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Hehehe! The New Rule: '500A: Whosoever intentionally ridicules, brings into disrepute, or defames the Armed Forces of Pakistan or a member thereof, whether serving or retired, or a relative of a member, or a business belonging to a member or a relative, including Real Estate, 2/
2/Mining or Construction, including CPEC-related Construction, or a Pizza business, whether in Pakistan or abroad, shall be punishable by abduction for a few days without any trial AND being made to lose his or her job, including in the private sector, AND be termed 3/
3/ a traitor in the pay of RAW!!!!!! C.c. @MarianaBaabar @JehangirJm @NasimZehra @ZulfiRao1 @SajKhan01273642 @ZHDar
Hehehehe! Copy: @AVeteran1956 ? Do you UNDERSTAND this, Jarnail Bahadur?! P.S. So, what is the report on the Great Peshawar #BRT, SirJi??
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@AsimSBajwa Can you chaps at least have one story? THIS is absolutely pathetic! C.c. @MarianaBaabar @JehangirJm @NasimZehra @Kashifabbasiary (NOT surprised you did not ask him about his son's Wotsisname's Tweet in which he said the sitting PM, Mr. Nawaz Sharif and the former 2/
2/ President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari should be hanged, Kashif. However a question to you and Nasim: What if, God forbid, a 'Bloody Civilian' had said the same for the COAS? Would you people not have gone stark raving mad?). Great pity that there is not a word out of anyone. This 3/
3/ Bajwa chap and Wotsisname should be arrested only on THIS charge! #KoiSharam #KoiHaya #Selected @ImranKhanPTI #NarcoBanker @shiblifaraz And what about you: #TAtoCzarEmperor @ImtiazGul60 C.c. @SSaleem08 @ZulfiRao1 I mean the chap had the bloody #GALL to ask for hanging !?
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@ImranKhanPTI Dear Immi, Till when will you continue to destroy this country? Have some pity on us and just GO, yaar. Just go: it is beyond your mental capabilities. Seriously, how long will you embarrass your friends who made the blunder of their lives by #RIGGING you in?! 2/
2/ Come on: have a heart. Look around you and see the havoc you and your 'Hamnawa' have wrought. Look at the inflation: people are selling household goods to afford food. Look at the BRT and allegations of 5 Bn. Rupee bribes paid to Pervez Khattak for the project. You must have3/
3/ SOME feelings for Pakistan, surely. Why do you insist on staying on and damaging it further? For God's sake go. Your friend's son Zulfi must've done pretty well by now considering the number of 'projects' he has his grubby fingers in, so just go: he will give you your share4/
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