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Today Kim Prather (@kprather88) gifted a #CorsiRosenthalBox to the @WhiteHouse, as part of her outreach on the importance of cleaning the air to prevent transmission of SARS-CoV2. Nicknamed “Air Force One,” it was presented to @WHOSTP by Prather and @MarinaC_Dyb of @UConn. Image
C-R air filtration boxes are made from a box fan, MERV-13 filters & duct tape. The low-cost, DIY boxes can filter the air for up to six months. Prather also led the effort to build 250 for @UCSanDiego as part of the university’s #ReturnToLearn initiative:
The “Air Force One” C-R box given to the @WhiteHouse was built by 5th graders from Noah Webster MicroSociety Magnet School in Hartford, CT. Image
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#CHSIAQ2022. Representative Don Beyer (Northern VA @RepDonBeyer). Introduced the Airborne Act (… I think). One of the key dimensions of congressional oversight is viruses/respiratory illness.
#CHSIAQ2022. @RepDonBeyer: Imperative to improve indoor air quality. We need to make improvements to filtration and ventilation. Noted in South East Asia trip everyone wore a mask. The masks he sees at this conference are probably the last he will see today.
#CHSIAQ2022. @RepDonBeyer: Knows that upgrading HVAC is costly. Act provides $1/ft2 for HVAC assessment. Incentives the building owners to upgrade equipment to meet ASHRAE 62.1 guidelines (MERV13). Tax credit is $5/ft2 for air filters and $50/ft2 for HVAC upgrades.
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#CHSIAQ2022. Ana Rule. What is the role of surface cleaning indoors?

We are abusing disinfectant use. We have overused chemicals that are meant for periodic use, contributing to bad indoor air. We know soap and water are highly effective. 1/
#CHSIAQ2022. Ana Rule. EPA list of N disinfectants doesn't include soap and water. Were 631 approved on 9/7/22. There is no premarket safety analysis. Over 250 products are quintenary ammonium compounds.

Quintenary ammonium irritates the lungs and skin. 2/
#CHSIAQ2022. Ana Rule. Quintenary ammonium led to mice having reproductive issues.

False arguments used to support indoor quintenary ammonium use (pH, everyone is using them). EPA should be talking about this. 3/
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#CHSIAQ2022. @kprather88: "How can we SAFELY re-open (and keep open) schools (and protect our kids, staff, teachers, and families."

#CHSIAQ2022. @kprather88: Proudly accepts the title of an aerosol activist.

1) Make indoor air as clean as outdoor air.
2) How do we get to off ramps? While keeping kids safe (including from Long COVID).

#CHSIAQ2022. @kprather88: When you walk into a building you see hand sanitizer everywhere. You don't see air improvements. (same as from the EPA website).

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#CHSIAQ2022. Dr. Alejandra Nunez, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Mobile Sources, Office of Air and Radiation. We need increase focus investment on filtration and ventilation. As we do that we need to meet communities were they are and uplift all communities. 1/
#CHSIAQ2022. Alejandra Nunez: Mold, radon, chemicals all issues in the indoor places where we spend 90% of our time. A lot of people in the regulatory arm of EPA have outdoor background/familiarity, not as much for the indoor environment. 2/
#CHSIAQ2022. Alejandra Nunez: There is more and more information of the effect of IAQ on indoors (like schools). We need more research to "fully monetize" the effects of IAQ and improvements to IAQ. Investments make economic sense. 3/
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#CHSIAQ2022. Katherine Walsh from Boston Public Schools. Will there be a regulation for IAQ in schools. @ashishkjha46: States tend to regulate schools. The federal government does not regulate schools. Tools like IA monitors can push this a long way. But state can push. 1/
#CHSIAQ2022. Question: how can we encourage school districts to accept money to improve IAQ. @ashishkjha46: There are still people who don't think about IAQ. Government is trying to make it easy as possible. Schools capacity is limited in some cases. 2/
#CHSIAQ2022. @Don_Milton question: information has been powerful in other public health issues. Can we work on building labeling for people to know how buildings are operating and educate people. Empower people so they put pressure on building owners. 3/
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If any conference was going to do it right it would be #CHSIAQ2022

I’m super appreciative that I can safely be in person and even sip my coffee!

That lamp kills germs that float above our heads. The building has MERV15 filters. Everyone is masked. Everyone tested this morning. Image
And these little lamps shine low-wavelength light that is safe for people but can kill germs.

Way to go @JHSPH_CHS Image
Fun facts from the speakers:

There’s a linear relationship between co2 levels and cognitive function. More co2 makes it harder to think. The same is true for particulate matter.

Clean air is good for students and employees beyond protecting against infectious disease.
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My first in person science meeting in three years.

National strategy for improving indoor air quality.

I will live tweet today on this thread.

Thanks for organizing @polsiewski! Image
Why did I choose to attend this conference?

1) Mandatory: a) masks, b) COVID tests (not checked), c) vaccinations (not checked)

2) MERV 15 filtration along with 3, 222 nm and 4 254 nm systems around room.

(not sure about ventilation, my CO2 meter went to school) 2/
@ashishkjha introduces the indoor air. Compares IAQ to waterborne diseases. We no longer ask people to boil water daily (me: well except in Jackson) to make water safe. We need to do the same for IAQ, improve IAQ with a systemic fix that improves IAQ (not masks).

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