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When I was living in the US, I did come across people who held strongly to the notion that the #Jews are specially chosen by #God. And, apparently, this choosing had nothing to do with their merit or personal qualities.🙂
Before I met those people, I must have already known thousands of people superior to those Jews - physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually - and, so, that notion seemed ludicrous then, and it is, of course, all the more stupid now.

God made a bad decision, evidently.
This whole idea of God choosing Abraham, and then choosing Isaac - what basis, in reality, does it have?

The God of the Bible, I noticed very early on, knows nothing about many other great civilizations. Furthermore, he stays frustrated with his own people most of the time.
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Some of the Similarities between the #Jews and #Raafidah:
The Jews say:"It is not correct that a King come from a progeny other than Dawud.
The Raafidah say: "It isn't correct that leadership is from anyone other than the Sons of Ali"
The Jews say: There is no Jihad...1
in the path of Allaah until the Sword appears of al- Messihih ad-Dajjaal descending down from the sky.
The Raafidah say: There is no Jihad in the path of Allaah until the #Mahdi appears and calls to #Jihad from the sky.
... The Jews Delay their Prayer up until the stars of the night appear.
and the Raafidah would delay their #Maghrib #Prayer up until the stars appeared.
The #ProphetMuhammad ('Alayhi salat wa salam) said, " My Nation will remain upon good, as long as they do not delay Maghrib...3
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1/#Israel Nuclear-attack to #Iran is its long wish/plan. Stupidity to believe that“Biden/Pelosi” visit to #Vatican/#Pope is to justify the most heinous brutality/#Abortion& cia meeting with its terrorist #Taliban is to share counterterrorism plans!
@EmmanuelMacron @EU_Commission ImageImageImageImage
2/Israel is insidiously going to shape not only a new #MiddleEast,but the world, based on its HOLLOW historical dream”global #Zionist-kingdom“at the cost of people lives.
So far, Zionists’ policy to destroy the powerful states of the region has successfully progressed by
@eu_eeas ImageImageImageImage
3/proxy-wars through“ignorant-leaders/#Iraq & cia-terrorists ISIS/#Syria”. Regarding other countries, No concern about #Persian_Gulf states,but #Egypt #Turkey& #Iran are major-obstacle to achieving the Zionist dream& #War is the only solution!
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On the occassion of #OXI day, I also want to highlight the personal story of a great and sadly still rather unknown Greek-jewish hero: Mordecaios Frizis (1893-1940).

He was a colonel in the #Greek military and died as first officer and war hero during the Italian #invasion.
First, a little background: #Jews have lived in Greece since pre-Christian times, and the oldest Jewish communities in Europe have their roots there. They were an integral part of society for millennia until the barbarism of the 20th century reached the country.
Almost 60,000 Jews, more than 75% of them from Thessaloniki, were cruelly murdered mainly in the gas chambers of the #Auschwitz and #Treblinka extermination camps. 97% of the Jews in #Thessaloniki did not survive the #Holocaust. Today, only about 5000 live in Greece.
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1/History lessons will guide knowledgeable leaders to make right decision& take a course of action in favor of their nations’ peace &prosperity/amity with neighbors, instead of enmity!
@presidentaz @bayramov_jeyhun @AzerbaijanMFA
@trpresidency @RTErdogan @MFATurkey
@IsraelMFA ImageImageImageImage
2/Those mentally-deranged authority-figures who followed warmongers/cia mi6, faced a deplorable terrible-fate! #Iraq
#Israel hustle & bustle in accordance with CRIMINAL warmongers’ policy to set a fire in the region will raise anti-Semitic incidents..
3/..innocent ordinary #Jews! @IsraeliPM
#Turkey's expected to play a productive role not destructive!
#Iran/#Azerbaijan scenario cannot distract world attention from US/cia #War_Crime/Genocide in #Afghanistan through its terrorists/#Taliban..
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امت مسلمہ میں بالخصوص پاکستانیوں میں اس وقت خوشی کی لہر دوڑ گئی جب نیوزی لینڈ کی “کافر” وزیراعظم نے صحیح بخاری و مسلم سے ایک حدیث (حوالہ نمبر ۳) دہرائی مگر پاکستانی مسلمان #طالبان کی حمایت کرتے ہوئے #افغانستان پر ساری حدیثیں بھول جاتے ہیں صرف “ہواؤ نفس” کی پیروی کرتے ہیں Image
When the Non-Muslim Prime Minister of New Zealand recited Traditions of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) from Bukhari & Muslim (ref no 3) , the whole Muslim Ummah praised her but these very Traditions are conveniently ignored by Pakistani Muslims when they support Kharijites
#Talibans Image
۱ - (۲۱ اپریل ۲۰۱۱) انصار عباسی ، کامران خان اور امجد شعیب کے نزدیک #طالبان کی فتح حق کی فتح ہے ! تو پھر یہ کیا ہے ؟ دیکھیں

