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1. In July 2018 Quillette posted an article by a pseudonymous author named Barrett Wilson that went viral. It smells like a full diaper and aged about as well. Let's examine it.
2. I'm not linking to the nearly 1,100 word article, because fuck Quillette and their clicks. I've archived it so it can't be changed without being noticed.

You can view it in its entirety here:
3. In just the first paragraph, there's a lot to unpack.

Barrett claims to be doing food delivery because he was canceled professionally. His "I upset the wrong person" and claims of being publicly shamed into being a pariah in his industry don't fit together. Which was it?
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(1) Republicans don't actually #BackTheBlue, as became obvious on and after 1/6.

The one thing they SHOULD support in response to the police brutality-exposing movement, is the firing and where possible, prosecuting of the "bad cops."

Derek Chauvin being a prime example.
(2) Republicans have encouraged, enabled and (still) condone those who claim Derek Chauvin did nothing wrong, while also claiming insurrectionist Ashli Babbitt did nothing wrong.

This alone exposes their rank hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty.

It's all interrelated.
(3) The city of Phoenix, AZ does have a case to answer for it's policing practices.

Especially concerning disabled people. That term includes people with neurodevelopmental disorders like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and ADHD. And it includes people with mental health issues.
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The day after the election, I posted a video begging Republicans to not become the monster they’re fighting. I drew my line in the sand - I wouldn’t support them if they did that.

They became the monster they’re fighting. They act EXACTLY like the left did under Trump.
So it really is bizarre to me that there is a single person out there (especially among those who claim to have followed me forever) who would be surprised that I left the Republicans.

You did the thing I begged you not to do.

And then you doubled down on the thing.
So many Republicans have stayed in the party and voted for their candidates even when they suck.

You know why the party continues to suck?

Because you support them when they suck instead of telling them “NO”

If you want them to stop sucking, stop supporting them when they do.
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You know, @PsychicJoshua always tells me I don't give myself enough credit for things I've done. So here goes. In the last year:

-I toured the country with #WalkAway almost every weekend for 6+ months
-I built a channel with over 100K subs, and backups on multiple platforms
-I broke the Coke "be less white" training that led to Robin DiAngelo getting pulled from LinkedIn
-I broke the story of @GabsClark5's son's school forcing him to say he was an oppressor in order to graduate. This led to the first Critical Race Theory-related lawsuit ever.
-I broke the original story about the City of Seattle doing segregated employee training that Chris Rufo eventually followed up on
-I helped train the Republican caucus in the New Hampshire House about critical race theory and campaigned for the bill banning divisive concepts
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Was it something I said? #AZaudit Image
Apparently Dylan who claims to be an "Arizona Democrat" was very subtly suggesting there was vote flipping of 6000 votes in Antrim, MI presumably because of Dominion voting machines. That of course has been thoroughly debunked months ago. And when I called him out he blocked me. Image
No there was no software driven vote flipping in Antrim, MI and No, Michigan didn't use an algorithm to manipulate 2020 election results. Folks there was a paper ballot recount. Its not complicated & there is no mystery as to who won. #AZaudit…
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Before Brandon Straka was storming the Capitol on Jan. 6, he was a hair-dressing, #WalkAway-tweeting MAGA influencer—taking in tens of thousands of dollars in government pandemic money
In Straka’s case, he personally received $20,800 in PPP funds and got an additional $12,354 in PPP money for the WalkAway Foundation
According to The Daily Beast’s review of records from the Project on Government Oversight’s Covid Tracker, Straka is one of at least nine individuals facing charges stemming from the Capitol riots who received special coronavirus government loans
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(1) Actor Stacey Dash spoke to the Daily Mail & as per usual the far left are calling her the Devil incarnate no matter what she says, & the far right (aka the Trump faction of the GOP) don't like her now, either.

As a radical centrist, I get her.…
(2) Pretty much the whole DM article takes Dash's words & twists them so far from what she said that it's pointless to read them.

Just read HER words.

She's right to call the 1/6 riot "appalling and stupid." Many MAGA public figures said that day "enough is enough."
(3) Stacey Dash is never getting off of that Hollywood blacklist but I'm sure she thought about that before her #WalkAway from Democrats in 2012.

Yes, 2012. The first Obama term was all she could take. Like many others, Trump had nothing to with her change of party support.
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🛑 THREAD: The true story connecting January 6th, Parler, QAnon, Russia, and Standing Rock goes back decades. Here’s what happened, who did it, and why.

Additional supporting documentation is available here: Image
2/In 1975-1976, the Church Committee investigated allegations that CIA, NSA, FBI, IRS, and Army intelligence had spied on Americans and otherwise abused power; the committee's work led to changes that greatly limited the power of these agencies.…
3/Angry about these new limits, in 1979 LARRY MCDONALD and JACK SINGLAUB founded WESTERN GOALS, a private intelligence agency. The group aimed to vacuum up and index intel "discarded" by agencies that, after Church reforms, could no longer retain it.…
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Everything wrong with the #BLM #Antifa dressed as #MAGA paid provacateurs staged Capitol Building Siege explained in 21 minutes.

