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1. Five years before the Norman Conquest, in the little village of Walsingham, England, a pious widow, Richeldis, had a vision in which the Blessed Virgin asked her to build a
replica of the Holy House of the Annunciation.
2. Richeldis hastened to obey. Thus, says the legend, England received its most celebrated shrine.


The Holy House of Loreto is said to be the very house in which our Lady lived, while the house at Walsingham was a replica of it.
3. Of the two, Walsingham is the older. The date given for the foundation of Loreto is 1291, that for Walsingham is 1061. There is no doubt of the sanctity of both shrines nor of the number favours granted there. Among the thousands who made the pilgrimage to Walsingham
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/23/2020…
A radical theory says major crises remake America every 80 years…

#future #cycle #america
A three-agent robotic system for Mars exploration…

#mars #robotic #exploration
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#TodayinHistory in 1972, arrests began at midnight till dawn. TV screens & radio stations were on static. Long Distance calls were severed. In am till noon, rumors & panic ensue. At 7:15 pm, Pres. Ferdinand Marcos appeared on live TV announcing Martial Law. (THREAD)

#PH #history
At 12:10 am: First to be arrested was Sen. Ninoy Aquino, who was in the Manila Hilton. He was arrested by a truckload of soldiers

12:30 am: PH Army took over MERALCO.

Sometime bet. 1:00 - 3:00 am: Sen. Jose W. Diokno was arrested at his home in Roxas Blvd. Manila
1:00 am: ABS-CBN was taken over by troops led by Army Capt. Rolando Abadilla. The network won’t be live again for the next 14 years.

2:30 am: Journalist Hernando Abaya was arrested. His daughter tried to call a lawyer, but the military cut off their phone line.
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THREAD on Sikh Lifestyle as in Guler miniature paintings.

Jassa Singh Ramgarhia-British Museum.
The influence of Sikh lifestyle on Guler paintings is evident by use of sword belt in the Sikh paintings. We don’t see sword belts in Guler paintings prior to Sikh relations.
For example- Mian Gopal Singh of Guler seated has sword or dagger tucked at the waist with the help of waist band or waist belt as under Mughal fashion. Guler paintings are important as they show transitions from Mughal fashion~Rajput~Sikh Fashion in that order.
Jai Singh Kanheya (1764-1794) receiving Raja Raj Singh of Chamba, Raja Prakash Chand (1773-1790) of Guler and other Hill princes. Guler, circa 1774 A.D. Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
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Monica (thanks) inspired me to look a bit deeper. It looks like there is a huge significance for Masonic dealings and the birth of the Labour Party. As well as earlier slave trading associates.

I’m not sure how it all ties in but here is what I found
Barcaldine lay on the traditional tribal lands of the Iningai. Iningai (also known as Yiningay, Muttaburra, Tateburra, Yinangay, Yinangi) is an Australian Aboriginal language spoken by the Iningai people. - wiki
1. The town takes its name from a sheep station called Barcaldine Downs, which was established in 1863 by Donald Charles Cameron, Cameron (Scotland) had been a slaveholder in British Guiana.…
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[Thread] Postwar German prosecution of Nazis

I was inspired by @nath4nglx to do this explainer on the ins and outs (and ups and downs) of postwar Nazi trials. It's a really interesting look into #History, memory, the #Holocaust, and the law. Enjoy!
First off, I am not talking about the Nuremburg International Tribunal or the Subsequent Trials. Those were not German prosecutions but were allied prosecutions which relied on different legal standards and methods.

Instead, I'll be talking about post-1949 trials in Germany.
If you want resources on those trials, both @HarvardHarvard and @Yale have great websites on them.
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A thread:
Samuel L.Jackson Traces the History of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade -

A docu(series)mentary on slavery through the lens of sunken slave ships that never reached their destination, ships that became mass graves of kidnapped Africans.

#samueljackson #BlackHistory
About two years ago, Samuel L. Jackson, the Hollywood titan, was presented with an idea to take part in a documentary about the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Slavery, of course, was not a new topic of scholarship, and Hollywood had already done a lot on the subject.
But he discussed it with his wife, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, and something in particular stood out to them. This was a project attempting to tell the story of slavery in part through the lens of sunken slave ships that never reached their destination — ships that became mass
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/19/2020…
How to Ship a Vaccine at –80°C, and Other Obstacles in the Covid Fight…