حوالہ :

#Children #Women
#Afghanishtan #TTP #ETIM #CPEC #China #AlQaeda #Daish #Waziristan #KP #FATA #FATF #KabulAirport
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1. Just my perception formed when I managed a huge restaurant at the #Hilton in #NYC in late 1970s. The employees included post-Refusnik #RussianJews who I used to let hang out in my office when it was slow so they could smoke & teach me about the lives of #Soviet #Russian #Jews
2. including the brutal life in Soviet #gulags, rampant #corruption and constant #fear. Survival in a repressive society. At this same time I had been directed by the great Chekhovian director Nikos Psacharopoulos who directed me in scene study performing Kostia in the Seagull.
3. The method had supercharged my psyche at this time to freely accept Russian ions. IMO the popularity of being photographed in front of this hideous sculpture is Russian resistance humor. An inside joke.
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We, the #Jews , are the #INDIGENOUS people of Erets Yisrael (The land of #Israel ) . No one can deny it. Here are some interesting articles I found about the subject. MUST READ!
#Israel #Zionism #natives #Antisemitism #Jerusalem #Palestine #TruthMatters @dailyjewish
The second article is a gem from 1919 (believe it or not) published in @TheAtlantic by Harry Sacher:
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1/11 [Jewish studies, you have failed]

A comprehensive list of academics all over the world are signing letters. Letters condemning #Israel and #Israel alone. For the worst atrocities committed to mankind ever.

Ethnic cleansing, settler-colonialism, human rights violations,
2/11 [Jewish studies, you have failed]

occupation, land-theft.... All the favorite woke leftists words used.

Let start with a recent statement at and check the signatures.

Let's say, a lot of self-haters, #Israel bashers and the standard #Jew haters.
3/11 [Jewish studies, you have failed]

David Abraham, Professor of Law, University of Miami…
Holocaust survivor family. Family active in orthodox and Zionist circles while advocating progressive social policy.

Denying #Jewish self-determination.
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2 weeks ago today I was arrested by Gardai, kept in a small room for 5 hours with severely high temperatures, no windows open, no air conditioning, no fan.
I was interrogated about my campaign work, accused of hating religion, asked to disclose information about journalists.
I was mocked, asked if I could spell my address properly.
I was followed to toilet by gard whilst washing ink from fingerprints off my hands.
I was forced to give my DNA even when I said I DO NOT consent.
I was asked about #Holocaust #HolocaustDeniers
Asked to provide evidence.
#Irish police, state @GardaTraffic are trying to bring Incitement to hatred, harassment charges against me because I spoke out against #HolocaustDeniers living in my hometown #WestCork
Their leader is a convicted Holocaust Denier, they are #COVID19 deniers too.
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خواہمخواہ #PegasusProject #PegasusSpyware #Pegasus پر شور و غوغا ہورہا ہے کہ ٹیلی فونز Hack کردئیے یہ کردیا وہ کردیا | شکایت کیسی ؟ پورا افغان جہاد ۱۹۷۹ تا ۱۹۸۹ اسرائیلی لابی نے لڑا ہے ، پڑھیئے 👇 Image
خالص اسلامی نقطہ نظر سے دیکھا جائے تو “جہاد” اسلام کا ایک بہت مقدس رکن ہے اور اللہ کا کلمہ بلند کرنے کے لیئے کیا جاتا ہے اور اسی جہاد میں امت مسلمہ نے حرام کوحلال کے ساتھ خلط ملط کیا ہے اسکا وبال ضرور ہوگا اور ۱۹۸۹ سے وہی بھگت رہے ہیں

