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1. #PLEIADIAN Collective

Friends Of Planet Earth!

These Are The Moments To Thrive!

The Great Awakening Is Before You And All You Perceive Will Change,

In The Twinkling Of An Eye!

We Are With You! ~~Pleiadian Collective
2. #IKAI

Brave Ones That Have Come To Be Light For Others!

I Am IKAI, Elder Of Taygeta And Leader With Many Of Galactic Light Forces!

You Are Part Of The Greatest Moment To Be Alive On Earth!

No Other Dream Story Will Compare!
3. I Do Not Speak To You Often But You Must Know I Am With You!

The Crafts Seen Are Increasing As Also The Great Love And Unity!

There Has Always Been Darkness On The Planet;

But The Light That You Are Covers This When You Unite In Love! ~~IKAI
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1. via #NEIOH There are moments when Light Beings will change Densities to manifest to be seen in 3-D.

Light Beings can appear to be 10 feet tall to hundreds of feet. Angels can also manifest as humans or in deep space as hundreds of feet.
2. Both assist our planet and other planets.

This Light Being manifested for this man for a reason of his own Awakening.

He had reached a place of not believing in any life past the death of the body and this was his purpose for the Spiritual Retreat.
3. This Light Being changed his life and he was very excited about this but thought he would sound strange if he expressed it.

One person can be a catalyst for thousands more.
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1. Beloved Friends!

We Do Not Follow Doctrine But Respect Teachings That Are True!

Our Own Beloved One That You Know As Jesus,

Spoke Only Truth In All Moments!

When He Said, "Do Not Cast Your Pearls Before Swine,"

He Was Speaking Of Vibrational Frequency.
2. He Was Teaching All To Stop Giving Love And Your Sacred Presence To Those Who Are Toxic And Try To Destroy You!

You Can Love And Forgive And Never See That Person Again!
3. Having Destructive People In Your Presence Can Tear Holes In Your Field,

Your Aura Can Dull And Your Chakras Can Be Out Of Alignment And Close.

Your Light Body Dims As Your Energy Drains.

Becomes Mindful And Live As Your Light Body!
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Planet K2-18b
info via #NEIOH

1. These articles about K2-18b are Disclosure previews. There are people who already know that this planet is inhabited by very human-like Beings. They are about 1 million of them living on a planet twice as big as Earth.…
2. They are peaceful & seldom have left the planet they call ARKEE. They grow their own food & drink water. They have animals but not the same as ours. They have covered structures for rain & sleep out in the open most of the time.
More will come out about this planet & others.
3. More info about #ARKEE from #Neioh:

There is a reason they do not care to leave their planet. They are Celestial Humans. This means they are not part Angel and Human but brought by Angels millions of years ago, from other planets like Earth, not yet known to Earth.
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This is a 2016 message from #NEIOH, about some "cosmic" aspects of 9/11 that won't be heard anywhere else.

It's both complicated & simple, depending on perspective. Planned by the Cabal for many reasons, & allowed by Light Forces for reasons not easy for humans to understand.
1. Beloved Ones!

I will speak to you of things you are yet to know. I understand your reluctance about hearing anything different than what you have already heard. Someday you will be able to comprehend this.
2. A balancing of Energetic Karma from Multitudes of Realities Converging in Frequency took place as Planned. Many in the precise moment planned to leave the Planet as many others had planned to enter the Earth's Frequency. This was accomplished.
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1. Beloved Friends!

We Wish To Comfort All In Distress Over The Massive Hurricane!

Be Assured In Each Catastrophic Event,

We Do What Is Allowed Within The Guidelines Of Sacred Agreements!
2. For These Moments Are Continually Changing And We Are Blessed To Serve You!

In The Abaco chain of Islands Of The Bahamas,

We Were There And Have Not Left!

White Hats Are Never Known To The Public And Give No Interviews!
3. Some Of Us Come And Go To A Higher Density;

While Others Live On The Planet And Observe, Protect And Serve!

We Bow To All Life Which Is Sacred In All Aspects By Its Appearance!

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#Elohim Assistance, #HurricaneDorian

1. via #NEIOH The Lightning in the hurricane was real but was infused with Energy to slow and transmute much of the Energy.
2. People might judge that the area hit was less important and this is not true. We had to STOP the Power where it was. From there We assisted the people being hit in the Bahamas as much as possible, ...
3. ...Saving many there by Power Shields over their body that could not be seen. We do not interfere with Prime Creator and the greater Purpose of the Sacred Force as well as the Collective.
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"Snake UFO"
Clayville, New York - 6/8/19

1. #NEIOH This is a very rare camera used by Pleiadians. The many Crafts are close by and cloaked and there are hundreds of these around. Some are miles long.
2. They retract into a small state. They can be so compact that they pack and enter the portal they came out of. It also detects energy and all information is exact and being tracked by manned Craft. It would be like the camera is a cell phone and the Craft is the computer.
3. Both are able to do the same but the long snake camera also enters buildings, through pipes and walls, listens to conversations, goes underground and hovers over buildings and picks up important meetings that might cause harm to humans.
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Face in Antarctica
Google Earth: 72°00' 36.00'' S, 168° 34' 40.00'' E

1. #Neioh "This is an ancient artifact which has been altered in appearance by the temperature and wear over time.
2. It is millions of years old and the face is that of a Pleiadian Elder. When We first built it, it looked very much like us. Very beautiful!

