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Just a reminder folks. Trump sold the entire 45th floor (five apartments/ 10 bedrooms/13 bathrooms ) of Trump World Tower directly to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for $4.5 million in June 2001 since then he has collected at least $85,585 a year or $1.5M since then
The President's son Trump Jr, son in law Jared Kushner, Elliott Broidy, George Nader and other cutouts for Trump has literally conspired and colluded secretly with the Govt of Saudi Arabia before and after the election and if you include the UAE the list of contacts grows longer.
@sethabramson has a book #ProofofConspiracy that collects these meetings and attempts to add context to the influence program that began on a yacht in 2015. Bigger than the bumbling attempts to peddle Clinton Dirt by Russia, this is the real conspiracy that warps Trump.
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I just finished reading* @SethAbramson's #proofofcollusion and conclusion of the book, looking forward, predicts a far more optimistic future than the one we are actually living in now.
He concludes that Trump will surely be impeached if the Democrats win the house and that at some point he will fall spectacularly from Grace when Mueller finishes his probe, because duh, this is America and we have laws here.
And while he recognizes the damage that the Trump presidency will have (has already had) on our country, his future projection is ultimately that of "surely, we will survive this intact"
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Thread: Trump and Kushner have a MAJOR problem in the form of NSA and Five Eyes

NSA is the primary “ears” of the US Intelligence Community, and they’ve been listening closely to MBS (Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia). For example:…
NSA participates in an alliance called Five Eyes with four other countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK), in a treaty for joint cooperation in signals intelligence. This means that all five of these countries work together to share what they hear.
NSA and its Five Eyes partners are monitoring MBS very closely. And they’re very good at it.

Guess who has developed a bromance with MBS, often communicating with him using his personal cell phone? Jared Kushner, of course:…
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Thread: What’s going on with this DNI whistleblower?

Warning: I don’t actually know the answer to this question, so this thread will be highly speculative.

Start with @RepAdamSchiff’s letter, below, and we’ll go from there:…
Someone within DNI blew the whistle on something...something very bad. As @SethAbramson pointed out, the timing lines up with the departure from DNI of Sue Gordon (who was in line to be acting DNI, but resigned instead). Timing also lines up with Coats’s departure as DNI, btw.
If the whistleblower is Gordon/Coats, it would mean someone who knows everything about the counterintelligence investigation into Trump is ready to come forward.

So here’s where the speculation starts: I think Trump booted Coats and Gordon to allow him to shut down the CI.
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Thread: The Walls are Closing in on Trump.

Trump is surrounded, and he knows it. His game plan to date has been to obstruct and stall, but he’s got too much clock to kill.

Let’s look at Trump’s game plan, how it’s worked so far, and why it’s doomed to fail.
Everything was going pretty well for Trump at first. Republicans had both houses of Congress and he had control over the Executive Branch and the ability to squash any attempt to investigate him. Until that pesky Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation. Doh!
Sessions’s recusal was a blow, but Trump could just get Comey to pledge loyalty and drop all the investigations. Wait a minute, Comey is opening a counterintelligence investigation into Trump-Russia? Doh!
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Thread: It’s time to acknowledge that “IMPEACHMENT NOW” was a Russian disinformation campaign.

In May, it became clear Russia was pushing for immediate impeachment to prevent further investigation into the Red Sea Conspiracy and Trump’s finances.

Back in May, obvious Russian troll accounts began flooding the Twitter feeds of prominent “resistance” accounts—most prominently, @sarahkendzior—with calls for immediate impeachment. They were not calling for investigations; they wanted an immediate impeachment vote in the House.
The goal was to pressure @SpeakerPelosi to call for an immediate impeachment vote before crossing the “red line” into Trump’s finances. Many of these Russian trolls remain active on Twitter, with large, brainwashed followings who spend nearly all day on Twitter attacking Pelosi.
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Feels like Christmas morning!!!

Buy it. Read it. Now.


Proof of Conspiracy: How Trump's International Collusion Is Threatening American Democracy…
In this book, @SethAbramson explains that Mueller found and referred to the FBI a conspiracy among the Trump campaign, Russia, the Saudis, UAE and Israel that was outside Mueller’s scope. As I detail here, it appears that FBI CI investigation is ongoing:

The conspiracy @SethAbramson describes in #ProofofConspiracy is mind-blowing. And, as this article explains, Schiff and House Intel are on the case. This will in fact END Trump’s presidency:…
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