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No, Mike and Mario, this is not “exculpatory.” This is part of the lie that Michael Cohen went to prison for because he was covering up for Trump.

Note that @GenFlynn is quote tweeting “QAnon John” who ran Flynn’s QAnon tour before Clay Clark took it over.
#ArrestMikeFlynn Image
Here is Mike Flynn with QAnon John almost two years ago.
This was the same show that Mike Flynn agreed that there should be a revolution in America like the one in Myanmar.
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The sleeper character in the lawyers-who-need-lawyers classified documents saga is Christina Bobb.

The thing is, #Bobbski is the Forrest Gump of Mike Flynn’s multi-decade crime spree. She was his lawyer in Afghanistan while he was hanging w/Erik Prince.…
I’ve been covering her adventures lying to the FBI and everyone else for quite some time. So it didn’t surprise me when she popped in Mar-a-lago. ImageImage
Christina Bobb got an actual job in the Trump Administration in 2019, at DHS, and it was all downhill from there. Image
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Straight talk. A lot of people are lying to you.

Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to figure out who those people are and call them out.

We are being buried in weaponized lies as part of an intentional psychological warfare attack with multiple goals. 🧵
The most urgent goal of the people assaulting our minds is to evade accountability for themselves.

For example: If you were part of a Kremlin-backed plot to steal the presidency of the United States, what is the first thing you would do?

Answer: Cover it up.
To cover up a crime of such importance, you need alternate theories to explain it, and you need to make sure that anyone who gets close to the truth is silenced or discredited.

Examples: “Russiagate,” “Russia Russia Russia,” “BlueAnon,” “conspiracy theorist,” “libtard/shitlib.”
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Hey wait a minute. Who is this “radical left” that created problems for him? 🤓
All I did was retweet Mike Flynn, who may or may not have sent his guest link for the call to the entire internet.
Who could have known that there would be consequences for making a mistake like that? 😬
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There is nothing wrong with being a Satanist or an occultist, but when you portray yourself as a QAnon expert, promoting antisemite Lucien Greaves and his dangerous propaganda should bring your judgment into question.

Mike Rothschild is a big fan of The Satanic Temple (TST). Image
The Satanic Temple portrays itself as atheistic, that they don’t worship Satan per se — it’s just a symbol, or something.

But TST is just a propaganda operation run by a neo-Nazi named Douglas Misicko aka Lucien Greaves. He and Mike Rothschild are friends. ImageImageImage
Here is TST founder Lucien Greaves with other Nazis saying “it’s ok to hate Jews as long as you hate them because they’re Jewish and wear a stupid fucking frisbee on their head.”

Greaves has a long history of bigotry and hatred.
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For 31 months, I have been the target of systematic abuse by a large menagerie of internet terrorists. This has created an actual cult devoted to hatred of “StewAnon” — a conflation of my family name and QAnon.

Now they’re doing podcasts to promote it.…
The fact that the blue-checks that have always validated and supported this abuse are publicly using my name to create an out-group is emblematic of their desperation.

This is the truth they don’t want you know.👇
They are digital soldiers for Mike Flynn, nothing more.
Mike Rothschild is desperate because his lies are imploding and he’s trying hard to keep himself relevant. So he attacks anyone who tells the truth. Namely, me — and my friends.

The fact is that Mike Rothschild is a professional liar.…
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“Woke” has been turned into a pejorative term for empathy through a deliberate psyop.

The purpose is to make policies that take care of humans unpopular in order to anger and destabilize the population, and to create sociopolitical divisions exploitable by our enemies.
“Woke ideology” or “the woke mind virus” are variations on “cultural marxism” which is a conspiracy theory that Jews and liberals have planned a takeover of society.

Cultural marxism was popularized by “paleoconservative”
William Lind & Paul Weyrich.…
William Lind also created “4th Generation Warfare” or 4GW which Mike Flynn has rebranded as 5GW.

