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*****Banking in Nigeria*****

Things to know

If you send money from your Nigerian bank accounts to other people's Nigerian bank accounts, your bank will charge you a fee

However, this fee is always very low less than N100

Nigerian banks are required to charge you a fee to maintain your account

This is to ensure that your account is not dormant

Because, when you opened your Nigeria bank account, you declared that you are capable of operating a bank account

You can avoid single transaction charges by sending money in bulk e.g. multiple recipients in one transaction

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To add

1. Do not open the door if you are in the house
2. Install a wireless CCTV camera
3. Talk to strangers through the Camera
4. If you are not sure, tweet the Nigeria Police Force
5. Ask them to display their ID and show it to the camera

The @NaijaKnowledgeX Twitter handle is to share knowledge under Freedom of Information

The @NaijaKnowledgeX Twitter handle is a Freedom of Information Twitter handle, that aligns with Twitter's Mission to bring information closer to everyone

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Inspired by Dr Abah's #NaijaKnowledgeX.
This thread is a primer on Excel, audience should at least have basic computer literacy.
Would love to get your feedback

1. Open the Excel App on your system. If you don't see a blank workbook, click File->New->Blank Workbook
2. An Excel workbook contains sheets made up of rows , column and cells. Each cell is named after the row and column it belongs to.
I have highlighted row 5 and column B. The intersecting cell is B5.
You insert data by clicking directly on a cell
We'll work with sample IGR data of top 5 states (alphabet) for q1 and q2 provided by NBS - Figures in billions of naira.

3. The first rows and columns are often used by convention as headers/title.
We'll play with the data below
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I attempted @DrJoeAbah's recent 5 questions around “systems collapse” in his #NaijaKnowledgeX conversations. When I was done, I had a 3,000-word paper. Too long. It’s now down to 2,200 and if you find it boring, make you no vex. Just blame Dr. Abah. Here goes.
2/ Questions: 1. Explain "system collapse". 2. Is the system about to die? 3. What causes the collapse? 4. Who is responsible? 5. How can it be avoided? @hdagyeng has very succinctly answered 1 and 3. I'll add a little and then try to answer Qs 2, 4 and 5. #NaijaKnowledgeX
3/ First, system collapse. All electricity supply systems function smoothly due to the balance between two factors – voltage and frequency. Voltage, measured in “volts”, is the pressure that pushes electrons along distance. These electrons travel as “alternating current” along
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Let me bring a different perspective to today’s #NaijaKnowledgeX. After a long hiatus, I will do a thread that will tell you what I think about an issue first, before inviting you to comment and share your own knowledge. Today, the topic is “Why Nations Succeed.” Thread...
Many academics, including Acemoglu and Robinson, have written about ‘Why Nations Fail.” They generally theorise that countries that are unsuccessful are successful because of their history and the choices they have made in the last and continue to make.
Essentially, if you choose to embezzle your electricity infrastructure money, you shouldn’t be surprised that you don’t have light. If you don’t respect contracts and have policy somersaults all the time, don’t be surprised that investors haven’t been coming. Simple really.
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