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21 May
Good morning. I am interested in following the handles of some people that help to shape how Nigeria is run. Let’s start with the National Assembly. We have 360 House of Reps members. Kindly suggest the handles of 36 of them (10%) that are active here and tweet by themselves.
We have 109 Senators. 10% of that figure is 10.9. Let’s round it up to 11. Can you please suggest the Twitter handles of 11 Senators of the Federal Republic that are active here and tweet by themselves (a bit like American legislators).
I think we have about 42 Ministers. 10% of that number is 4.2. Let’s round it down to 4. Can you suggest the handles of 4 Ministers that are active here and tweet by themselves? I think I have more than that number but want to check that I haven’t left any out.
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3 May
Today, I found an honourable on Twitter. I tweeted at @fccpcnigeria and @lukuenzy said he’ll give me fairly used iPhone 6plus if they respond. They responded. I asked him to redeem his pledge. Some expected him to block me or laughs it off as a joke. He didn’t. Short thread...
I remembered that @Folasheycrown22 had asked me for a phone for her business some time ago. I told her I only focus on widows and orphans and would not be helping her. To put pressure on @lukuenzy, I told him he needed to redeem his pledge so that I could help @Folasheycrown22
To my surprise, he offered to send her the money for the phone: N70,000. I was so impressed by his integrity that I offered to go halves with him. That is how we both contributed N35,000 each to get a phone for @Folasheycrown22.
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28 Apr
MY CUSTOMS EXPERIENCE: Coming back into the country, I was pleased how smoothly everything worked at Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja. I presented my UK Negative Covid test and proof that I had paid for another test in Nigeria after 7 days. They checked & I was let through. Thread..
Immigration @nigimmigration was smooth. The officers welcomed me back home with a smile. We bantered about which one I had missed most: Jollof rice or Suya? It felt good to be back home. Luggages came out on time too. Free self-service trolley. No stress. Now on to @CustomsNG
As I got to Customs, I was asked to scan my suitcases. Much better than people touching my private stuff and asking me what is there. @CustomsNG officer too was very polite. Of my three suitcases, he was only interested in one. He said I had a gadget in it that he wanted to see.
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3 Apr
Let me bring a different perspective to today’s #NaijaKnowledgeX. After a long hiatus, I will do a thread that will tell you what I think about an issue first, before inviting you to comment and share your own knowledge. Today, the topic is “Why Nations Succeed.” Thread...
Many academics, including Acemoglu and Robinson, have written about ‘Why Nations Fail.” They generally theorise that countries that are unsuccessful are successful because of their history and the choices they have made in the last and continue to make.
Essentially, if you choose to embezzle your electricity infrastructure money, you shouldn’t be surprised that you don’t have light. If you don’t respect contracts and have policy somersaults all the time, don’t be surprised that investors haven’t been coming. Simple really.
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10 Nov 20
It is important to have clarity on the issue of #EndSARS, because so many people are muddling up so many different issues:
1. The #EndsSARS protest was concerned with better policing, better governance & a better country. Thread...
2. The #EndSARS protests were peaceful. Perhaps the most peaceful was the one at the Lekki Tollgate. The military action against the Lekki Tollgate protesters, even before the commencement of the curfew, was, therefore, unnecessary and uncalled for.
3. The jail breaks, arson, looting and mayhem around the country before and after the Lekki Tollgate military intervention were not carried out by the peaceful #EndSARS protesters that were demanding for better policing, better governance and a better country.
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16 Oct 20
I welcome the 7-Point Demands in the public space, as a step forward in the #EndSARS #EndSWAT debate. However, although it is well intentioned, it needs much clearer articulation for it to have any effect. In the following short thread, I will offer some guidance. Thread...
1. Institutional Reform (Security): This is fine.
2. Cost of Governance: What RMAFC approves is not the problem. It is what people like NASS award to themselves, without approval from RMAFC or anyone else, that is the problem. The demand here should be reformulated.
3. Constitutional Reform: There is no provision for referendum in the current constitution, so it is impossible to have an immediate referendum. This demand needs to be reformulated.
4. Education Reforms: The term “State of Emergency” is meaningless without clearer articulation
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15 Oct 20
In the next few polls, let us try to isolate the issues around #EnsSARS and #EndSWAT. Do you agree that the @PoliceNG needs a specially trained and disciplined team that will tackle violent crime by dangerous criminals like armed robbers and not innocent citizens? Please vote.
Do you agree that any special police team created to tackle genuine criminals like armed robbers and kidnappers should not engage in stop and search of innocent citizens and youth, including harassing young people with phones, laptops and nice cars?
Do you agree that any special tactical team created to tackle armed robbery, kidnapping, bank robbery and kidnapping should not ordinarily be visible to the public and should only be called in when normal police cannot cope?