The basic idea is to use racism, misogyny and any other form of identity politics to generate radicalization in a target nation in order to incite civil war.…
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I got a 12-hour suspension last night because one of Mike Rothschild’s minions reported my direct quote of Tucker Carlson insulting Mike Flynn’s lawyer Sidney Powell.

This is not a “Twitter beef.” These are digital soldiers trying to silence the truth.…
The guy who reported me “BlueAnonBurner” screen name “Slimjim Stewartson” brags about being a single purpose hate account and rejoices in my suspension.

He is Mike Rothschild’s sixth favorite account.
Each of the highlighted accounts has participated in coordinated harassment.
Here “Slimjim Stewartson” claims that “we’re just a bunch of randos brought together by our desire to see you stop being an abusive asshole.”

There is nothing random about it, and it has nothing to do with me, it’s about protecting QAnon and Rothschild’s false narrative.
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@GenFlynn is unleashed on negative billionaire, child-murder denier Alex Jones’ show.

Flynn admits to watching Alex Jones since at least 2007 and wants to inform the Infowars audience about the “globalist elites” who are “all over the world.”
Here @GenFlynn says “the big push behind all this is the Chinese Communist Party” and then admits to debriefing two CCP military officers about their doctrine of “unrestricted warfare” in 1998/9.
Mike Flynn fear mongers about Putin’s nuclear weapons and says “there is no such thing as a tactical nuke.”

He goes on to say that the idea that a Russian submarine might have destroyed Nordstream is “bullshit” because Putin could have “just turned the spigot off.”
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It is important to know that Mike Flynn is not just a traitor to his country, he’s a traitor to the religion that he claims.

He says he’s a Catholic, but he’s actually a member of the “I AM” cult who led a Christian church in one of their theosophical prayers.👇
There’s a reason @GenFlynn dresses up like this. Because it’s a ritual in the “I AM” cult which mixes together a falsified version of American history, theosophy, and a warped Christianity.

George Washington is an “Ascended Master” in Flynn’s cult.
Here’s Flynn signaling “IAMFLYNN” to a video of a guy who looks like this:
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Secretary, I see you are close to General Charles Flynn. This is deeply concerning.

Charles Flynn’s brother is Ret. Lt. @GenFlynn who is the worst traitor in American history. Charlie helped make sure the Capitol would be breached by Mike’s cult members on 1/6.

Please explain.
@SecArmy at some point you have to acknowledge that your retired three star is actively trying to overthrow the government of the United States.

Reactivate, recall and remove “General” from Flynn’s title. Then court martial him for Treason.
@SecArmy here are three of the Flynn boys including @GenFlynn doing the QAnon oath. Not an oath the United States. TO QANON.

Why would you think Charlie would be any different?
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🚨 Hey @SecDef, @SecArmy. Your retired three-star @GenFlynn sharing a Kremlin propaganda website to spread fear mongering by his brother Charles, who commands 90,000 troops @USARPAC.

The article also says “heterosexual white men” are the victims of ‘wokeism.”
Mike Flynn wants a war with China because that’s exactly what his boss Vladimir Putin wants.

Charles Flynn started the video call that delayed the defense of the Capitol on 1/6 by arguing about “optics” while his brother’s cult tried to kill lawmakers.

Charles Flynn got his fourth star ON THE SAME DAY that @GenFlynn got his completely unprecedented “pardon of innocence” from Donald Trump.

Here is their little brother @JosephJFlynn1 talking about it on a QAnon show.
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This grifter seen below speculating about “Clinton suicides” and tagging @RogerJStoneJr joined @GenFlynn for a psyop yesterday.

She spends her life milking her deceased dad’s “prophecies” for money over the New Apostolic Reformation network (NAR).

Note: “Fourth Reich.” 🧵
Kim Clement was a South African cult leader who spewed prophecies until he died in 2016.

Regardless, his daughter has grafted him into the NAR, which Mike Flynn promotes constantly, as we will see.

