.

Look, the fact that these two actual terrorists are going to be blasting literal nazi ideology to millions of people should be entirely unacceptable, if not illegal.
We need a popular uprising by the sane in this country. We need to start drawing some lines in the sand.

This should not be broadcast. It is incredibly dangerous to platform Mike Flynn on a major network. He is waging psychological war on America. Literally. And he’s winning.
He will talk about how super Catholic he is and how he loves Jesus to diffuse my tweet below.

He will tell sympathetic stories about his Mom and Dad and his dead sister. He will not talk about his beliefs in theosophy and how he tried to bring it to a Christian Church.
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I knew about Mike Flynn’s involvement in the white supremacist psyop #MAGA3X. I found their planning documents below. I have 46 of Flynn’s tweets promoting it.

But this is important. Mike Flynn pushing #MAGA3X at a Trump rally a week before the 2016 election.
To this day, Flynn is allies with his #MAGA3X buddies. Posobiec, Cernovich, Jeff Giesea, Peter Thiel and a variety of other anarchists and white nationalists.
Just last week literal nazi Jack Posobiec winks at his followers about “Q.” Jack knows full well that Mike Flynn and #MAGA3X started QAnon.

Just as he knows that #MAGA3X started Pizzagate — because Posobiec was the star of the show.
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Mike Flynn posted a series of videos this morning which explain his fascist plan to destroy democracy. Here he posts a child being indoctrinated into anti-vaxx disinformation by his mother.

This is why they are attacking schools.
They want our KIDS.
Mike Flynn also posted this — I will only show a short clip — of this doctor lying in great detail about the dangers of masks and vaccines.

This is deadly propaganda. Mike Flynn is almost certainly vaccinated and is simply using these ideas to KILL PEOPLE.
This is a call to violence. Flynn is intentionally and effectively whipping up his supporters into a murderous rage.

I don’t even have to look at the comments to know the threats of violence will be there.

He wants WAR.
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I did a video comparison of I AM / Church Universal Triumphant cult leader Elizabeth Clare Prophet in 1984 and Mike Flynn in 2021.

It’s verbatim the same. He just changed “I AM” to “WE WILL”

Please share this with his cult. It’s important that they know he is not a Christian.
Here’s more on the I AM cult and Mike Flynn’s involvement.
Hello press. This is an important story.

This proves Mike Flynn is an occultist who is faking Christianity in order to expand his cult.

“I AM” is based on theosophy which influenced the nazis and a series of fascist cults starting in the 30s until today — including QAnon.
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Holy shit. I have been trying to find the source. Mike Flynn you are BUSTED. 🚨

Mike Flynn is in the “I AM” cult.
I heard Mike Flynn talk about the “sevenfold rays” in this speech which got him in trouble with Christians.
Anti-semitic dominionist Rick Wiles saw my tweet and told his followers to spread the word.
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Mike Flynn responds to me noticing that he led a Christian congregation in a prayer based on theosophy, an occult belief system that influenced the Nazis and a series of fascist cults.

Instead of an explanation, he tells us that he carries the occult prayer in his wallet. 🤔
The rest of Mike Flynn’s response doesn’t get any better. This is a psychopath doing what they do, gaslighting people into believing his conclusions despite the plain evidence in front of them.

He never, once, explains why he used “Sevenfold Rays” or prayed to the “Archangels.”
Here’s the moment I heard the phrase. He was speaking at Hank Kunnenman’s Christian prosperity cult which is a congregation of Kenneth Copeland Ministries.

This is some very weird shit. It is not a normal Christian or Catholic prayer. The language is specific — theosophy.
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BREAKING: The worst traitor in American history is talking to bonkers has-been stumblefuck Glenn Beck.
#HasBeenStumblefuck @glennbeck thinks he’s being cute here. He’s “really talking about General Milley” but this is a wink to everyone that despite the fact that he will kiss Flynn’s traitor ass for an hour, Beck knows exactly who Flynn is.
The whining and crying people like @glennbeck do for a guy who spends all day every day waging psychological war on the United States is vile.

Mike Flynn asked for and received hundreds of death threats against Dr. Fauci last night.

Fuck him, Glenn. And fuck you.
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What rocket genius put Fauci in an interview with wingnut propagandist Hugh Hewitt?

Here’s Mike Flynn using a clip, which is just a series of accusations and lies by Hewitt, to incite his cult and endanger Fauci’s life. This is not an exaggeration.
First comments:
“Arrest him”
“Devil” “demon”
“delusional” “deep fake”

I’m sure they will calm down. 😑
I hate posting this stuff but I need to people to understand how bad this has gotten. There are hundreds and hundreds of death threats against Fauci on this one post.

Flynn knew EXACTLY what would happen. He encouraged it. This is what he wants. 👇
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Mike Flynn says: “these are the major issues bombarding America’s psyche” which is true because this is a list of the active psyops he and his allies are running.

Thanks for handy list Mike.
This is a blueprint for guerrilla warfare using psychological operations. This is what Mike Flynn was trained to do in foreign countries. Now he’s doing it here — TO America.

“Local Action has a National Impact” just means terrorism.
Mike Flynn is using military intelligence techniques against American citizens. In the open.