The huge raised area is a structure used for Galactic Force Meetings and landing areas all around.
3. The Bases still exist here and there are tunnels beneath that open to luxurious rooms of Crystals and very high technology. Snow melting has caused erosion and We intend for it to be seen now as part of Disclosure."~Neioh
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1. What’s so special about Greenland?

Thule Air Base... providing missile warning, space surveillance and space control to NORAD and Air Force Space Command.

Is this sale possible? Maybe...
2. There are White Hats at Thule interfacing directly w/ Pleiadians & others. These groups are also coordinating takedowns of #deepstate satellites as well as attacks from #deepspace!
3. via #NEIOH
“There are many White Hats there and POTUS is often going there now in Federation Crafts. Many of our finest Crafts are at Military Bases completely covered but known by many.
This is a Top Secret Operation which will soon be Disclosed…
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Pay close attention to how #SleepyJoe looks now, because that's about to change.

via #NEIOH, There are multiple #clones being used. [They] now realize he is looking too young so they're bringing out several more to use, which are being programmed now.
The new #clones will look older & have more moles/wrinkles. You'll see the difference. #SleepyJoe is being groomed to be the front runner but there are difficulties because a clone can mimic information & answer some questions, but isn't prepared for long intense communication.
#SleepyJoe as front-runner is the best scenario.

I said in December: "There will be White Hats using him without his knowledge."

POTUS “Joe Biden is not playing with a full deck. This is not somebody you can have as your President. But if he got the nomination I’d be thrilled”.
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Via #Neioh

1. The only ones that can get to Epstein are those in Law Enforcement.

The high offices in NYC of the rich and entitled have put pressure on those in charge of Epstein to kill him slowly so as not to look like murder.
2. Those that partied with him are global but these in NYC and others states, along with MANY attorneys, Prosecutors, and those in charge of managing high risk prisoners like him are making sure their names are not brought up before a trial.
3. They are making him sick with additives to food that will not kill him instantly. He was also kicked in the groin very hard and this is the reason for the fetal position.
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Casper, Wyoming - 7/27/19

This is a Fleet of #Pleiadian Craft, de-cloaked and flying low to be seen.

There's also a cloaked Mothership above.
Cincinnati, Ohio 8/3/19
#Pleiadian Fleet putting on a show.

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1. Beloved Friends!

We Speak In This Sacred Moment On Vibrational Frequencies!

The Purpose For This Teaching Is To Explain The Collective Consciousness;

And How Telepathy Occurs As Well As Masses Of People Reporting Hearing Angelic Sounds,
2. And Voices Spoken When No Person Is Present.

We Are Not Speaking Of Those Mentally Impaired Who Hear Voices;

And We Tell You That Most Of These Chose The Very Life Story Experienced For Many Reasons;
3. Including They May Have Been One To Ridicule Or Harm One In Another Life Story Who Was Mentally Challenged.

We Speak Now Of Vibrational Frequencies That Any One Can Hear;

As Well As Those Gifted That Hear Tones And Have Visions Of The Unseen Before Them.
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via #NEIOH

A very real threat to the life of POTUS came to be known by many working with Q and many Pleiadians and those of the Light.

They have been meeting on this at the WH all day. POTUS does not want this known as MSM will make a circus of it and twist the facts.
This threat came from within OUR Military who had become open with those opposing us in several countries that are not related to each other. China, Iran, North Korea, South Korea.
These Military had managed to speak to those in each country while visiting took place and plans to kill or harm POTUS were made.

These plans were real and Q made it known to POTUS who then stopped Pence from leaving so they could discuss this.
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How do Pleiadians define "Holy Spirit"?
via #NEIOH

The Holy Spirit was made into a 3rd Being by church doctrine when the TRUTH is this is the Life Force of God In All - AS ALL.

The word HOLY is the doctrine word.

SPIRIT is the Energy of All.
Trees are Spirit, Animals are Spirit. People are Spirit, clothed in different apparel so to speak, to move and live.

The Soul is the word used for the individual Spirit Energy but it is a thought construct word so that people can ...
understand and realize their Consciousness goes on Infinitely.

People have a tendency to need to grasp and imagine. But the Soul was a man-made word to speak - that we go on after the body form, and are Spirit in Essence, and that We are a Living Part Of God.
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1. This is a Base, not a buried asteroid or foreign object.

This is a Prime Meeting location for the Galactic Federation. There are multiple locations for the many ongoing meetings, but this is a place of undetectable material and can't be...…
2. ...penetrated by Solar Weapons or Technology. We created this place millions of years ago and We have many Crafts stationed here.