#COVID19 #obstacle #vaccines
Let the Institutional Innovation Begin! (Part I)…

#innovation #institutions
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1) The streets of ancient Rome were chaotic and rowdy - the philosopher Seneca lived next to raucous public baths and had to learn to live with the constant row: "As I study in my apartment overlooking the baths I'm surrounded by every type of racket..."
2) "Sounds that make you loath being able to hear: I can hear the groans of the bodybuilders pumping iron and throwing their heavy weights all over the place, either really putting their backs into it or just hamming it up..."
3) "Even when it comes to the lazy chap having a massage, I can hear the slap of the hand on his shoulders - I can even tell the difference between a flat slap and a hollow one. When the ball player comes along, yelling his score - then that's me finished!.."
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#TodayinHistory in 1950, 70 years ago, the 10th Battalion Combat Team (BCT), the 1st of the 5 #PH contingents that formed the Philippine Expeditionary Forces to Korea (#PEFTOK), landed in Busan, South Korea. (THREAD) #History #Kasaysayan #Philippines #KoreanWar Image
After #WWII & more than 3 decades of Japanese occupation of Korea, the Korean peninsula was divided by the 38th Parallel, w/ the communist north supported by the USSR, & the democratic south supported by the U.S. & member states of the United Nations.
On 25 June 1950, the north attacked the weakly-defended city of Seoul, & captured it in 3 days w/ great casualties. It earned condemnation from the UN Security Council. The UN Resolution 83 opened the opportunity for member states to send their forces to defend South Korea. Image
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He’s always been a ‘renegade traitor’... and he’s able to change the minds of men, and women. 😳

#WakeUpAmerica #ObamaIsSatan
‘X’ marks the spot... Southern Illinois also known as "Little Egypt" 👀

#Biblical #History
And then there’s this... #NoCoincidences on the timing of these uploads or the mention of ‘Little Egypt’ 🤯

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A million applause for this work.
Thank you @RapperPandit.
Every #Indian and #European should read this and acknowledge.
Indians have been looted by not just material wealth, but knowledge.
#Bharat #pride #science #Mathematics #Vedas #culture
Special thanks to @NileshOak
#Bharat #India has been lied, looted, abused for centuries.
While west believed #Earth was flat and center of #UNIVERSE, India had advanced #Mathematics, #cosmology, metallurgy and #Engineering.
#Europe takes it, refurbishes, labels it their own.
@RajivMessage - U turn theory
How was this possible?
Explained systematically by @RajivMessage U turn theory.
#Indian historians were suppressed or corrupted for money. Libraries were burnt by Islamic invaders.
Europeans wrote #History to suit their agenda. Brainwashed the entire world.
No more ignorance.
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1. Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom trespassed in burned home for photo-op, outraged California family says:

'This isn't just devastation, this is our lives'

- Thread 9.18.2020… #California #Fires
2. News: Riveting! Steve Bannon Talks Trump and the Democrats’ Lawfare Machine on Tucker Carlson –

The War Starts After November 3rd… #Trump2020LandslideVictory #WAR
3. News: Corrupt SDNY who is After Steve Bannon, Brian Kolfage and Conservatives for Building a Southern Wall – Is Admonished by Judge for Corrupt Actions in Another Case…
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I have so much to do today but if I could I'd write an op-ed on the ways slaveholders & the #Confederacy kept poor whites uneducated, illiterate, & ignorant of US #history to maintain white supremacy & oligarchic control.

So - short thread I'll try to add to thruout the day: /1
"There is but one way for the oligarchy to perpetuate slavery in the Southern States, and that is by perpetuating absolute ignorance among the non-slaveholding whites."
– Hinton Helper (1857) /2
"The interests of slavery cannot be made at one with the interests of free society; there cannot be any legitimate institution of free society—as the free press, free speech, free school—which is not a bomb for Slavery."
– Moncure Conway (1850s) /3
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#TodayinHistory in 1891, José Rizal published El filibusterismo, Noli Me Tangere's sequel, in Ghent, Belgium. Both novels written in Spanish inspired the Philippines to revolt against Spanish rule in 1896. (THREAD) #PH #history #LiteraturePosts Image
As a sequel to the Noli Me Tangere w/c ended in tragedy & a cliffhanger, El fili begins where Noli ended—Crisostomo Ibarra returns disguised as wealthy Simoun to exact vengeance on all the corrupt local gov & clergy of the town of San Diego.
José Rizal began writing the 1st pages in 1888 while he was in London. He was busy researching on what could be found about #PH from colonial sources in the @britishlibrary. He continued writing as he travelled in Biarritz, Paris, & Brussels, until he published it in Ghent.
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His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni-President of the Republic of Uganda.
#Thread #History #mustread #WednesdayWisdom #10milliondreams #Uganda #GreatLakes #UZI #EAC

