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#SRO | ARCHIVES | HISTORY - THE MASSACRE OF SAYYIDAH ZEYNAB BY ASSAD FORCES (July 18, 2012) - In early days of the rebellion, the sunnis areas, mainly situated in western parts of Sayyidah Zeynab as Ali al-Waash street and around al-Zubayr mosque, celebrated the revolt (1).
#SRO | ARCHIVES | HISTORY - In few days, during #Damascus Volcano operation, most of Sayyidah Zeynab western parts were under control of #FSA (Katibat Jund Allah, Katibat Shuhada al-Jawlan...). They reinforced their positions in July 17, 2012 with forces from south-#Damascus (2).
#SRO | ARCHIVES | HISTORY - In july 18, 2012, led by Katibat Jund Allah, #FSA launched operation against the biggest regime army barracks inside Sayyidah Zeynab. After few hours of clashes the First Urban Battalion was under rebellion control, only 600 m from Zeynab shrine ! (3).
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#SRO - HISTORICAL DAYS COMING BUT NOTHING IS ENDING IN FACT - Yes, Maarshida is about to fall, a question of hours or days. This small village, completely unknown before these last days, is the last #IS sect "urban" (mostly erased by coalition) "stronghold" in #Syria (1).
#SRO - HISTORICAL DAYS COMING BUT NOTHING IS ENDING IN FACT - The war between now-called #SDF and #IS is about to end as talking territorial liberation by the first against second. It began in Kobani in autumn 2014. It will end near Euphrates in an nearly anonymous village (2).
#SRO - HISTORICAL DAYS COMING BUT NOTHING IS ENDING IN FACT - But #IS to be defeated after fall of this town ? From where hundreds were still fleeing, mostly foreign jihadis families that #SDF will, another time, have to suffer presence as their native countries won't act (3).
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#SRO | ARCHIVES | THE LAST SOUTHERN DAMASCUS REBELLION OFFENSIVE - In may 5, 2013, #FSA forces (Tajamuu Alwiyat Ahfad al-Rasul, Alwiyat Ababil Horan and allies) launched their last offensive in #Damascus southern countryside from their positions in al-Husseiniya (1).
#SRO | ARCHIVES | Hundreds mens are prepared with light weapons supported by some rockets launchers, mortars and few pickups. Objectives : railway, congress palace and Najhah military housings. In May 5 - 6, rebels took Najhah village and railway portions and checkpoints (2).
#SRO | ARCHIVES | In may 7, they launched offensive toward congress palace, led by Liwa Shuhada al-Jawlan (east to al-Husseiniya camp and south to Bahdaliyah). After 48 hours of clashes, they took control of hotel complex in May 9, 2013. It was their maximum control (3).
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#SRO | IMPORTANT - After months of work about battles for S-#Damascus, #SRO can confirm that rebellion forces never controlled Ghizlaniyah and areas around (west to #Damascus-airport road). Their maximum control was al-Husseiniyah camp, south to mainly shia Sayyidah Zeynab (1).
#SRO | IMPORTANT - In fact, when rebellion forces were saying controlling Ghizlaniyah, they were all pointing on grain silos. But Ghizlaniyah grain silos are... east of the aiport road, near Hatita al-Turkman fields. This is completely changing all maps published until now (2).
#SRO | IMPORTANT - So, another time, a professional work is very and highly necessary about #Syria conflict as we try to do. Many maps published until #SRO last research are completely full of mistakes (including some made by #SRO autor in early years of conflict !) (3).
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#SRO | ARCHIVES - Searching frontlines evolutions in heavy urban areas are one of the most difficult thing to do. Here is the Sidi al-Miqdad checkpoint that turned to be frontline, in S-#Damascus, between 2012 and 2018, situated on main street to Babila :
ADD.: checkpoint was besieged by rebellion forces led by Saraya al-Hassan wal Hussein and Alwiyat Ababil Horan during two years. Loyalists never retreated from this checkpoint. And for precious reason : road was leading directly to main southern autostrad crossroad of #Damascus.
