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120.01/ Week one-hundred and twenty, October 29-November 4, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 119 below.
120.03/ Spot on. I used to get a DD kosher egg-white, fakin'-bacon & cheese on a bagel as a Sunday treat and I so wanted it to be good... but my dreams were dashed on this reality:
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1/ #ChochmatNashim for #Bereishit 5783. Divrei Torah from Orthodox women scholars.

Better late than never. And even then, I definitely missed some from my (ever increasing) list and I will add them to a Noach list (B"N).

PDF download link:…
3/ #ChochmatNashim for #Bereishit 5783
@ChochmatNashim cont.


2022 Dr. Tanya White
Re: Kohelet & Cain/Hevel…
(also, congratulations to Dr. White on her PhD!)
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119.01/ Week one-hundred and nineteen, October 22-28, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 118 below.
119.02/ Thread for the #ChochmatNashim for #Bereishit 5783. @ChochmatNashim

I will try to get back to a normal schedule soon. Hey, it's Cheshvan (kinda).
119.03/ Remembering the Before Times, Nov 2019, when my wife and were on a business trip together to Vienna and, as is our wont, we went to an art museum where, unbeknownst to me, I was able to see one of my favorite paintings ever.…… The (Great) Tower of Babel ...
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(Due to a holiday, I didn't get to post much about Gen 1-6, so here's a late thread about Adam's WIVES.)

Because of contradicting narratives in the Torah-anthology, legends were invented.

The result is more entertaining than the myths themselves.


First up, we have Lilith. Because Gen-1 says man and woman were created at the same time, and Gen-2 changed that, we get a story about a mate who declared she was equal, wanted to be on top during coitus, so Adam hated her, and God disposed of her:


Next, to answer why Adam had to sleep while God made a women, we have the story of Adam being grossed out when he watched God making one, all that blood and organs, and wouldn't touch her

So God got rid of her!


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NEW BOOK -> What is Judaism? A religion? A faith? A set of beliefs? A collection of commands? A culture? A civilization? It is all these, but it is emphatically something more. It is a way of thinking about life, a constellation of ideas.… @korenpublishers
To read an extract from my latest accompanying volume to the ‘Covenant & Conversation’ series, please click here ->…. This includes the foreword by @bariweiss, my introduction and the opening essay for #Bereishit.
Each essay includes a Life-Changing Idea (LCI), drawn from an exploration of the text & directly applicable to our lives today. Bereishit’s LCI is: “God believes in us even if we don’t always believe in ourselves. Remember this, and you will find the path from darkness to light.”
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Here is a thread from my Covenant & Conversation essay on #Bereishit called "The Genesis of Love". Read: (English), (Hebrew). Family Edition: (English). Listen: #ShabbatShalom Image
In Genesis 1, God creates things – chemical elements, stars, planets, lifeforms, biological species. In Genesis 2-3, He creates people. In the first chapter, He creates systems, in the second chapter He creates relationships.
It is fundamental to the Torah’s view of reality that these things belong to different worlds, distinct narratives, separate stories, alternative ways of seeing reality.
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As #Jews, we don’t merely read the #Torah. We bring to it our time, our lives, our most attentive listening, and our deepest existential commitments.
My own beliefs have been formed in that ongoing conversation with the biblical text that is part of the Jewish mind and the Jewish week.
Which is why, to emphasise this personal engagement, I’ve decided to call this year’s series of Covenant & Conversation [my weekly commentary essay on the Hebrew Bible - to subscribe go to], ‘I Believe,’.
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Here is a short thread from my Covenant & Conversation essay on #Bereishit which you can read in full here: (Also, remember to download the new accompanying Family Edition here: #ShabbatShalom
Creation begins with the creative word, the idea, the vision, the dream. Language – and with it the ability to remember a distant past and conceptualise a distant future – lies at the heart of our uniqueness as the image of God.
Just as God makes the natural world by words (“And God said…and there was”) so we make the human world by words, which is why Judaism takes words so seriously: “Life and death are in the power of the tongue,” says the book of Proverbs (18:21).
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