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In his first broadcast as Prime Minister on June 11, 1964,
“There comes a time in the life of every nation when it stands at the crossroads of history and must choose which way to go. But for us, there need be no difficulty or hesitation, no looking to right or left. Our way is ImageImage
straight and clear—the building up of a secular mixed-economy democracy at home with freedom and prosperity, and the maintenance of world peace and friendship with select nations.”

We had our First Accidental Prime Minister and it was
#LalBahadurShastri - “A Man Who In
18 Months Made A Mark Not As A Puppet, But A Leader Worthy Of Respect And Admiration.”

It is a pity that Shastri died prematurely without implementing most of his ideas on economic reforms, deregulation and decentralisation. But it is a national shame that nobody in India
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To integrate the provinces, the Dept of states was wstablished in 1947 with 2 important men at the helm.
One was Sardar Patel and the other was
#VappalaPangunniMenon – who tragically is an Unsung Hero.

he was an invaluable asset to the Sardar Vallabhai Patel and it is VP Menon’s signature which is on every Instrument of Accession.

Menon’s story brings to light the Nehru-Patel rivalry and the first prime minister’s insecurity with his deputy and his not-so-favourable treatment
of Patel post-independence.
It also brings to light that while Nehru might have been good with words and writing eloquent letters to chief ministers, he was not good when it came to strategising and handling matters relating to administration.

Had there been no Patel & Menon
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After distrubances in Leicester between Muslim citizens and right wing Hindutva supporting Hindu men shouting #JaiShreeRamn British Police will now have to learn about the dangers of Hindutva fanaticism. It is an import from India where it seeks to spread Hindu supremacist ideas
That Hindutva right wing majoritarian ideology is rearing its ugly head in the multicultural, relatively peaceful communities in Britain is a worry. @ukhomeoffice, @WMPolice @metpoliceuk need to understand what's happening in India. There it has Govt and police support
There has been a move for sometime to create an impression that there is in Britain and among the British establishment an element of Hinduphobia. In this the Hindu Right wing seeks parity with antisemitism and Islamophobia.
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How Astrology Influenced the Date of India’s Independence

Astrology has a great influence amongst Indian families for forecasting or predicting future events mostly. Astrology has the importance on every aspect of our life is connected to our past, present, and
future.Astrology is also used as a medium to get rid of any kind of future mishap related to planetary positions.

Astrology is a study of the planets and stars & their influence on our lives and at the time of birth the planetary position that determines our present and future.
For which a Horoscope is prepared which is a chart consisting of 12 squares or houses wherein the planetary positions at the time of the birth of an individual. This is being studied at a time of prediction connecting it with the planetary positions.
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1/n I can’t thank enough to @narendramodi ji for #HarGharTiranga .

This is going to be an emotional & nostalgic moment for me.

My childhood was all about passion for the Tricolour. I desired to see Tiranga on rooftop of Nath Cottage (house built by my Dadaji) each day.
2/n Though I couldn’t as I would be told that it is illegal to have #Tiranga unfurled on normal days.

As I would return from school on August 14, playing my part in decoration regarding the celebration next day, I would rush to find appropriate flagstaff.
3/n Most of the time it would be the discarded staff (bamboo) of the Ramanavami Dhwaj of last year though I tried best to arrange metallic pipe all along.

I would disband one of the broom at house, to find a metallic wire (it tied the whole broom together).
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#PrafullaChandraRay: Acharya Who Revealed History Of Hindu Chemistry To World.
No Chemistry Student reads about P.C Ray who happens to be Father of Pharmaceuticals & Chemical Science in India
No Chemistry Student knows about the 2 Volume Masterpiece on Ancient Hindu chemistry.
Ray’s seminal work — A History Of Hindu Chemistry From The Earliest Times To The Middle Of The Sixteenth Century A.D —which revealed to the world the path-breaking advances made by ancient Bharatiya scientists.

Today is the Jayanti of Acharya P C Ray, a brilliant scientist,
educationist, historian, entrepreneur, philanthropist & a freedom fighter in his own way.
Ray was such a fierce nationalist, he used to tell his students at Calcutta’s Presidency College with “Science can wait, SWARAJ cannot” call.

