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@FutureStudies_ Apologies: posted my comment at the #top of the thread (on its 72nd floor) rather than here at the #bottom, beneath the present example. Here it is:… #Babel_on! :-)
@FutureStudies_ Now—following after the #comment—a #question: do you really think that these corporate yoga/meditation/mindfulness classes are a form (or forms) of #mysticism, that-is-to-say #mystical_practice? I suspect that they are #not (indeed #far_from_it).
@FutureStudies_ And #a_follow_̶up_question, if I may (in June): what is a ‘#part_̶time_mystic’?—or indeed a #full_̶time_mystic, for that matter/mindfulness. Are there part-time and full-time employment-opportunities for mystics?—and again, are these mystics actual (or even virtual) #μύστης?
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Baada ya mahusiano ya miaka minne ya uaminifu na upendo kwa binti mmoja hivi jina kapuni, ndipo safari yangu ya kuto mwamini tena mwanamke katika mahusiano ilipoanzia kutokana na kile alichonifanyia.
Katika maisha yangu ya mahusino na huyo binti, nilikuwa mwaminifu sana pia nilimwamini kupita kiasi, siwezi sema labda sikuwa na uzoefu katika mapenzi laahasha,

nilikuwa na uzoefu kuliko hata binti mwenyewe yaani..🙌🏾
Kutokana na mazingira aliyokuwa ameyajenga kwangu ndio kilikuwa kichocheo kikubwa kilicho changia kumwamini kupita kiasi,

Kwa uaminifu niliokuwa nao hata kama ungempiga picha akiwa nyumba ya kulala wageni(guest)..
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Ben Cooper QC will be replying when the hearing resumes at 1.30. #MayaAppeal
With Anya Palmer (the inestimable @anyabike), who won't speak but has been working furiously behind the scenes.
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Good morning to our followers, new and old.

The Sex Matters team will be live tweeting proceedings from day 2 of Maya Forstater v CGD Europe in the Employment Appeal Tribunal, Central London.

We will be using the hashtag #MayaAppeal

Proceedings should start at 10.30 am
Yesterday we heard from Appellant's counsel, Ben Cooper QC. We also heard from Karon Monaghan QC for the Equalities & Human Rights Commission, in support of the appellant; and from Aileen McColgan QC for civil liberties watchdog Index on Censorship, in support of the appellant.
Today we will hear from Jane Russell, appearing on behalf of the Respondent employer CGD Europe. Ben Cooper QC should have time to respond towards the end of the day to any issues raised by the respondent's submissions. That's the plan, anyway.
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We've been reflecting further on the judge's tantalising indication that there could be an extempore judgment this afternoon. #MayaAppeal #Comment
The natural expectation, in a case that's had so much scholarship brought to bear on it, and attracted so much public attention, is a long heavyweight judgment in 3 or 4 months' time. #MayaAppeal #Comment
The argument for Maya is detailed, thorough and scholarly - as well as persuasive. It had to be: this case is a big deal. #MayaAppeal #Comment
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Aileen McColgan QC for IoC. #MayaAppeal
Not only did ET get it wrong; but necessarily, if they had got it right, they would have found that C's belief was protected.
Like KMQC, I agree with the law as set out by BCQC.
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The Sex Matters team will shortly continue live tweeting proceedings from the Employment Appeal Tribunal in Central London in the case of Maya Forstater v CGD Europe & Others.

We will be using the hashtag #MayaAppeal

Proceedings should recommence shortly.
Ben Cooper (BC, counsel for the appellant Maya Forstater, A): the test for a protected belief is a highly context-dependent one. You can't restrict speech simply because it causes hurt of distress. There is heightened protection where there is a debate of public insterest.
There is heightened protection where contribute to debate on matter of public interest – ‘little scope’ for restriction in such circumstances.
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Wie kann es sein?
Es wird laut gegen Rechts gebrüllt

Aber nicht wirklich viel passiert.

Dafür werden Bürger die wenn es dazu kommt GEGEN Rechts zu demonstrieren, hart angegangen und als libksextremisten bezeichnet?

Wie kann es sein das VIEL getan 1/
werden soll wegen CORONA?

Aber es wird nur abgewartet und gelabert wegen KanzlerKANDIDATEN Geplänkel.
#Söder vs #Laschet

Davor aber noch das interne Fiasko mit der Pandemie.

Davor aber erstmal die gewöhnliche Korruption


Bis zurück zu Kohls Schwarzgeld und wer weiß was noch...

Dann kommt da ein Minister, der Verträge abschließt OHNE zu dürfen und den STEUERZAHLER richtig Geld kostet. Und sogar mehr verbockt... Aber OK #ScheuerRuecktritt

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_Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb._
_Allahumma shalli ‘ala Muhammad wa aali Muhammad_

Insya Allah *Setiap Malam* di Bulan Suci Ramadhan ini akan diadakan *Talkshow bersama Dr. Muhsin Labib, MA*
yang akan dimulai *pukul 20.30 WIB s/d selesai di setiap harinya.* via Zoom Meeting dan live streaming di beberapa sosial media.

