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[Résultats/Thread] #WWENXT
➡️On revoit des images de NXT Spring Break puis Joe Gacy est dans le ring, il dit qu’il a pas terminé avec Bron Breaker et qu’il a plusieurs manières de gagner. #WWE Image
➡️Gigi Dolin et Jacy Jayne conservent leur titre face à Perez et Wendy, à la fin du match, Perez veut faire un Code Red à Jayne mais Dolin fait un Superkick pour le compte de 3. Après le match Choo revient pour attaquer Dolin et Jayne mais Rose arrive et ils la détruisent #WWE ImageImageImageImage
➡️Cruz prépare la voiture mais Tony D Angelo est devant le véhicule et Lorenzo et Donovan attaque Cruz et ils le mettent dans le coffre. #WWE ImageImageImage
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[Review/Thread] #WWERaw
➡️Le Show débute avec RK-Bro mais les Street Profits les interrompent et demandent un match pour les titres, ils acceptent. A la fin du match, Ford veut tenter sa Frog Splash mais Riddle le contre avec un RKO pour le compte de 3. #WWE
➡️Judgement Day fait leur entrée, Priest nous demande de se lever pour Rhea Ripley, elle nous dit que ce choix est le meilleur de sa vie, elle dit qu’elle va terminer le problème avec Liv puis le match se lance, Ripley gagne le match grâce à sa prise de soumission. #WWE
➡️Finn Balor gagne Priest par DQ, Edge attaque Balor mais Styles vient aider Balor mais Jugement Day reprend l avantage et Ils font le combo Spear/Leg Sweep sur Styles. #WWE
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Did you know #WWE Licensed A deal to have A WWF ( WWF At The Time) Roller Coaster @ Niagara Falls back in June, 2004? …

‘BEWARE OF THE #PileDriver’ !!!

Everything ever done in time has been CALCULATED & Has deeper meaning.
‘BEWARE OF THE PILE DRIVER’ was open for 1 whole day, 1 DAY!

It was apparently shut down for “Safety Violations” ..

Also, did you know—VKM has wanted to open A WWE/WWF Theme park for MANY years now?
All the rides in the park would be named after PAST/PRESENT Wrestlers.
Think about what’s happening in the world today when it comes to Disney . . .

VKM also tried working out A deal getting WWE/WWF into existing themed parks in California, he was denied …

PARADISE #GARDENs Park, Adventure Park & Disneyland?

Knowing what everyone knows now,
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I Love The Saviors Of Mankind, Without them there would be no Savior …

If the Saviors of Mankind weren’t stationed all around the savior, protecting the savior, [They] would have destroyed the savior & none of this would be possible …

Things would look A lot different.
It was about to happen, all of it was stopped …

“Infiltration instead of invasion”

Invasion was stopped, Playbook known. Image
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✔ In, Stat s ...
Lay it all out there for the world to hear/see ..
I got your back:

Coming down off this Rooftop.
Ready to bring back home what should have never left.
For the ones wondering about the "Walking Off", think of it as A mini Vacation for myself reuniting with my Ansectors while ALL OF YOU get to know the ones who are still alive & have been Waiting for.

It's A BAG only 1 could protect & carry-on without giving it all away..
Only THE 1 was able to make sure The BAG OF SUCK gets #HOME .. #SAFE
Mission, Accomplished.
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I Walk Alone but I Know that I AM not alone & never have been ...
#WE #WWE Go THROUGH the Never . .

Dark 2 Lights.
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Sunday training pa! Come get it.. You gotta be in it to get it! Cornerman Juan Jeremy, Israel Joffe and the WUW crew Sunday training at #GleasonsGym in #Dumbo #sundayvibes #wuw #wwehalloffame

#cornerman #israeljoffe @juanjeremy100 @IsraelJoffe ImageImageIsrael Joffe Sunday Training
#sundayvibes You may get better if you get train pa! Gotta be in it to get it

#Sundaytraining ImageImageSunday Training at WUW Isra...
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More from Babe Ruth Times pa!

Hey Israel Joffe you may work at FDA, but you're no "Dr D" David Schultz! You guys remember this? Never a good idea to question the sport pa!  #Kayfabian #KayFabelives #cornerman #israeljoffefda #israeljoffe #BabeRuthTimes
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Cornerman Juan Jeremy and Israel Joffe held a good training session Sunday pa.. You gotta be in it to be part of the wheel pa! Get down and train when you can

#wuw #cornerman #israeljoffe ImageImageImageImage
More good stuff from Sunday pa, come train, don't be lazy, it's all gonna becoming back sooner than we all think and you wanna be ready pa

Cmon everyone, join Cornerman and Israel Joffe or whoever is there on certain days and let's get it! ImageImageImageImage
Practice makes perfect pa!

