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#Zerodha CEO @Nithin0dha does not believe that there's an opportunity to build many businesses valued at $100 million in India.

Read his full interview with Moneycontrol's @PriyankaIyer to find out why 👇…

@zerodhaonline #Startup #Funding #Fintech
@Nithin0dha @PriyankaIyer @zerodhaonline @Nithin0dha says that "The problem with raising money at high valuations is that once you've set the wrong expectations to your investors, then you have to do whatever to meet those expectations."

Read the full interview at 👇…

@PriyankaIyer ✍️ Image
@Nithin0dha added, "There cannot be 1,000 companies with a $100 million valuation because that would mean them having at least $10 million revenue."

Full interview by @PriyankaIyer at 👇…

@zerodhaonline #StartupWithMC #Funding Image
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Our co-founder @JKim_Tran recently shared on how to leverage #web3 to start your #tech #career at @web3inclusivity.

👇Check out the insights in this thread 🧵
Apply to free #web3 learning programs such as:

@She__Fi - #crypto and decentralized finance #defi for women
@encodeclub - bootcamps and hackathons of the latest #protocols
Learn To Earn is when you get paid for finishing a training program or course. Popular concept in #web3.

Examples @Blockgks, @rabbithole_gg, @harmonyprotocol ZK One Uni, exchanges such as @coinbase
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16 نصيحة من ستيف جوبز جعلت من آبل إمبراطورية.

ساهم في تطوير شركة أبل لتصبح قيمتها اليوم 3 تريليون دولار ..

و واحدة من أنجح الشركات في التاريخ البشري

#startups Image
1-الطريقة الوحيدة الفعالة لخلق أشياء عظيمة هي أن تحب ما تفعله، تستطيع أن تصنع المعجزات إذا ما أحببت ما تفعله بالفعل ورغبت بشدة في النجاح. Image
2-نصيحة لكل رائد عمل جديد، قبل أن تبدأ العمل بشركتك الجديدة قم بكتابة قائمة اذكر فيها أهم نقاط قوتك وكذلك ضعفك الشخصية والخاصة بشركتك أيضاً Image
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I have been on the job market for more than 3 years now. So, I am beyond thrilled to share I will join ESCP Business School in Paris as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Sustainability in June!

Lessons--not perseverance pays--in separate 🧵. But now 🍾!
Very excited to work with the fantastic #sustainability scholars of @ESCP_bs @ESCPknowledge @carboneval @aacquier @FrankFigge!
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Ever wondered what it takes to build an intelligent Q/A assistant? 🤔

@OpenAI #gpt3 and a few hours is all you need!

🤯 Yes, you heard it right!

🕹 Built a #javascript wizard using @streamlit to answer all your queries like a human expert!

A thread 🧵

#nlproc #AI #lowcode
@OpenAI @streamlit Gone are the days when you had to spend hours on @StackOverflow for resolving code-related queries!

🪄 Javascript wizard gives you precise answers to all your #JS related questions by leveraging #gpt3's latest code-davinci model that understands your queries just like humans!
@OpenAI @streamlit @StackOverflow I have made the application code #OpenSource so you can just clone the repo and build #gpt3 powered #AI applications for your usecase!

👨‍💻 GitHub Repo -…

#NLP #lowcode #nlproc
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African startup companies raked in over $380M in April across 40 deals, taking the total funding received in 2022 to over $2B, a whopping 168.36% YoY increase over the same period in 2021.

🇰🇪 received the lion's share attracting $275M(72%), followed by 🇳🇬 (8.9%), & 🇪🇬 (7%). 1/n ImageImage
Energy ($270.5M, 5 deals) emerged as the most funded sector thanks to @SunKingGlobal's Series D, followed by Financial Services ($55.5M, 11 deals), Software ($20M, 4 deals) & Agritech ($19.2M, 5 deals). 2/n Image
@SunKingGlobal's $260M Series D topped the funding charts in April, also making it the largest round in 2022. This was followed by @PylonUMP's $19M Seed, @umbamobile's $15M Series A and @farmerline's $12.9M (Pre-Series A + Debt). 3/n Image
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هل زرت من قبل متحف للفشل؟

إذا كانت الإجابة لا

فهذه فرصة لزيارته معا

رابط المتحف :

#startups Image
يضم متحف الفشل Museum of Failure أكثر من 60 منتج إبداعى لشركات عملاقة انتهى بها المطاف بعد سنوات من ابتكارها إلى طى النسيان، مثل "نظارات جوجل، وأقلام بك المخصصة للنساء، وكوكاكولا بلاك، وغيرها..". Image
أهم المنتجات المعروضة بالمتحف الذى سيتم افتتاحه 7 يونيو المقبل:
1- كوكاكولا بلاك : مشروب تم استلهامه من القهوة.
2- جهاز Twitter Peak لكتابة التغريدات، انتهى بالفشل بسبب شاشته الصغيرة وعدم قدرته على منافسة نجاح التليفونات الذكية وقتها. Image
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Senadores e deputados mantiveram o veto presidencial à proposta que institui o Estatuto da Pessoa com #Câncer (#VET63_2021). Também decidiram manter veto parcial às regras de criação do Programa Prioritário Pró-Pesquisa #Covid19 (#VET13_2022).
Deputados e senadores resolveram manter o veto parcial ao projeto que prevê punição para quem divulga infrações de trânsito em redes sociais (#VET12_2022).
Na sessão do Congresso, ficou mantido veto parcial sobre o Marco Legal das Ferrovias (#VET67_2021) e o veto parcial sobre normas para a instituição da Política Nacional de Atenção à Oncologia Pediátrica (#VET14_2022).
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3 things #journalism #startups need to continuously innovate are: content, distribution and revenue strategies.


