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Perp DEXs have been a hot topic this year due to their ability to profit even during a bear market.

GMX showed us the possibilities 🤑💰

An opportunity to get in at the earliest price (#presale) of the latest #PerpDEX@_aiPX – has presented itself 😊

Not RT 🧵 = #NGMI Image
💠What is @_aiPX?
💠Benefits of @_aiPX?
💠Risk Management for LPs
💠AIPX Emissions
💠Yield Rewards
💠 Other Ways to Earn
💠WHAT IS @_aiPX?

aiPX is a decentralized, non-custodial perpetual DEX on Arbitrum with a focus on risk management and an innovative liquidity solution for liquidity providers. Image
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📢 We are thrilled to officially announce the launch of Batcher on Tezos mainnet 🚀💪🎉

💡 #Batcher is a batch processing orderbook DEX by @Marigold_Dev.

Curious about what makes it different and how you can make the best out of it? 🧵

#tezos #defi Image

Read the full announcement blog post here:…

#Batcher is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that offers batch clearing without the use of a liquidity pool.
It enables swaps between $tzBTC and either $USDT or $EURL at a fair price with bounded slippage and almost no impermanent loss 💎
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💥LimeWire's back outperforming Onlyfans & Patreon!

1st #Web3 subscription platform for creators & fans with crypto, NFTs & content ownership...and you can invest in it!🤔

All content creators pay attention:

How @limewire will boost revenue & empower fans with blockchain! 🧵👇
As Web3-savvy creators, we never opted for paid newsletters, Patreon, or OF, despite our team's charm! 😉

Here's why:

1. Our audience craves crypto & NFT options – we need that flexibility!

2. We aim for more than monetization – mutual incentives are key!

LimeWire however... Image a GAME-CHANGER for artists, creators and their fans! Not only for Web3 but also for Web2

Let's dive deeper:

1️ Mission
2️⃣ Team
3️⃣ Backers & Partners
4️⃣ Platform Benefits
5️⃣ Subscriber Benefits
6️⃣ Ecosystem Vision
7️⃣ LimeWire Token
8️⃣ Roadmap Ahead
9️⃣ Ask me Anything
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Camisinha rompeu? Tesão demais e nem lembrou de usar?

Procure um pronto-socorro do SUS e solicite a PEP (Profilaxia Pós-Exposição para o HIV) em até 72h. Nas primeiras 24h, chega a 99% de eficácia.
E não é um ‘coquetel’, são apenas dois comprimidos por 28 dias.
Compartilhe ❤️‍🩹
Já vi muita gente perder a chance de usar por medo e falta de informação. Não façam isso.

Tava transando e o preservativo rompeu? Ou no calor do momento nem utilizou? Conheça a Profilaxia Pós-Exposição para o HIV.
A PEP consiste na tomada de 2 comprimidos por dia, por 28 dias, para evitar a transmissão do HIV. Apenas do HIV.
Mas você pode solicitar profilaxia para outras #ists dependendo do caso, que será feita com antibióticos.
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Curious about today’s biggest moves in the #MultiversX NFT Ecosystem?

Let's check out the most relevant stats & the hottest news of the day 🚀

@itheum are hosting an exclusive #DataNFT #AMA tomorrow at 11AM UTC on their Discord channel 🔬
@ZionMultiverse published a detailed thread on the Zion GoldPass NFTs 🧵
@VSWatch_Club released essential information on their upcoming public sale ⏱️
@EthosNFTs are organizing The Ethos Games campaign with $EGLD prizes 🪙
@NFTimofficial announced another dApp update on the Perks feature ⚛️
@wwwatch_ shared 4 designs from the Mylitias faction 🩻
@uParkNFT published a thread on their Parking Space NFT Pricing Model 🅿️
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1/ #Yield generation for $USDC, $USDT, $DAI or other #stablecoins has been pretty much dead after #FTX and the #Mango hack. However, there is still a very nice opportunity to generate high yield in #Defi:

#Acumen, home on #AVAX @avalancheavax. A short 🧵 shows how to get it:
2/ #Acumen generates #yield from real world #microfinance activities. It is based in #ElSalvador and that is also its first market. The team genuinely wants to improve lives of the people who live there and they just launched on #AVAX.

How does microfinance generate the yield?
3/ In #ElSalvador, a lot people and small businesses do not have access to traditional banking. Worse, even if they now get a bank account, they lack a "credit history", so the bank is not willing to lend to them. To build a business and invest, they turn to loan sharks.
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(ナチュラルニュース) この国では「#科学 を信じろ」「科学に従え」と激しく迫られ、さもないと「反科学冒涜者」「生命や環境を破壊し、文明の進歩全体を台無しにした張本人」というレッテルを貼られます。

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We recently did a @fantomonftm AMA with @Fantom_Insider on December 15. They tried to scam us and steal our money. All while stealing the time of listeners by lying about their possibility to win a reward. Here's a fun old thread for you guys on this pleasant morning 🙃☕