Born to Harish Chandra Ray, Bhubanmohini Devi
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#KamalaNehru – An Unfortunate Soul who never found solace in her husband.
I have compiled this thread from Nehru family’s adopted daughter Sagarika Ghose’s book Indira – India’s Most Powerful Prime Minister.
On her birth anniversary, I’m sharing, how a Hindi speaking woman
Kamala Kaul was MIS-treated by Foreign Loving Nehru family and the reaction of helpless daughter Indira Priyadarshini.
Ironically, what Indira saw Vijayalakshmi do to Kamala, she did the same to Maneka.
Kamala came into a smart, English-speaking, westernized household, herself
raised in a traditional Kashmiri family from Old Delhi, not fluent in English, speaking only Hindi, unfamiliar with English-style fine dining or the use of cutlery. She was often insulted and ignored for not being sophisticated, or witty and socially adept.
Jawaharlal Nehru
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On the 23rd #KargilVijayDiwas, brief life story on 10 of the brave soldiers who risked their lives and went above and beyond the call of duty.

On this day in 1999, the Kargil War, formally came to an end, with Indian soldiers successfully recapturing mountain heights that had
been seized by Pakistani intruders. It was only possible through the valour of the soldiers of the armed forces.

Here are the stories of 10 heroes of Kargil war victory:
1 #CaptainVikramBatra, (13 JAK RIF)
Going into battle, he had said, "I will either come back after raising
the Indian flag in victory or return wrapped in it."
He immortalised himself by turning Pepsi's tagline "Yeh dil mange more" into an iconic war cry while showcasing on national television the enemy's machine guns he had captured in his first gallant exploits in the Kargil war.
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“Freedom first, Freedom second, and Freedom always”
That was his motto.
True story :
One Englishman and a Bengalee gentleman were once travelling by the same train .
The Englishman was very proud of himself as he was an Englishman . He looked down upon the Bengalee gentleman,
who however, took no notice off it, and went to sleep in peace . As soon as the Bengalee gentleman was asleep, the Englishman picked up the gentleman's shoes, and threw them outside the window . Then he too fell asleep.
After a while the Bengalee gentleman woke up, he searched
his shoes, but could not find the shoes . He understood all . Then he took the Englishman's long coat on the wall and threw it outside the window and went to sleep again . When the englishman woke up , he is searching the coat and told 'Where is my coat gone?' Then 'Your coat
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I didn’t know it was this bad…’ was Rao’s reaction to the briefing on the balance of payments crisis, the unprecedented devaluation of the rupee and the mortgaging of gold bullion, when being updated by his cabinet secretary a day before he was to be
sworn-in as our 10th prime minister.

Rao was not a mass leader; he presided over a minority government in the Parliament; his party colleagues distrusted him and the Gandhi family kept an eagle eye on him. ‘Few world leaders have achieved so much with so little power.’
The political importance of Narasimha Rao lies in his demonstrating to the Congress Party that someone from outside the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty can in fact run the party and the government quite successfully.

He was not only the first Congress leader after the Nehru-Gandhis to
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Reportedly, his last words were "I'm okay!".

Perhaps no military general in the history of independent Bharat has ever captured the national imagination in the way #FieldMarshalSamManekshaw did.

In 1961, Manekshaw made derogatory comments about the political leadership of
NEHRU AND KRISHNA MENON which allowed his opponents to label him as unpatriotic, and he was charged with sedition by Nehru Govt.

Have you observed, during the 1962 War which Nehru lost, the main 3 heroes Gen. Thimmayya, Gen. Cariappa and Gen. Manekshaw were removed from action
for frivolous reasons.
Like Gen Thimmayya and Gen. Cariappa, Sam Maneckshaw also had bitter instances with Nehru and Defence minister Krishna Menon.

On 25th Oct 1947, Sam Maneckshaw asked for troops at Srinagar Airport & Nehru declined, but Sam approached Patel who had become
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I had taken this from archives & do not remember the book name.

But, just read it!

The revolutionary activities have followed the beginning of the democratic agitation in the
country. Like the peaceful mass agitation revolutionary activities also were first visible in this
presidency-Maharashtra—(Constitutional Development—Proof G. N. Singh—Vol. 1, p. 232)
Chapekar brothers' activities (1895) are supposed to be their starting point (Sedition Committee
report). The Shivaji club of Kolhapur (1893) was also started, it appears, with objects similar
to those of Chapekars. (Life of Shahu Chatrapati by A. B. Lathe, p. 291). This club deserves attention
as it appears that it was apparently the first of its kind in the Bombay Presidency & was started
prior to Chapekar's. This was started by Hanamantrao Kulkarni Murki-Bhavikar.
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#Anandamath was written at a time when Bengal was hit by three famines one after another, Anandamath was the story of a group of monks who fought the British during the Fakir-Sanyasi Rebellion of the early 1770s.
Banned by the colonial authorities, it was in this masterpiece
that Vande Mataram was first published as a poem.