Adapun Talkshow Interaktif Ramadhan Karim bersama Dr. Muhsin Labib ini akan disampaikan dengan topik/tema antara lain:
1. Kemanusiaan dan Spiritualitas
2. Agnotisisme dan Kebertuhanan
3. Tuhan dan Allah
4. Agama dan Spiritualitas
5. Agama dan Sains
6. Agama antara Logika dan Dogma
7. Wahyu dan Akal Sehat
8. Iman dan Kufur
9. Iman dan Amal
10.Makna Baik dan Buruk
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OMG. ENOUGH with the outrage over opinion pieces in newspapers!

A good newspaper includes both NEWS and OPINION.

Those opinions may include the newspaper’s own opinion (in the EDITORIAL), the opinions of its COLUMNISTS and the opinions of others: OP-EDS, guest columns, etc.
OVER HERE, you have NEWS which is designed to be informative & factual, though selection of which stories to cover & how they’re covered is influenced by the editorial bias of the paper (which in turn reflects the bias of its target market.)

Bias is inevitable. Prejudice is not. ImageImageImage
OVER THERE, you have OPINION which is designed to be informative & provocative, to stimulate discussion & should (I believe) feature diverse perspectives.

These are normally identified as #opinion #comment or #analysis. Online they may included author’s name in the headline. ImageImageImage
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Well where do I start with this one!

#Article from #TheLiverpoolVermin who are just as #bad as the #TheScum

🤬#Police #drag man off #Merseyrail #train in #handcuffs after he '#refuses to #wear #mask'🤬…
I've #watched the #video many times in #shock & #horror at the #actions from the #police #FORCE & I've read both #articles #TheLiverpoolVermin & #BritishTransportPoliceFederations #Statement

Something not quite right none of it adds up, the video shows the #Police ARE #Lying🤬
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Always compare full body range with volume.

If range of candle is big , should resembles volume..

Big range --->high volume
Small range--> low volume

If it is not that happening, then it is alert. It is against price and action law.. Image
#PriceVolume #Price #volume

Topic:- Stopping Volume or Topping out volume

Very important phenomena observed today during trading.
Stopping volume:-
Vol- Inc
Price- dec
Range of candle -dec
Last cand would be hammer. Image
One more anomaly betn #pricea and #volume
Anomaly between Price and Volume

Just look at the marked candle.

it is bearish candle.


look volume associated with it and Range of the candle.

It is short as compare to prev few candles with the highest vol. Image
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1. A 54 year old female with a history of breast cancer presents with a 3 week hx of worsening headache, trouble walking and visual impairment. Her breast cancer was treated 2 years ago with wide local excision followed by radiotherapy. #BBHCP
2. Based on the history so far what are your thoughts on a differential diagnosis? #BBHCP
3. Neoplastic: metastasis, meningioma, primary glial tumour. Infectious: abscess. Vascular: intracerebral haemorrhage, AVM. Other: hydrocephalus secondary to neoplasm..
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Dear #Kuwaiti #Students,

I hope this #Tweet finds you in great health.

This Tweet will be a, #thread that revolves around many aspects of concerns in all levels.

As a #student at High-school or pursuing you #Doctorate please comprehend the following.

We here in the State of #Kuwait await your graduation. We await it so that we could welcome you abroad our community as a #productive individual that will make a difference. We rejoice the fact that you are full of energy and can't wait to see what difference you will bring.

You might of heard that our #economy is precarious or that there might be no jobs available. However, don't worry as we are all working on it from all fields & levels within the state. The #government is trying and we are #optimistic that they will figure it out soon.
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#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Jean3:2-4«[...]3 #JÉSUS lui répondit: En #Vérité, en vérité, JE te le dis, si un #Homme ne #Naît de #Nouveau, il ne peut voir LE #Royaume de #DIEU.[...]»#AMEN, #Maranatha, #MerciJÉSUS !

#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Jean3:2«qui vint, lui, auprès de #JÉSUS, de nuit, et LUI dit: #RABBI, nous savons que TU es un docteur venu de DIEU; car personne ne peut faire ces miracles que TU fais, si DIEU n'est avec lui.»#AMEN,#MerciJÉSUS!

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Do you #know or #own any #business that accepts #ETN $ETN #Electroneum with #instantpayments?
Do not #hesitate and comment bellow:
1️⃣) Name of the #business
2️⃣) Type of #products you sell
3️⃣) #Country of store
4️⃣) #city & #address

Show the #WorldWide that you are part of #crypto
And let me put you at #interactive #map for others to see! Take you chance now as #people are looking for #store selling stuff for $ETN first #mobile #cryptocurrency!

#Map will be shown #online and it only up to you, if you help me #gather them all 🎉
Help me by #retweet & #like so we can create this #amazing interactive #map of #electroneum #business so next time you want to #shop you could check if you could use @epectroneum this time!

More we get, better for us!

Thank you for support. #giveaway for 1 #LuckyGuy #comment
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