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प्रसादे सर्वदुःखानां हानिरस्योपजायते ।
प्रसन्नचेतसो ह्याशु बुद्धिः पर्यवतिष्ठते ।।

prasāde sarvaduḥkhānāṃ hānirasyopajāyate ।
prasannacetaso hyāśu buddhiḥ paryavatiṣṭhate ।।
प्रसादे - When mind is clear, अस्य​ - for this jiva, सर्वदुःखानां - all worries, हानि: - destruction, उपजायते - happens, प्रसन्नचेतस: - One whose mind is enlightened, आशु - quickly, बुद्धिः - Atma-jnana, पर्यवतिष्ठते - deeply rooted
After meditating on His divya-mangaLa-svarupa, a jiva becomes enlightened whose mind becomes clear thereby destroying all worries. In such a person, Atma-jnana is deeply rooted
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