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Finally we have the closing keynote for @ServerlessBOS - How AWS builds serverless services using serverless from Chris Munns
Serverless is changing how software is being built in the software industry - and it's no different within AWS itself #ServerlessDaysBOS
Amazon started with a monolith and siloed org to the two person teams with full accountability and ownership #ServerlessDaysBOS
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Error handling in a stateless environment by Nitzan Shapira
This is from @nitzanshapira from epsagon #ServerlessDaysBOS
One of the "limitations" (really a design) of serverless is that it's stateless #ServerlessDaysBOS
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Here, hold my state: durable functions for serverless workflows from Maxime Rouiller #ServerlessDaysBOS
Azure functions - events trigger the functions; code written in many languages; then put outputs somewhere #ServerlessDaysBOS
Azure functions supports c#, js, f#, Java in GA, many more experimental #ServerlessDaysBOS
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Next up: tracing the black box of serverless by Matt Williams #ServerlessDaysBOS
Matt recently adopted - learned what many parents have learned - babies need a lot of feeding. Wanted to start using an app to track how much his daughter is consuming - all existing apps out there suck #ServerlessDaysBOS
(side note: co-worker has titled this section DadOps)
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Next up: Serverless Security; your code, your responsibility by @orysegal #ServerlessDaysBOS
Ory is CTO of PURESEC, focused on serverless security - long history of working in security #ServerlessDaysBOS
In early days of serverless there was a "not your servers not your problem" mindset - this is not true #ServerlessDaysBOS
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"Scared serverless: what we learned after quitting servers for a year" - James Beswick (@jbesw) #ServerlessDaysBOS
consultancy companies that builds web/mobile apps. After building so many of those found each had a separate stack, similar technologies, reused code. There was an inability to scale and if MVPs succeed, needed to rewrite to scale #ServerlessDaysBOS
Also while things were getting real time and slick, and customers didn't accept clunky apps #ServerlessDaysBOS
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Next talking about machine learning on serverless #ServerlessDaysBOS
ML is the practice of examining large amounts of data and finding patterns #ServerlessDaysBOS
ML starts with model training. More data = better model. Data is never in the right format so you need to format. Then you find the best statistical algorithm and get a model #ServerlessDaysBOS
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What's new with serverless on Google cloud? - @BretMcG #ServerlessDaysBOS
Serverless continuum - hosted functions/compute to serverless containers to container orchestration #ServerlessDaysBOS
Challenges with serverless - dependencies and multicloud #ServerlessDaysBOS
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Next up @tmclaughbos - "serverless devops - what do we do when the server goes away" #ServerlessDaysBOS
How does serverless affect people and processes? #ServerlessDaysBOS
A former vpoe told Tom that if he doesn't code he's just an IT person. So he left #ServerlessDaysBOS
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Next is @tmclaughbos on what happens when the server goes away! #ServerlessDaysBOS
@tmclaughbos Serverless DevOps -- citing @alicegoldfuss on the difference between what we're taught in school to do with turing machines vs. what we actually do: shoving protobufs between services #ServerlessDaysBOS
People worry about being replaced and being no longer qualified for their jobs when you start talking automation, devops, etc.

But yet we hold in our hands the solutions to so much pain because of operationally inexperienced teams. #ServerlessDaysBOS
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"Code is a liability. The best a piece of code can ever do is precisely what you wanted it to" (and how often does it do *that*?) @ben11kehoe #ServerlessDaysBOS
We have been socialized to think that writing code is the most valued activity. "Find the parts of your stack that don't bring you joy^Wbusiness value, and offload them." @ben11kehoe #ServerlessDaysBOS
If software can do anything, it can break in any way. Hard truths spoke about kubernetes. 🙌 @ben11kehoe coming in hot and landing hard #ServerlessDaysBOS
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First up at @ServerlessBOS is @mipsytipsy!
Observability and software ownership. We write systems, not software
You should morally love the system you work on. Otherwise, quit your job
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Aaaand @mipsytipsy is here to lead off #ServerlessDaysBOS! She'll be talking about observability and teams owning their software all the way into production!
@mipsytipsy Remember to take backups! Her slides went missing overnight, sadface, but she did a partial recovery.

How many people don't consider themsleves software engineers? Only 3 out of the whole room.

So we need to care about systems, not just writing software. #ServerlessDaysBOS
We have to build them and tend to them. And make sure that you believe in the purpose of what you're doing!! ("Just a plug for quitting your job.")

Software is your enemy rather than your job; delete as much code as you can. It's a liability. #ServerlessDaysBOS
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