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There's quite a lot of concern being expressed about the EAT's decision to reserve judgment in #MayaAppeal this afternoon, but don't read much into that. 1/
This was a long hearing by EAT standards - appeals are usually dealt with in half a day or a day. 2/
There was a great deal of complicated legal argument. 3/
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Thank you for all the kind appreciation of our live tweeting of #MayaAppeal today (including offers of Veuve Cliquot). What we'd like best of all is if you'd head over to our website and sign up to the campaign.
And please talk to your friends, relatives and colleagues. Here's our 'elevator pitch' in thread form.
Sex matters to everyone. Girls and women need privacy from boys and men - in school and public toilets; in changing rooms at swimming pools, gyms and clothes shops.
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Ben Cooper QC will be replying when the hearing resumes at 1.30. #MayaAppeal
With Anya Palmer (the inestimable @anyabike), who won't speak but has been working furiously behind the scenes.
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Good morning to our followers, new and old.

The Sex Matters team will be live tweeting proceedings from day 2 of Maya Forstater v CGD Europe in the Employment Appeal Tribunal, Central London.

We will be using the hashtag #MayaAppeal

Proceedings should start at 10.30 am
Yesterday we heard from Appellant's counsel, Ben Cooper QC. We also heard from Karon Monaghan QC for the Equalities & Human Rights Commission, in support of the appellant; and from Aileen McColgan QC for civil liberties watchdog Index on Censorship, in support of the appellant.
Today we will hear from Jane Russell, appearing on behalf of the Respondent employer CGD Europe. Ben Cooper QC should have time to respond towards the end of the day to any issues raised by the respondent's submissions. That's the plan, anyway.
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We've been reflecting further on the judge's tantalising indication that there could be an extempore judgment this afternoon. #MayaAppeal #Comment
The natural expectation, in a case that's had so much scholarship brought to bear on it, and attracted so much public attention, is a long heavyweight judgment in 3 or 4 months' time. #MayaAppeal #Comment
The argument for Maya is detailed, thorough and scholarly - as well as persuasive. It had to be: this case is a big deal. #MayaAppeal #Comment
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Ben Cooper’s closing submissions in Maya’s appeal against the original Employment Tribunal Judgment (that her beliefs are not worthy of respect in a democratic society) are playing on my mind this evening.

I thought maybe they should play on your mind too...
Ben Cooper QC submitted that no one disputes that gender identity beliefs meet the Grainger criteria for section 10 of the Equality Act

(Translation: those people who believe in gender identity are protected from discrimination)
The effect of the original Employment Tribunal Judgment is that Maya must be required to subordinate her use of language to the opposing view in this important debate (about sex and gender) .
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Reflecting on today's #MayaAppeal at the Employment Appeal Tribunal, we have selected some highlights from Karon Monaghan QC's submissions on behalf of the Equality and Human Rights Commission - Intervenor in the Appeal.
The EHRC submitted

1. Maya's philosophical belief is that sex is a material reality not to be conflated with gender identity and that sex matters.
2. Employment Tribunal Judge Tayler should have concluded that Maya's philosophical belief (that Sex Matters) falls under the protection of the Equality Act 2010
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I have been accused of “bad faith” by some of the great and the good in legal circles. Possibly the greatest and the best in fact.


Because I believe that sex matters.
The EHRC submission today in front of the Employment Appeal Tribunal in the #MayaAppeal was that Maya’s belief - one which I share - is one that the Tribunal should have concluded was a protected belief.
As the EHRC set out so concisely; the belief is that;

1. Sex is a material reality not to be conflated with gender identity and

2. Sex matters
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Aileen McColgan QC for IoC. #MayaAppeal
Not only did ET get it wrong; but necessarily, if they had got it right, they would have found that C's belief was protected.
Like KMQC, I agree with the law as set out by BCQC.
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KMQC: EHRC not taking a position on the underlying matters of controversy. But pointing out where the ET got the law wrong: had it got the law right, it would have been bound to find C's belief protected.
EHRC takes no issue with the points made by BCQC, so can be short. #MayaAppeal
There is some lack of clarity in what the ET finally concluded C's belief was.
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The Sex Matters team will shortly continue live tweeting proceedings from the Employment Appeal Tribunal in Central London in the case of Maya Forstater v CGD Europe & Others.

We will be using the hashtag #MayaAppeal

Proceedings should recommence shortly.
Ben Cooper (BC, counsel for the appellant Maya Forstater, A): the test for a protected belief is a highly context-dependent one. You can't restrict speech simply because it causes hurt of distress. There is heightened protection where there is a debate of public insterest.
There is heightened protection where contribute to debate on matter of public interest – ‘little scope’ for restriction in such circumstances.
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For all those following #MayaAppeal Ben Cooper and Anya Palmer's skeleton argument can be downloaded here…

Also the "Skeleton Plus" which includes all the referenced evidence and legal authorities (it is 3000 pages - don't try this on your phone)
Here is my witness statement that Ben is now referring to…
Here is Kristina Harrison's witness statement that Ben is now referring to…
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Introducing the President of the Employment Appeals Tribunal, Mr Justice Choudhury, who will be hearing the Forstater Appeal today and tomorrow.

Akhlaq Choudhury QC was a barrister specialising in commercial, employment, procurement, information and public law. He was appointed a Deputy High Court judge in 2016 and a High Court judge in 2017.
The Centre for Global Development is responding to Maya's Appeal. They are hoping that the original Judgment will be upheld.

Their President is Masood Ahmed.He joined the Centre in January 2017 following a 35-year career driving economic development policy initiatives.
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Good morning.

The Sex Matters team will be live tweeting proceedings from the Employment Appeal Tribunal in Central London in the case of Maya Forstater v CGD Europe.

We will be using the hashtag #MayaAppeal

Proceedings should being at 10.30 am.
Introducing Maya’s legal team:

Ben Cooper QC
Anya Palmer
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