BLM Antifa are the paramilitary wing for the Communist funded Progressives in America.


Capitol police were told to stand down. The Capitol attack was staged by BLM Antifa paramilitary wing for the Democrat party to frame President Trump and his Patriotic supporters.

They stormed the Capitol 20 minutes before President Trump finished speech.
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Rightwingers: we believe in free speech and will die to protect it!

*Jack Dorsey uses free speech*

Rightwingers: no, not his
After the right mocked lefties for half a decade about being whiney, triggered snowflakes, they sure know how to scream the place down themselves. Every right-leaning grown-up on here is bawling their eyes out. It's cathartic.
One of the most hysterical of the president's minions is 4ft 6 powerhouse @w_terrence, a 'comedian' who has forged an entire career off the back of licking Trump's boots on an almost hourly basis. You can see the fear that he knows his grift is over. Kinda sad but also lol
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元民主リベラルからトランプ派に転向した人は多く、その運動 #WalkAway の立役者、ブランダン・ストラカの運営する公式ページ(フォロワー500万人)がFacebookにより全凍結、彼含む関係者全員のページ、人々の声を記録した何千もの動画も削除された。




こうなるともう集団圧力的に「トランプに協力=反社」とのレッテルを貼られるため、企業やスポンサーは次々にトランプ一家と関係を断つことになる。 ImageImageImage
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🗣Family, let's discuss how our lineage is being used as clickbait, and how this must be shut down to avoid confusion, coopting, and misinformation.

#ADOS Image
Entities and individuals of #ADOS lineage have become entitled to using our hashtag or title for their agenda while undermining the movement.

The ADOS movement is tied to our lineage through a reparations claim.

But there is a two-fold foundation of the #ADOS movement. 👇 Image
🗣Let me emphasize this again.

The foundation of the #ADOS movement is two-fold: 👉reparations and a black agenda.

Do not let individuals or entities get away with recklessly using #ADOS lineage as a gateway to undermine the movement.

#ADOS Image
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I'll 100% explain it.

Yesterday, Bryson made the declaration that #WalkAway is not welcome on the right because they do not adhere to his fundamentalist Christian view of the world, and anyone who disagrees with him is a demon.

THAT'S what started it.
His followers then proceeded to fill my timeline with some of the most insanely homophobic tweets I've ever seen (obviously assuming I was a lesbian when I'm not).

He then accused me of trying to cancel him because I pointed out I'm not a Christian.

And here we are.
Here is the original tweet that started it all. I barely knew who he was before this, only that he built a career exploiting MAGA by wearing a big red hat.

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There is massive overlap between the people identified here (Diamond + Silk, Presler, Straka, Bongino) and the “Charter Class” of Parler users from Oct-Dec 2018.

We need to stop taking these people at face value and look at their funding and origins.…
These are the accounts that joined Parler prior to February 2019; just a few thousand, but note you see these same people in this cohort.

Who pays someone like Scott Presler to stir things up? How about “Jim Jones Lite” Brandon Straka and his silly WalkAway campaign?
Here is Straka at his lightly attended rally in Baltimore in July. Who paid for all this? Who paid for Joy Villa to fly in from Los Angeles so she could wear a vinyl Trump dress in the 100 degree heat? Straka is a former hairdresser, from Nebraska.
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(1) So, Twitter deleted a tweet of mine without even telling me. I went to click on a link from a Nov 12th DM chat with someone & I had to screenshot the tweet in a nanosecond.

Does this link open for you?

Note: Subject was antisemitism & the NYT.

🤔 ImageImage
(2) And, a special shoutout to @5thtimeS for saying Walter Duranty.

There's a whole slew of traitors & seditionists in our history & I want us all to remember them, forever. I bet a young DJT heard about them from his Dad.

(3) One of my favorite hobbies is showing folk the mountain of historical evidence that it's actually the Democrats not the Republicans who supported slavery, war, violence, and in particular, actual "white supremacy," and racism against Jews.