Sadly, two years after he published this novel, an ageing Bankim breathed his last on April 8, 1894, unaware that his poem would go on to be immortalised in the annals of Indian history.
In the 1896 session of the Congress,
Rabindranath Tagore gave a sublime tune (that he had composed himself) to Vande Mataram and sang it publicly for the first time.

In 1905, it became Freedom Fighter’s rallying cry during the partition of Bengal and soon graduated to becoming fiercely emblematic of the Indian
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Long Read..

On his death anniversary, I wanted to write something good about #SanjayGandhi, dropped that idea within few minutes... Life had other plans for dynasty, Nehru eliminated Dr S P Mookherjee and on the same date 27 years later, KARMA hit back.

Sanjay, who virtually
ran the country along with mother Indira was a SCHOOL DROP-OUT.

"My son is a delicate young man, and with whatever money & energy he has, he has modelled a car, not a posh one, but one fairly comfortable, suitable to Indian conditions... My son has shown enterprise and I just
could not say no to him... if he is not encouraged, how can I ask other young men to take risks"?
Indira Gandhi at a Press conference, September 1970.

By giving up her power to her beloved son Sanjay, Indira first institutionalised dynasty politics within Indian democracy,
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Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee, set out on his last & fateful journey from Delhi railway station at 6.30 a.m. on 8 May 1953.
His slogan, “Ek desh mein do vidhan, do pradhan, aur do nishan nahi chalenge”, became the hallmark of the movement that
stirred throughout India starting in 1948, peaking in 1952, and sustaining till his controversial death in captivity in 1953.
Had it not been for SPM, not only India’s legacy, independent India’s geography too would have been remarkably different. More likely than not, the state
of Punjab would have been part of Pakistan and the state of West Bengal would have been part of Bangladesh. This may sound exaggerated, but it is part of documented history. If this sounds exaggerated, that’s because of Dr Mookerjee’s marginalisation in popular renderings of
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On 22 June 1897, the Diamond Jubilee of the coronation of Queen Victoria, Rand and his military escort
Lt. Ayerst were shot while returning from the celebrations at Government House. Both died, Ayerst on the spot and Rand of his wounds on 3 July.
The #ChapekarBrothers & 2 accomplices were charged with the murders in various roles, as well as the shooting of two informants and an attempt to shoot a police officer. All 5 were found guilty and hanged, another, then a schoolboy, was sentenced to 10 yrs rigorous imprisonment.
Damodar's autobiography Explains In Detail The Cause For The Killing.
It was around 1896 and 97 when Plague had reached Pune & caused havoc..
Rand had initially provided some relief—establishing a hospital, quarantine camps, in addition to disinfecting affected areas.
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I do not know what Indira saw in him, but unofficially, every congress old timer knows Mohammed Yunus was father of Sanjay Gandhi.
Every paragraph in this thread will shake you and make you realize how much we lost to keep her bedventures, a secret.
On this day in 2001, died an
IFS Diplomat of Pak origin, close aide of Khan Abdul Gafar Khan & after independence got close to Nehru & subsequently his daughter Indira Gandhi Alias Maimuna Begum.
“This Mohammad Yunus was the man to openly cry his heart out when Sanjay Gandhi was killed in a plane crash.
He had in fact, admitted in his book ‘Persons, Passions and Politics’ that his son, Sanjay Gandhi was actually raised in terms of Islamic principles, and even circumcised accordingly.” (ISBN 10:0706910176)
How many of you knew that Indira planned to escape from India, but the
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The suicide note in the 25 year old #VanchinathanIyer said this……

I dedicate my life as a small contribution to my motherland. I am alone responsible for this.
The mlechas of England having captured our country, tread over the Sanathana Dharma of the Hindus and destroy them.
Every Indian is trying to drive out the English and get Swarajyam and restore Sanathana Dharma.

Our Raman, Sivaji, Krishnan, Guru Govindan, Arjuna ruled our land protecting all dharmas, but in this land, they are making arrangements to crown George V, a mlecha, and one who
eats the flesh of cows.

