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The Saudi Govt warned of the possibility of cancellation of this year’s Hajj because of the #coronavirus. If it happens it won’t be the first time Hajj was stopped, for different reasons ranging from plague, war, banditry etc
#islam #history
We pray Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَىٰ) bring an end to the Pandemic before the Hajj season ameen.
I will list some of the years and reasons Hajj was stopped in the past.
865 CE massacre at Arafat:
Corresponding to 251 AH:
Ismail bin Yusuf, known as Al-Safak, who led a rebellion against the Abbasid Caliphate, massacred pilgrims that gathered at the Arafat Mountain near Mecca, forcing the cancellation of the Hajj.
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Check out our latest Retro Report #LessonsFromHistory twitter thread.

1/ @Kinsa says data it is collecting from its internet-connected thermometers may be able to map outbreaks of #COVID19. Plotting disease outbreaks on a map has a long #history, and started with cholera.
2/ Today, investigators use maps to pinpoint the origin of diseases, track animal migration, and even to solve crimes. The idea goes back to a map drawn in London in 1854 by a doctor named John Snow.
3/ By plotting cholera deaths on a map, Dr. Snow noticed that many were concentrated around a city well on Broad Street.
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#Biblical #History #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter
@TRUreporting wanted to share this because you asked if this was a holy spiritual war in the IET interview... see my pinned thread as well 🙏🏻
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#Biblical #History #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter

#Biblical #History #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter

#AllSeeingEye #Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter
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I am increasingly noting that a number of Indian practices seems to hold learnings for #covid19 fight. Some ones I spotted on the thread. RT and add to the list, like to learn others such practices
#IndiaFightsCorona #AncientIndia #history (1/n)
Social distancing - Namaste (folded hands) as a greeting style rather than shaking hands (2/n) #IndiaFightsCorona #AncientIndia #history #COVID19outbreak
Using of running water and mug instead of toilet rolls. Panic buying in the West was over toilet rolls, in India toilet rolls are hardly stocked in supermarkets. Lots of trees saved as a byproduct #IndiaFightsCorona #AncientIndia #history #COVID19outbreak (3/n)
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Please RT #AcademicTwitter:
Let's not lose the #research & #opportunity of @KzooICMS & @MedievalAcademy since #CoronaCrisis cancelled them.

We have the #technology.
We have the #skills from @QMUL_HSS & @stuffofwar.

Let's make a date in May! cushingmediaeval at gmail dot com
Please note both WMU Medieval & MAA have confirmed that they do not endorse any virtual event in lieu of their #conferencecancelled.
Yet so many people have worked so hard, having work +/- contracts +/- funding in peril, that I can't let it go right when we need it most.
S/f 😎
So please take a look at #WTOStc (symposium) + Prof Todman's blog (below) & consider joining the #medieval #History #twitterstorians
because - #QuarantineLife aside - we all face financial, family, medical, or other barriers to 20th-century ways of work.…
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1/ @WHO says terms like #ChineseVirus can unfairly stigmatize Asian Americans during #COVID19. Scapegoating immigrants during disease outbreaks, from malaria to smallpox to leprosy, has a long #history.
2/ Scapegoating was apparent in 1900 during an outbreak of bubonic plague in San Francisco, a disease that was carried throughout the city by rats.
3/ But officials quarantined only the residents of Chinatown, who were unfairly blamed for starting the outbreak. The quarantine was lifted after a court ruled it had been imposed with an “evil eye and unequal hand.”
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@zlj517 You #lied about #US Army bringing the #epidemic to #Wuhan during the #MilitaryWorldGames, at which your #CCP men and women teams were actually disqualified for #cheating.

Boy, have I seen one such dumb, lazy, and #sick man of #Asia? 1/4

#WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA
"#Beijing is #rewriting recent #history to create a #justification for lashing out at the #UnitedStates." 2/4

@GordonGChang @SolomonYue

China falsely blames US for coronavirus pandemic…

#CCP_is_terrorist #AntiChiNazi #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA
"The middle-distance competition was unfortunately overshadowed by extensive #cheating by the #Chinese team" 3/4

@LouisCasiano @HawleyMO

#WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA

Chinese orienteering team disqualified at Military World Games over cheating…
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How to reconstruct the past

My last thread of the week 😢


~ NA @eranudturan #HistoryofIran #Twitterstorians
I got some really good answers to this question on why #reenactment is important in #history, but we should think about reenactment methodology a little too.

The same is applicable for video games, movies and tv, and illustrations and art ~NA
Unfortunately, many reenactors (Vikings) don’t seem to operate with much methodology at all.

I hope these tips are useful.
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Something a lot of people may not know about me is I am really, really into genealogy. So, last week I was tracing one branch of the family and I noticed something that seemed odd. 1/15 #cdnhealth #epidemics #medicine #History
Adult siblings and cousins were losing family members over a certain time period. One fellow lost his wife and their three children over the winter of 1848/49. Then another in this family lost two children, same time frame. 2/15
Now, when you see the deaths of a mother and infant, you are liable to assume it was complications of childbirth. Infant and maternal mortality rates were much higher back then. But then you see the 3 y/o, 5 y/o, and 7 y/o also died.... It had to be something else. 3/15
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America — don't say I didn't try to warn you in every way possible‼️

… you have been warned, 'Michael' is going to be announcing soon‼️

Do you know who you're looking at⁉️ 👀

#Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #History #FactsMatter #Election2020 #WakeUpAmerica
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1-#coronavirus ile hayatımıza bir kez daha giren salgın konusunun tarihine baktığımızda çok büyük acılar ve dersler olduğunu görürsünüz. Yurt dışında yaptığım bir konuşmamdan özetler.