It’s not enough to want to do everything, it’s how you do one well that matters for impact and scale.
Plus, #DIY articles are not enough to start your journalism business, #feasibilitystudy is key 🔑.

e.g. Who are the 1-20 clients or customers that would pay $100k annually to run my business if my running cost is $3-6 monthly?

Do I have their contacts & edge over competition?
When you get the 100k in first 2 years, don’t jump. Measure!

Measure impact of one product before you jump on the other… what have you learned from one that you’re taking to the other?
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We are LIVE tweeting this panel discussion with @amitabhk87, Gwendoline Abunaw, @KettelThomsen, @Joojin_SFOC and @shikha_bhasin

Stay tuned for updates!

Watch the session LIVE here:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue #TerraNova #Greentransition
.@amitabhk87: The financial architecture wasn’t designed for #climatechange. There is a vast amount of capital available for climate change, but it will flow in when the risks are mitigated. For risks to be mitigated the financial architecture needs to be altered.

.@amitabhk87: If the developing world wishes to have #green, #resilient and #inclusive growth, it will only happen with concessional financing which would enable technology leapfrogging.

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Meesho lays off over 150 employees from grocery biz as it restructures vertical. The number may be higher per sources and could be as much as 400.. Company says it’s not more than 159 full time staff, ⁦@prnvbal⁩ ⁦…
Meesho is the second well-funded, large startup, to go on a downsizing drive after edtech major Unacademy. @ETtech broke the news of 1,000 employees being affected by the retrenchment exercise at Unacademy. All the deets here…, @Ta_rush @digbijaymishra1
So what’s going on & why are these large, well funded Startups laying off in hundreds? 🧵🧵 Let me decode what typically happens in a bull market and what follows after.. this is from a largely private market funding lens #Thread #Startups #Layoffs #Meesho #Unacademy
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Startups Resources 🚀

¡Os traemos una actualización de convocatorias abiertas con las que podéis impulsar vuestro #negocio!
Programas de aceleración, premios, ayudas económicas y mucho ➕

#emprendedores #startups #pymes
1️⃣ 4º Startup Accelerator Program, de @AticcoLab

🗓 Hasta el 12/04
🚀 Startups con proyecto formalizado (‘seed o ‘growth’)
💰 Advisors, formación, acceso a inversión…
2️⃣ Food (Tech)2 Challengers

🗓 Hasta el 20/04
🚀 Startups de base tecnológica con soluciones innovadoras en la cadena de valor agroalimentaria
💰 Servicios por un valor de 80K € durante un periodo de 6 meses

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1/ How To Find Focus As A Solo Founder

#startups #founders #coders #indiehackers

Imagine being able to sit down and focus on your most important tasks that translate your time into direct measurable success

Here’s how:
2/ Being a Solo Founder who has trouble focusing means that you get less done than you want which in turn makes your business less successful than you'd like.
3/ Imagine being able to sit down and focus on your most important tasks that translate your time into direct measurable success. You would work through your to-do list steadily and effectively without worrying you are working on the wrong thing.
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1/ How To Schedule Your Time As A Technical Solo Founder

