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1/21: I was listening to the 20 Minute VC podcast w/@davidtisch as a guest. He threw out an important concept that most Founders don’t think about enough: “Is My Company A Top Half Performer?” This is a critical concept that’s worth unpacking: 👇👇👇
2/21: First, here’s a link to the 20 Minute VC podcast episode. It was a fun one to listen to and definitely one of the better interviews that Harry has recorded.

3/21: Now for the “Top Half Performer” concept.

It starts with the unfortunate truth that most #startups fail. And this truism even applies to #startups that have already passed a VC’s process. Even after careful curation and diligence most VC backed #startups fail.
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1/21: It’s not uncommon for a #VC to chat with an early stage #startup and within weeks get introduced to 3-4 other #startups tackling the same opportunity at the same time. When this happens it’s rarely coincidental and definitely worth paying attention to. A thread 👇:
2/21: It’s a generalizable truth that Startups attack market opportunities. Businesses sell products, deliver experiences and solve problems, and Startups attempt to deliver vastly superior products, experiences and solutions to those that currently exist in their markets.
3/21: A Startup is a simple beast at its core. A team is assembled to build a solution to a perceived problem with the goal of distributing and selling it such that economic value accrues to the provider of the solution. (Whew!)
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Building #startups in public:

It took us 16 months to get to £1M ARR at @yourheights.

Here's some of the moments, milestones, things we tried and fails along the way....

(A thread)

....It all started with a newsletter (are you even a #startup if it doesn't start with one!?)
1. November 2019:

Started writing a newsletter (called Dawn) on what science says about taking care of your brain with the tagline

"Don't waste time with science. Let us do that for you".

Lols indeed. - original site still live.

Mum liked it.
2. Built an audience engaging with our journey for over a year pre launch.

Product development with @TaraSwart and @SophieDietitian happened in the background developing our launch product.

Newsletter growth PAINFULLY SLOW but got to 3,000 weekly readers after 12 months...
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How did the inspiration of @_SocialSX come into fruition?

"A cloud based social media platform to connect people with healthcare providers around the world".

The story 🧵
It all started with 200lbs lost, 11+ surgeries, health issues and community.

I could not find any information on any platform and when I did I had to go get user insights in real time. Having users everyday people be support was 100% better then the provider insight.
So Social SX was created and the community grew taking over the platform for Healthcare resources and information.. and best thing about it?? They NEVER had to leave the group for anything. Everything was in one place at the click of a button.
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We’re delighted to open the #ATIBoeingAccelerator Demo Day with an introduction from Sir Martin Donnelly, President @BoeingEurope and MD @BoeingUK. It’s been incredible to work with Boeing and have their support for our 10 #startups creating #sustainability-enabling #tech ✈️ Image
Thank you Minister Paul Scully @scullyp @beisgovuk for joining our Cohort Two Demo Day! "The #ATIBoeingAccelerator is a fantastic resource, providing world-class #startups with great opportunities to innovate and grow in the UK." Image
"Despite the challenges the sector faces, we must continue to find areas of #innovation as the world slowly but surely recovers from the pandemic." It's fantastic to have Nour Eid @UKAeroInstitute support us at the #ATIBoeingAccelerator and provide his insights into #aerospace Image
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Congratulations to all the startups who participated in the 2nd edition of Max Life Innovation Labs!

Announcing our final shortlists for the current edition
Scanbo - Next Generation Point of Care (POC) Platform (founded by Arvind Rajan & Ashissh Raichura)

CoRover (founded by Ankush Sabharwal)

Lapetus Solutions Inc Solutions (founded by Karl Ricanek)

Finarkein Analytics (founded by Nikhil Kurhe).
The winning ideas are tried and tested through a proof of concept, and successful pilots then get an opportunity to convert their offering into a commercial deployment.
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@WagnerUriel1 @slpng_giants_pt @oatila Estar alerta também p/ações igualmente perigosas q passam desapercebidas e q influenciam fortemente os comportamentos de risco e #letalidade por cooptação, baseadas na oferta de #produtos e/ou #serviços ancorados) em #prazer (pacotes #viagens) ou #medo (#religião, #livros) ex.:👇🏾
@WagnerUriel1 @slpng_giants_pt @oatila Caso 1) #Pacotes de #viagens:
Como pode o pessoal de @123milhas seguir "convidando" as pessoas a escolher seu próximo roteiro de #viagem, nos seus #comerciais de TV (ex.: no canal #SpaceHD #654 na #netclaro) em pleno pico de #pandemia de #covid19, como se não houvesse amanhã, ...
@WagnerUriel1 @slpng_giants_pt @oatila @123milhas como se a vida atual fosse uma #viagem+#festa? Não é à toa que o #filme escolhido por eles @SPACE_Brasil para este domingo (21/03) é “Anjos e Demônios” com Tom Hanks. Só compreensível (mas não aceitável) se o anúncio for destinado a #negacionistas, #bolsomínions e #genocidófilos
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¿Qué es #kusama ? ¿Por qué es considerada la blockchain prima-hermana de #Polkadot ?