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14 Oct 20
I would like to explain my comments below, as it seems to have been misconstrued by some. I am not against the Youth identifying people that can engage with the government. Indeed, there is a danger that the movement will eventually fizzle out unless they do. Thread...
In an earlier thread, I had suggested that the Youth identify the best people to engage on their behalf with government at the highest levels. Please see the quoted tweet and thread. The challenge is the HOW. Apply your minds to the how. You are smart enough to think it through.
Therefore, my brother @OgbeniDipo did nothing wrong in proposing his own list and inviting a debate around it. My reference to “Ariwo ko ni music” was meant to convey that a good activist is not necessarily a good implementer. You need the activist but also the implementer.
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12 Oct 20
How do we solve this #SARSMUSTEND situation so that more people do not die? My 10-point approach:
1. The President, as the Chief Operational Controller of the Nigerian Police Force should order the Police to stop using live bullets on unarmed protesters.
2. The President or the VP should take visible personal charge of the situation, since the IGP has clearly lost credibility in the eyes of the public.
3. The IGP should consider stepping down to save more lives, or should be encouraged to do so. He is due to go soon anyway.
4. Although there is a lot of JUSTIFIABLE anger (especially with continuing killings), protests should continue to be peaceful and non-violent. Violent miscreants should be isolated, ostracised and reported as enemies of the reform cause.
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4 Oct 20
Today, the IG @PoliceNG announced a ban on SARS and other tactical units. Do I believe that that is the end of the problem? Oh NO! However, I am a public service reformer. A very important tactic in reforms is to get an anti-reformer to publicly commit to reforms. Short thread...
Quite often, the anti-reformer makes that commitment several times but doesn’t fulfill it. That’s no reason to be despondent. The more the anti-reformer reluctantly commits to reforms, the harder it is for them to pretend that they don’t know that wrong things are happening.
The next thing that will happen is that following the “ban”, there may been an upsurge in crime. Some of the banned officers will ensure that this upsurge happens and worries the public. The IGP will say “Although I committed to banning SARS, I can’t watch armed robbery go up.”
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3 Oct 20
THE STORY OF IBRAHIM AND BLESSING. At today's webinar on 'Rebuilding our National Values System story of Ibrahim and Blessing, two young Nigerians. In a way, they are both victims of Nigeria. In another way, they help to perpetuate the problems with our value system. Thread...
Did you know that Ibrahim is the most common name in Nigeria? Ibrahim’s father is a career politician who has never done any real work in his life. When it was time for Ibrahim to write his WAEC and JAMB exams, his father paid someone to write them for him.
At university, Ibrahim quickly joined a cult and by the time he was at 200 level was already an accomplished rapist. Ibrahim never read for one day. He relied on paying lecturers for marks (a practice known as “sorting”) and intimidating those that initially refused to be sorted.
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18 Sep 20
This week, I have been inundated with several gifts. Let me start by thanking God that people are so kind to me: Thank You, Lord!” Next, I will do an appreciation thread starting with saying “Thank you” to my superstar sister @HenshawKate for these lovely sliders by @Ojbest5. Image
Thank you to @DrGeeONE for the gift of these lovely sliders by @Ojbest5 Image
Thank you to @Ojbest5 for the gift of these lovely sandals that he made himself. Image
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14 Sep 20
At various points in your life, you may have many problems coming together at the same time. You may lack money, have problems in your relationships, have difficulties at work, have heath challenges, etc, ALL AT THE SAME TIME! How do you deal with them without going under? Thread
If you think about all the problems, they’ll seem huge & overwhelming. You won’t even know where to start from. Sometimes, you will think “If I just had money, all the problems will go away.” Not necessarily. Money helps a lot but rich people have problems too. Here’s what I do:
First thing I do is to write down all the problems. Having written them down, I then isolate which ones I can quickly solve just to reduce the numbers. Some relationship problems can be solved simply with an apology or by forgiving others.
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6 Sep 20
One thing that will help make the shock therapy more bearable is a drastic cut in the cost of governance. In a properly functioning system, the elite must always sacrifice more than the poor. | Buhari’s shock therapy for Nigerians | TheCable thecable.ng/buharis-shock-…
I don’t support the total removal fuel subsidy (have never done), especially at the same time as other price hikes and new taxes. It is even more difficult to support while the cost of governance remains high and the tax net still far too narrow.
I get the argument that it was the rich that was benefiting from the subsidy payments and not the poor. However, that a scheme is being abused is not, in itself, a reason to scrap it. We should, instead, reform the system to stop the abuse by anyone, rich or poor.
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19 Jul 20
Thank you for all your good wishes, suggestions and advice. Everywhere I’ve been since this announcement was made, there has mostly been a spontaneous outpouring of support and EXPECTATION! It has become necessary to clarify a few things regarding this. Thread...
