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Ten things I wish I had know when I left the Democratic Party after I took the red pill.

1) The right is not better. I know they may SEEM better by comparison, but I promise you, they are not better. If they find out you left the left, they will love bomb you. Don’t fall for it. Image
2) Most people just want to listen to someone else speak their favorite talking point. They don’t care about you, they care about the validation. They are just junkies looking for their fix. Image
3) It’s ok to not join a different political tribe. But if you do, it will be much easier for you to understand when bullshit is afoot. You already saw your first tribe change before your very eyes - you know what it looks like. Do not expects others to catch on. They can’t see. Image
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When it was abundantly clear both Trump & DeSantis were going to run I kept a very open mind as to who I wanted. My loyalty isn’t to one man, but to the constitution…to America. I really wanted to go in to the primary with an open mind as to who I was going to back.
In 2024, barring any major delays, I’ll be voting for the first time as an American citizen. So this one is really quite special for me. But as the weeks and months have passed, Trump has really started to make the decision for me. Why?
Trump’s focus on DeSantis is mind-boggling. Trump has a proven record. A record that convinced me and so many others to #WalkAway from the Democrat Party and the left. Biden’s record is in tatters. He doesn’t need to attack a key America First ally.
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Dark To Light: Nate Cain Tells His Story For The First Time - UncoverDC

This is an episode for the ages. For the first hour, we are honored to be joined by a brave patriot in Nate Cain, who is an FBI whistleblower that provided information about the…
Clinton Foundation, Uranium One and more to Michael Horowitz and the HPSCI.

Tracy Beanz has also worked at a high level on several grassroots political campaigns, including Ron Paul’s Presidential run in 2012, and most recently, the campaign for Donald Trump for President in
2016. Tracy is a frequent guest on radio and television and is a sought after speaker for rallies and conferences. She hosts the Dark to Light podcast Monday, Wednesday and Friday, found on all major podcasting platforms. In 2019, she moderated a panel on alleged Russian
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Statement to Congress

When #TwitterFiles reporters were given access to Twitter internal documents last year, we first focused on the company, which at times acted like a power above government. Image
3. But Twitter was more like a partner to government.

With other tech firms it held a regular “industry meeting” with FBI and DHS, and developed a formal system for receiving thousands of content reports from every corner of government: HHS, Treasury, NSA, even local police: ImageImage
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Last October, @scribepub published the commonwealth edition of #ChokepointCapitalism, the book @rgibli and I wrote about how monopolistic labour markets are rigged, and how we need to think beyond #copyright to get artists paid:… 1/ The Australian flag. The Un...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Now, I'm headed to #Australia to tour the book there with Rebecca, with dates in #Brisbane, #Melbourne, #Sydney and #Canberra (no Perth or NZ this time, alas). 3/
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1.THREAD: Twitter Files #15
2.“I think we need to just call this out on the bullshit it is.” Image
3.“Falsely accuses a bunch of legitimate right-leaning accounts of being Russian bots.” Image
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DHS domestic censorship creator Chris Krebs, who turned CISA from cybersecurity to cybercensorship to throttle millions of pro-Trump tweets for the 2020 election, recently teamed up with 2 CIA chiefs (Porter Goss & Leon Panetta) for new censor venture:…
Kinda weird the Washington Post only called Leon Panetta "White House Chief of Staff" leaving out that he was both the #1 head of the CIA and #1 head of the Pentagon too.

Guess they didn't want to spook their readers by disclosing the censors are spooks.…
Chris Krebs, as CISA censorship czar at DHS, deputized disinformation flagging to the Atlantic Council, whose London-based team censored US opinions about mail-in ballots in 2020.

Atlantic Council has 7 living CIA directors currently on its board:
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#ContentModeration is fundamentally about making social media work better, but there are two other considerations that determine how social media *fails*: #EndToEnd (#E2E), and #FreedomOfExit. 1/ Moses confronting the Pharaoh, demanding that he release the
These are much neglected, and that's a pity, because how a system fails is every bit as important as how it works. 2/
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 3/
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Since #BlacksforTrump is trending, and people are posting this picture. Talking about the *Okay* sign. Let me throw some facts out there!
The entire saga started out as an online joke - taking an innocent and widely used gesture and pretending there was a sinister hidden meaning behind it, hoping to trick the media and left-leaning people into outrage.
It's a result of a deliberate hoax concocted on the internet message board 4chan, which in addition to its well-earned reputation as a gateway to the racist “alt-right” is perhaps more broadly known as the home of trolling culture.
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Hello I would like to share with you the most astonishing thing I have ever seen

