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“Baloo’s deceptive flight and ability to vary his pace was magnificent and he could perhaps be ranked with the greatest left-arm spinners of the world.”—Col. C K Naidu, the first captain of Indian Test cricket.

#PalwankarBaloo - Remembering a Kannadiga, ImageImageImage
a proud Hindu, a finest cricketer Bharat produced who is erased from public including Harijan's memory as he doesn't fit the Dalit Champions agenda.

Palwankar Baloo was born into a Chambhar caste family in Dharwad on 19th March 1876, his father was a sepoy in British army.
Baloo & his younger brother Shivaram learnt to play cricket with the kits discarded by army officers in Pune. Baloo’s first job was at a cricket club run by Parsis at a monthly salary of 3 rupees. Later, he took job with European-only Poona Club at a monthly salary of 4 rupees.
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They were afraid of this thin looking fragile man and when he passed away, the British wrote “With him has departed all the wisdom and moderation of the Mahratta Government” and his name was Nana Phadnavis.

Thread on his Smaran Divas.

It was like the ImageImageImageImage
Roman Empire ruling the whole world but unable to conquer one little village of Asterix and Obliex. Lord Wellesley hardly slept. How to subdue the Maratha Empire? They had no strong army, no strong ruler, not much money, but had one minister, who knew everything. In fact,
Nana Phadnavis thought a year before what the British would think!

Nana Phadnavis was born in February 1742 as Balaji Janardhan Bhanu. His grandfather was from a village in Satara, and was a friend of the first ever Peshwa.
Bhanu’s grandfather had saved the life of the first
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The #Mahamahopadyaya who discovered Chanakya’s Arthashastra.

On his Jayanti a tribute to the legendary #Kannadiga who proved Bharatiya Civilization had robust Ancient Political & Economic policy & not copied from Greek as Europeans
R Shamashastry’s modern translation of Arthashastra is a prescribed text at Harvard, Yale and Oxford for students of Political Science, International Relations and Economics today.
Until this discovery, the Arthashastra was known only through references to it in works,
including those by Dandin, Bana, Vishnusarma, Mallinathasuri, Megasthenes, as well as others. This discovery was "an epoch-making event in the history of the study of ancient Indian polity".

It altered the perception of Ancient Bharath and changed the course of history studies,
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He so passionately championed Chipko Movement and taught the value of forest conservation to many generations of us.

Remembering #SundarLalBahuguna, a remarkable leader & environmental activist who dedicated his life to the protection of our planet, on his birth anniversary. ImageImageImageImage
His effort in the conservation of environment is an inspiration for others.

The idea of Chipko movement was of his wife and the action was taken by him, making it a big movement resulting in 15 years ban on chopping of trees.
Chipko movement was started in 1973 spontaneously
in Uttar Pradesh, in an effort to save trees and forests from felling by forest contractors. In Hindi, "Chipko" literally means "to stick" and people started sticking to trees when it was being cut. Chipko movement later inspired Appiko Movement in Karnataka. One of Bahuguna's
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