NOTE : this checkpoint was the main target of the short-lived (and without success) offensive "March 18 Battle" launched in March 18, 2013 in S-#Damascus, in honor of the famous March 18, 2011 #Daraa protest memory. Depiste two month battle, rebels were pushed every time.
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#SRO - ANALYSIS - With the ammount of forces being driven toward Greater #Idlib this night, clearly showing #Turkey has given green light for this move (it never happened until now), the best "winner" of the situation is the Northern Federation - #Rojava #SDF coalition (1).
#SRO - ANALYSIS - The most #Turkey proxies to be occupied in N-#Idlib | W-#Aleppo in front of the recent #HTS activities, the most of #SDF to breathe for coming weeks, far from the rising tensions and expected large offensive to be launched on Tal Abyad and Serekanye (2).
#SRO - ANALYSIS - So why #Turkey now completely turning tables ? #HTS presence and power was well known. But problem isn't #HTS for #Turkey, it's #Astana process. How to exist on international stage if you can't play your part (#Idlib was Turkey responsability) seriously ? (3)
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#SRO | With #US troops about to evacuate, #Erdogan has now the green light to launch its massive offensive against #SDF coalition. This will begin at Tal Abyad (Girespi) and Ras al-Ayn (Serekanye), as #SRO leaked months ago to force #SDF to divide forces to resist (1).
#SRO | Expect #France to announce, soon, the same strategy to evacuate its forces in coming weeks and months. Northern Federation is more and more isolated. Expect #Assad to cross #Euphrates backed by #Russia when #SDF will leave to fight at north frontlines against #Turkey (2).
#SRO | Main priority for #Erdogan will be to control Tal Abyad for sure but also Sarrin. It will create two besieged pockets around Kobane and Manbij, without any possibility for #SDF to reach these areas. #Assad : it will be clear to strike Omar oilfield and reach Shadadi (3).
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#SRO | DID YOU KNOW ? - #FSA RESTORING A CHURCH IN APRIL 2013 - After the complete victory by the #FSA led offensive to support #YPG in front of regime offensive (launched in March 29, 2013), some battalions discovered a former shabiha checkpoint in church in Sheikh Maqsoud (1).
#SRO - DID YOU KNOW ? - The church is the Virgin Mary church, with a very small capacity for the local christian community of E-Sheikh Maqsoud. During March 28-29, 2013, regime offensive, some shabihas took over the church and turned it into a checkpoint to clash with #YPG (2).
#SRO - DID YOU KNOW ? - After battles, church was taken over but partially destroyed. After days of work, church was restored by some #FSA battalions who withdrew from it shortly after. The church is still active today as some christians celebrated inside few montgs ago (END).
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#SRO | ARCHIVES | EXCLUSIVE - After time to verify, #SRO can update #YPG - #YPJ control in N-W #Aleppo : were also controlling southern part of Ashrafiyah. A major update as ALL MAPS circulating for years were showing only north and west parts under #YPG :
ANALYSIS - Area shown here is Greek Syrian Hospital, near Mosque Saad ibn Waqqas. In front of them is the Zuhour area. Regime checkpoints can clearly be seen. It's a major update for 2013 period : #YPG were pushing deep inside regime territory, really more than we could imagine.
ADD.: in fact, #YPG - #YPJ were clearly advancing against regime in W-#Aleppo... when they were attacked in the back by Khaled Hayani-led coalition (including his hown Liwa Shuhada Badr, Liwa Salah ad-Din al-Ayyubi...) in early september 2013.
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#SRO | ARCHIVES - It must be noted that #YPG invited (yes, invited but many forgeting : Liwa Jabhat al-Akrad was negociator) #FSA (not jihadis) to enter Sheikh Maqsoud in March 29, 2013, to help #YPG there against a large regime offensive on southern #Sheikh_Maqsoud front (1).