Delete this, we'll make another.
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THREAD: On Dem gaslighting and #PortlandRiots. As international attention focuses on Portland, we've become an inconvenient truth--something the Dem Party has to retroactively pretend it didn't create. Speaking up about it now puts one in the crosshairs of gaslighting...
2/...techniques. Dem Party now realizes its months of giving terrorists a pass--and before that years of inciting them--has become a bad look for it. Dems rewrite history: "We never condoned violence!" When you read their posts back to them, you're told you're the one who's lying
3/..& that there's no violence to see. Often by people you know personally & have regularly seen condoning violence in private. Mostly they threaten you. But sometimes they're friendly and conciliatory. "I don't think you're being fair." Well, there's nothing more unfair than...
Read 21 tweets… Official statement from Faith Cheltenham, ex. Thank you to @RealWalkAway and Mr. @BrandonStraka and Libby and everyone at #walkaway who have inspired me as BiNet USA President to announce my conservative status and my vote for @realDonaldTrump.
Personally, as one President to another? @POTUS these press people have LOST it, and I for one would really support a truly independent media. Do let me know if I can bring #TheFaythShow over to you as well as Roku, Amazon Fire and other streamers this year. Talk about a leak :)
To the many bi and non bi people who support bi people all over, I hope you see your bravery and your support of our communities over these many years with pride. It was always worth it and with your efforts the awareness of bi communities increased greatly because of you.
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(1) Like others, I predicted this months ago.

First it will be voluntary services like concerts that require a vax or negative test, then it will be governments, for lifesaving things. It couldn't be more crucial for Republicans to keep the White House & Senate. Here's why.
(2) Requiring a vax or -ve test will do absolutely nothing to ensure a person doesn't bring covid into a building or space.

Not only is it possible to carry the virus before that will show up in a test, the only failsafe way to keep it out is effective quarantine for >14 days.
(3) If a negative test were reliable then no one would need to require 14 day quarantine, such as that the NZ govt requires of arriving airline passengers.

Now, the big problem with mandatory testing is what it can lead to, such as arbitrary detention in high risk settings.
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The world is a perfect place. It’s not because we get what we want the moment we want it, but it is perfect in that we get exactly what we should expect to get based on what we contribute.

If, after all is said and done, Biden ends up as president, it’s because we deserve it.
There were people like me screaming for MONTHS that the right had to do more than just show up on Election Day and vote, and most of them didn’t.

I talked about the hubris on the right to believe that Trump was a sure thing and was mocked for it.

People aren’t laughing now.
#WalkAway were the only ones out there for months begging people to show up for rallies.

Some did.

Many more made excuses for why they didn’t because they were scared.

They never told their friends and family who they were voting for and why.
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“You can stop the apocalypse!”
- Dipper 🌲
“You get a free sticker!”
- Mabel 💫
“You earn the right to complain!”
- Wendy 🧊
“You get to fill out circles!”
- Soos ❓
“You can cancel out Ford’s vote!”
- Stan 💰
“You can cancel out Stan’s vote!”
- Ford 🖐🏻
“Pshhh, voting is lame. Extra Homework just for turning 18? Forget that! The real way to create change is to spray-paint “Balls” on the local Arbys! Btw I can’t stop coughing has anyone else had this?” -Robbie
“Young Robford here is right! The working class should never vote, why, the activity could strain their coal-shoveling arms. Just #walkaway!” - Preston Northwest

“Whatever my dad says, do the opposite” - Pacifica
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Coping, coping, coping.

That’s a word I’ve heard a lot the last few days, mostly spoken by children (literally and figuratively) who don’t actually know what they’re talking about.

So let’s talk about what coping is, and tricks to doing it better, shall we?
When one needs to “cope” with a given situation, the root is fundamentally that something has happened that makes them feel a certain way (bad) and that is different than what they want to feel (good).

That problem could be anything, big or small. The size doesn’t matter.
People usually make the mistake of thinking that, when you cope, you’re trying to fix the problem.

No, not true. You’re trying to fix the EMOTIONS you’re experiencing in regard to the problem.

For example, I showed up at the airport this morning and the restaurant was closed.
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- ALL -

I’ll be at the #WalkAway event in ATL this weekend - will be doing the ‘Dirty Bird’ w/@1st_praetorian, but if any of my followers are going to be there, send me a DM and I’ll see if I can say hi.


We always hope/pray for peace... and that is certainly the case in ATL.

I don’t like The South - I freaking love The South! (Even tho they think I sound Canadian... 😏)

Anyway, hope all is well. Best case scenario = no updates (like below).
As ALWAYS, we are volunteers:

• Military/Vets
• Law Enforcement
• IC/Spooks/PI’s
• Cyber

We don’t profit from the event; we don’t show up to rabble-rouse.

We show up as professionals to protect the 1st Amendment and we coordinate with Local/State/Federal Law Enforcement.
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This thread by @yashar & one by @file411 that I will link to next is a good head's up that there are still a number of fake #resistance accnts just waiting to flip into pro-Trump #MAGA accounts. Much like the astroturfed #Walkaway campaign of a few yrs ago
The @VenusSylbrine account, which has since been deleted, unexpectedly turned from a #resistance account to a pro-Trump #MAGA account on October 16th, a few days back. @file411 has a good thread here #infoOps #osint #disinfo #infosec
Looking back in July this @VenusSylbrine account was posing as a #resistance #blacklivesmatter account #BLM and had built up a moderate following and was quite active at retweeting out resistance related content. #infoOps #osint #disinfo #infosec
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