#PegasusProject #PegasusSpyware #Pegasus Image
اسلام کا بہت واضح اصول ہے وہ یہ کہ کسی کافر کو مسلمانوں کے اوپر عہدہ نہیں دیا جاسکتا | امیر المومنین ضیاء شہید نے ایک کافرہ رنڈی / فاحشہ / کسبی کو پاکستان کا اعزازی سفیر بنایا ، پڑھئیے 👇…

#PegasusProject #PegasusSpyware #Pegasus ImageImage
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THREAD: (Ashkenazi) Jewish intelligence, cognitive profile, outcomes, & nature/nurture 🧬🧠✡️


Topics: #Psychology #IntelligenceResearch #IQ #BehaviorGenetics #GroupDifferences #Jews

"…the "Jewish intellect" appears to be centered on..."/1
"...An ability to manipulate and integrate chains of reasoning, especially those related to "causality", coupled with faculty otherwise known as verbal and/or symbolic analytics to interrelate and explain derived meanings. An ability to..."/2
"...integrate emotional context with such analytical frameworks as the skill needed to attain proficiency in conduction and playing classical music, acting, selling, and practicing psychotherapy."/3
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#Antisemitism - a 🧵
I was recently interviewed and asked whether I thought #Canada would remain a country where #Jews could live safely in the years ahead. I said no. I explained that, unlike most people’s concerns regarding the uptick in violent assaults against Jews, what...
...concerned me most was my growing sense that antisemitism would soon manifest itself as “progressive” policy changes that would effectively make it impossible for Jews to live and practice their religion freely in Canada. I said it would take 10-20 years. I was wrong...
It took just a week to begin.

Here’s the motion that the Muslim Students’ Union at Canada’s Western University tried to have passed today.
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.#MAGA[ts], this is how you get played.

@EliseStefanik (and @kayleighmcenany, of course) apparently thinks that #leadership is complaining and #lying and shrieking and NOT about proposing solutions.

But then, she's a #Republican. #Governing is NOT what the @GOP does.
.#MAGA[ts], so what's ACTUALLY going on.

@POTUS @JoeBiden spend some time with @FLOTUS because it was her birthday.

No one has a right to begrudge them that. If you have a problem with it, sit and spin. Not everything is about you nor is it always your business.
.#MAGA[ts], the deal with #gasprices, as has been explained, many times, is that we are seeing a seasonal rise in prices that were, for a time, aggravated by the recent #ColonialPipeline hack that resulted in the closing of the pipeline.
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Here, @AmiHorowitz successfully solicits donations to pay for terrorist attacks on #Jews. Then (see next tweet)...
At a conference co-sponsored by Duke and UNC, Anti-Israel rhetoric quickly devolves into unvarnished antisemitism, including familiar anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, and an antisemitic song with audience participation. (More in next tweet.) @AmiHorowitz
Unsurprisingly, after attendees are encouraged to believe & express lies about Jews and Israel — including Jews controlling the US government & sterilizing Ethiopian Jews in Israel like Nazis did to Jews in Europe — Swastikas are found on campus. (More next tweet) @AmiHorowitz
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#Vedic texts suggest that #Hindus originally did not worship idols and build #temples, and it is quite likely that both Hindus and #Buddhists got the idea from the #Greeks.
#India accounted for 33% of the #World economy in AD 1.
#China's share was 26% of World GDP.
India was by far the World's economic superpower at that time.
#Indians sold textiles, spices and demanded precious metals in payment.
Not a year passed in which #India did not take 50 million sesterces away from #Rome.
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10 big difference between Islam and Judaism.


*ISLAM is an Arabic word meaning submission and in the religious context, it means submission to the will of God. Islam is derived from an Arabic word literally meaning Peace.

*JUDAISM can be broken down as Juda & Ism. The English term originates in the Biblical
Hebrew word "Yehuda" meaning "from the kingdom of Judah" or "worshipper of one God".
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How the escalation in the Middle East is affecting #Jews in Germany & Europe - A long thread:

Discomfort is spreading in my Jewish friends circle. Because every time there is an escalating development in the Middle East, they know they will be busy. 1/17
The ones who are not Israeli citizens, but just recently posted a throwback of their visit to the beach of Tel Aviv. Those who don't have a degree in political science, but are shaking their heads at the fourth election in two years. 2/17
The ones who think that Netanyahu is great, those who think he sucks. Those who believe in Zionism, not out of a desire to oppress another people, but because no one in their family has been born in the same country for the past four generations. 3/17
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Do you know why every mauzie on this earth is taught to hate #Jews ?