#SRO | ARCHIVES - At that time, the october-november 2012 crisis (between #YPG and Liwa Ahrar Suriya, capture of Nujin Derik) was past and #YPG established good relationship with most of #FSA in Bustan al-Pasha and Hellok. #FSA from these suburbs were the first to help (2).
#SRO | ARCHIVES - #YPG were losing ground : al-Hassan mosque (S-E corner of #Sheikh_Maqsoud) was lost to regime in early hours of #Assad offensive. With #FSA support, entering the battle, including Liwa Jabhat al-Akrad and Liwa Nasr al-Islam, al-Hassan mosque was retaken (3).
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#SRO | ARCHIVES - Vidéos about #YPG in battles against regime in #Aleppo city are rare because not same policy as rebels to show their battles with phones. Here #YPG hunting out #Assad loyalists from Salah ad-Din mosque area in Ashrafiyah (Feb. 2013) :
ADD.: #Assad regime flag is taken down from police station and local services in Ashrafiyah (a building just next to Salah ad-Din mosque) with columns at entrance, and the #Rojava flag is being shown for the view of all. #YPG, at that time, controlling already most of Ashrafiyah.
#SRO | ARCHIVES - #AFP report from Dec. 12 - 14, 2012 on #YPG in #Afrin and #Aleppo kurdish suburbs. TV report clearly also showing #YPG controlling Sheikh Maqsoud industrial zone (their most important extent of control there : north = rebel territory) :
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#SRO - Regime about to inaugurate an other Hafiz al-Assad statue in #Deir_Ezzor after the one that was taken down in 2011 peaceful protests (not talking about the war here). Cult of personnality. Nothing changed. Regime don't understand. And in few decades another uprising...
ADD.: despite many people fled #Syria (mostly poor sunni arabs from periphery and countrysides), #Syria still have strong birth rate. And poor sunni arabs still making more children than alawite or christians. An entire "revolution minded" generation to grow with hate of regime.
ADD.: explosion of misery and poverty in already poor areas of #Syria (mostly sunni arab) since 2012 + next generation in those poor arab sunni families who gave hundreds of thousands (protesters, civilians or fighters) killed + villages and suburbs not rebuilt : next uprising...
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#SRO | THE POWER OF RUMOR - November 2, 2012, without verifying sources, #SOHR and some pro-#PYD accounts on social networks reported death of Nujin Derik (Shah Ali Abdo), an #Aleppo #YPJ commander, after clashes and capture by #FSA Liwa Salah ad-Din al-Ayyubi in Ahsrafiyah (1).
#SRO | THE POWER OF RUMOR - In few hours, social networks sent thousands messages supporting the martyr. A day of protests was called by #PYD in all kurdish areas in honor of Nujin Derik. Few days after, she was released alive and came back in #Afrin (2) :
NOTE : so, when something is said in "Syria, it must be verified at any moment by all means we have. This exemple, as so many others, is showing how the rumor, more today with the power of social networks, is gaving us the obligation to follow strong rules for verifying.
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#SRO | ARCHIVES | REMEMBER SIMPLE MEN - You can be against or for, you must recognize most of all #Syria'ns who fought in this war were brave and humble. Here Liwa al-Fateh fighters laughing friendly of their commander before going to fight [Dec. 2012] :
ADD.: one of the most emotional videos of the #Syria'n uprising and civil war remembering us, from any side, that most of the men who fought [yes you will find monsters in all sides] were simple, humble and brave men. Remember them by saving #Syria past.
