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Today's piece is quite complex! It tackles several misconceptions and makes important clarifications. Well worth the read if you want to understand the truth ~ which will ultimately set us free.

By Marilyn R. Allen [commentary within by Eli James]…
"This essay, unlike the others in this category, is written from the point of view that FALSELY equates the #Jews of #Christ’s time as the #Judahites of the #OldTestament.
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I'm about to tweet a sermon which explains exactly what happened to our churches, to all major denominations. How, why, and when did #Communism begin to be preached in the name of #Christianity? You are about to find out!

"For it is the time for the judgment to have begun from the house of #God; and if from us first, what will be the outcome of those disobeying the #gospel of #God?" #Mark 4:17
Radio Announcer: " is important to properly identify the house of God. Those of you who have been following YOUR HERITAGE know that from the 12th chapter of Genesis to the last chapter of Revelation the #Bible was written about #Abraham #Isaac & #Jacob & their #descendants.
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By Eli James

[...]The #AngloSaxon Caucasians are the "Lost Ten Tribes" of #Israel. Consider them to have been found. This is bad news for the #Zionists.
'For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to #Israel, until the fullness of the #Gentiles be come in.' – #Romans, 10:25.
"Our blindness to our identity is beginning to lift. The times of the #nations ("#Gentiles") are nearly over.
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#MarchForwardMA @MarchForwardMA wins. We have been assessing statements from hundreds of chapters and orgs regarding #WomensMarch #AntiSemitism. We can conclude this statement is the most shockingly offensive yet. Comments are equally disgusted. #EpicFail…
"We acknowledge that much of the demand to ‘condemn’ or ‘renounce’ Farrakhan is not itself a call to work for justice on behalf of marginalized communities, but is merely performative. We are not merely performative allies together in this movement." @MarchForwardMA #VictimShames
The Comments:

"All good. This was the last straw.
Check out We Are March On (@WeAreMarchOn):…"
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Two serving Jewish Labour councillors have spoken out for the first time to expose the “extraordinary” levels of “institutional anti-semitism” in Momentum’s Haringey heartland in north London - thread 👇…
Joe Goldberg and Natan Doron said they had been repeatedly abused to their faces by pro-#Corbyn #Labour members — including fellow councillors — with crude allusions to their race or insulting references to the #Holocaust 👇
Goldberg the council’s cabinet member for economic development was accused by #Labour councillor of “bagel-barrel politics”

Same councillor said academy schools comparable to “Kristallnacht”, the Nazi pogrom in which 1,400 synagogues were attacked & dozens of Jews murdered 👇
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The first (and probably ONLY) #racial history of #America. This is important, Americans. We weren't taught to VALUE, much less PRESERVE our #race [opposite!] and that is absolutely deadly.

Conquest of a continent: The expansion of races in #America…
Our (((enemies))) are trying to wipe THE WHITE RACE off the face of the planet via


"In his studies on the role of the #Aryan (read "#Nordic" for Grant) in #history, the questionable place of the #Alpine race, and the negative impact of the #Jews, Vacher de Lapouge is the most important and probably most direct influence on Grant..."
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1- You all seem a bit lost on Marina Abramović. I thought after #pizzagate broke out, you all knew about her & her background already, but it doesn't seem the case. So here is my thread about her…

2 - Her parents were "national heroes" and were given positions in the post-war Yugoslav government.
On her own words, her family had been "Red bourgeoisie."…

3- She spent various years with her very religious grandmother, going to church and performing all the necessary 'rituals'.
Seems part of this rituals include a lot of whipping, pain, drawing blood, etc.

Her great-uncle was Varnava, of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

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"No representative Jew has ever approached us with a #denial of the #truth of what has been stated in this paper. Neither has any unrepresentative Jew.
"The chief objection made against the publication of the facts is always stated in this form: "What you say is true. Certain Jews are guilty of the things you charge. But why do you say 'Jew'?
"Why do you not say Al Wood, Morris Gest, Louis Marshall, Samuel Untermyer, Edward Lauterbach, Felix Warburg -- why not let it go with these men's names, why say 'Jew'? When you say 'Jew,' it sounds as if you blamed all the Jews."
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"The Jewish Question has existed for a long time, as the Jew knows and admits, and is a consequence of certain un-Jewish, or rather un-Israelitish ideas held by Jewish persons of power.
"The disability under which the Jew labors is that he is not a Jew, properly speaking, and does not desire to be. Just at that point is the soil and the root of the Jewish Question.
"Tackling the Jewish Question is not congenial work.
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"Back of the little wattle #church rose the great #Tor, which was a #Druidic Gorsedd, or 'High Place of #Worship', a hand-piled mound of earth vaster in its dimensions than the Pyramid of Egypt.
"To this day the terraces that wind around the #Gorsedd to its summit can be traced. On such eminences the #Druids had their #astronomical observatories from which they studied the heavens.
"In this knowledge, #Greek and #Roman alike extolled the #Druids as the greatest teachers of this complicated science.
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It's my pleasure. Thank y😇u!