#cornerman #israeljoffe #johnnyrodz ImageImage
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It happened on 21st May, 2020 when those with Korean suddenly made mass complaints to a hoodie on Sega shop, saying that the design of the hoodie which looks like #JapaneseRisingSunFlag, offended them. This thread is my view for their bizarre complaints to anyone who's innocent🐰 ImageImageImage
I want you to think with this thread whether they really have right to ruin other's property that's made with lots of time and money just because it looks like something they don't like despite they can prove no apparent link to the thing they don't like🐰
1/9 Facts
Both #TaiseiYokusanKai flag and #JapaneseRisingSun flag that were used during WW2 have already been abolished by Japanese themselves just after WW2 ended. If you have no problem with Germany now, there's nothing that Japan needs to ban in Japan, too🐰 ImageImage
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.@StephanieCNews and I pieced together this timeline regarding #WWE:

April 9: DeSantis qualifies WWE as essential. Same day, Linda McMahon's re-elect Trump Super PAC commits $18.5 million to Florida.

April 10: Vince McMahon reportedly made decision to tape live in Orlando.
@StephanieCNews Here is the America First Action PAC's announcement.

It's entirely possible that it's coincidental. But as many have pointed out, there are substantial connections between the McMahon family and the GOP. #WWE…
@StephanieCNews It's also worth noting that the executive order does not apply to just #WWE. It applies to #AEW. It applies to any pro sport or entertainment entity with a national audience. The Orlando Magic could have a scrimmage tomorrow if they wanted to.

But most are choosing not to.
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Analysis: #NYSE $WWE

Case 151 #World_Wrestling_Entertainment, Inc.

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#WWE 1/3
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: #Bearish in the short and long term and expecting further losses towards 30.90 - 29.50. To the upside #resistances are firm with the #Fib. 0.618 at 44.44 and #SMA 200 at 46.78 and further above 50.96 broken trendline #support.

WWE 2/3
Chart 2
Daily Chart : An unfilled gap (60.08 - 51.33) exists with #trendline resistance at 64.65. The main SMAs are bearish.

The #Strategy is printed on the image.

$WWE 3/3
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Do (supposed) parallels between #Christ and some #pagan #gods prove that #Jesus was based on pagan gods?
Um, NO, and the #Undertaker will show why:
#Debunking about to commence...
Jesus Mythicists will try to find whatever parallel they can with Christ in order to make him a mythological figure, in order to cast doubt on his existence, his historicity.
As many have noted, these parallels are faulty at best, absurd at the worst. Indeed, many of the
supposed parallels are clever lies, intended to fool a public that is poorly educated on history and generally not willing to check their sources.
But let’s look at their logic, shall we? Let’s look at their argument, expressed as letters:
B has many similarities to A
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Thread Alert: To all my #WWE fans starting up a #GiveWWEWomenAChance, let's broaden the discussion. The wonderful and talented ladies of WWE deserve more television time in the ring and on the microphone each week. Since Wrestlemania, the Women's Division has taken a nosedive.
However, our women shouldn't get television time to fill a slot or a weekly quota. Our women should be fully fleshed out characters on television that other women can relate to in a meaningful way. I don't want lip service for the sake of it. #RAWReunion
You can't put our women in a 24-minute match when their win-loss record says they don't deserve a title shot based on what's transpired in storylines. It does a disservice to fans and the ladies who bust their asses for our entertainment. #RAWReunion
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Dear @iamjohnoliver & @LastWeekTonight team,

I want to express my gratitude for covering an often ignored topic among #WWE and its fanbase, the working conditions. While the average layperson may be focusing their attention on the jokes, I wanted to address one issue you either
avoided for time constraint or because it was a sensitive topic: the death of wrestler Chris Benoit and the murder of his wife and child. As unforgivable as this crime was, it is important to understand that he too suffered many chair shots during his career and multiple
concussions. A former wrestler and co-founder of the Concussion Legacy Foundation Chris Nowinski, convinced Benoit's father to run tests on his son's brain. The results showed that Benoit had the brain of an 85 year old Alzheimer's patient.… The WWE may
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Morning! In response to some of the tweets we're seeing online about @WWE and @WWERomanReigns we wanted to have a little chat about leukaemia/leukemia, relapse and perceptions of cancer. #WWE @davemeltzerWON
Firstly, incredible news about Roman Reigns. Relapse is a scary reality for all leukaemia patients. Either fear of your cancer returning or having to face treatment for relapse. It's great to hear some positive news from a leukaemia patient.
The tweets we are seeing mainly centre around the idea of what a cancer patient should look like.

"How can he have hair?"
"How can he have not lost weight?"
"Why doesn't he look like a cancer patient?"
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To me the dirt sheets have been really blatant with their favoritism the last month or so. In a job where its hard to get straight answers
(and your allowed to NOT name sources) its hella difficult to tell whats what. Most people can see the spins but most people are also bias.
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