At this CPAC booth you receive a silent disco headset that plays harrowing testimony from people arrested for participating in J6

Instead of dancing, you stand around and watch this guy cry
What I need you to understand is that I stood here for about half an hour yesterday and this guy NEVER broke character

He wept sitting on the bench

He wept sitting on the floor

He tallied days on a chalkboard set up for the purpise A man in an orange jumpsuit and MAGA hat writes something onA man in an orange jumpsuit and MAGA hat sits on the floor i
People are asking questions and I have answers

The exhibit is a performance art piece put on by the #WalkAway Foundation. They don't have any other comment but you can learn more about them at
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Three major January 6 figures were trailed by film crews, all foreign (Donald Trump, Enrique Tarrio: UK; Roger Stone: DK). Not likely random. Documenting your coup goes better if the filmer is less emotionally invested. Here's the subpoena (& response) by Alex "Leni" Holder 1/ ImageImage
Let's review the timing: by mid-September the machine for Jan 6 was already in motion: rallies, new organizations, talk of martial law. "Stop the Steal" was announced Sep 7. Holder's statement says he started the next week. 2/… Image
At the Capitol, #NeonFilmer, who filmed straight into the violent tunnel fight, is an Italian cinematographer working for BardsFM. Several videographers with better gear, pro stuff, have no known ID or outlet & their footage has never appeared. We called them "in-house media". 3/
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"Once Upon a Time, I Was a Liberal..."
4 years ago today I launched this video & the #WalkAway Campaign.
This year we will launch #WalkAway Social, our own platform to restore our testimonial community Facebook banned.
Until then, enjoy the #WalkAway videos in the comments below!
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This is a beautiful sight. "I'm not giving up... they want to shut us up, but they cannot.: #WalkAway @RealWalkAway @BrandonStraka Image
Straka announces that he'll be launching a platform for the #walkaway movement, so people can share video and written testimonials about walking away from the Democrat Party without having to go on FB... Walk Away Social will launch this fall
Ahh, @JoshDenny did it now... he'll be canceled for sure "there are two genders... and there will always be free speech in this country as long as we have guns"
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There has been a shift in American politics and this is my attempt to breakdown how it shifted & why it happened.

Obviously, this is my opinion and some details could be slightly off but the point still remains that American politics has shifted throughout the past decade but considerably in the past 4-6 years for multiple reasons.
I'm going to be focusing on 4 main political groups: liberals, progressives, conservatives & the religious right/evangelicals. I could go into more detail but I don't want to bog you down with too many details (especially on Twitter).
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#SeditionHunters - the Jan 6 Capitol attack required a crowd. A new timeline of the people who brought that crowd shows: the building blocks for Jan 6 were laid early, before the election. But the attack itself - in some form - was green-lit late, on the night of Dec. 18. 1/
A year’s work showed us the pipeline of #SeditionVIPs who streamed from rallies to Capitol grounds. Collecting a year’s notes into one timeline (and adding a 1500-page FOIA) makes the path to Jan 6 more clear. Read thread for a walkthrough - it’s a lot. 2/…
We focused on about 50 VIPs associated with rallies and crowd-building propaganda - maybe a quarter of the public figures at the Capitol on Jan 6. This walkthrough sticks to 2020, but the timeline includes their origins & back-stories... 3/
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#SeditionHunters - now that his sentencing’s over, let’s talk MAGAfluencer Brandon Straka's role in the Capitol attack. Straka (500K on Twitter) led his “WalkAway” campaign since 2018, widely flagged as a Russian asset. On Jan 6, left the VIP section with Michael Flynn & co..1/
Straka’s story has an hour gap, then he arrives at the E. Capitol just as invaders wrest open the Columbus Doors, races up the steps. Claims he stayed just “a few minutes”, never saw violence. Watch the sync: his video is at L. Full footage at link: 2/
Straka was listed as a speaker for the Lot 8 Stop the Steal rally (never happened), but didn’t go there - instead ran up the steps where Proud Boy leader Joe Biggs was queuing. There's a clear view of Biggs' group just before someone tells Straka "Senators are running out!" 3/
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To all who have panned @GhostPanther's #DontLookUp, i have another set of metaphors for you:

The wreck of the Estonia in Sept. 1994

(excerpted below)

Re. your criticisms of #DontLookUp:…

@GhostPanther 'Survival that night was a very tight race, & savagely simple. People who started early & moved fast had some chance of winning. People who started late or hesitated for any reason had no chance at all. Action paid. Contemplation did not.'