3000 Madrasees have taken a vow to kill George V as soon as he lands in our country. In order to make others know our intention, I who am the least in the company, have done this deed this day. This is what everyone in Hindustan should consider it as
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Belated tributes for an Unhonoured, Never Remembered Freedom Fighter, an Exemplary Scientist, an Extraordinary Inventor SATISH CHANDRA DASGUPTA.
Satish was born on June 14, 1880, in Kurigram (now a part of Bangladesh) in Rangpur district of Bengal. He belonged to a poor family,
yet due to his hard work and dedication, he was awarded a Master’s degree in chemistry from Presidency College, Calcutta.
Science and literature, though a lethal combination, makes this man stand out of the crowd. A simple linen dhoti with a shawl around his neck, Satish Chandra
was man who never chose the normal road but preferred walking through a forest.

The Bengal Chemical Works laboratory was used by chemistry students to carry out practicals. Satish Chandra’s work in the laboratory was closely watched by Acharya P.C. Roy, who got him a job in the
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A Krantikari International Scholar in Exile.
It so happened that Tolstoy in his essay “A Message to Young India’ quoted Bhagavad Gita and wrote “If the English have enslaved the Hindoos, it is just because Hindoos recognized coercion as the main and
fundamental principle of their social order.” He saw only one answer to this problem, namely Love: “The law of human life is the law of Love cherished by all humanity from the most remote antiquity.”
Taraknath’s elaborate reply was given in four parts, under the title
“Young India’s Reply to Count Tolstoi”.
Taraknath cited statistics from western and Indian sources to prove the point that tyranny under any guise can never be justified. “Non-violence is an absolute Dogma …violence and benevolence are measured by relative value of the actions
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I’m pretty sure, most of you have never heard his name, AND YOU WILL KNOW WHY, by the time you finish reading this thread.
I remember that day, around 20 years back, my father, a big fan of Gandhi Nehru and a closet Communist brought few old books
(He read everything & I'm like him) & in that bundle there was #TheMenWhoKilledGandhi.
Being a huge admirer of God Sent Godse, I was eager to know what was inside.
And thus I got exposed to the writings of Manohar Malgonkar.
The Men Who Killed Gandhi’ is a painstaking journey
that began in 1960 as an assignment from Life International, and it came out as a story in its February 1968 issue. But, by then, Malgonkar had realized that his story and the research behind it warranted a book, much more than just a magazine article. So, he sat down to enlarge
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Please read the 2nd paragraph in the image.

On this day in 1879, the eldest of Savarkar siblings fondly called Babarao Savarkar was born and the others being Veer Savarkar, Narayan Savarkar and Maina Savarkar.
He was the founder of Abhinav Bharath & subsequently 1 of the 5 who founded RSS

You have to know that

#BabaraoSavarkar was punished with
Kaalapani by British as he wrotes books instigating people against British.

Ganesh Damodar also wrote Christ Parichay claiming Jesus was born in Tamil Nadu, maybe to counter missionaries & rapid Christianization.

When Jackson was assassinated by Anant Kalhare in 1909,
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“I had undertaken this perilous swim not to gain fame or trophies but to prove once again to the world that Indians are no longer afraid”, said the man who swam into world record books by conquering the English Channel and Palk Straits”.

And then Jyoti Basu happened
Nurtured By Biju Patnaik, Destroyed By Jyoti Basu,
the gut wrenching story of Mihir Sen.

Sen was the first Indian to swim across the English Channel in 1958, and also set a world record by swimming in oceans in five continents in 1966. He had famously said, “I wanted to prove
to the world that Indians are not afraid.” In 1967, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan.

The story of Mihir Sen, is both an inspirational and cautionary tale of how one hero was eventually let down by the very people he sought to champion.

Born prematurely on 16 November 1930
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Bishan Tandon's book on events leading to imposition of Emergency, PMO Diary, said that Indira Gandhi was "terribly afraid" of this person becoming the CJI.

He resigned as Supreme Court Judge as a matter of principle when one of his junior colleagues

superseded him for the post of CJI.
He would have made to the Rashtrapati Bhavan, but Neelam Sanjeev Reddy got the coveted post.
He established now world renowned #NITTE.

On the Jayanti of #KSHegde, a sincere tribute for founder of #NITTE , Ex Speaker of LokSabha,
Ex VP of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Ex RS Member from Congress
Kawdoor Sadananda Hegde was born on 11 June 1909 at village Kawdoor of Karkala Taluk, Hegde did his primary at Karkala and moved to Mangalore for Higher education.
He completed his degree and law from Madras.
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