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I usually don't engage with certain folks, not out of courtesy, respect or hate. I choose to ignore their vehemence and contrived thought processes because they are wired that way. This individual mocks the present P.M but surprisingly omits facts.
For those who do not know what actually happened regarding the Kandahar issue, you can read Sri @KanchanGupta 's detailed write up.…
Manufactured fallacies influence the gullible and the gullible act as conduits for the nefarious stratagems without verification. FYI..Informal fallacies are often divided into three categories: fallacies of ambiguity, fallacies of presumption, and fallacies of relevance.
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Proud to share my daughter @sharan_shivani ‘s concept & direction of #VandeMataramProject ,
a bouquet of efforts of a young team, a reassurance that Bharat & its culture is alive & thriving & shall continue to do so..
#VandeMataram 🙏🏻
History repeats!
why do Muslims object to #VandeMataram today as they did in 1900s?
Every Hindu must know the complete truth of the Mantra, the #NationalAnthem of the revolutionaries!
VANDE MATARAM - Birth and Journey of the Mantra…
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#Hindus have lived in dark for almost 70yrs in absence of correct history, completely ignorant of the wicked misdeeds of #Congress against the Hindu nation!
Was the spirit of #VandeMataram diluted for personal gains? @INCIndia
The 1st day of 2019 began with #Congress CM Kamalnath rejecting #VandeMataram singing at the Secretariat
says, ‘we’ve sung it from time-to-time, need no certificate of patriotism from anyone’
Well @OfficeOfKNath
justify the events in the following thread & prove ur nationalism!
The revolutionaries in Bengal had a profound impact on entire country
An alarmed Viceroy, Lord Curzon combined with residue of islamic Imperialism partitioned Bengal to eliminate looming threat
16 October 1905, separated Muslim Eastern areas from Hindu Western areas.
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Today is the Jayanti of Khudiram Bose, one of the youngest martyrs in the history of India's freedom struggle, hanged to death at just 19 years of age. His hanging ignited the nation's fury against the British rule, inspired many a revolutionary.
Khudiram Bose, was born on December 3, 1889 in a small village, Habibpur near Midnapore. His father Trailokyanath Basu was the revenue agent for Nadazol province, and Khudiram was the 4th son in a family of 3 daughters.
As he was the only son, two others dying in infancy, his mother Lakshmipriya Devi, as per the prevailing custom, symbolically sold him to her eldest daughter Apurupa for 3 handfuls of “Khud” or foodgrain.
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#NeverForgetNeverForgive लिख दिया, हो गया?
क्या 26/11 #MumbaiTerrorAttack के पीछे की जिहादी विचारधारा को समझना,
उन ताक़तों को पहचानना आवश्यक नहीं, जिन्होंने अपनी राजनीति पीढ़ी दर पीढ़ी चलाने के लिए उसे पनपने दिया?

आइए इतिहास के पन्ने पलट कर देखते हैं की हम इससे कब अछूते थे!
किस भाईचारे का पाठ पढ़ते आए हो #हिंदुओं ?
Walilullah Dehalvi,1703-1762 declared India as Dar-ul-Harb & invited Afghan Ahmad Shah Abdali to crush the Marathas
wrote to all Muslim Nawabs in Bharatvarsha to extend support to the invading Afghan army.
#MumbaiTerrorAttack is not new!
Waliullah’s son Abdul Aziz appointed Ahmed Barelvi in 1821, who toured🇮🇳 preaching Islamic jihad & raised funds
formed an army of 80,000 wahabis from Ruhelkhand,Doab,Awadh, Bihar,Bengal,Hyderabad,Madras, Bombay,North West with full support from the British to get rid of Sikhs!
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Namaste everyone 🙏 Here's my rendition of Vande Mataram performed on the occasion of Independence day 🇮🇳. Do listen 🎶 (Part II in the following tweet)
Vande Mataram part II. Thank you for listening 🙏 🎶 🇮🇳
In much better audio quality on Soundcloud. Do listen. #VandeMataram…
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British, through Aligarh movement, Partition of Bengal
Morley Minto Reforms(1909, separate electorate for Muslims, recognising them as a separate section of 🇮🇳 triggering the cancer)
encouragement to Muslim League ensured that Muslims remained on their side.
From its very inception #Congress followed #MuslimAppeasement
Met traveling expenses of M delegates to Congress sessions
Lodging-boarding(Mess fee 10/-)was free for Ms dressed in silk embroidered chogas & gold who ate delicacies & enjoyed at the expense of a struggling nation!
@INCIndia sowed seeds of communal politics & privilages by committing blunder of approving 1/3rd representations of Muslims on basis of minority-1916 Lucknow Pact
Only voice of disapproval was #MadanMohanMalviya
LP started race between British & #Congress of #MuslimAppeasement
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#RishiBankimChandra #ThisDayInHistory #VandeMataram
Today is the Jayanti of the man who coined the words Vande Mataram. these 2 words acted as a wavemaker in our Struggle for Independence. Many young ppl came under the spell of Vande Mataram, the sacred mantra of patriotism.
He wrote d lyrics of Vande Mataram (VM) in 1875 much before he wrote d novel AnandaMath while traveling in a train, d scenic landscape, beautiful lakes & nature in its splendour inspired him into penning down lyrics 4 the soul stirring poem.
VM had a huge impact on people after Rishi Aurobindo translated it into English. A procession of patriots was canned at Calcutta due to recitation of VM on April 14, 1906. Rishi Aurobindo, who was also in the procession, was also injured.
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Today is the Jayanti of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee the man who composed Vande Mataram, one of the greatest Indian writers of the modern era, noted for his strong female characters, and inspired the Bengali Renaissance.
,Bankim Chandra was born in a small village near Naihati , in the North Paraganas region, his father Yadav Chandra Chattopadhyaya would later become Dy Collector of Midnapore, while one of his brother Sanjib Chandra was also an equally well known novelist.
Bankim graduated from Kolkata's Presidency College in 1858, along with Jadunath Bose, he was one of the first graduates, later got a Law degree. He joined Govt service and retired in 1891, and his tenure was filled with recurring conflicts with the British,
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