Please subscribe! 🙏…
Here’s @GenFlynn and his QAnon tour manager Clay Clark watching a clip from fake prophet Kim Clements which ends up with Clark praising @DevinNunes, Kash Patel and Eric Trump. 🥴
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So it seems that this fake Microchip account is internet terrorist Douglas Matthew Stewart, who has been a central figure in @GenFlynn’s active measures for many years.

He captains suicide trolls on the right, AND the controlled opposition on the left.
#RealTwitterFiles ImageImageImage
Doug was one of the first 4 people on the Discord server where “Q” started along with Microchip aka @JustinMcConney, @defango and James Brower.

Doug and his network of terrorists have been trying to get me to kill myself for more than two years.

Sorry to disappoint you Dougie. ImageImageImageImage
One of Doug’s primary weapons over the last six years of manufacturing trauma and chaos is this account run by a failed travel blogger from her apartment in New York City.

Doug followed her until I pointed it out last night and then he unfollowed her because oops. Image
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The people pushing ivermectin are Mike Flynn’s propagandists including his little brother @JosephJFlynn1 who has been grifting off horse dewormer for nearly two years.

Most the “doctors” mentioned in this article are on Flynn’s traveling QAnon tour.…
Here’s an example of a “Frontline Doctor,” who went to prison for being an insurrectionist, pushing anti-vax lies and fake treatments in Nashville on @GenFlynn’s QAnon psyops tour.
Here are both @GenFlynn and @JosephJFlynn1 promoting murderous anti-vax liar @PierreKory who is featured in the WaPo story.

This is attempted murder. They know exactly what they’re doing.
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REMINDER: There is a wall of disinformation about QAnon, including multiple books, a documentary, and articles in the New York Times deployed to divert attention away from @GenFlynn and the fact that he works for the Kremlin.

It really is this simple. Pls rt. 👇
You might be surprised to learn that the people creating the disinformation about QAnon, are also the people who have been attacking me and anyone in my vicinity for 2 1/2 years.

This is not a disagreement over “theories” it’s an intentional suppression of the real story.
GamerGate terrorist Fred Brennan is the source for the NYT story AND the lead character in the @HBO documentary that falsely point the finger at schizophrenic Nazi Paul Furber and/or incompetent web developer Ron Watkins.

Fred has been torturing me personally for 2 1/2 years.
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WWIII Started in 2015:
Phase One was psychological warfare. Phase Two is kinetic war.

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy…
"In preparation for kinetic war, Putin needed to weaken the US, its allies & NATO which he achieved by launching a global psychological warfare attack on his enemies with the assistance of domestic traitors in the US, led by Lt Gen (Ret.) Michael T. Flynn."

"Flynn is an expert in psyops, stationed for many years at Ft Bragg, the HQ of Army PSYOP. A significant percentage of Flynn’s agents & operatives have psyops experience, including several who served under him in Afghanistan, like Erik Prince & many ex-Blackwater mercenaries."
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"This is all military euphemism for how people are radicalized into overthrowing their govts. The document is based on a speech given by Mike Flynn."

A 2012 paper details how #MikeFlynn would create American ISIS & take us to the brink of civil war…
"This is the precise language that #MikeFlynn used himself in describing how he stole the 2016 election for Putin puppet Donald Trump. Flynn said, right after the election:
'As a retired general… this was an insurgency folks… irregular warfare at its finest.'”
"The 'mechanisms of moral disengagement' used by Islamic extremists are precisely how it's worked with the alt-right & QAnon. This is the playbook of the right wing, of fascists. Flynn didn’t use this information to prevent this here, he used it to make it happen in America."
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🚨🇷🇺 Kremlin propaganda
Nukes have never been used “in the history of the world.” 🤔
“Putin has placed his entire military on a high state of alert.”
”Russia has the advantage.”
“The ridiculousness of focusing on domestic terrorism in the United States.”
@SecDef #ArrestMikeFlynn

@GenFlynn says “diplomatic threats DO NOT WORK” and is very angry that the UN Ambassador “threatened Russia” by drawing a “red line” with China that they must not help Putin with his war crimes.