The Moon is inhabited on all sides, surface and beneath.

Just like you have different characters on Earth, it is this way here.
3. The ones who cause problems for others tend to stay in areas of shadows and dense course ground.

But there are beautiful places and green trees and water that the Earth is not told about by those that know well. There is beautiful architecture and beautiful Beings...
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GPS shutdown
summary via #NEIOH

Had White Hats not taken over these flight plans, there would have been mass casualties. GPS & other systems not mentioned but having to do with engine failure & more, were tampered with by ...…
... those that have infiltrated many areas of Military & Flight Ops. These dark ones are in every area of life & work, but not always able to change the outcome & kill great numbers of people.

This was the case in this untold news story.
There are good men here now that are Awake & Aware of all going on. These meet w/ POTUS, Q, & many of our Pleiadian Friends, both incarnated & those from Crafts. The Earth will never be destroyed, but the endless attacks will continue.

Just Breathe And Proceed!
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The situation w/ the Queen is apparently complicated. She's not dead, replaced or in custody.

POTUS made heads explode bragging about their visit together. What happened?


Summary via #NEIOH:

White Hats have much more Power than the darkness when it comes to mind-control.

It is only used to protect and defend, not for everyday use.

In this case, it was like "tranquilizing" her and some of the party with her as long as POTUS was there. This was to guarantee his safety as there are thousands that wish to take him out.

This can't be done because he is surrounded by Light Forces and they emit a beam right into the brain of those that must sit for hours with POTUS.

This is what the dark ones use to get others to kill, mass murder or other dark deeds.
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It's Still May.
Summary from #NEIOH

1. POTUS is in Japan a month earlier than planned.

The reason is there has been a planned assassination on him for months.

Pleiadians (including IKAI & ORITQ) met with him and are with him now to ensure his absolute safety.
2. “Intervention” is a code word that only those involved would notice.

This isn't the end of the attacks on POTUS & he is well aware of this. He wanted his Family safe & they traveled separately to Japan.

Please send thoughts of Power, Protection & Love to POTUS & all w/ him.
3. Current events bring us full circle to NOVEMBER 2017, when so much was happening. #Qanon had just begun. Las Vegas false flag had just happened...

And per Pleiadians, the timing of POTUS's 10-day Asian trip was to protect him from an assassination attempt.
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The death of Isaac Kappy, summarized from #NEIOH

1. He had a massive amount of info regarding Hollywood pedophiles and had already reported some of this and had planned to meet with more. This was found out and he had already been threatened which was why he was depressed.
2. The night before he had some visitors who told him he would be killed and mutilated if he spoke another word. He was terrified.

He was out walking and thinking about what to do. Three men hired by a group of the elite scum pedophiles stopped and forced him to talk to them.
3. He was injected by a substance that made him more paranoid and out of touch with reality. They told him to jump or be cut to pieces. They were there at a distance to make sure he did. He was out of his mind when he jumped and died quickly.
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MAY energy update from #NEIOH

1. There are multitudes of Races here for the Energy concerns. Arcturians always join Pleiadians with surveying and going underground, on ground and above from this point to the depths of the Universe.
2. Many others Races are also here to measure the effects of the Energy on life forms that could eventually affect other planets.

The Groups here all are in sessions with the Galactic Forces and coordinations are ongoing as Energy is measured and information gathered.
3. Not all Energy is a negative effect and this is often harnessed in a way to transmute and use for Technology elsewhere.

The negative Energy is having an effect on people and their actions and activities.
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1. Beloved Friends!

We Greet You In Sacred Love And Light!

This Moment Is To Share The Highest Vibrational Frequency Over Your Being, And Remind You That In Essence This Is Your State Of Being!

Love Is The Only Real Power And All Else Is A Prop And Thought Form!
2. We Remind You Of Jesus ~ Sananda And The Love He Taught.

We Do Not Intend To Ever Offend Any Religious Doctrine,

For In Truth, There Is Only One Of This Great Sacred Love!
3. Jesus Was Born As A Master Teacher And Guide For The Ages.

His Beloved Words Still Comfort The Hearts Of All Who Listen.

The Message Was Simple And Powerful!

Holy Bible NIV: Jesus Answered Them, "Is It Not Written In Your Law, 'I Have Said You Are Gods"?
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1. What were the letters at the GHWB funeral?
Official documents outlining the criminal case against the co-conspirators.

Important to note - Not just bad actors got envelopes. They were given to white hats too, including some who weren't there.
2. Karen Pence was seen holding the VP's envelope. He already knew what was in it b/c he signed it along with POTUS.

The whole thing was a power move by POTUS to show [them] that everyone knows.

Pence is a white hat. Trump would not have chosen him if he couldn't be trusted.
3. #NEIOH:

"This was the official document with stamped copies given to be seen in public.

This stated that all that had committed crimes would be and have been punished.
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