@GhostPanther Re. #degrowth, #solarpunk, & #walkaway:

'The mere act of getting dressed was enough to condemn people to death, & although many of those who escaped to the water succumbed to the cold, most of the ultimate winners endured the ordeal completely naked or in their underwear.

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Apparently Brandon Straka has been cooperating with DOJ and the #Jan6 committee. He has been known to OSINT community for a very long time. Here are some photos I snapped of him in Baltimore in 2020. He knows a lot.
Here he is at the Schlafly Eagles summit in 2019, the organization run by the already-subpoenaed Ed Martin and tied in closely with CNP and Mike Flynn.
Straka is a former hairdresser from Nebraska. He seems to have been recruited in NYC a few years ago and ran some bizarre campaigns before he started WalkAway.
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1/Apocalyptic Christianity.
Gold Standard.
John Birch Society.
Silver hoarding.
UFO Cults.

All share one common narrative…
2/An impure out-group has imposed its will (and DNA) on an oppressed in-group, cast as a victim, and a minority remnant of a lost faith.

The day will come when the evildoers are judged for their sins; there will be chaos; the wheat shall be separated from the chaff.
3/This narrative is what glues the JBS right together.

In-groups: “Christians,” gold-bugs, mystics, skeptics, crypto, rural nationalists, eugenicists, preppers

Out-groups: Fed. Reserve, “Jews,” science, establishment, universities, elites, banks, “Wall Street,” intl globalists
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1. In July 2018 Quillette posted an article by a pseudonymous author named Barrett Wilson that went viral. It smells like a full diaper and aged about as well. Let's examine it.
2. I'm not linking to the nearly 1,100 word article, because fuck Quillette and their clicks. I've archived it so it can't be changed without being noticed.

You can view it in its entirety here:
3. In just the first paragraph, there's a lot to unpack.

Barrett claims to be doing food delivery because he was canceled professionally. His "I upset the wrong person" and claims of being publicly shamed into being a pariah in his industry don't fit together. Which was it?
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(1) Republicans don't actually #BackTheBlue, as became obvious on and after 1/6.

The one thing they SHOULD support in response to the police brutality-exposing movement, is the firing and where possible, prosecuting of the "bad cops."

Derek Chauvin being a prime example.
(2) Republicans have encouraged, enabled and (still) condone those who claim Derek Chauvin did nothing wrong, while also claiming insurrectionist Ashli Babbitt did nothing wrong.

This alone exposes their rank hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty.

It's all interrelated.
(3) The city of Phoenix, AZ does have a case to answer for it's policing practices.

Especially concerning disabled people. That term includes people with neurodevelopmental disorders like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and ADHD. And it includes people with mental health issues.
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Was it something I said? #AZaudit Image
Apparently Dylan who claims to be an "Arizona Democrat" was very subtly suggesting there was vote flipping of 6000 votes in Antrim, MI presumably because of Dominion voting machines. That of course has been thoroughly debunked months ago. And when I called him out he blocked me. Image
No there was no software driven vote flipping in Antrim, MI and No, Michigan didn't use an algorithm to manipulate 2020 election results. Folks there was a paper ballot recount. Its not complicated & there is no mystery as to who won. #AZaudit…
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Before Brandon Straka was storming the Capitol on Jan. 6, he was a hair-dressing, #WalkAway-tweeting MAGA influencer—taking in tens of thousands of dollars in government pandemic money
In Straka’s case, he personally received $20,800 in PPP funds and got an additional $12,354 in PPP money for the WalkAway Foundation
According to The Daily Beast’s review of records from the Project on Government Oversight’s Covid Tracker, Straka is one of at least nine individuals facing charges stemming from the Capitol riots who received special coronavirus government loans
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(1) Actor Stacey Dash spoke to the Daily Mail & as per usual the far left are calling her the Devil incarnate no matter what she says, & the far right (aka the Trump faction of the GOP) don't like her now, either.

As a radical centrist, I get her.…
(2) Pretty much the whole DM article takes Dash's words & twists them so far from what she said that it's pointless to read them.

Just read HER words.

She's right to call the 1/6 riot "appalling and stupid." Many MAGA public figures said that day "enough is enough."
(3) Stacey Dash is never getting off of that Hollywood blacklist but I'm sure she thought about that before her #WalkAway from Democrats in 2012.

Yes, 2012. The first Obama term was all she could take. Like many others, Trump had nothing to with her change of party support.
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