@fantomonftm @fantom_insider "Cris | VCM" (tg: cris_vcm  / bd_vcm) from Fantom_Insider joined our discord and asked if we wanted to do an AMA with them. I didn't recognize who they were and immediately responded with the following since we get so many spam marketing requests:
@fantomonftm @fantom_insider "As I said right above, we don't do any paid marketing! You can feel free to learn about our project and help us expand our reach."
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🚨 Alert 🚨 The State Bank of Pakistan has made it easier to open an Asaan Mobile Account (AMA) by waiving the One Time Password (OTP) and Call Back Confirmation (CBC) requirement until May 2023.
Customers will still have to undergo a NADRA biometric verification within 60 days of opening the account or it will be treated as debit blocked after a 10 day notice period.
The AMA allows Pakistani citizens to open a bank account digitally using any mobile operator's SIM, and the platform has recorded over 5.7 million AMA accounts with transactions worth over Rs. 42.9 billion.
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1/ You all ready to learn??? ⏲️ for another teaching case, #neurotwitter #medtwitter #neurorads!!!
2/ Young adult who has been having dysuria for several days, who also has developed LE weakness leading to difficulty with ambulation. Did have an #URI last week but feels completely improved from that.
3/ Denies numbness, no back/neck pain, no trauma. On exam, has 4/5 strength in bilateral lowers, full strength uppers, has ¾ reflexes on patellar and Achilles with 5-7 beats clonus at the ankle, toes are down-going. No sensory deficits. What’s in your differential? 🤔 Think #UMN
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HAPPY #THANKSGIVING! So thankful 3x World Series Champ @gehrig38 will be joining @chevvvvvvvv Saturday @ 5pm EST, for a #AMA to discuss the upcoming #launch of his #NFT collections; all proceeds to support ALS research & raise awareness about the disease!…
#ALS is a progressive nervous system disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, causing loss of muscle control.

More than half of those diagnosed die within 3 years, and still there is little evidence showing how or why one gets it…
Curt will join us to answer any questions from the community, and continue his more than 20 year effort to raise awareness about what is truly an excruciatingly painful death sentence for anyone diagnosed with it.
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In < 2 weeks (Nov. 28) I’m launching my 1st cohort-based decision-making class on @MavenHQ. It’s for entrepreneurs, executive-level decision makers, investors & anyone seeking to make higher quality decisions in their business, work, and personal life.

1/ 11 Image
I've been studying how to make better decisions under uncertainty my whole adult life: professional poker player career, work in cognitive science, writing 3 books about decision making & consulting w/ incredible companies like @firstround @RenegadePtnrs and @mParticle.
My clients have to make high stakes decisions under conditions of uncertainty every day.
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120.01/ Week one-hundred and twenty, October 29-November 4, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 119 below.
120.03/ Spot on. I used to get a DD kosher egg-white, fakin'-bacon & cheese on a bagel as a Sunday treat and I so wanted it to be good... but my dreams were dashed on this reality:
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OK, as promised. I'm a rhetoric & political communication prof. I teach classes on propaganda, argumentation & the Dark Arts of communication. I like dogs, democracy & puns. I'm a minor soup influencer. I wrote an award-winning book on Trump & testimony for the J6 Committee. #AMA
In case you missed my soup influencing and you like soup. Try this >>
I'll do this for another 15 minutes, still time to get a question in! Also, I am the undisputed focaccia bread champion of Texas:
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This week's @Algorand related #TwitterSpaces.

A thread. 🧵
Expand all 👇
Set reminders ✅
Let's chat about life, DeFi, NFTs and $ALGO.

Cross chain NFT discussions with @might_be_genius. #ALGO #TEZOS #ETH. 🌈 🤝…
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Você se expôs.
Você tem direito a usar a PEP.
Mas serão 30 dias de angústia?

Não precisa ser.
A PEP é medida segura, que iniciada nas primeiras 24h tem 99% de eficácia. Poucos efeitos colaterais.

Ao final, vamos conversar: PrEP, PrEP sob demanda ou reforçar o preservativo?
PEP é janela de oportunidade.

É quando você examina, faz rastreio para IST’s (HIV, hepatite A, hepatite B, hepatite C, HTLV, sífilis, gonorreia e clamídia), dialoga, checa o cartão de vacinas e decide junto do paciente:

- Como posso otimizar sua prevenção a partir de agora?
Já vi muita gente perder a chance de usar por medo e falta de informação. Não façam isso.

Tava transando e o preservativo rompeu? Ou no calor do momento nem utilizou? Conheça a Profilaxia Pós-Exposição para o HIV.
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ZEND&FRIENDS is our weekly #AMA series. Each series explores a theme we’re interested in, and invites guests to talk about #web3, #DeFi & entrepreneurship.

