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@SleepingAnnual @chesscom @MagnusCarlsen @GMHikaru @GMWesleySo123 @MasakakiK @donkcheck unlikely but do you watch anime? i realised i actually have these 2 #anime conspiracy theories that combined are similar to your #chess-#poker theory. like you think chess is staged & poker is staged and there's a connection. similarly... #yuri #chessdrama #pokerdrama
@SleepingAnnual @chesscom @MagnusCarlsen @GMHikaru @GMWesleySo123 @MasakakiK @donkcheck but not just any yuri ships but yuri ships between imouto's. i call these 'double imouto ships' (imouto is japanese for younger sister eg @GMJuditPolgar is an imouto of @SusanPolgar who ...
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⚡️⚔️ #YURI Briefly on 25 Oct 22:11⚡️
Today no #Video
▪️ #Kherson DIR: Another attempt to probe RF defence in the north with the same zero result.
▪️ #Svatovo DIR: An attempt to cut into RF defenses between #Svatovo and #Kremennaya with zero result and losses for the AFU.
▪️ #Soledar DIR: Assaults by RF, 1st LPR Corps & Wagner PMC is underway.
#Bakhmutskoye is almost taken (northern part is being cleared).
In #Soledar a small advance.
▪️ #Bakhmut DIR: #Opytnoye is being mopped up (maybe finished by the morning). This will dramatically
simplify the situation and speed up the further assault on the city. The AFU clings desperately, attacks, but is still forced to retreat.
Full #Report👇
Join SITREP🔺Map Reports - Top Videos - Analyses
#UkraineWarNews #Map #Reports #UkraineRussiaWar
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Will #Russia really start a war and finally finish re-educating the enemy?
A blow was dealt to the #Ukraine infrastructure - without electricity and water, part of the #Dnepropetrovsk, #Kharkov and #Sumy regions, Kremenchug, Pavlograd and other cities.

by victop55
The missile strike was carried out on the most important object: after this flash, the light went out in many regions of #Ukraine, Ukrainian channels transmit.

▪️Poltava region
▪️Sumy region
▪️Kharkiv region
▪️Dnepropetrovsk region
▪️Odessa region
▪️Zaporozhye region
Dergachev city administration reports missile attacks on critical infrastructure. Heating and power out .
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⚡️⚔️ #Donbass offensive: Situation in Eastern Ukraine at the end of 25 August 2022⚡️
▪️ In the #Kursk region, saboteurs attempted to undermine the railway line at the Klyukva-Kursk crossing, but the tracks remained almost undamaged.
▪️ Russian forces hit Ukrainian positions in the villages of Zheleznyy Most and Zelenyy Gay, #Chernigov region, as well as in Bachevsk, Volnaya Sloboda and Stukalovka, #Sumy region.
In the northern #Kharkov oblast, Russian missile and artillery troops trained on accumulations of enemy manpower and equipment in #Bogodukhov, #Merefa, #Tsirkunakh and #Odnorobovka.
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10 new releases from Seven Seas are out in bookstores today--including a jewel of a mystery manga and a sexy arcade comedy! 🌼📚✨ Check out this thread for more info + retailer links.

A beautifully illustrated mystery series based on the highly acclaimed light novels (also from Seven Seas) that inspired a popular anime!

Now available in print/digital in the RETAILERS section here:…

In this sexy, slapstick comedy, a guy working at an arcade blends into the background...until a gorgeous girl demands his help mastering the arcade’s trickiest games!

Buy it in print/digital in the RETAILERS section here:…
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With the end of last month, August arrives! Grab some new books from us--don’t be shy! 🌞📚💖
HAPPY KANAKO’S KILLER LIFE Vol. 1 | Toshiya Wakabayashi | full-color comedy, assassins + office politics | $14.99 | August 3, 2021… Image
THE STRANGE ADVENTURE OF A BROKE MERCENARY (LIGHT NOVEL) Vol. 1 | Mine and peroshi | fantasy, manga also from Seven Seas | $14.99 | August 3, 2021… Image
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Ahoy, January! And with the new year…a bunch of new books are sailing in here! 🎆📚⛵️
A WHITE ROSE IN BLOOM Vol. 1 | Asumiko Nakamura | two girls stuck alone at #yuri boarding school, from the creator of BL classic CLASSMATES: DOU KYU SEI | $12.99 | January 5, 2021… Image
MUSCLES ARE BETTER THAN MAGIC! (LIGHT NOVEL) Vol. 1 | DORANEKO and Relucy | fantasy, one man gets so ripped magic can’t defeat him, manga also from Seven Seas | $13.99 | January 5, 2021… Image
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You know what, screw all the RWBY/RT drama I've talked about today, my girls Eunbi & Sakura absolutely killed it with this cover of Irene & Suelgi's "Monster"!

And then we got the dangerous Ace trio of Chaeyeon, Yena and Yujin over here killing their cover of Kehlani's "Gangsta". And when I say they killed it...they KILLED it. 😲

And then we move from the powerful badass to the sweet and cute performance of Hyewon, Chaewon and Wonyoung covering Orange Caramel's "Catallena". And huge props to Hyewon, I'm so proud to see how much she's grown. 😊 #HYEWON #CHAEWON #WONYOUNG #IZONE

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IZ*ONE - “Secret Story of the Swan” MV Shooting Behind The Scene (1)

#IZONE #아이즈원 @official_izone #EUNBI #권은비
IZ*ONE - “Secret Story of the Swan” MV Shooting Behind The Scene (2)

#IZONE  #아이즈원  @official_izone #SAKURA #미야와키사쿠라
IZ*ONE - “Secret Story of the Swan” MV Shooting Behind The Scene (3)

#IZONE  #아이즈원  @official_izone #HYEWON #강혜원
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#IZONE Fashion Thread
#Minju Heart*IZ Teaser
👗: Gucci Floral Printed Silk Dress Pink $3,578
#kimminju #izone #izonestyle #아이즈원 #rks_gucci ImageImageImage
#Yena ASMR Unboxing Album
👕: Oui Mais Non Heart V-neck knit Ver.2 ₩139,000
#choiyena #izone #izonestyle #rks_ouimaisnon ImageImage
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191206 Yuri Birthday Party 'Miri Yuri Christmas': Thread #SNSD #Yuri #MiriYuriChristmas
Party started around 8:05pm. Lights off, VCR on. The video showed Yuri playing around joyfully in the room. BGM was TTS's 'Dear Santa'. It showed Yuri arriving at COEX, then she's inside the venue and finally, she opened the door. VCR over, and Yuri appeared on stage. #SNSD #Yuri
Yuri, "Wow, so many people came. I just arrived here like you saw on the video. (fans laughed) I'm serious! (laugh)" #SNSD #Yuri
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