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This weekend's #SaturdaySchool is a little out of the box ... inspired by my amazing daughter @kellynkimbrell who has been part of the team a long time now - we present #SoJustChi
I want us to begin to explore how social justice relates to our scientific, spiritual, philosophical, and ethical beliefs in our #SaturdaySchool discussions - #SoJustChi is part of that attempt
Some of u know, I've been encouraging myself to be braver, to say the things I believe are right/true. My children are champions of this pursuit, and my daughter has especially been vocal in cheering me on when I let fear stop me from doing what I want or speaking my truth.
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The story I love of spring is the story of #resurrection. It's a gift we all possess, and spring reminds us we can each be reborn in seasons, an opportunity to bloom again, to remake ourselves, to be new again. It's a powerful thing to acknowledge and honor.
I'm reminded on one of my early holiday #SaturdaySchool discussions in 2012 when I discussed MLK and resurrection - his life and afterlife have shown the power I'm speaking of, and he started the resurrection of himself before he died. He was a man, a preacher -then reborn, MLK.
MLK knew he was being reborn, and that is was starting before he died. He knew that he was leaving a life of being whoever he was before. He was reborn as a leader, a symbol, an icon, reborn to something far bigger than himself. He laid down who he was to become who was needed.
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I woke up about an hour ago from what my sister and I call a tornado dream ... today is the anniversary of our surviving a tornado as children.
The dreams don't plague me now the way they used to.
I found this article written in 1982, two days after the tornado: Oklahomans Try to Pick Up Lives After Tornadoes Strike
*^ "On closer inspection, however, the cheery scene grows macabre. The "confetti" becomes bits of bright yellow and pink clothing, rose and gold building insulation, and shiny scrap metal twisted around limbs and wires."

This scene shaped who I am.
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#thread My first exposure to planning came in my junior year of high school. I had discovered my passion for history and had worked for six years in local governance (prosecutor's office, community food co-op). #SoJustSuburbs /1
Learning urban design in a suburban context led me to ask questions about the limitations of traditional planning education. #SoJustSuburbs #SaturdaySchool /2
At the heart of these questions, I focused on the life of William Harris, a farmer worker with intellectual disabilities who worked on central NJ plantations, 1932-1961. The "rural" was rarely a factor in planning conversations. #SoJustSuburbs #SaturdaySchool /3
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A woman has accused Donald J Trump of brutally raping her when she was the 13-year-old sex slave of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
How the MSM missed her story and
Why we should believe it
Days before the 2016 presidential election, Katie Johnson [an alias]had been scheduled to give a major press conference, where she was expected to tell her story of being brutally raped by Trump, while she was being kept as a sex slave by billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein
Voldemort of Lawsuits
Referring to the television news, Savan described a nexis search, assisted by Media Matters, that revealed only one television mention of the case, which occurred on MSNBC’s The Last Word, with Lawrence O’Donnell
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When I was comducting research on a preliminary thesis topic, I reviewed Georgia's #census records. Let me tell you what I found.

I found records of interracial marriages between Cherokee women and African men where the census taker changed the wife's ethnicity to Negro after the marriage.
In changing the ethnicity of the Indigenous Woman, the census-taker effectively reduced her status from 2nd class citizen (within the new United States of course) to non-existent.
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