In same emotional testimonies of war, here is colonel Mustafa Shahoud breaking #Assad orders and going to discuss, without weapons, with his #Syria'ns brothers from opposition discovering they're not "foreign terrorists from Chechnya" but... #Syria'ns :
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#SRO | ARCHIVES | REGIME USING #BOSRA SHAM OLD RUINS AS MILITARY POSITIONS (March 2015) - Here is a very rare footage showing #Assad regime fighters using ruins in Old #Bosra city as a military camp inside the city from 2013 to 2015 :
ADD.: regime is well know to have used many archeological sites and historcal sites and ruins as military camps against many international laws (#Palmyra antiqual city [#Homs], Halabiyah castle [#Deir_Ezzor], #Harem citadel [#Idlib], #Aleppo citadel, #Homs citadel...).
ADD.: rebellion isn't also very clean on this subject : Qalaat al-Hosn (#Krak des Chevaliers) citadel [#Homs] or Apamea archeological site in Qalaat al-Mudiq [#Hama] were used as military strategic areas.
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#SRO | EXCLUSIVE | CAMPAIGN FOR #QALAMOUN MILITARY BASES - During autumn 2013, we saw many offensives in #Qalamoun valleys without seeing, in fact, they took place in an incredible coordination from near two dozens rebellion forces. Here is the exclusive global view | #Syria.
ADD.: it appears that Liwa al-Islam and Jbahat al-Nusra were clearly "masters of strategy" in operations. And we understood how the army could be defeated only with this global view : imagine one moment in september : loyalists were fighting on nearly 5 fronts only in #Qalamoun !
ADD.: more important, it's showing and confirming Maaloula was NEVER a military objective nor religious ! It was just a (successful) diversion ! Army concentrated many efforts for worlds cameras ("christians endangered") : in same time, the same #Assad regime army lost 4 bases...
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#SRO | LEAKS - #SRO about to leak facts showing no forces from the rebellion took part in any attack on #Assad regime administration and army leaders in July 18, 2012. Maybe the most important leak since #SRO leaked rebellion strategy to break #Aleppo siege in 2016.
#SRO | LEAKS - Four testimonies from Liwa al-Islam (Jaysh al-Islam today), #Damascus Revolutionnary Military Council and two others battalions commanders to confirm they never took part of the attacks contrary to many claims on social networks the same day of the "attack".
#SRO | LEAKS - It will first testimonies about event from commanders of these groups. An exclusive part : "Abu Hatem received a message on his phone : strong explosion. We knew nothing about it for an hour before nusayri regime statements. Abdullah al-Raouf said us : claim it !"
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#SRO | DID YOU KNOW ? | THE MAN WHO OPENED #RAQQA GATES AND THE MAN WHO RESISTED TO REBELS - Two men played completely different roles in #Raqqa in March 2013. The first is general Khalid al-Halabi, state security head. The second is Mohammad al-Ahmad, military security head (1).
#SRO | DID YOU KNOW ? | In March 4, 2013, most of state security evacuated toward Division 17 or defected under general Khalid al-Halabi orders. We know today that he asked army to withdraw from E-#Raqqa entrance (Mashlab area), de facto opening city gates to rebels (2).
#SRO | DID YOU KNOW ? | Regime could clearly resist to #FSA, islamists factions and jihadis but general Khalid al-Halabi was influenced in choice by Mohammed Faisal Al-Huwaidi, a sheikh and tribal leader in al-Afdaleh tribe in #Raqqa governorate who rallied rebels in 2012 (3).
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#SRO - Interesting how some find themselves estonished about #KSA Khashoggi affair... Remember #KSA was one of last #Assad regime supporters in 2011. The kingdom was supporting regime (its supporters forgeting it, strangely) when all others arab states declared it criminal (1).
#SRO - During the 2011 first months of brutal killings of thousands of protesters by regime soldiers and shabihas, #KSA took the stance to be "neutral", watching the massacre without any problem : and for sure, most of those killed could vote, a day, for Muslim Brotherhood (2).
#SRO - When #Turkey and #Qatar began to act in june - july 2011, #KSA refused to follow. But when armed struggle began with army defector and some MB linked groups about to fight #KSA was seeing its enemies (Muslim Brotherhood) about to take another country (after #Egypt) (3).