We're now half way through ZEND&FRIENDS - here’s a megathread on our AMA series so far!👇
2/6 ZEND&FRIENDS AMA Series 01: "Infrastructure", hosted:
⭐️Julien, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer of @argentHQ (28/06)
⭐️Peter, Founder of @yagi_fi (29/06)
⭐️Vlad, Co-Founder of @StorkOracle; Abe, Co-Founder of @DexterityCap (7/07)
⭐️Greg, CTO of @nethermindeth (8/07)
⭐️Ake, Knowledge Manager; Antonio, Dev Rel from @ChainstackHQ (12/07)
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“I’d be dead without opioids,” Garland says. Doctors aren’t just being more cautious now. They’re being irresponsible. We’ve reached a sad point in America when our animals are treated better than people.” @LelenaPeacock @JSG_54 @process_x @NitaGhei 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼…
Dez: “The disruption in my pain tx resulted in a severe flareup of my illnesses which ended with organ failure, emergency surgery, & sepsis. By the time I was out of the hospital, I was being given my final taper & quickly developed infections within 12 hours of my final dose”.
Nita G: “this practice is driven by a false narrative that the recent epidemic of opioid-related deaths is caused by overprescription of opioids & that tapering will improve patient safety and quality of life. However, more and more, the practice is having the opposite effect.”
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Hello fellow Degens 👋,

Max (@dier_maximilian) and I are working with the @AtomDeFi Foundation, now known as the Qonetum Foundation.

Max does business development and is their DAO Manager. I’m a hands-on value-added investor, community moderator and Yoda whisperer.
2 / We're rolling out a few protocols that have been in development for years. First is @PDOFinance. A Post Dex Offering is revolutionary technology that allows crypto projects to raise additional capital without dumping their token price.
3 / PDO.Finance is staking 2.0. A new and improved, fully decentralized staking and liquidity mining solution. The Mainnet is live. We are seeking projects to open PDOs when we formally launch. We are seeking 5 projects for the launch along with a few of our own.
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Summary #STEPN @Stepnofficial AMA 15/06/2022:
* AMA on Twitter Spaces
* @yawn_rong and @Jerry10240
* User growth
* @shitirastogi
* Economical issues
* Why #STEPN will survive
* Recent updates
* Extra notes
* Realms
* Sneaker synthesis
* #GST vs #GMT
Townhall (AMA) on Twitter Spaces
* Monthly event from now on
* To reach as many people as possible
* Format might change for the next one (difficult to go over all user questions)
* @yawn_rong working on dev, marketing, front end etc. (Realm expansion, partnerships etc). It was too much.
* @yawn_rong & @Jerry10240 will talk about technical things from time to time
* Professional people dealing with professional things (Yawn talking & sharing too much)
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🧵A thread

1/12 Ahead of our #AMA with @astraly on Wednesday, we wanted to share an overview on how the protocol works.🔍 Astraly is a launchpad built on #StarkNet, offering users the opportunity to invest in native StarkNet projects in an open and decentralised manner.
2/12 At the core of the protocol there are three components - staking, lottery, and #IDO. You may ask, how are they connected? We’ll cover all the above, as well as the team and product timeline below.👇
3/12 As a user, in order to participate in a coveted IDO on Astraly, users must first secure lottery tickets to enter into the draw. More lottery tickets = higher chances of getting #IDO token allocation🤝.
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Summary #STEPN @Stepnofficial AMA 28/05/2022:
* Last week wrap up
* Third realm
* Mainland China ban
* Next app update
* Energy
* Gems
* Multi-accounting
* Customer support
* Badges
* Strava
* Minting scrolls
* #GMT
* Trailblazer & FOMO
* Panda skins
Last week
- A hectic and emotional week with a mid-week emergency AMA.
- Team focusses on pushing the product out and regrets it got a bit carried away by the FUD.
- Remember that this project is supported by people meeting up IRL as the live events have shown.
Third realm
- Planned to roll out during phase V. #StepN will transform to more of a platform. This with a retail & business end.
- Incremental rollout.
- Few more #GMT use cases before rolling out the realms. Q3-Q4 this year?
- Maybe more than one realm rolled out this year.
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#STEPN with #AlchemyPay AMA 27/05/2022:

* Mission
* Why?
* How?
* Who are they?
* Why #AlchemyPay?
* Recent achievements
* Situation today
* Future
* #AlchemyPay and #STEPN
* How to onramp
* Off ramp
* #STEPN and its competitors
An AMA done with:
* Jonathan CEO of @AlchemyPay
* Yawn Rong (@yawn_rong) Co-founder of @Stepnofficial
* Barndog (@Barndog_Solana) Ambassador of #STEPN

Not sure if a recording is available. If so, I'll post later on.
* Drive global adoption of cryptocurrencies.
* Take cryptocurrencies from investment instruments to actual currencies that consumers can easily use in the real world to pay for goods and services.
* Help DeFi penetrate into mainstream.
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Summary #STEPN @Stepnofficial emergency AMA 26/05/2022:
* Why this AMA?
* Realms plans
* Why would I stay on #Solana?
* #GMT
* Goal of #STEPN
* Future of #STEPN
* Multi-chain DEX
* Extra (API, minting scrolls, badges, ...)
* 👇🧵
* #StepN realm tweet caused some stir ().
* More details on realms. Check out the AMA with @paulbarron ().
* Phase IV, 3 major updates in the next weeks/months
* Realms will be Phase V
* People worried about #Solana vs #BSC
* Realms are meant to capture a much bigger audience than what #STEPN has got now. Most likely parts of the user bases from the partners will be exchanged/merged with the #STEPN user base.
* Realms will provide opportunities for the late comers to become first adopters.
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