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1. Trump is a patriot. This means he cares about American interests, about what's good for America. It seems incredible we must spell this out, but Obama was just the opposite. His goal was to take down America #RealHistoryatHome
2. Trump showed he knows how to turbo-charge our economy. He is a quintessential capitalist, and he knows how to make capitalism work. He'll do it a second time, and this time Obama won't be able to claim credit for it #RealHistoryatHome
3. Trump is exposing the Deep State. Look at the gangsterization of government under Obama and Hillary. These thugs assembled a whole army of thuggish operatives to carry out their nefarious deeds. Without Trump it would all be hidden, and still going on! #RealHistoryatHome
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Okay, I'm not going to get into the transgender thing. But a good starting place to understand Michelle Obama is to read her Princeton thesis #RealHistoryatHome
To quote Christopher Hitchens, this is a thesis, written for an Ivy League university no less, that is in "no known language." The woman was virtually illiterate. Affirmative action at its worst! #RealHistoryatHome
Also revealing is Michelle Obama's topic: "Being Black at Princeton." Yes, they give degrees for that. Although it's obvious she never belonged at Princeton, she whines about how people of the better sort like her are always having to prove themselves #RealHistoryatHome
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Obama is the first truly anti-American president we have had. Not because he's black! Because he viewed America as the apex of evil in the world. Electing him was like putting a mafia chief in charge of the U.S. Treasury #RealHistoryatHome
If you do that, is it any surprise that he'll try to rob the country blind? Obama did what he set out to do. Many Americans viewed this uncomprehendingly, because they could not bring themselves to believe he actually intended harm to his own country #RealHistoryatHome
But he did. Again, his motive was ideological. He hated America because of what America and the West did to the world his father grew up in, and believed in, and ultimately came to ruin in. Obama was shaped by the twisted dreams of his perverted father #RealHistoryatHome
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(1) I want to highlight two things here: first, the spirit of invention and second, the moral ideal of equality given by our Creator #realhistoryathome
(2) Both are stupendous ideas. Of course America is responsible for the vast majority of inventions over the last several decades. In fact, there are so many it makes other countries look stupid #realhistoryathome
(3) But the point is that America does this because it has created a system for generating innovation and invention. America represents not merely this invention or that one, but rather the "invention of invention" #realhistoryathome
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(1) Any myth acquires its plausibility from a grain of truth. So let's start there. Blacks, who were once Republican, did become Democrats. Also the South, once Democratic, did move largely into the Republican camp #RealHistoryatHome
(2) But blacks didn't switch parties because of civil rights. That's what progressives want you to believe. The black switch occurred in the 1930s, when Democrats were manifestly the party of segregation, lynching and the Ku Klux Klan #RealHistoryatHome
(3) So why did blacks leave the party of Lincoln and join the party of the KKK? They did it because of the material crumbs promised by FDR and the New Deal Democrats during the Depression #RealHistoryatHome
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