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#SRO | ARCHIVES | #RAQQA CITY IN PROTESTERS HANDS BEFORE ARMY TAKEOVER - Few remember that #Raqqa had mostly fallen to protesters in March 16, 2012. As every friday, protesters took the streets in Raqqa but this day, they were tens of thousands (1) :
#SRO - ARCHIVES | #RAQQA CITY IN PROTESTERS HANDS BEFORE ARMY TAKEOVER - Rivers of protesters leaving houses to join the protest. No police, no army in the streets on this day of funerals and protest. Mansour, Hattin, Thisreen, Baytani... all areas (2) :
#SRO | ARCHIVES | #RAQQA CITY IN PROTESTERS HANDS BEFORE ARMY TAKEOVER - Thousands of protesters invading the old city (video : mansour) and marching on governorate buildings with no regime presence in streets this March 16, 2012 (3) :
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#SRO | EXCLUSIVE - #SRO could identify one of the first #IS sect spokesmen in #Raqqa province, also seen in Vice News Report (august 2014). Abu Musa is now identified as the founder of the Liwa al-Sheikh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah that was announced in February 2013 in Tal Abyad (1).
ADD.: the man was a former worker in a farm but also a religious influencer in #Tal_Abyad from 2012 to 2013. He participated to crimes against humanity in W-Tal Abyad countryside alongside #IS and #Nusra. After the #IS sect takeover of #Raqqa, he joined the terrorist group.
ADD.: It must be noted the name of his brigade : sheikh al-Islam ibn Taymiyya, a medieval sunni religious personality, one the influencer, by his teachings, of the late Abdl al-Wahhab. Abd al-Wahhab is one the major influencer of the Saudi state religion as #AQ and #IS ideas.
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#SRO |ARHCIVES - Defector colonel Yusuf al-Jadir | Abu Furat, Liwa al-Tawhid military leader, explaining part of strategy to take over Infantry college in N-#Aleppo countryside - Nov. 24, 2012. In Dec. 15, 2012, collge was under control. He died same day.
ADD.: as many others, video is now archived and saved. #SRO archives about to reach 15 000 videos. Many copies created if accidents. Maybe the largest independant #Syria'n uprising video archives. NOTE : #SRO still considering Abu Furat was assassinated and not killed by mortar.
ADD.: with all testimonies, documents, #SRO still concluding Yusuf al-Jadir, one of best military leaders in #Syria'n rebellion, one who was defending alawites and christians, a speech that created hate against him from radicals, was assassinated in December 15, 2012 by grenade.
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#SRO | EXCLUSIVE - #SRO to publish the first highly detailed map of E-#Ghouta takeover by rebellion forces in 2012, with details (precised day for every village, town, checkpoint, army base...). It will show how strong was the coordination (befre desintegrating) in the area (1).
#SRO | EXCLUSIVE - It took 6 months of work to establish this map. More than 36 groups identified (including themselves dozens of sub-units). #SRO has now the most detailed chronology of E-#Ghouta battles for April 2012 - Spring 2013. More than 150 pages full of informations (2).
ADD.: more than 645 videos collected, archived and saved, as names of commanders for groups, fighters killed (if possible : their age, birthplace, family, job before war if not army defector...).
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#SRO | ARCHIVES - Katibat Usud Allah, supported by others #FSA factions, entering #Duma municipality with regime loyalists surrendering, signing the final stage to take over the largest #Ghouta city. The city will never be retaken militarily by regime :
ADD. : Duma was taken by #FSA between January 21 and February 3, 2012 before entering shadow for months and coming back in mid-march 2012. During months, they made so many skrimishes on regime troops and tanks (more than 23 tnaks destroyed between April and September) (1).
ADD.: #FSA mostly controlling #Duma in september 2012 but not important points and buildings. After an horrible regime strike that killed nearly 40 civilians (including 7 children), #FSA announced offensive to take city. After weeks of battles, it ended in November 2, 2012 (2).
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