Abro hilo:
Todo el mundo habla de Polkadot, pero poca gente nombra a Kusama. El hecho de no ser mainstream no quiere decir que no tenga potencial, y lo vais a poder comprobar a continuación.
⬇️ Image
Kusama está programada con #Substrate , y contiene casi al 100% el mismo código y estructura que Polkadot. La ventaja de #Kusama es que la gobernanza y las decisiones que se toman a través de su comunidad son 4 veces más rápidas.
La gente suele pensar que @kusamanetwork es la red de prueba de #Polkadot y, a pesar de que en cierta manera los programadores realizan cambios y adaptaciones en #Kusama , las redes de prueba son realmente Westend y Rococo.
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Last week, @HarryStebbings had a wonderful @twentyminutevc podcast with @ScottDSandell. In the spirit of @twentyminutevc, here are 20 highlights from the podcast:

#VentureCapital #startups #innovationeconomy
1) Scott Sandell is the Managing General Partner at NEA. He is frequently named in the Forbes Midas List for being one of the top VCs in the VC ecosystem and has led investments in Salesforce, Data Domain, Tableau Software, Workday, and more.
2) Sandell considers his father to be one of his key heroes.
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I have always tried to imagine life with a background music. Since memes are the new background music, here i try to put the story of @KaagazS in memes. A Thread


Jan 2019 – We decided to shutdown @Tapp_Me . It was a tough decision and being heartbroken is an understatement
Being suddenly jobless @GandhiSnehanshu wanted to do another startup, alongwith @1992gaurav. Once bitten, twice shy Gaurav wasn't convinced, he wanted to do MBA.

“Would you kill the Founder for a job? Would you look back at this moment in your life with regret?” ~Gandhi
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1/33: So you want to be a top performing #VC investor. Here are six exercises you can practice as you evaluate #startups that will hone your skills, establish frameworks, and help identify great investments.

Read on if you’re interested:
2/33: Exercise 1: Describe the company’s magical experience

After reading a deck or hearing a pitch, can you easily articulate who their perfect customer is and how they’d interact with the company’s product/service in a perfect manner?
3/33: Only after you understand the experience that a company is trying to create can you evaluate it against currently available options. If the new experience is truly magical and differentiated then it might be worth your time.
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Here are the key findings from @DocSend's latest pre-seed fundraising research covered in today's webinar:…

Thread 👇 Image
In 2020, VCs spent over 4 minutes reading decks that successfully raised. Last year, VCs spent more time on decks that were unsuccessful in fundraising. Image
When VCs read your pitch deck, they will go back to read it to dig into more slides for more information. Image
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1/ Recently finished @RogerLMartin's The Design of Business. Here are some of my top takeaways 🧵 #startups #innovation #DesignThinking #StrategicDesign Image
2/ Innovation is about seeing the world not as it is, but as it could be. It's about exploring really "wicked problems" whose solutions can't be found in past experience or proven by data.
3/ "Design thinking" focuses on accelerating the pace at which knowledge advances from mystery (an unexplainable problem) to
heuristic (a rule of thumb that guides us toward a solution) to algorithm (a replicable success formula).
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Distribution & Growth Strategy @MorningBrew

Growth Hacking Thread Day 48👇

#GrowthHacking #MarketingTwitter #GrowthMarketing #startups #products #100DaysofGrowth
1. The best way to grow is to find channels that are working for you and then double down on that and later you can move to other channels and morning brew has a great distribution strategy
2/ A week back I was going through the youtube channel ColdFusion and saw that it's video was sponsored by the morning brew and it got me intrigued that newsletter marketing has now moved towards youtube and influencer marketing as well
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Intent-based keywords and pages @zapier

Growth Hacking Thread Day 47👇

#GrowthHacking #MarketingTwitter #GrowthMarketing #startups #products #100DaysofGrowth
1/ What's more than articles for SEO? It's intent-based keywords and their related pages. They tend to perform better than normal blog articles that doesn't mean you shouldn't do the article I'm suggesting also include an intent-based strategy in your SEO.
2/ So what exactly is this? Let's say you are searching to connect your Gmail to airtable or any other integrations than the first thing that shows up will be the zapier URLs to help you integrate. This doesn't seem enough on a single URL but on a macro level it has a huge impact
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Wishing Birthdays on LinkedIn

Growth Hacking Thread Day 46 👇

#GrowthHacking #MarketingTwitter #GrowthMarketing #startups #products #100DaysofGrowth
1/ So I had a great birthday yesterday had a ton of wishes flooding in and on Linkedin to be particular there were a ton of them, I really appreciate the wishes but as I was thanking them I noticed that there was a tactic hidden beneath.
2/ You how there are cold outreaches on LinkedIn people just message you the same stuff about there company and just go out selling and it works for many of them if done right but what has also happened is people have become immune to these messages and tend to ignore them so now
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🙂 Hey - have you heard of @RevolutApp Business before?