I have been appointed a member of a Steering Committee. A Steering Committee provides guidance and helps develop policy for the approval of the President and the Federal Executive Council. It does NOT implement. It oversees and facilitates the work of a Technical Committee.
As a member, I am therefore NOT in a position to award contracts or offer employment. What I will do is to insist that any such contracts or employment are done openly and transparently and that no Steering Committee member should benefit, to avoid a conflict of interest.
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12 Jul 20
As you get older, one of the biggest physical battles you’ll have as a man is to keep your tummy flat. Most things you read will tell you that you can’t reduce your stomach without losing weight. True. But what if you are slim? How do you avoid the middle age paunch? Thread...
If you are slim and have a protruding tummy, you have a special problem. You will look like a kwashiorkor yoot. If you have grey sparse facial hair, you’ll look like a poor man that drinks too much. People will expect you to get angry for no reason, out of frustration.😊
Some health warnings first. I am not a medical doctor. My own doctor is Doctor of Philosophy. Please check whetever I say next with your medical doctor. I only speak from experience as the King of Baby Boys. Like the medical doctors rightly say, you need to reduce your weight.
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11 Jul 20
One of the reported allegations against Magu was his alleged insubordination to the Attorney General. Most Commissions are part of The Presidency and do not report to a Minister. They have a measure of operational independence. Is this the case with EFCC? Thread.
According to the EFCC Act 2004, the Chairman of EFCC is an Executive Chairman and the only full time member of the Commission. He is also an ‘Accounting Officer, which means that he can be called to personally account for all government money in his care for the rest of his life.
Other members of the Commission include the CBN Governor, Comptroller Genrals of Customs and Immigration, MD NDIC, Chairman NDLEA, Registrar of CAC, PG of NIPOST, DG NIA and DG SSS. There should also be representation of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Finance and Justice.
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27 Jun 20
Following my complaint about @ExploreLegend, their CEO, @BAyonote, came to my residence today with a total of 10 of his staff. It seems that everything that could possibly have gone wrong went wrong with the service I got. He apologised profusely, as did all his staff. Thread...
We chatted about business and the attitude that some Nigerians have to work. We agreed that he needed to overhaul his customer service and installation arrangements to ensure that no other customer goes through what I went through. I was impressed that they had detailed records.
They also gave me a whole home mesh WiFi system that has a coverage of 5,500 sqm. I asked how much I needed to pay for it and was told that it was on the house, to compensate me for what had happened. I am not sure how much it is worth but I suspect it is quite expensive. Image
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25 Jun 20
INTERNET IN NIGERIA: I’ve been with @Spectranet_NG for about 5 years. The service was okay. I was paying N18,000 per month for a ‘Gold Unlimited Plan’ or something. However, working from home exposed them. There’s nothing unlimited about the plan. I decided to try others. Thread.
I teach research methods to a first year PhD class every year. Because of COVID-19, I couldn’t travel to the Netherlands this year and had to teach online. The university uses its own videoconferencing system called ‘Blackboard Learn’. Spectranet couldn’t cope.
We switched to Zoom as we heard that it uses slightly lower bandwidth. It was only a little better. We all had to switch off our videos. As the students were at home, they all had to mute their microphones. You’ll crack a joke and you can’t tell if anyone laughed. Frustrating.
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5 Jun 20
HOW TO GET NOMINATED INTO AN INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION: With the nomination of Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala for the DG of the World Trade Organisation position, let me try to explain how things like this happen. If I have blocked you, you are not the type that needs the info. Thread..
If it is a position you are qualified for, the first thing you need is information. You need to know when the position of the incumbent is running out. You need to be aware of any “zoning” formula (yes, there is zoning in the international community too, even if it’s informal).
Even for positions within the country, having good information helps. There is one DG that overstayed his tenure by a whole TWO YEARS. Nobody outside the organisation knew. You’ll never see him in the press. He kept everyone sweet, until one person whispered to one of my friends.
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26 May 20
Yesterday, I pointed to the “Maradona Evil Genius” regime as the beginning of when Nigeria took a turn for the worse. 40,000 people engaged with the tweet. I could have missed it but I am not sure that I saw many commentators that asked me why I said so. Let’s do another thread..
Rather than asking why anyone would say so, the Buharists saw the tweet as vindication that Buhari is not to blame for the state of the country. The anti-Buharists saw the tweet as a dishonest attempt to absolve Buhari of blame. Both are wrong and sadly miss the point.
Some others, quite rightly, pointed to other episodes in Nigeria’s history that did not benefit the country. Let’s look at some of them. Some started with the amalgamation of the north and south in 1914 as the genesis of Nigeria’s problems and where it started going wrong.
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