The richest #Jewish tribe Banu Qaynuqa, who were craftsmen, goldsmiths, money lenders & traders lived in two fortresses in the south-western part of Yathrib, now called Medina.
These #Jews were in close contact with Meccan merchants, supported pre izlamic Arab tribe Khazraj & others in Yathrib in their conflicts with their Arab rivals & hence resented Mohmmad’s attack on the Quraishs of Mecca in December 623, on 17th day of Ramadan (battle of badr)
To get rid of opposing #Jews , Prophet in 624, raided & besieged fortesses of Banu Qaynuqa for 15 days & expelled them from Yathrib…confiscated & divided their property, arms & tools etc among his followers & took for himself, 1/5 share of the spoils.. “
- Ibn Hisham.
3/n Image
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Republicans have relentlessly attacked "Big Tech" companies for "censoring" conservatives

Under pressure, Apple has caved, reinstating the #Parler app even though, for example, openly Nazi content is still readily available on the site. And that's just the tip of the iceberg...
It's hard to know what's really on Parler because the site doesn't allow full text search: unlike on Facebook or Twitter, you can only search for user names and hashtags

Even before the January 6 insurrection, Parler censored certain hashtags, like the N-Word
This was the bare minimum of what it took to create the veneer of respectability required to pretend that the site wasn't the cesspool of hate speech that it actually is

Parler seems to have expanded the list of banned hashtags to include other code words (eg "skittles"=Muslims)
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In 1920, the "Nabi Musa" celebrations took place on April 4, coinciding with #Passover and the Greek Orthodox #Easter.
Amin al-Husseini, who was then at the beginning of his career, and Araf al-Araf stirred up the celebrating crowd with enthusiastic hate speech that day.
As a result, after the traditional prayer at the end of the holiday, the incited #Arab crowd marched from the mosque in the Judean Desert, 20 kilometers from #Jerusalem, to the homes of the #Jews in Old Jerusalem, shouting "Adbah al-Yehud" (Slaughter the Jews).
And a call that later turned out to be correct - "a-Daula Mana" ("The (British) government is with us").
The #Arab crowd shouted "Independence Independence" & sang: "#Palestine is our land - the #Jews are our dogs." During all this time, #Arab
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10 Famous People Who Were Nazi Sympathizers
Read our list to find ten people who were reportedly Nazi sympathizers.…
Top 10 #Nazi Collaborators Who Were #Jews
The truth, however, is that a number of Jews worked under the Nazis and helped to identify thousands of their fellow men for deportation to the death camps.…
Click on censorshipbutton pls 😉🤗
Foto 1 joodse ME? ImageImageImageImage
Unique Soviet Ukrainian film, narrated in English and entitled “No Statute of Limitations” depicts the court case crimes against humanity committed during WWII by fascist collaborators, massacre of Korty-Lissy village in 1942, Volyn region in 1941, etc.…
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As Netanyahu looks to cobble together his farthest-right coalition yet, western democratic governments and diaspora Jewish leaders need to take a stand.
#Israel #Elections2021…
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has brokered an electoral alliance that is almost certain to bring #Israel’s version of the #KuKluxKlan into the Israeli parliament when elections are held later this month.

#GreatestDemocracy of the ME?…
Smotrich was once apprehended by the Shin Bet for allegedly plotting a terror attack to protest Israel’s Gaza withdrawal, although charges were never laid. He once boldly claimed that #Jews cannot be #terrorists; in other words, one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.
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1/8 Hell yeah, let’s redefine #antisemitism in such a way that everything not mentioning explicit #Jews or compares #Israel with the worlds worst atrocities is NOT #antisemitic.

Ripping The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism (JDA) apart.
2/8 -12: Criticizing or opposing Zionism as a form of nationalism. Sure. Where is the bond between #Judaism & #Zionism? Forgotten and completely whipped of the table. I even suspect that the eternal bond between #Jews and #Israel is completely ignored.
3/8 -13: Racial discrimination. Settler-colonialism. Apartheid.
Nice sum-up. This implies that all 3 occur in #Israel and is an open house for the #Jew hating bunch.

Racial discrimination. Any country where it’s not? Hint – black face a worldwide phenomenon. BLM movement?
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