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Wow. It's almost like DOC bought an ad in the Globe.

The Editorial Board is wrong and willfully ignorant.

1) The Moratorium would not stop renovations or repairs.

2) The Disability Law Center has endorsed the House Language:…
3) The Ripples report has been rejected & delegitimized by everybody but DOC - including researchers:

And PLS:…

& of course us as formerly incarcerated and directly affected women - including women who have lived inside Framingham Image
4) Ripples Report got basic facts about the criminal legal system wrong - like claiming Primary Caretakers, a law that allows parents to ask for community-based sentences, never passed.

It's a bad joke that you've made the basis of the Board's opinion… Image
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I was recently a guest on More Life: The Reentry Podcast and asked to discuss person-centered language: To me, being person-centered transcends language. It's about centering humanity when we discuss the U.S. carceral system and its impacts
A thread 🧵
In 2019, I was tasked by @PrisonersFC to explore person-centered language for the Advocacy in Action Coalition. For the white paper, linked here, we interviewed formerly incarcerated people, activists, and people who have had loved ones incarcerated.
In the white paper, we explore “crime-focused labels” and present humanizing alternatives. We also note that it is important to empower through choice. One activist I spoke with identified as a prison survivor because of the profound impacts incarceration had on her life.
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Deb Kilroy appreciation tweet #RebLawAu
abolition is an everyday practice. It opens up so much possibility. Prisons are not sites of accountability. What about the murderers and rapists? Welp, the current system does not stop murder and rape. #RebLawAu
abolition stands counter to reformism, says Alison Whittaker. Reformist changes try to change conditions in prisons rather than challenging the legitimacy of prisons and carceral logics. Tinkering at the edges. #RebLawAu
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The panel is starting now!

Follow this 🧵for live-tweeting and quotes.

Drug policies are a feminist issue. Feminism must be at the heart of drug policies.

#FeministRealities #WomenUseDrugs #FreeHer
@DawnRHarrington from @freeheartsorg:

'We hope this conversation is a call to action to join the movement to end the incarceration of women and girls across the world'

#FeministFestival #FreeHer #WomenUseDrugs @AWID
@DawnRHarrington @freeheartsorg @AWID 97% of all attendants think that #prisons are *not* designed to accomodate women and gender-non conforming people

#FeministRealities #WomenUseDrugs #FreeHer
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As the women in Adelaide Women’s prison have gone into extreme lock down due to a suspected Covid case this is how the news choose to report it:
"As a precaution, a number of close contacts at the facility are isolating while they await coronavirus test results. Among them is murderer Wendie-Sue Dent, who killed her 61-year-old partner by giving him an overdose of her own medication in 2015."…
FFS! Wendie Dent is a human being first. A human being who is scared because she might have Covid-19 and she’s in prison with no access to medicare funded health services. This is absolutely disgusting reporting...which of course doesn't surprise me...
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I went to the cemetery to visit my grandparents graves. They were like parents to me after my mum was killed. It had been years since I had been able to go due to prison.

And in one big swoop all of the memories fell out of me like autumn leaves being scattered by the wind...
And as I bent to scoop them all up in my arms to hold against my heart: one by one, I dropped a tear for each memory...and found myself trying to remember the feeling of my grandmother stroking my hair. When I suddenly realised I couldn’t remember her voice. I just can’t anymore
And then, in the middle of my grief, I realised that I was so grateful they didn’t live to see what “I had become”

That made me even more sad because I saw myself through the world’s eyes as the deviant the colony imagined and constructed.
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If I told you that no matter how many times I said I'm sorry, no matter how much good I had done since that time, it wouldn’t even matter, people would still judge me on what they think they know about me & my offending...
...& then they would hold that against me for an indefinite period, I really hope you’d be angry for me
Let me be very clear, the state wields it’s authority in a way that replicates abusive relationships. Sometimes that abuse ends in death, and always it results in scarring. No one walks away from this system unharmed.
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To my non-Aboriginal friends,
please check in on your blak friends. Many of us are not ok right now. If you want to help, give money to the Aboriginal families running campaigns to fight for justice for those we have lost through deaths in custody. 1/5
Donate to @DebKilroy’s #FreeHer campaign to get women out of custody. Educate yourselves more. Stay in your lane and remember your privileges and weaponise them, for goodness sake, do something.
Men and women are dying at the hands of police and custodial officers in this country, too. Take the rage you feel right now about the latest murder in the US and use that energy to fight for justice here...where you live. Because we are also in a state of distress.
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Sent the SA Minister of Corrections a range of comprehensive decarceration strategies to protect people incarcerated by the state both within institutions and in our community, only today got a response...
He assures me that DCS are mitigating all possible risk...yet people are still locked up and others are still expected to “sign in” to parole offices...🙋🏽‍♀️
He tells me that there is increased screening of all “prisoners” entering prisons...yet I’ve been informed that only last week a family member was taken in for a parole breach & immediately placed in mainstream population, no screening at all 🙇🏽‍♀️
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I’ve spent the best part of last week and a lot of this weekend getting cross with people for conflating their voluntary self isolation with home detention, or worse imprisonment in jail. (Thread)
I got to thinking that maybe people think being simply asked to stay home is what Home D is like, so thought I should debunk that a little.
First, home detention mob wear a very clunky, heavy monitoring bracelet (see pic). This requires charging every 24 hours and can take up to two hours to charge. You must sit next to a power point for that whole time as the charger has a short cord.
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You may be binge-watching @OITNB right now and I hope you can’t stop thinking about the characters and their stories.

The last 10 years since my memoir was published have been crazy and instructive, and I want to offer a few reflections.

#OITNB #OrangeForever #FreeHer
@OITNB When you’re in prison you’re completely reliant on the kindness of strangers. And people are rightly scared when they're behind bars.

But I’ve seen incarcerated women share what little commissary they had to ensure others had tampons & could call their kids.

#OITNB #FreeHer
@OITNB (Calling your kids to say "I love you" from behind bars can cost as much as a $1.50 a minute BTW.)

#OITNB #OrangeForever #FreeHer
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