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Dayumm he’s getting more messed up He can’t even talk!
This #BasementBiden is really a messed up guy! How the heck is he suppose to run 50 States and territories?! Oh yeah it will go to his VP Susan Rice oh crap 💩 they are bringing that Obummer BS Do Nothing for the Country Admin back
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Love ❤️ this! Love K-9
Officers 👮‍♀️
This video made my day! Definitely a message here that someone doesn’t want that Freakin Kapernick jersey anymore! 👎🏾
Someone suggested getting a Squad T-shirt Yeah that’s a good one How about a #BasementBiden Tshirt? Or a @DrinkingNancy (Pelosi) WHO would you like to see?
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Listen to this very street smart astute Patriot
@realDonaldTrump has done more than any of his predecessors in 3 years than they did in 8 years! Do we want that old Obama/Biden do nothing agenda again?! HELL NO
Think about it #BasementBiden had over 40 years to take care of the issues he claims he will do NOW! Why didn’t he take care of these in his whole political career ?! Because he is a typical politician that promises EVERYTHING AND DOES NOTHING ONCE ELECTED!
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Geez talk about living in a bubble and freakin tone death?!
Are we all seeing this Congressional Representative speak about the most discussed city problems of Portland as if it was a conspiracy theory?!!! Is he like suffering from the same disease as #BasementBiden ? Dementia much NADLER?
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Just absolutely amazing how sooo obvious it is that #BasementBiden #joechina is just an addled brain drain that cannot speak coherently
This is soo wrong! Who is putting #BasementBiden up to this diabolical scheme?! Of course the DEMOCRATS they are using #joechina to reassemble the old regime of Obama/Biden which imo was terrible and did nothing for nobody except enrich the Obamas and Bidens and their cronies.
I cannot stand to hear #BasementBiden even speak it’s like “nails on a chalkboard” he is like those politicians of old that no one likes anymore! Full of lies and empty promises
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Young kids love ❤️ @POTUS better than that Democrat faux elder Presidential candidate that can’t remember where he is or what he is doing #BasementBiden
Snapchat blowin up for our @POTUS Kids like him way better than old doddering #BasementBiden lol
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@JoeBiden racist incoherent moronic so out of touch with everything YET this is the Democrats Presidential candidate? This is their best?
Democrats are the dirtiest politicians ever in history and whatever they plan to do with propping this dementia addled Presidential candidate is obvious to everyone THEY THINK THEY CAN ACTUALLY PULL IT OFF! Democrats don’t just #WalkAway start #RunningAway
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The Swamp will try to bury this but this story is sticking!
This will be the level of corruption should #BasementBiden get to be President and you can be sure the Dems will prop him up
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60 million Americans got H1N1 during Obama/Biden admin! Yet his coronavirus adviser Ron Klein that their response was catastrophic
Yet @JoeBiden has the audacity to criticize @POTUS ??!! Total Hypocrisy from #BasementBiden’s campaign and him and his wife
Honestly just the audacity and hypocritical comments from Biden regarding @POTUS and all the early actions Trump took and worked many months not leaving the White House working with the Covid-19 Task Force has helped our country stave off more fatalities.
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