Wait till you see where this is going...truly amazing
"From Morlaix in #Brittany it is a short step to #Cornwall in #Britain. The route from #Marseilles must have been known well to #Joseph. It was that of his fellow traders, seeking ore.
"From #Cornwall an #ancient road led to the mines of Mendip, remains of which exist. Alviragus's reception of St. #Joseph suggests a very possible previous acquaintance.
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[I'm confused! If Jesus was crucified on Friday, and Sabbath was on Saturday that would be the next day. NOT THREE as the author asserts. Also, the women would not have waited 3 days to tend to Jesus' body & properly annoint. The author got this wrong.]
[Let me figure this out before I continue.]
"On what day was Yahshua crucified? This will indeed surprise you. One thing is certain: He was not crucified on a Friday!"

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"IT was Edmund Burke who wrote, 'People will not look forward to #posterity who never look backward to their #ancestors',
"and it is certainly #true to say that only a very real knowledge of what #God has done for and through the #British #race in the days that are past can give #confidence and #courage with which to face the unknown in this #era of #crisis and #tragedy.
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"...#historians have been the worst offenders in erecting barriers to the #truth, subscribing to the unsupportable belief that #Britain, for centuries before and after A.D. 36,
"was an island populated by wild #savages, painted #barbarians completely devoid of #culture and #religious conscience.
"Nonchalantly, the reporters wrote off those #majestic years as being steeped in #myth, #legend and #folklore.
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This 👉

Also, that narrative was set by white male writers who are well-paid and do not face strictures women, POC and others who Trump has targeted face.

If @HillaryClinton were POTUS, I could have just fought #cancer. Instead I've been threatened with losing #ACA daily.
If you're claiming Trump wasn't that bad in 2017, you missed #NeilGorsuch--the youngest #SCOTUS justice who'll be on the court for 40yrs if he stays to be #RuthBaderGinsburg's age--being ensconced in a stolen seat instead of one of the women or POC on @HillaryClinton's list.
If you're claiming Trump didn't do that much damage, you don't know any women who use birth control, who might be raped, who might want to have a baby or not, who might have been sexually assaulted on campus or at work.

Trump made the lives of all these women much harder.
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Whore of Babylon // Hortus deliciarum

FAKE #Israel aka Jews
Today's "sermon" is REVELATORY and should include lots of artwork. We Whites & our nations really are #Israel/Israelites -- and that's WHY the #Jews have been trying so hard to kill us off and destroy our nations.

"In some other lessons, I have traced for you some of the many references to #Israel in the #NewTestament. This shows that the #NewTestament is as much an #Israel book as the #OldTestament is.
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"#Germany Must Perish!" is a book written by the #Jewish businessman Theodore Newman #Kaufman in 1941, which advocates for the #genocide of the #German people. (Part 1) #NWO #Europe #Racism #Zionism #GermanGenocide #RefugeesWelcome
"#Germany Must Perish!" is a book written by the #Jewish businessman Theodore Newman #Kaufman in 1941, which advocates for the #genocide of the #German people. (Part 2) #NWO #Europe #Racism #Zionism #Invasion #HootonPlan #KaufmanPlan #KalergiPlan #GermanGenocide #RefugeesWelcome
During #WWII, three Jews proposed to eradicate the #GermanPeople by invading us with hordes of non #European male #immigrants. We're now in the final stages of that plan. Will we #Germans fight back, or will we let ourselves die out? 1 #Germany #UrsulaHaverbeck #RefugeesWelcome
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I've learned that #Jews don't dispute that #AngloSaxons, #Scandinavian & Teutonic peoples ARE the TEN Tribes of #Israel. But around 1690s English #Jews made DEAL$ w/leadership to trick the world into believing #Jews were the TWO tribes of #Judah -- which they are NOT.
Big surprise! -- the Southern Kingdom's TWO Tribes of Judah (Judah & Benjamin) are the select tribes who's Covenant with God implies WORLD-RULE and RETURNING TO PALESTINE.
I shall now share excerpts of YOUR HERITAGE (our birthright), that #Jews have attempted to steal, specifically relating to the southern tribes of #Judah,
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1/ Manu (The progenitor of Humankind)
All different races of Mankind are derived from Manu and Shradha. The current Manu is Vaivasvata Manu.
2/ The word Manu literary means man but it is a title given to the progenitor of mankind. According to Hindu Puranas there are many kalpas (One day of Lord Brahma the creator) and each Kalpa has 14 manvantara and each manvatara has one manu. So basically each Kalpa has 14 Manus.
3/ The current manu of the present manvantara is Shraddhadeva or Vaivasvata Manu of this current Kalpa. He is the son of Vivasvat (Probably Surya) and is therefore also known as Manu-vaivasvata.
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01] Thread: What is this world’s Greatest Lie?

Israel. Yes, ISRAEL!

Let’s begin by using simple logic. God changed Jacob’s name to #Israel and he had 12 sons. Joseph’s inheritance was split to his two sons. You have 13 tribes.

02] 10 tribes were scattered in ancient times by the Assyrians. In today’s world, we have the descendants of those 13 tribes, and #God knows who they are. They are not living in Palestine right now, okay? That is number one.

03] Next, there is no excuse for people and especially Christians not to have done their research to know that the #Khazars converted to Babylonian Talmudism which replaced Judaism. These #Khazarians are the #Zionists who took over Palestine and renamed it #Israel.

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