Bazzukulu means Grandchildren


It is always good for the Bazzukulu and even the adults to know their country. Uganda is the best country in the World. I always marvel at some Ugandans that look so desperate to travel to other countries, almost all of them not as endowed and as..
...beautiful as Uganda. On this occasion, I will inform the Bazzukulu about the few facts I have on Nalubaale (what Europeans call Victoria) and Kiira (what the outsiders know as Nile). We cannot talk about the two without talking about Mwitanzigye (Lake Albert), Kyooga,..
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#TodayinHistory in 1807, an Ilocano revolt vs. Spanish rule began in Piddig, Ilocos Norte, and spread to adjacent towns, after the gov imposed a #Basi wine monopoly that impoverished Ilocano wine producers. This would be known in #PH #history as the Basi Revolt of 1807. (THREAD) Image
Ilocos (Norte & Sur) had 2 major revolts from Spanish rule in the 18th century alone—one was the Silang revolt w/c was mounted bec of the corruption & unfair taxation of the alcalde mayor Antonio Zabala (1762-73), & the tobacco uprising (1788).
In 1786, the Spanish colonial admin began confiscating & banning the private manufacture & sale of Basi wine, from fermented sugarcane, w/c was a staple among Ilocanos & a main source of Ilocano livelihood. All were instead required to purchase Basi from gov stores.
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Review on Growth of Scheduled Castes and Tribes in Medieval India by Dr K S Lal. [#Thread ] #History #india #scheduledtribe #scheduledcaste #caste #indic #civilization #Hindus #hinduism #SanatanDharma #medieval #bharat
This well researched book is a gem for all those who are curious to learn the actual state of the present day STs/SCs during Medieval Ages, especially in Hindu Society.
It challenges and devastates the false extreme narrative built first by colonial Western Indologists and later popularised by Marxists Historians, that Hindu upper castes used to unleash unimaginable amount of inhuman atrocities on lower castes..
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@whoospydaisy1 @Ash_Hirani @LozzaFox 1. OK

So show us where "history is being rewritten to be more accurate Not erased Just corrected"

To enable us to learn Africa was collection of #SlaveStates long before #Whitey returned

Where human sacrifice & cannibalism were practiced on captives

Where most males butchered
@whoospydaisy1 @Ash_Hirani @LozzaFox 2. Show us where your rewriters corrected history to teach you #AFRICANS butchered most of bros they captured as of little or no market value & too dangerous to let live until #AtlanticSlaveTrade SAVED them by providing a market

Where taught you while enormous local slave market
@whoospydaisy1 @Ash_Hirani @LozzaFox 3. Show us where your correctors of history taught you while vast local #African & Eastern market for women & children up to 90% died on forced marches to distant slave markets

And what few men was market for in East castrated first with up to 90% death rate

And show us where..
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#TodayinHistory in 1815, the last ship of the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade, arrived in Manila. The Galleon Trade was ended by royal decree of King Ferdinand VII of Spain, bec of Spain's bankruptcy & the Mexican War of Independence. (THREAD) #PH #history Image
The Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade was a Spanish trading line that traversed the treacherous expanse of the Pacific Ocean for 250 years (1565-1815). This shipping line aimed to bring Asian products—silk, pearls, porcelain, gold, ivory—to Spain, while bringing gold & silver back. Image
In June 1565, Fray Andrés de Urdaneta, after establishing an Augustinian mission in #Cebu, plotted a course back to Mexico, at high latitude. Skipping the typhoons, the current (North Pacific Gyre) helped his ship reach Panama in 123 days. This became the galleon trade route.
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Hace poco más de 2 años falleció la esposa mi vecino.

Durante un largo tiempo la casa estuvo oscura, lucía abandonada, desde ese momento dió la impresión que la vida se le había ido.

Así transcurrió todo el invierno, las persianas nunca subieron, la nieve nunca se limpió
Con las primeras señales de la primavera, una señal de vida se asomó por una ventana.

Un señor de aproximadamente 70 años se asomó tímidamente por una ventana del segundo piso.

Esa señal de vida fue por tan solo unos segundos y nuevamente la vida de la casa se volvió a apagar.
Al cabo de unos meses unos hombres con un camión con andamios comenzaron a rodear la casa y el vecino aún sin aparecer.

Después de tener su armadura de metal, la poca señal de vida de la casa se volvió a esfumar sin dejar rastros.
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MAY I CORRECT YOU @CarlSul80702319 THAT IT WILL BE 6 YRS WHEN @theresa_may @PeterWanless SET UP THE @InquiryCSA .

WHO REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE WHAT THEY, @lambeth_council AND @MaudsleyNHS @MentalHealthGov.

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Baron Charles Hügel in ‘Travels in Kashmir and Panjab’ talks about his stay at Gurdwara Chevi Paatshahi Baramulla, Kashmir. He appreciates the marble structure of the gurdwara & refers to it as Dharmsaal that all Gurdwaras had. He makes mention of Gyani Singh & kirtan ceremony. ImageImageImage
Baron was travelling from Present day ‘Srinagar’ which he refers to as ‘Sri Nagur’ which was the holy city of Pandau dynasty. Kashmiri Brahmins used to call the place as Sri Nagur. #Kashmir Image
The current day Bandipora district is also referred to as ‘Banderpore’ (Haven city) on the shores of Wular Lake. #History #Kashmir Image
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