This guy seems to be going for Peskov’s job.
Flynn talks about the “information war” and blames the fact that “we’re losing” it on the press. As an example, he asserts that no one trusts the press when they say that “Russia is losing.”

@GenFlynn please just save us all time and move to Moscow.
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For the record:
I’ve started five internet/game/technology companies
Worked at Google/Niantic
Expert in AI/AR/VR/ARGs
-Primetime Emmy for Original Interactive Show
-Innovation Award from GDC
-2 Grand Prix Cyberlions from Cannes
-8 technology patents

High school education 💪
I have been working to dismantle QAnon for 932 straight days. I’ve written 47k tweets, over 1k Substacks, made a QAnon documentary and helped with several others. I’ve interviewed 100s and spoken to 1000s of people about it.

I have put in my 10,000 hours and then some.
You are free to disagree with me on anything you like, provided you have an authentic, evidence-based argument for it. But if you roll in here with distortions, smears and lies about my motivations, qualifications, or expertise you are just telling on yourself.
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Mike Rothschild claims to be a “QAnon expert” and wrote a book about it, although he admits to not spending a lot of time figuring it who’s responsible for Q.

Since Putin’s @GenFlynn is Q, it makes sense the only positive review when the book launched was Russian state media. ImageImageImage
Mike Rothschild has been lying to the press about this since QAnon started. He knows exactly what QAnon is which is why he went out of his way to make sure no one understands it.

QAnon IS a Russian psyop, conducted by the worst traitor in American history, @GenFlynn. Image
I had the basics figured out within a couple of months of investigation — screenshot from 10/20/20.

Mike Rothschild has spent 2 1/2 years lying about me because he knows that I am right.

QAnon is a psyop being run by American traitors in conjunction with Russian intelligence. Image
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🧵Mike Flynn’s call to war the night before the insurrection
@SecDef @POTUS @DirectorWray @TheJusticeDept @January6thCmte @AdamKinzinger @RepAdamSchiff

This speech by Ret. Lt. @GenFlynn should have landed him in military prison. Why is he free?

Please retweet.
Here is Mike Flynn disgracing his uniform, disgracing his family and disgracing his nation by comparing people who died in America’s wars to people he is manipulating into believing that the 2020 election was stolen.

He made himself into a cult leader using military PSYOP.
Mike Flynn points to the windows of the Capitol Building and says “Washington DC has forgotten what it means to be an American patriot.”

Then he says that the people who are “going to be here tomorrow” are “willing to die for their country.”
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A short note to the controlled opposition to QAnon who are currently harassing me and my friends:

You have been trying to silence me for 2 1/2 years. You have smeared me, defamed me, and tried to discredit my work because your job is to create a false narrative.
The problem is that your accusations are transparently false and the narrative you have been gatekeeping has proven to be propaganda.

Here are things you have been aggressively wrong about:
— Q and QAnon
— Mike Flynn
— Russian influence
— Brainwashing
— Psyops
— Cults
Your entire existence is built on the foundation of making sure QAnon remains a mystery forever. Moreover, you need it to continue, so you can write more fake books, do more snarky podcasts, and write more bullshit threads.

You simply cannot have people knowing the truth. 👇
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The boogeyman of “One World Government” currently being spread around by @elonmusk and his allies is projection.

They are using nationalism and xenophobia to break down society so they can replace global liberal democracy with a global oligarchy — ruled by them.
I made this chart a year ago to focus my energies on the most active participants in this project to break down nations in order to construct a global fascist theocracy.

Until we start dealing with Nazis like Nazis we’re going to continue to be walked into the Fourth Reich. Image
I’ve also seen “Rise of the Fourth Reich” being trended as a warning about the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab which is based on propaganda by Dugin and @GenFlynn.

Once again, projection. They want to do it all over again.
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