🌐 Great international transfer and 🏦 foreign #exchange rates, and various tools to manage your #business.


#banking #fintech #revolut #growth #startups
1/10 Hey - have you heard of Revolut Business before? Instant and
One place to manage all things business
Get more from your business account with powerful tools that give you total control over your finances.

Accept payments
online at great rates
Receive card payments from around the world with low fees and next-day settlement.

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Community pledge growth hack by @Commsor

Growth Hacking Thread Day 33👇

#GrowthHacking #GrowthMindset #GrowthHacker #MarketingTwitter #Growth #marketing #startups #product
1/ ok so first thing first just like my previous thread on "Leverage personal brand for growth" where the genuine love of the cause needs to be there in the same for this I totally feel that Commsor have a genuine love for community & it's not just a hack
2/ No intentions here to downplay/disregard anyone or company I'm sharing this to give a perspective from the growth side. so they along with community club shared the community-led pledge with everyone you can check here
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1/ ok so I have already shared a thread on clubhouse earlier but one thing got me really interested recently and now I'm like why I didn't saw and understood the first time better late than never
2/ so clubhouse has different app icons whenever they release a major update, they feature one of there creators from the community with there image as the app icon, crazy right, totally, you can check there tweet here if you don't believe me
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Visual representations for milestones (Gamification) @JoinAccountably

Growth Hacking Thread Day 31👇

#GrowthHacking #GrowthMindset #GrowthHacker #MarketingTwitter #Growth #marketing #startups #product
1/ so I was browsing Twitter and came across an amazing tweet by @mj_makes check here
they have a visual representation of tree growing as users complete their milestones
2/ This stuck in my mind because a few days back I was going through one of the Ted Talk which talks about designing for 5 senses you can check the video here
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While running a business, it’s likely that business owners, partners or managers will find themselves involved in one dispute or the other.

See thread!
#LegalnuggetsbyTobi #startups #businessowner #Advisory
#wednesdaythought #Litigation #mediation #WednesdayMotivation #Nigeria
These disputes may range from breach of contract, employer/employee dispute, shareholders or owners dispute etc.

Litigation is one of the most frequently utilized forms of dispute resolution. It involves going before a judge to resolve claims that one party has against another.
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Excellent #Budget2021 by @narendramodi govt

16.5 lakh Cr Agri Credit allocation&Rs 1.18 lakh Cr for roads

Massive 34.5% rise Capital Spending at 5.54 lakh Cr

137% rise in Health budget

Income Tax scrutiny reduced from 6 to 3 yrs;No Double taxation of NRIs

#Growth,the focus
Hike in Insurance #FDI from 49% to 74%,pro #Reforms💪

#Dividend income invested In InvITs &REITs,tax free

No advance tax liability on Dividend income


#Disinvestment of BPCL,Pawan Hans,Air India,Concor,IDBI,Beml, Shipping Corp--BIG

64180Cr #Healthcare budget-BIG
5 Mega #Fishing harbours

7 Mega #Textile Parks

Agri Infra Fund to be available to #APMCs

Voluntary #VehicleScrapping policy

20000Cr #Recapitalisation of PSBs

#ARC to take over stressed assets

7 Port projects to be developed via PPP

18000Cr for Bus Transport
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@MANOEL17544203 @ptbrasil A nora de Azenate Barreto Abreu, empresária q teria vendido R$ 15 milhões em #leitecondensado ao governo de @jairbolsonaro em 2020, também tem uma empresa c/contratos c/o @govbr federal. Ao todo, a mulher já recebeu +de R$ 7 milhões em repasses desde 2015.…
@MANOEL17544203 @ptbrasil @jairbolsonaro @govbr ÁUDIO-B0MBA!! B0LSONARO PERDE APOIO E CPI DO #leitecondensado VEM AÍ!! via @YouTube
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The #vegan option promises a new market horizon to a corporate system in need of expansion. In addition to novel product lines developed by transnational companies, business operations are launched as ambitious tech #startups.…
#SiliconValley & other large investors are attracted in support of a model that will activate supply chains, market speculations, & trade wars over what are expected to be the resources of the future.…
Financial #speculation has become key to overcome the stagnation tendencies of global markets. Global money management can be narrowed down to some 17 financial giants, collectively managing >$40 trillion in a self-invested network of interlocking capital.
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