#startups #founders #coders #indiehackers

Here’s how: Image
2/ As a technical solo founder, getting the right things done in the right amount of time means your company survives instead of crashes.
3/ You want to have a good system in place to do this so that you can get your product out of the door, set up a sales system that works for your product, and a way to generate demand without making you overwhelmed and anxious.
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We all face the challenge of conveying complex information clearly, concisely. Here is how to explain highly technical, detailed, or nuanced concepts without getting confused, feeling stupid, and angry?
#entrepreneur #solopreneur #startups #technology #Thread👇👇
1) Diagram: The diagram shows the concept with shapes connected with lines, arrows, or other visual links:
Pick the right diagram type.
Follow color, typography, size, legends, lines, and connectors standards.
Logically align objects and make them look beautiful.
2) Deconstruct: Deconstruct your concept with the help of a list, stages, or layer, especially in emails, memos, meeting agendas, presentation talking points, and business letters:
Draw attention to important information.
Communicate efficiently with your audience.
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Startup leaders come in three basic types and those in a given type typically neither understand nor respect those in other types. Nevertheless, it's critical to have the right types at the right time as you grow. A thread 🧵 #startups #tech #SaaS
The first are innovators. They love disrupting the status quo by doing things that haven't been done before. They don't need training or playbooks. All they need is an email, a telephone, and a machete and they can survive and thrive.
You need innovators in your early days. They tend to be smart generalists who likely don't function well in large organizations. However, they have little interest in process and industrialization and will either leave the org or need to deployed into new "hard problems"
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#BTCryptoConclave | In a panel with @AabhaBakaya, @ankitw of RARIO, @Ramkumartweet of Guardian Link, @nikhilchinapa of 0xdotTV, @simplykashif of Bitinning and @toshendrasharma of NFTically share their views about the #NFT craze in the world of #crypto, #blockchain | @CoinDCX
@AabhaBakaya @ankitw @Ramkumartweet @nikhilchinapa @simplykashif @toshendrasharma @CoinDCX #BTCryptoConclave | "#NFT makes it easier to claim ownership of digital assets.. That's the reason behind its craze," says Kashif Raza (@simplykashif), Founder, #Bitinning
@AabhaBakaya @ankitw @Ramkumartweet @nikhilchinapa @simplykashif @toshendrasharma @CoinDCX #BTCryptoConclave |#NFTs also help fans connect fans to their favourite sports, says Ankit Wadhwa (@ankitw), Co-founder and CEO, #RARIO
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Over the last 5 years I've slowly transitioned, with occasional painful moments, from academic #research to founding a #startup. Here's what I've learned as a #PhD turned #founder, a thread 🧵:
Step one of this journey, leaving #academia in the first place, was one of the hardest parts. It's a big leap to take, which I previously wrote about here:…

This thread reflects on how everything changed after that.
I've never played #dnd, but I think the idea of dual-classing in D&D aptly describes a PhD-founder:
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Options are limitless to start the entrepreneurial journey. It can be a struggle to decide where to start.

Here is a way to start taking action and getting clarity.

Take one idea and do a 30 day test.

Read the 🧵 to get started ..
First, set a few simple milestones. Examples:

1.) Build prototype or wire frames,

2.) Talk to X # of customers,

3.) Launch a landing page and land X number of inbound leads, etc.

Make the milestones as tangible as possible. Not just getting random opinions.
Next, execute on those milestones for 30 days and hit them.

The key is to execute like this is your permanent commitment.

Focus is important to get a personal feel for the business.

If you’re still working full time, calibrate the milestones to what can be achieved.
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Startup boards can be transformational if built and managed properly. They can be destructive and a massive time and energy suck if not.

Here’s a 🧵 on how to build and manage a board for maximum leverage and benefit. 👇🏽
Understand their role.
There are usually two types of boards that a startup may have: Fiduciary or Advisory. If you have taken outside capital, your board is fiduciary.

(This thread largely deals with funded startup boards.)
A board has three overriding responsibilities:

✅ Hire the CEO (and maybe CFO)

✅Corporate governance (budgets, capital investments, equity grants, etc)

✅ Change the CEO if it becomes necessary
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I recently wound down as CEO of a company I founded 13 years ago. It was successful by any measure.

But leading it was no longer my passion.

My goal was to leave that role and help others starting their #FounderJourney.

Here is what I’m learning …
👉🏽 Opportunities are everywhere and the bar to enter has never been lower.

Focus is needed more than ever.

👉🏽 Twitter provides the greatest entrepreneurial education in the 🌎.

Use it. Build your community of founders and rest on each other when it get hard. It will get hard.
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Startups <10m ARR rarely do M&A.

At $2m ARR we bought a competitor 4x our size. We became a full scale software company overnight.

It wasn’t easy but it was possible. Here’s how.

It started when we were the acquisition target.
I set up quarterly check-ins with competitor CEO’s. And I openly shared data.

You have to give to get. So give your information and ask for advice.

My intent with these calls was to get acquired, not be the buyer.

That’s where the story gets interesting.
I built a good relationship with the CEO of the target company. And he expressed interest in acquiring us.

My plan was working!

But, we were growing 100%+ and they were barely growing.

That’s a problem.
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Summary 🧵 of a crackling chat between @Joubinmir & @PhilipLacor . Get inside the mind of a startup CRO for how he prepares for public events, feedback loops, hiring, grit & more #startups #Hiring #grit…
1/n You can choose to do things or not. Life happens, but seeing the world as your oyster is a choice. As a CRO, how does Philip prep for a public speaking event at a sales kick-off or a big event? Takes 1 page, & draws lines to make it a grid. Those are his 15 to 20 slides.
2/n 1 word in every cell & that's the key message. You now have 1 page with the entire message & that becomes the storyline… add details & metaphors from there. Customer chats are different. Those are asking the right questions with a high amount of listening & no slides.
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Want to make "AMAZING PRESENTATIONS" that your audience will fall in love?

If so, make sure your @powerpoint presentations follows these evidence based communication principles.

🧵 for #researcher, #startups.
@PhD_Genie @AcademicChatter @PhDVoice #PhD #presentation
This 8 principles are based on publication by Kosslyn et al (2012) published in frontiers in psychology.
1) Dont be that person who apologises for a text that is too small. Always go for a minimum 20 point size. Use high-resolution images. Colour hues should be well separated ( Discriminability ). Don't unintentionally camouflage your images 😄
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