2-İnsanlık tarihinin büyük salgınlarını, etkilerini, insanların çıkardığı/çıkaramadığı dersler ile doludur.
3-İnsanoğlu ile enfeksiyon hastalıklarının mücadelesi çok eski olup, salgınlar önce tarım toplumuna geçiş, sonrasında da büyük şehirler, sınır ötesi ticaret ve seyahatlerin yaygınlaşması ile ciddi artmıştır.
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I’m going to take you on a journey now. How do you make a 15-inch battleship gun? This is quite a long thread and is an amazing insight into British engineering in the early 20th century. The clips speak for themselves. Enjoy and share! #history 1/
Molten steel being tapped from the furnace. 2/
Casting an ingot. 3/
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Over 10 days in the spring of 1945, Army Engineers expedited the invasion of Germany by daringly capturing a bridge across the Rhine. On the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Remagen Bridgehead, 7-17 March 1945, let's talk the #history of the event. (Thread)
It had been nine months since D-Day, and Allied forces had just crossed the German border. The last natural barrier to driving deeper into Germany was the Rhine. /2
The Allies had systematically bombed bridges up and down the river for months, so the discovery of the intact WWI-era Ludendorff Bridge at the town of Remagen was a big surprise. /3
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It looks like satan left his mark known as the all seeing eye in Canada — #DrainTheSwamp 🇨🇦

#TheSwamp #MultipleMeaningsExist #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #KnightsTemplar #BuriedTreasure #History
Oak Island 🇨🇦 it is said that 7 must die before the treasure can be found, so far 6 have died...
Strange Phenomena seen on Oak Island...
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On Feb 18, 1965 there was a historic debate b/t James Baldwin & William F. Buckley Jr at Cambridge University on the question: "Is the American Dream at the expense of the American Negro?" Baldwin says yes, Buckley says no.
What followed was historic.
“I have to speak as one of the people who’ve been most attacked by...the Western or the European system of reality...white supremacy...white supremacy comes from Europe...”
James Baldwin

Baldwin vs William F. Buckley Jr at Cambridge University, 1965 #BlackHistoryMonth #History
“It comes as a great discover that the flag to which you have pledged allegiance...has not pledged allegiance to you.”

James Baldwin vs William F. Buckley Jr at Cambridge University, 1965
#BlackHistoryMonth #History #CulturalConditioning
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#Technocracy Rising:


n. A government or social system controlled by technicians, especially scientists and technical experts.

n. government by technical specialists.
Zbigniew Brzezinski called this the 'Technocratic Era' whereby governments could utilize technology to produce a more "controlled" society:

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An Anthropologist following Gandhi.

In good company. Delighted & grateful my #Gandhi research project was selected this year.🙏
#Texas #Fulbright #fieldwork #researchculture #teachingisaworkofheart #anthropology #history #media #art #global #India…
An Anthropologist following Gandhi (2)

India's first Prime Minister famously said "Don't spare me Shankar" (a leading Indian cartoonist). But #Gandhi did not spare Shankar ;) I wrote about this in my book Caricaturing Culture.
#Texas #Fulbright #fieldwork #cartoons #India
An anthropologist following Gandhi (3)

#Gandhi tapped the power of #cartoons & #public communication early into his journalistic career in #SouthAfrica. Cartoons could be Satyagraha (truth force). His #newspaper the Indian Opinion published and interpreted British cartoons.
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Banks of River Sawarswati, Banawali, Haryana

Banawali is one of the Indus Valley Civilization's archaeological sites.

As shown in the 3D generated image of the ancient settlement, the site exhibited traits that continued till the medieval ages.
#heritage @LostTemple7
The practice of creating cities with elevated citadels which were walled within the city and hence dividing the towns into two parts - One for the military garrisons and gentry while other for the common townsfolk. Banawali was one such walled city.
Contrary to the popular belief the Indus Valley cities, albeit centrally planned were not necessarily laid out strictly on grid patterns. However the centralization of planning is evident in the patterns found across all sites.
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Lets talk about #Argentina and the #IMF. Specifically, lets talk about the biggest IMF #Bailout in #History...
Before we start talking about #Argentina & how the #IMF has extended to them a #Bailout that is by far the biggest in the organisation's history, let us first appreciate what the functions of the IMF are...
The #IMF’s main goal is to ensure #stability of the #international #monetary & #financial #system. It helps resolve crises, and works with its 189 member countries to promote #growth & alleviate #poverty...
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History is weird and amazing. So much of it is full of liars, frauds, crazy timing, and moments where only a mild breeze would have changed the course of it. Who knows how many empires fell because someone sneezed next to their leader and made them sick?
History isn't as set in stone as people say. We've had instances where we learned better, for instance James Wilkinson we later found out was a double agent for the Spanish crown.
History changes as we look at it, and in doing so, we also change. We find that while some parts may have been despicable according to our morals today, we relate a lot to the people of the times because, like us, they are only human.
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