Here’s a 37 year old CIA manual for conducting psyops in Nicaragua. Add the internet to this and you basically have Flynn’s plan.
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Ivan Raiklin started making preparations for violence in DC two weeks before the insurrection. He posted that people should bring “medical bags.”

Here he is with his employer, theocratic fascist Mike Flynn.
I didn’t screenshot his tweet unfortunately, but you get the idea — 12/22/20.

He had Google spreadsheets with budgets and resource planning for 1/6. He needs to be arrested along with his boss.
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Day two of Mike Flynn’s psyop to turn old white people into angry zombies has begun.

Literally the first thing I saw when I tuned in. A guy doing audience participation to justify Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s huge testicles story. 😑
This is the guy whose church the cult rally is being held in. He is unsurprisingly completely insane.

He compares the health department to the antichrist
Uh. I don’t know what to say except…
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I am sorry to say that another one of Mike Flynn’s cult rallies for old white people has begun. 😕

I checked in and found this constitutional scholar describing the violent insurrection on 1/6 as “When We The People question election integrity, we end up in jail.”
Seth Holehouse says literally everything in the world is fake.

There’s an old saying: if you’re at a poker table and can’t figure out who the mark is — it’s you.

Seth is a member of Falun Gong and works for Epoch Times which explains the empty look in his eyes. And the manbun.
Something’s off about this picture. 🤔
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I needed this good news.
Extremely interesting selection here. 👀🇺🇸
Bannon covers the Willard and co.
Meadows covers the White House.
Kash Patel covers the Pentagon.
Dan Scavino knows all about QAnon.

Solid start.
OK, look. The only way this works is if they make arrests when all of these people commit Contempt of Congress.

Bannon knows he’s caught. So does everyone else. He will do ANYTHING to stay out of prison. You must make arrests @January6thCmte.
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Whoopsie 👀
TFW I can email Erik Prince’s mom.

#DDoSecrets just published the full directory of the #CNP 😍
This should be fun.
Holy shit. Corsi? You mean Mike Flynn employee Tracy Beanz’ partner in running “Q” in 2018? lmfao
Unsurprisingly, basically every person in here is doing very sketchy shit.

What is this? Turns out that not only do the dominionists think they are prophesized to occupy Jerusalem, they think they get Iran too.
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Flynn says 1/6 was “a terrible disappointment” which is not a lie. He helped plan it for months and wanted it to succeed.

“We’re not at that juncture yet. Who knows down the road?” means “we’ll get ‘em next time.”
The people who attacked the Capitol called themselves “digital soldiers” which is a term invented and trademarked by Flynn in 2016.
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Mike Flynn is promoting what appears to be a cult family picnic this weekend near Sarasota where he lives. 🚨

It advertises “bounce houses” as part of the festivities.
What “activities?”
Ah, got it. It’s a rally for cult members with guns.
And bouncy houses.
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This tweet has created a problem for theocratic fascist Mike Flynn. His reference to “Seven Rays” which comes from occultists like Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey has angered dominionist antisemites like Rick Wiles.

Rick saw my video and compares Mike Flynn to Satan. 🤭
Rick Wiles agrees with me and @jszimhart that this phrase comes from theosophy. I have to say, I’m surprised they gave me media credit. Apparently the original video is no longer online.

I’m guessing Rick Wiles is not the only one one Flynn pissed off.
There is a lot more detail about “Seven Rays” here.
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Brown people have Mike Flynn so turnt up he’s either threatening to run for office or something worse. Either way, if Mike Flynn ever has a job more important than dishwasher at Leavenworth, America is over.
I went back to check the comments. Here are a few.
-Kathleen is dream crying about Flynn and comparing him to Jesus Christ.
-Javier says “only men with weapons can solve this” meaning Blacks and Jews.
-JRocks asserts that “Patriots need to take them out once and for all.”
It’s worth emphasizing, this is not some small neo-nazi forum on the dark web. Mike Flynn has 291k subscribers on @telegram alone. And he is one of the most reposted people on the platform.

He is intentionally inspiring these violent white nationalist ideas. #ArrestMikeFlynn
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Presley C. Stutts III is crying a river that his father — head of the Greenville County, SC #GQP and an anti-science moron like his son — died of COVID.

He sees no irony in the “MASK FREE” t-shirt, the “1776” hat, or the Infowars advertisement on his back. 😬
Seriously, fuck this guy, his son and everyone else pushing death on the American people.

OMG, look who showed up on video at this same “hearing” with SC State Senator Shane Martin — Mike Flynn’s employee and former operator of “Q” Tracy “beanz” Diaz.

If for no other reason than Tracy’s godawful voice…
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Michael T. Flynn is a psychological terrorist and a traitor to the United States. He must be recalled by the Army, stripped of rank and put on trial for treason.

Anything short of this represents the gravest possible danger to democracy. @January6thCmte
Mike Flynn is preparing a large array of militias, domestic terrorists, and religious cults for a literal holy war.

He is an amoral, vicious psychopath who wants nothing more than the violent overthrow of American democracy.
The angry parents and cultists you see at school boards and local governments are the result of a psychological operation conducted by Mike Flynn.

You can see it right here. The slogan is “Local Action has a National Impact.”

That just means terrorism.
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